by Jack Spratt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, Romantic, BiSexual, Fiction, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A young girl's skiing adventure takes a twist as a result of an avalanche. Her rescuer teaches her about life. She is an apt pupil.

Date of first publication: Friday PM, April 06, 2001

Finally sufficient snow has fallen. The ski team leader has us booked at the ski lodge as part of our continuing training. The only unknown is amount of snow on the runs. Mother Nature must have heard our prayers and answered with a two-day snowfall. The ski lodge provided an update that all trails are open and in excellent condition. Being the youngest female ever to be accepted on our high school completion team I am excited to be going on the trip. At fourteen I am strong for my age and can cross country and downhill with the best of them. Last year I won a number of the middle school championships.

My name is Nia Raven academically I am considered as somewhat of a brain. My teachers have attempted to hold me back due to my age but I won out. Apparently the powers to be didn't think I would be able to coup in the upper grades in high school, they were wrong. My personal goals are much higher than my peers, I consider myself a failure if I don't achieve 98 percent on every test or project. Fortunately I haven't failed yet. Being the youngest in all my classes was a bit apprehensive at first. Some are jealous but most appreciated the gift I am blessed with. Fortunately the ski team isn't concerned about my age or intelligence but only about my ability to compete competitively on the ski trails and hills. They treat me as an equal.

My good friend Tembi Clark is also on the team. We are always competing with each other, equal in talent, but she is not as aggressive as me. Some events Tembi wins others I do. It keeps both of us sharp, always looking for any weakness of our competitors. We made arrangements to share a room at the lodge. It's going to be a lot of fun. The chartered bus will be leaving the school grounds at two o'clock Friday. Let the fun begin.

My parents came to see me off. My bags and ski equipment are now packed in the luggage compartment. Tembi saved me a seat beside her.

"Oh Nia, this is going to be super. It is the first time I am going somewhere overnight without my parents. It feels great."

"Me too, the practice times are great. It leaves us a lot of time to ski on our own. Maybe we'll meet some guys."

"Don't you think Kevin McKay is a hunk? He can be my snow bunny any time he wants."

"You're full of it, what would you do if he comes on to you at the lodge?"

"I will never tell. I hear he really knows how to kiss. The rumor is he likes to use his hands, wandering fingers."

"Have you ever been felt up Tembi?"

"Yes. It wasn't very nice. I don't think Sean knew what the hell he was doing. All he did was grope. The jerk hurt my tit."

The bus starts to move. From the window I wave to my parents. All the excitement of the trip has me feeling eager and happy. Tembi has snuggled into the seat, her eyes closed. There was a smile on her face. I can't help but notice she has a jacket covering her lap; her hand under the jacket is moving slightly. She has to be playing with herself. That thought makes me tingle, wishing I had the nerve to do it as well.

Tembi's breasts are nice but mine are bigger. My mom says I have the biggest nipples she has ever seen. She teases me about how large they will be when I grow up. Currently we have the same bra and cup size.

Kevin McKay is sitting three rows in front of us in an outside seat. I wonder what it would be like having his hands running up and down my body. My pussy is tingling. I wish I had Tembi's bravado as I could sure use a hard climax.

The trip takes about three hours. We can see the mountains in the distance. They appear to get bigger and bigger as we travel towards them. As the bus winds along the mountain road the view is breathtaking, some of the mountains seem to go straight up into the clouds. We can't see the top of them from inside the bus. Tembi is leaning over me trying to see how high they are. Her breasts are rubbing my arm. I can feel their heat. When I absent-mindedly cup one, Tembi looks surprised but doesn't move. Then I realize her boob in my hand; I give it a a squeezed, it is so soft but her nipple is rigid. Tembi smiles and softly says.

"That felt good, much better then when Sean groped me. I wouldn't mind if you did that again."

"You do feel nice; I never thought I would touch another girl like that. I don't think we should do anything more on the bus but if you like we can in our room tonight."

She gave my thigh a squeeze as the bus rolled to a stop in front of the chalet. Our team leader tells us to line up beside the bus to make sure our entire luggage is located and loaded on trolleys, then calls out for all to double check. Tembi and I do as instructed. Soon we are standing beside a sizable pile. More instructions, we are to bring our skis to our rooms as well. Later we would be issued locks for ski lockers where they will be secure. We push our trolley to the front desk and Tembi signs in for both of us. Our team leader shouts that we are free till six when we're to have dinner as a group. That gives us four hours to unpack and relax. Our training starts early tomorrow.

The view from our room is spectacular. The mountains tower in the background. The downhill run is over to our left, I watch fascinated as skier after skier pass on the slope at great speeds. I can't wait to try it. Tembi unpacks, I follow her example. There is one large bureau with drawers down both sides. Tembi takes one side I the other. Her lingerie is very intimate, most of a soft silky material. She has a number of lacy thongs. My mom is not a fan of bikini or thong panties. She doesn't think they cover enough. Tembi has a number of sexy matching bras as well.

"Tembi I like your lingerie. My mom won't them, she thinks they are not lady like."

"My panties should fit you but my bras are certainly too small. Here try a thong; I brought plenty, as you can see they don't take up much room in my suitcase."

And they didn't.

She handed me a soft black silky pair. They feel soft to the touch. I can feel the blush of embarrassment and then head for the washroom.

"Hey it's only us girls here; you don't have to go to the washroom."

Now I am really embarrassed. My panties are damp after the excitement of touching Tembi and the thought of her masturbating on the bus. I was hoping to get some privacy so I could masturbate. I am blushing as I lower my slacks, Tembi watches as they slide to the floor. The odor of my sex hits me like a hammer. Now I am really blushing. Tembi is staring at my crotch, I really embarrassed.

"Your pussy lips are much bigger than mine. You trim your bush?"

"A little, if I don't it pushes my panties out and people would certainly notice the bulge. Don't you?"

"No, I don't have anything near what you have. Do you want to see?"

What do I say? Of course I want to see her pussy she has been rubbing it all day. I nod yes and watch as she strips down. I love her thong it is a soft powder blue and I can see dampness at the crotch. She is beautiful. This is the first time I have actually seen a girl undressing, other than the gym, they are usually a madhouse of girls trying to get changed and dressed, not really that sexy. Tembi has a shapely butt and hips, she turns facing me. I can see a faint sprinkling of fine hair above her pussy. Her luv lips are thin but partial open. Her inner lips protrude, awesome. There is a tingling between my legs. I didn't realize just looking at her pussy would make so excited.

"You look gorgeous Tembi. How often do you masturbate?"

"You noticed on the bus? I try and do it two or three times a day. I love it. And you?"

"The same; Do you have a dildo?"

"No. Do you?"

"Yes. Do you want to see it? It was a secret present from my Uncle. He told me every young lady should have one. It is a lot safer than letting some boy stick his thing in me. Mom would have a bird is she knew her brother had given it to me."

"You have it here? Oh yes let me see it. How far can you stick it in? Did you break your cherry with it?"

"Yes I brought it with me however I didn't know if I would get to use it. It is eight inches long and I have had it buried in me. My cherry is long gone. I am still a virgin theoretically. Here it is."

Tembi takes it and examines carefully. It is a replica of some porn actor's penis; at least that is what is said on the box. My uncle got off a site on the Internet. Tembi flicks the switch and there is a quiet hum. She has a surprised look on her face.

"It is vibrating. It feels funny."

"Well it feels good when it is inside of you."

She looks at me with an odd expression on her face.

"Can I try it?"

"Of course if you want to. I disinfect it after every use. I have a special antibacterial soap, my Uncle thought of everything."

It is mesmerizing watching her lay on the bed and spread her legs, I never realized the beauty between girl's legs. My body reacts to the view of her open pussy; I have strong desire to reach out and touch. Tembi is very wet so there is no resistance when she puts the end of the dildo in her pussy.

"It will only go in this far."

It is in about a half-inch. It is against her hymen.

"Your cherry won't allow it to go any deeper. Turn on the switch."

Tembi flicks the switch and I can hear the muffled hum. She gently moves it around her opening. You can see her luv lips get puffier as she continues to manipulate it. She pulls it out and rubs it against her clitoris.

"On Nia this feels wonderful. I am going to cum."

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