Jane and the Internet

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Jane was living in an emotional cave, since the death of her older husband, Charlie. Everything was grim, until her pal from work, Shirley, introduced her to internet chatting. Then the old, feisty 'handful' girl Janie Wilson took over, until she crashed her sister's party from work and fate took a hand.


Jane Wilson, Janie to her sister Angela and close friends, was always considered, at least by the girls, and maybe, even most likely, by some of the boys 'a handful'. She was definitely fun and a riot to be with, frequently the life of the party but willful and used to getting her own way.

In those days, Jane's 'own way' normally consisted of 'yes, I will make out with you; I will go parking'; 'no, you may not touch me there! But, yes, you may play with my breasts! No, you may not unbutton my blouse!'

Jane simply regulated the 'fun' that was to be had in the back seat of a car. She didn't like the idea, didn't entertain it at all, of losing her virginity in the dark with furtive movements, no ability to see what they were doing and to look at the other person's nakedness, especially since her own nakedness was so often the prize that the guy/boy was seeking.

So, Jane did things her way. She enjoyed that and never tempered her 'wildness'. Though, truth to be told, Jane Wilson's wildness was a social outlook and not any ingrained mean or reckless streak. As far as Janie was concerned, and maybe her sister Angela was the only person who really knew this, Jane was just really outgoing, able, even liable to come up with embarrassing statements, sometimes confessions but always delivered with a giggle and a smile.

Yes, Jane Wilson was a handful!

Then she married Charlie Angulera, and everyone was 'gob smacked', as the British say. Charlie was Jane's exact opposite. He was a banker. He was significantly older than our Janie. (She'd met him, as a matter of fact, when she went to work at the bank where Charlie was the president.) Theirs was a so-called 'May-December' type of marriage.

How Charlie Angulera captured the attentions of Janie Wilson was everyone's question, at the time of the marriage, and no one seemed to have the answer. No one but Angela, who realized, after long discussions with Janie, that Charlie was romantic with her and that's what Janie Wilson wanted, more than anything. She wanted to be done with the back seat wrestling thing and be romanced and taken care of and Charlie Angulera was the man to do that.

Of course, people said that it wouldn't last, because Janie Wilson, everyone knew was a 'handful' and Charlie Angulera would never satisfy her.

It was almost the logical extension of the reputation that Jane had acquired in high school, a reputation that was built upon and fueled by fumbling boys who never got past 'first base' but wanted to brag and let people know that they, at least, were the ones who knew what kind of panties that Janie Wilson wore on dates. All false but reputations like that stick. (Everyone knows at least one girl who in high school had a 'rep', though the truth of those 'reps' was usually, if not always suspicious. Everyone knew a Joy S or a Dorothy B, such as I did, who had the reputation of being easy lays but it was an area where the truth rarely resided!)

But with that reputation people predicted that the marriage was bound to fail. It faltered and came to an end, however, only when Janie 'knight in shining armor' Charlie died of a heart attack, 22 years after everyone said that the marriage wouldn't last.

It left Janie a widow, a well off widow, being taken care of by her sister Angela, during the period after the funeral, but with her outlook intact. It was, to a large extent, Angela's love that brought Janie back to herself.

Jane decided to go on living in her and Charlie's big house. They'd made it so comfortable for themselves. She was left then with the task of how to re-invent herself.

At work, at the bank, before she went back to work, after Charlie died, Jane worked with the bank computers, and accounts. In that capacity, she was aware of the constant use of internet chat rooms by the others, even at work. She was frequently curious but didn't really bother herself. That part of Janie's outlook, the 'she's a 'handful'' part, had been pretty much left behind her but maybe only dormant and not altogether done away with.

Janie Wilson was a bit on the tall side, 5'10"; she had short dark hair that had some reddish highlights, which she encouraged. She'd been a member of the girl's basketball team both in high school and the jr college that she'd attended, before her marriage to Charlie.

She made her way to her 41's birthday still in very good shape. Angela was overweight but Janie kept her shape. She exercised and genuinely watched her diet so that her weight wouldn't get ahead of her. She carried her 128 lbs very nicely, however, due to her height--she was a good 3" taller than Angela. Of course Angela was the one who married, settled down and had a passel of kids, actually three. But now, these days, Jane was, by her own description, after being quiet and reserved for a good two years after Charlie left her, 'fancy free and on the hunt'. She never really knew how serious she was about that kind of description for herself but it's the way that she gigglingly talked of herself to her friends, and especially her sister Angela. It was a revision, a new version of Janie Wilson 'the handful'!

She had decided, for example, to take on her old name, simply because she liked the sound of it better than Jane Angulera. So, she became just Janie Wilson again.

There is no mistake, she was a stunner at 40 years of age. Tall, dark haired with red highlights hinting, 36c breasts and 'broad in the beam', as she described herself. Though her sister Angela often quipped to her, when that subject was introduced that Janie was nowhere nearly as broad in the beam as she, Angela was. At which point Janie would laugh, pat Angie's butt and say: "And it doesn't keep you from a good roll in the hay with your Raymond." The giggling that ensued would then go on for a bit of time. No, the truth was that Janie Wilson had a really nice butt, despite her 'broad in the beam' statements.


But there was a new wrinkle these days in Janie Wilson's life, a new adventure, so to speak. It was, of course, the internet. Her interest had come from those years of listening to co-workers in the computer services of the bank, talk about their adventures on the internet, of going to chat rooms, of meeting people. Gradually, as they became better acquainted, Janie even heard about romances and other shenanigans that went on, while sitting in front of a computer. There were girls at work who giggled about meeting guys on the 'net' and talking dirty with them, of requests to tell what they were wearing, of requests to tell what their panties were like, there were even a few who admitted to cam to cam requests to take their clothes off from guys, and in one case, from other women!

It sent both Janie and the woman admitting into a round of giggles. When the giggling subsided, Janie asked:

"Did you, I mean, did you really take your clothes off?"

She, a girl named Shirley, giggled: "Yes, it's so much fun! You don't know them! You won't meet them maybe again! You're free to fool around and it's okay."

"Ohhhh," Janie said, "Don't know if I could do that!"

"Try it," Shirley said "It's a gas!"

Janie just looked doubtful but Shirley persisted in their whispering: "Here's the address. You just go and try it. Give yourself a name that will attract attention, though in many of these sites, just listing your name as a woman is enough to attract attention."

Shirley then wrote down for Janie the name of the website.

"What kind of men?" Janie wanted to know.

"That's the great thing," Shirley insisted. "There are mature guys, you know, older ones; there are really young guys, sometimes as young as 13 or so."

Janie looked properly shocked but Shirley, still giggling, went on: "It's so cool to take your clothes off, when a 14 or 15 year old tells you to!"

Jane put her hand over her mouth and both blushed and giggled at the outrageousness of the suggestion.

"Try it!" Shirley said, "That's the address."

"What about a name?" Janie asked, realizing that she was, by now, intrigued by what her co-worker was saying.

"Make it 'Janie the handful'!" Shirley said with a giggle, remembering the stories that Janie had told on herself about her younger days.

They both went off into laughter at that point, and then it was necessary to go back to work but Janie's interest was caught. The thought never left her mind for the rest of the day.

She purposefully went home and simply stayed at home that evening. There was, by now, a plan forming in her mind. She worked that evening on converting one of the bedrooms, near her and Charlie's master suite, into an office. She had had the computer, a small one for all her ability to work with them and experience at work, on a desk in a kitchen alcove. She took this computer upstairs into the new office area.


Since it was the weekend, Janie had time and the opportunity to put her plans into action. She did some shopping that day. She bought a new desk, a special computer style desk, all glass and aluminum. Then she bought herself a new Apple desktop computer, the kind that she used at work. The store sent the desk over and the guys from the store were nice enough to carry it inside for Janie so that she could get it all in working order.

The items were delivered that day and she worked on the task of getting it all set up and running. She really liked the results, and by Sunday afternoon, after all her work, she had a nice and functioning office. She'd been at the arranging for most of the day.

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