Reap What You Sow

by Martin

Tags: Cheating, Interracial,

Desc: Drama Story: Mike was alone in a hotel room on his second wedding anniversary, he had been trying to call his wife all day but she never picked up, then there was a knocking at his door. Little did he know how his life was about to change.

Six ... seven ... eight ... nine, I hung up the hotel phone wondering where my wife, Karen was. Today was our second wedding anniversary and I had been unable to reach her all day to wish her a happy anniversary and where to find a special hidden gift I got for her. Damn, I hated my asshole boss, George Miller for sending me to smooth over an account that someone else had screwed up. I begged him to send someone else since it was my anniversary in three days, but he said I was the only one he trusted to get the job done and done right. And anyways there would be other anniversaries but in this day and age would I get such a high paying job again?

When I called home to tell my wife that I would be out of town for our anniversary I suggested that she take a few personal days off from work and come with me but she begged off saying they were short handed at work and she didn't want to sit in some hotel room all day waiting for me to get back from some boring meeting. I was a bit surprised however that she did not put up much more of a fuss.

Now here I sit over a thousand miles away from home and my sweet wife was alone and I had been unable to reach Karen all day, where could she be at. Her parents were both dead, she and her sister were like oil and water, and she never went out with the people that she worked with. Suddenly I heard a knocking at the door, maybe Karen had changed her mind and come after all to surprise me.

I quickly ran to the door expecting to open it and having Karen jumping into my arms. As I open the door the woman was not my blond hair blue eye Karen, but was a tall black woman who I was even more surprised to see, it was my boss wife Tanisha. I was shocked to see her standing at my door I had no idea that she was in this town. I was also a bit confused as to who the two people with her were. One was a well dress black woman wearing a business suit and the other was a bit overweight older white man that just screamed police.

Tanisha walked into my room without first being invited saying that we needed to talk, she was followed by the other two.

Once we all were in and seated Tanisha started speaking, "Mike, this is my attorney, Sara Williams as she pointed toward the woman, "and this is detective Charles Jenkins, " as she pointed toward the cop. "Now Mike you must be wondering why I am here." Hell yes I thought, trying to figure out if I did something to be in trouble. "Mike do you know where my no good husband is?"

"No, I thought he would be at home now."

"I'll tell you where the hemorrhoid is, he out fucking some white slut."

"Tanisha, I am sorry to hear this but I don't think it is any of my business."

"Mike, it is your business since you are up to your neck in it."

OK I was really confused now and maybe a bit slow on the uptake, but I knew nothing about George's personal life, I only knew Tanisha from several company parties as well as a couple of dinners with our department heads and our wives. We had talked a few times but that was it.

"Mike, I am sorry I am getting ahead of myself, Charles could you show the video, please?"

I was totally lost but I knew if my boss was having an affair I did not need to see it. However as the tape stated playing on the detective's laptop I saw my boss opening a door and a woman came in and started kissing him. I could not see her face yet I felt I somehow knew her. As they kissed neither was wasting time as they both were acting like a couple of hot and horny teenagers that had the house all to themselves. Their clothes came flying off till the two were both nude. Still without seeing who the woman was I watched both walking away form the camera. As I watched the naked butt of the woman I kept feeling I knew it. This was not the end suddenly I was looking at a closed door and in a second the door open and in walked my naked boss and, no it couldn't be but it was; he was with my naked wife. It now hit me, the slut white woman my boss was fucking was my very own wife.

Over the next hour I saw vidoes, stills, and heard recordings of my boss and wife together. Some were just outside shots and others were full blown porno. I was stun beyond words. This would explain why I was always being sent off on business trips and Karen never seemed to mind or become upset by them. When Mike was away, then Karen was busy playing by fucking my boss.

Still why had Tanisha showed me this, I could tell she was no more happy about what was going on then I was. Now I knew why I had been unable to reach Karen today she was off fucking my boss, then it hit me, my wife was fucking another man on our second anniversary, I grew cold yet I felt sad and betrayed as well then suddenly the room stated to spin and everything went black.

When I came to I was on the bed, Tanisha was wiping my forehead with a cool damp cloth. "He seems to be coming to," she said out. "Mike, I am sorry I sprung this onto you with no warning, I thought that you might have guessed that the bitch you are married to was having an affair."

For the first time the other woman spoke, "Mr Sullivan, I will soon be filing for a divorce on behalf of my clients on adultery charges, if needed would you be able to support her story?"

"Sure, but to tell you the truth I knew nothing about the affair until I saw the vidoes."

"I know, no one could fake your crying and fainting, all I need for you is to tell who the woman is if Mr Miller tries to put up any fight. Also will you be filing to divorce your wife?"

"I ... um ... I have not thought of it yet, but I don't know how I could trust Karen again."

"If you do, here is my card, it would really help Tanisha case if you were to file before her, she has told me that she will cover the cost if you use our firm."

"Mike, we need to get some things stright. George does not own the company, my brother and I do, our father started the business and ran it till his health got bad. My brother had no interest in running it and daddy felt that his little princess was above running it. I had just married George so daddy trained him and he been running it for the past ten years and it was only recently that I have pieced together he been running it like his own little kingdom as well as skimming off the top. My soon to be ex-hemorrhoid does not know that I have my own little spy network and my person PC can gather any and all company e-mails as well as company secrets and plans. While daddy did not want to put me in charge I learn the business from the ground up. I know who is working and who is working the clock, soon there will be some major changes within the company."

I was feeling nervous if I was let go then what would happen to me if I did divorce Karen? "Don't worry about your job Mike, even if you do not divorce that slut, you still have a place within my company, however she will not be allow to be on any company property nor go to any company events. I know that in the five years you been with us you done more to increase revenue then George has in his ten years tenure." That part was true, I always felt as if my boss put work on others and took the credit for it, I was just glad that someone else could see it.

"Charles and Sara I don't think we will need you until tomorrow I'm going to stay a bit with Mike I'm sure he got some questions and he will need to talk about some personal things about his bitch and slut as well as my bastard of a hemorrhoid." The two left but they did wish us a good night. I noticed that Tanisha never called Karen by her name and was calling her husband by other names as well, she was a woman scorned. I had a feeling that George was going to be shocked at just how tough that "daddy little princess" was and he would be lucky that the pound of flesh she was going for didn't include his balls.

"Mike I really am sorry that I had to be the one to tell you this, but it won't be long before everyone knows about it and I did not want to hurt you, after all we are in the same boat, it the no good cheaters we married that have done wrong. I think if we present a united front at the company and we show everyone that we are victims of two cheaters it will not hurt the company. Mike I'm going to tell you something, my brother could care less about this company, all he cares about is getting his quarterly check, George will be out on his ass and now that daddy is gone I will get to run the business."

"Tanisha, I am still in shock to find out my wife is cheating on me, you had time to digest this, I'm going to need time before I know what I'm going to do. I do appreciate that you want me to stay, and if George is gone I will, but if I see him I might punch his lights out."

"Mike please do not do that, sure I would not be upset if it happen but George was a lineman in college, he could take any punch that you could give him then I would be afraid that he might hurt you."

"Thanks, I'll remember that."

"I need a drink and I'm sure so do you Mike then I need to eat something, I just been nibbling the last few days I've just been to upset to eat much now it is catching up to me, I hate to eat alone in a room or a restaurant would you join me Mike?"

"Sure, do you want to call Sara and Charles?"

"No, I have a feeling that they, um they might have other plans, besides I want to tell you my plans as well as what is happening with this account." She noticed my look when she said that. "Are you opposed to the age different or the race difference?"

"Well I find it odd because of their age difference but more so because he a cop and she is a lawyer."

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