When the Heartache Is Over

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Drunk/Drugged, Tear Jerker, Cheating, 2nd POV, Violent, Workplace, .

Desc: Sex Story: He ended our marriage with a God damned song?

Hi Folks, Thanks for all of the E-mails and comments on last week's story. Whether positive or negative I appreciated all of them. This week's story is a bit different though as usual. So If it's not your cup of tea fear not next week's story is very different from this one. Thanks as always to the incredible Mikothebaby for working her magic here. And for everyone who reads it. SS06

I was watching what many think of as one of the most beautiful scenes on earth. Despite the circumstances, watching the sun rise in Hawaii is on a lot of people's bucket list. Somehow with me though, it only served to increase my nervousness and the sense of how alone I was.

I'd always dreamed of doing this, but I somehow never imagined that I'd do it alone. I'm at the point now where I understand what people mean when they talk about how success means nothing unless you have someone to share it with.

I think I should add that the person you're sharing it with also has to mean something to you and vice versa. I didn't come to Hawaii alone, but after yesterday, I've begun to realize that you can be in a small group of people or even in a large crowd and still be alone.

My nervousness stems from the fact that a lot is riding on this trip and it seems like both my boss and I underestimated not only the stakes involved, but also the possibility of not getting what we came here for. With our jobs and maybe even our careers not nearly as secure as we'd like, I feel as if the sword of Damocles is hanging over our heads.

At the same time, I found out yesterday that something I thought no one knew about is something that the worst person in the world who could find out, already knows.

So this morning I got up extra early to watch the sun rise. I have no idea when or even if I'll have another chance at something like this again. A tear rolls down my cheek because as I watch the subtle hues of light as the glowing ball rises over the horizon bringing with it the hopes of a new day, I feel nothing but sadness, bitterness, regret and anger.

It really shouldn't be this way. I have no one to blame for my situation except for myself so I guess I should suck it up and try to make the best of a relatively shitty situation.

My name is Elvina Caldwell. And this trip is supposed to be a way for my boss, Lou Grant, and me to impress the new upper management team at our company. Our company, Dalton Industries, was recently sold to a group of younger investors and they seemed dead set on bringing in all of their own people. The people they brought in seemed to all be younger and bored. I'm not an old maid by any standard at 38. My boss, Lou, is 12 years older at fifty.

When we first got a chance to look at them during a staff meeting, Lou and I, along with the other members of our staff thought the same thing. We all had the idea that we'd be babysitting a bunch of kids. We thought that maybe these kids were the children of some of the stock holders. Maybe their parents didn't know what to do with them or they sent them here to give them a taste of the real world.

We thought that we'd teach them the ropes and serve as mentors for the young whippersnappers and give them the benefits of our years of experience. Within the first week, we quickly found out that we were in trouble. Even though a lot of the kids were barely out of college and some were still attending classes, we found out that it was we who had to bust our asses to keep up. To say that the culture in our workplace changed overnight would be an understatement.

Men wearing suits and ties to work disappeared, as did the business suit and semi formal attire for women. Jeans, miniskirts and sweats became the order of the day. One of the things I noticed right away was that every single one of the kids, as we called them, was wired.

They all had laptops, tablets or smart-phones and they all stayed connected through all forms of communication that I'd never heard of. In many cases, they communicated far faster and far more cohesively than our corporate network allowed.

It was extremely scary and almost nothing was written down. Almost any document they did was sent to a server that I didn't know existed. When I brought that up in a meeting, I was told that the new communications structure had been outlined on the employee's page on the new corporate website. My boss should have given me my log-in instructions weeks ago.

Neither Lou nor I even knew that there was a corporate website. Neither did any of the people we'd worked with for years. After a few more weeks, we started to notice that a lot of our former colleagues were no longer with the company. Out of curiosity, I called a couple of them thinking that maybe they'd quit or headed for greener pastures. I was surprised to find out that they'd all been let go.

I heard the same story again and again. They simply couldn't adjust to the new company model. Most of them told me that given time, they might have been able to work it out, but things moved so fast these days. And most of them didn't know what a "twitter," was, let alone have one.

Lou was pretty much the last of the dinosaurs. I didn't count because I was his assistant. Whatever happened to Lou, happened to me, by proxy. The new owners kind of liked having us around for some reason but they were always criticizing everything we did. They were also making it harder and harder for us to keep our jobs. Neither of us had been given a raise since they took over a year ago.

They'd finally found something that we could help with. More and more, businesses were spending a large part of their advertising budget on Net marketing. One of the up and coming leaders in the field of internet advertising was again accepting new business.

WellWen Marketing had sprung up from nowhere about four years ago. They had a lot of proprietary processes that were revolutionizing marketing over the internet. Their commercials both on the internet and lately on TV had everyone talking.

Their early commercials had a guy who sounded like the AFLAC duck asking the viewer questions. "You said you were going to start advertising your business on the internet," asked the guy. "Well," he screams. "When?" Then an off camera voice talks about WellWen marketing.

They got so much business so rapidly that for the last three months of last year they had to stop taking on new accounts. They simply didn't have the staff to service them. I'd give anything to know about their corporate structure, because overnight, the company had sprung from nothing to being valued in the billions of dollars.

Anyway, they were having a "new accounts," fair and would be accepting new business starting tomorrow and that was where Lou and I had fucked up. You see, Lou and I both thought that we'd breeze in and sign up with them. We hadn't put together any kind of presentation. We never thought that we'd need one. Even on the plane, we found out our mistake. We'd met a couple of reps from other companies who were talking about the way that the model for business had flipped.

It used to be that advertising agencies came to customers and pitched their ideas for ads that would sell the products the customers produced. Now with net marketing taking off like it had a rocket up its collective ass and the few companies who had access to larger amounts of screens, the advertisers had as many clients as they could serve. They could afford to pick and choose.

Lou and I hadn't realized that when we got onto the plane. Lou had been so busy regaling me with stories about the old days that we never realized the game had changed. We'd both had the idea that they were going to try to pitch to us. I was along because even though I'm nearly forty, I'm eye candy as well as being half of Lou's brain.

I've always been considered to be very good looking. I'm medium height at about 5' 6". I have long blond hair and very blue eyes. I have a rounded butt and very curvy legs, but it's my chest that seems to just pull guys in like a magnet. I have a set of 42 DD's that seem even bigger on my normal sized frame. There aren't very many guys who can look away from them. It's both my greatest asset and my curse.

I learned from a very early age that I could get almost anything I wanted from a guy just by breathing hard and smiling. Unfortunately, I also got a lot of things that I didn't want as well. I guess we'd gotten to the point where on this trip, Lou had decided that having me along might be his ace in the hole if he needed to sweeten the deal.

That was one of the problems that I faced this morning. My moral compass needle was going crazy. I suddenly realized that that my being here just as something other than as Lou's assistant made me some sort of virtual whore. My real value on this trip would be in wearing a low cut shirt and bending over a lot. I guess I'd come to terms with the fact that in a world where technology and paradigms were changing and expanding faster than I could process them, I had to use every asset at my disposal to stay employed.

Letting a bunch of men look at me barely even registered on my moral compass. What set the needle spinning so wildly was the thought that I might have to fuck some of them. I had never done that even once. I could still, at this date, proudly say that I had never fucked a client for any reason. I have never had any kind of sex with a client for either business or pleasure.

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