Bobo Splashes Down

by harry lime

Tags: Humor, Space,

Desc: Humor Story: This is the untold story of a daring monkey and his exciting journey into space.

An investigator for the Revolutionary Guard was sent to the village of Bobo's birth to determine what corrupting influences had caused him to betray the motherland in such a terrible fashion.

It was really quite distressing that the entire success of the missile firing system had been overshadowed by the news of Bobo's actions. All that the dedicated investigator could uncover was the unlikely probability that Bobo's addiction to American peanuts had influenced his actions in some undetermined manner.

A background check on his parents and his friends from his youth did not reveal any contacts with Western capitalists and he never made any trouble in the carnival or at the research center where he had trained with the other candidates for space travel.

There was a hint of disturbing behavior when he was found peeing on a picture of the inspired leader of the nation by a loyal son of the revolution. It was excused as an action done out of ignorance because Bobo had never actually met the divine one and simply a matter of unfortunate circumstances.

One of the female scientists timidly ventured a guess that perhaps Bobo was upset because his program mate Mimi had been accidently terminated in an unfortunate jettison test that ended badly. Poor Bobo was very close to Mimi and it was difficult to explain to him that "these things happen".

The project supervisor, Doctor Ali ben Khan speculated that if they had followed his advice of using proper sedation, Bobo would never have acted the way he did on what should have been a day of celebration.

It could have been he recognized the familiar pattern of radioactive danger signs posted at various locations on the inside of the small capsule. After all, he was chosen for his high level of intelligence and he was certainly able to put two and two together without much difficulty.

In any event the signs could have analyzed a long time before the unstoppable countdown and the disgrace of being rejected by a hero of the nation could have been avoided.

The video transmission of a smiling Bobo sitting in his control seat thrilled the millions of viewers across the vast terrain of the motherland. He did not hesitate to initiate the sequence that would send him hurtling across the skies straight up to heaven above.

When he blasted out of the clinging atmosphere, Bobo looked for the dials that would safely return him to the surface of the planet. The return module had been dismantled for some unknown reason. He searched the other panels but soon he accepted the fact that he had been sent on a suicide "one-way" mission with absolutely no chance of survival. It irritated him that he could have been so naïve in accepting all of the human scientists at "face value".

Bobo saw that the same forces that had spelled the demise of his beloved Mimi were conspiring to make him a reluctant martyr long before his time.

How could he have been so foolish? His parents had warned him that it was not wise to hook up with the government people. The history of their duplicity was well-known but he figured he could handle them with ease. Now it might be too late unless he could come up with some way to squeeze out of the dreadful trap.

First, he wiggled out of the restraining suit described to him as a crash suit to protect him; but in reality it was a device to keep him immobile for the duration of the flight.

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