The Black Tops
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Gay, BiSexual, True Story, Rough, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Interracial, Black Male, White Male, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Size,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I have met several black men online, this is the story of the first, a very large black man I call The Bull.

Okay, so I met this black guy online at Craigslist after he responded to my ad seeking a top. He had mentioned that he was very tall but I didnt realize how tall until we met at his home. He towered over me and I'm six foot tall!

After I entered his small home in an old neighborhood on the "poor" side of town, he shut the door and told me to undress. He stood at the door waiting for me to do what he said. This was a little weird for me because he seemed friendly at first, but now he seemed uncaring and unapologetic.

I took off off my clothes.

"Turn around and bend over..." he instructed.

I was a little nervous now, but was not about to resist. I was in his house and I knew I could not just leave. I turned and bent over putting my hands on a chair.

He said nothing, I could hear him removing his clothes. I felt him approach behind me. I felt his big hands push down on my lower back my my ass protrude upward.

"Dats a nice white azz..." he whispered.

He then laid his black bull cock on my ass. My eyes widened thinking it felt like a large warm heavy hot dog resting on my butt. I felt cool KY jell drip on my dank small anus.

"Im bout to fuck dis azz." he whispered.

He then moved the head of his swoll dick to my anus. I relaxed my anus and gripped the chair hard as I felt him penetrate. It felt like a real bull was pushing in my ass. His big hands gripped my hips and held me in place while he continued pushing inside me. I never had anything this big in me before. I felt like my anus could not stretch open anymore.

I was wrong. He went deeper and stretched me even more wider.

"Dis my fuckin white azz now!"

He moved his bull dick slowly, allowing me to try and adjust to his size.

My ass became numb and fucked me. He fucked me methodically, nonstop. I could feel my insides give in. He would pull out holding my asscheeks stretched open...

"Dayum, I done opened dat white azz up!"

Then I felt him quickly push back in deep.

I looked and could see his huge bull nuts pound against me with each thrust.


He gripped me hard holding me in place, "FUUUUUCCCK! YES!"

He remained inside me and still waiting on his orgasm to end. "Whew, fuck yea white boy."

His bull cock, fell out my fucked hole. I saw it covered in sperm.

"Go lay on my bed." he whispered calmly.

I did. I lay there nude, fucked, my ass throbbing and still agape. I just relaxed on my side and rested.

I then saw him come in the bedroom from his bathroom. I could not believe how big of a man he was and how big his penis and nuts were.

He said nothing. He got on the bed, moved me on my back and placed two pillows under my butt.

"Hold dem fuckin legs back."

I could not believe it, he was going to fuck me AGAIN!

"Dam dat asshole look fucked up! I bout to fuck dat azz again."

He already had ejaculated in me but his dam dick was hard again.

His big bull body pushed my legs back giving him access to my butt again. And I felt him inside me again. He laid his big body on top of me making it difficult to breathe. His massive chest holding my face to the side. I could feel his bull cock fucking me. Deep in me. His big bull balls slapping my body. I could see his big bull hips and ass moving up and down in a mirror beside his bed. He was panting heavily, enjoying the feel of my ass.

"Dayum dat some good azz." he moaned in a low deep voice.

Then I could hear his door open and close and heard...

"Shit! Fuck dat white boy!" "Dats it, fuck that white azz!"

Then I heard...

"Hurry up man, I want to fuck dat white azz too."

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