In the Dark

by Saxon Hart

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Cheating, Rough, Anal Sex, Fisting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Is there a penalty for cheating?

Foreword from Saxon Hart

First thing I have to say is Thanks to qmh1 for writing 500 Annies. Why am I thanking another author for writing a story? Because it inspired this one. I read 500 Annies with great enthusiasm. When I was done I read the feedback and some of the suggestions for how he might deal with Annie being a whore. I was composing a feedback suggestion in my head when it struck me that the idea was too good to feed to an author who had probably already decided the path of Annie so I used the voice record feature on my phone to lay out a quick outline.

This is a burn the bitch tale told from the bitch's perspective. There are a few dark spots in this one so consider yourself warned.

I also want to thank PapaGus for editing and giving feedback on this story, as well as relate a truth is stranger than fiction factoid I learned. Around New Year 's Eve I e-mailed PapaGus to wish him a happy new year and a hope that he'd had a good Christmas. He wrote back that he was grouchy and had a birthday the day after New Year's Day and that he was turning 70.

I wrote him back and pointed out a coincidence. My birthday is also January 2nd, but I was born in 70. His reply was "Then you know you are turning 43. I was born in 43." So I had to share that tidbit, but I'll ramble no more.


August 2003

"Oh yes. Oh fuck me harder Carlos. Oh god I love how you fill me up."

Carlos, encouraged by my words, fucked me harder and faster. I felt my pussy was already stretched to the limit as if Carlos was shoving a soda bottle into my pussy rather than his eight inch cock. I was bent over the settee, my legs apart and my hands braced against the wall as this man I had only met a few hours ago attacked my pussy with his large battering ram.

I knew the moment I saw him on the dance floor that I would fuck him before I left Thailand. I only wish I had met him my first night there instead of my last. I was there because my husband had to travel for a business meeting. Ken had closed the deal earlier in the day and then the boss of the Thai firm his company was dealing with, Mr. Willapana, took us out for a night of dining and dancing in a ritzy district of Chiang Mai.

When we arrived three days before, I was upset at Ken for insisting that I come with him. I had planned on spending the time that Ken was away gloriously naked and sweaty with Jeff, our neighbor's 22 year old son whom I had been fucking since his 18th birthday. Jeff had seduced me the day after his birthday party, when I was helping his mother Sandra clean up.

Sandra and her husband Dale had thrown Jeff a huge bar-b-q party and their yard had been left in shambles. Sandra got called away to relieve her co-worker for an hour or two so the woman could take her son to the dentist. I told Sandra that I'd stay and finish up for her.

Jeff had been cleaning the pool as Sandra and I had cleaned the yard. Dale was hauling the chairs and tables back to the places he had gotten them, as well as returning the empty kegs to the liquor store.

I went into the house with all of the table cloths and towels that had been used at the party. I took them down into the basement and loaded them into the washing machine. I started the machine and turned to see Jeff standing there in his wet trunks.

"I'm through cleaning the pool Darlene. Mind if I toss my trunks into the wash with the towels?"

Before I had a chance to object, he slithered out of his trunks and I was looking at the most beautiful cock I had ever laid eyes on. He was a full nine inches and as big around as a coke can. Ken isn't built badly, but I just was in awe of Jeff's member.

"Like what you see?"

I blushed because I hadn't realized I was staring. "It's fucking gorgeous." I said before I could stop myself. Jeff got a smile like a shark and eye locked on my stiff nipples. They were readily visible under the white tank top I was wearing. I could feel my pussy getting rapidly wet and suddenly had the absurd thought that Jeff was an animal and could smell my arousal.

"Oh, you do like what you see. I know you want some of it. It's ok, I don't bite ... hard."

My mind was reeling. I had never even dreamed of cheating on Ken. He and I had each had lovers before we married but we had been completely monogamous since getting together in our junior year at USC. All thoughts of Ken flew from my mind as I grasped Jeff's magnificent cock.

My hands seemed to move of their own volition as I stroked his cock to its full mass. I didn't even notice when he undid the button of my jean shorts and shoved them down my thighs, ripping my panties off and exposing my neatly trimmed cunt in the process. I gasped as he worked a finger into my sopping wet hole and began to finger fuck me. Before I knew it, he had my tank pulled up and over my head and one of my nipples in his mouth.

I let out a screech as the first orgasm overtook me. I swooned and almost fell over, but Jeff kept me from falling and lifted me up onto the washing machine. I tried to protest but he soon had his tongue working over my clit and I was once again riding the waves of ecstasy. He flicked and nibbled at my clit for what seemed like forever. He'd get me close to another orgasm and stop licking.

Finally he worked me up until I was cumming again. Just at the peak of my orgasm he stood and pushed his mammoth cock into me. The feeling of his cock stretching my cunt was incredible. I had never cum as hard as I did when he entered me. As I rode the waves of orgasm number two he began a slow and rhythmic thrusting into me.

As he fucked me on the washing machine that day I never thought about Dale or Sandra coming home and catching us or of what Ken would say. It was just me, Jeff, and his cock; nothing else mattered.

As I came for the third time, Jeff turned me over and put the head of his cock against my little brown hole. Ken has always wanted to fuck my ass but I had never let him. He had fingered it a time or two but I never let him go further. Now Jeff had the head of the biggest cock I'd ever had inside me pressed to my ass and I had no doubts I was going to let him have me however he wanted me.

I felt his spit hit me directly between my ass cheeks and run down my crack over my asshole. He used the head of his mammoth prick to swirl the spit and the copious amounts of my own juices all over my hole. Then he reached forward and tweaked my nipples. Soon he had me shaking again and I could feel the heat from his cock poised at my virgin entrance.

One of his hands moved to my clit and began diddling it. My legs began to tremble and my belly fluttered as another orgasm began to take me. Just as I began climaxing, Jeff pushed the head of his cock into my ass.

At first the pressure was tremendous, and then came the pain. It felt like he was tearing my little hole to shreds. In the midst of my pain I realized he didn't even have more than an inch or two in my ass. I was about to tell him to pull it out when he rubbed my clit faster bringing on yet another orgasm.

When I had ridden the waves and came down I realized that during my climax he had pushed the rest of his cock into my ass and it didn't hurt so much. I began to relax my muscles and be started thrusting in and out of my ass.

I don't know how long he fucked my ass that first time, I only know that I came two more times while he did and he was still going strong. We changed positions a couple of times and we ended up in the missionary position but his cock was in my ass. After a while fucking like this he pulled out and thrust his cock into my face.

I never let any man into my ass, so the idea of ass to mouth was so foreign that it had never crossed my mind. Now here I was, naked as the day I was born, juices pouring from my pussy, my ass gaping wide open and this kid was pushing his cock, streaked with feces, into my mouth and throat. In no time I was sucking him like a porn star and after a few minutes was rewarded with several jets of red hot cum down my throat. Although he filled my mouth, I never spilled a drop.

Jeff kissed my head and then retreated, still naked upstairs. As I gathered my clothes I heard the shower running. I quickly dressed and went into the back yard and picked up the last few things and then went home.

For three weeks I didn't see Jeff again and vowed to be faithful to Ken. Then during a Labor Day picnic I found myself with Jeff's cock in my mouth as Ken stood not 100 yards away cooking burgers.

Jeff and I saw each other every few weeks that fall and winter. As spring came and went I found myself making excuses to put myself where Jeff and I could steal away and have our fun.

Then shortly after Jeff's 19th birthday Ken got a promotion that put him on the road far more often allowing Jeff and I more opportunities to explore each other. I never passed up an opportunity to have that cock in my three holes, so naturally I was disappointed when Ken insisted that I accompany him to Thailand.

"Family is very important to Mr. Willapana, and my bosses insist that he sees that family is important to Emerson and Son's as well. I need you to come with me Darlene."

I figured as bad as I had been I at least owed him this one favor, besides when else would I get to visit Asia? The first couple days had been dull and boring. I mostly ate alone as Ken dealt with Mr. Willapna and his people, but finally Ken came to the hotel and told me to get dressed up because the deal was done and we were going to party.

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