Abby Is Bi?

by Dick the Prophet

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, BiSexual, Fan Fiction, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: NCIS Agents have a bit of fun for once.

It had been a hard week, but we had finally caught 'the Terrorist'. To celebrate, the Director threw a party in her beautiful mansion which her father had willed her.

Jenny was on the door to greet us in an expensive red gown which showed off her bountiful breasts well. Her cleavage alone started to give me a hard on. In my mind I could feel her nipples under my palm growing until they were hard as nails. I had to turn away as my face flushed with desire.

There were a lot of Feds there, including their Area Director. Gibbs made a beeline for his Fed 'girl friend', Jenny looked put out. I took a champagne from a passing maid -- dressed plainly and she was almost ugly; no competition for Jenny then. Time passed quickly -- the buffet was good with caterers serving us all with whatever we wanted. I eat some slices of beef with moist bloody red centres with crunchy fresh bread, then multiple sweet things -- different flavoured ice creams made into shapes.

Afterwards, the big wigs switched to whisky, some stuck to wine, I stuck to beer. I wanted to be fit for action. I watched and danced with a few women. I lost sight of my target for the night, Abby. I had seen her at first, in her tartan mini skirt with long black boots covered in buckles, and a studded dog collar. I went upstairs, used the bathroom and then wandered down the long corridor, passed open bedroom doors until I found one shut. I opened it quietly and there, on the double bed, was Abby, on all fours with Ziva behind her, fucking her vigorously with a strap-on dildo.

"Yes, give it me hard... , faster, longer."

"Take it Bitch. You've ignored me -- you've been fucked by Gibbs, with his eyes many times, now feel what it's really like!"

I walked up slowly, stepping out of my pants and boxes in one go. My prick stood up straight as I watched closely.

"Here take over Tony, I want Abby to eat me". Ziva pulled out of Abby, took off the dildo and crawled round to her head. She swung her legs either side and pulled her mouth down to her twat.

I knelt behind Abby and lifted her skirt to see her white ass. I not surprised to see it was tattooed. Both cheeks were covered by a spiders' web with a large black spider emerging from her hairy black asshole. I grabbed my prick and pushed into her cunt. She was wet and warm but also loose fitting, obviously the dildos she used were ten inches or more.

I got up to speed but I had no feeling, so I pulled out and lifted my cock up to her asshole and roughly pushed it in.

"Take that Bitch! You enjoying this pain aren't you", and I pushed it in far as I could, until I felt a turd stopping me.

Abby lifted her head and squealed as she does often.

"Ahhh Tony, I love it -- I can feel you right up my shute, ... bugger me solid".

I was completely turned on, and shoved hard and fast until I felt that beautiful feeling of coming. I gave one last push and my foreskin hurt as it was gript by her sphincter.

My spunk exploded out inside her ass, I swear I saw her back lift up as my prick ejaculated. I grew limp and I fell back onto the bed gasping, dripping spunk onto the bed spread.

Abby got up from her position on the bed and said "Right it's my turn now. Turn over Tony, and put your as in the air. Ziva, suck his cock while I bugger him, ... hard".

Ziva turned herself round and pointed to her mouth. "Fill this big boy, ... if you can!" Insulting as always.

I crawled forwards over Ziva and looked down at her cunt. It was completely bald and just a tight slit -- no exterior vulva lips. I pulled her legs up and looked at her asshole. It was brown and wrinkled, nestling between her tight little buns. I put my head down and tongued her asshole. I pushed it inside and wriggled it about. I thought how good it would be to fuck it, but not now. I let her legs go down and pushed my mouth into her cunt. My nose went into her vagina as used my tongue to unhood her clit.

As I did, so I felt my sphincter being opened as Abby pushed in me with her false prick. I was fairly used it the sensation now as I had been buggered at high school, in college and in my first week with NCIS when Gibbs pushed me down over a desk and buggered me quick and hard to show who was boss.

"Do you like it Tony? Do you like to be Bottom? Do you acknowledge my superiority? I am not the greatest?" and she fucked my man-pussy fast and hard.

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