Corrie at the Party

by mattwatt

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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Corrie Leary has time to breathe now that both her Mom and Dad, for whom she has cared, are gone. Now she faces the decision about how to 'get back into life'. Her sister Wendy invites her to the firm's New Year's party and the decision is taken out of her hands, when she meets John Winters, the big boss.

The visit started with a phone call from Wendy, and, to tell the truth, Wendy was calling first of all because she was concerned about Corrie. She knew how much of a strain the past year and a half had been.

Corrie Leary, at 28 and just starting a career as a para-legal, a fact about which she was really excited at the time, had dropped out of the career mode in order to move back home, from the freedom of the apartment that she'd gotten for herself, and help her Momma take care of her Dad, when the alzheimer's disease that he had became more and more difficult to handle.

It needs to be said, right up front, that Corrie, though she was disappointed, was not crushed by the necessity. She did it willingly and with great love. She and Wendy had talked about it, and they had agreed that Wendy's career, better launched with a prime company, was the important one at that time. Corrie assured Wendy that her taking time away from a career path for herself was just fine.

The 'time' that she was talking about lasted a full year and a half, for once her Dad finally passed peacefully, the life went out of her Mom and she had almost a year of tending her Mom, who faded, with the constantly mentioned theme that she was ready to join her Joel at any time.

When they both died and were gone, Corrie and Wendy discovered that the will had been arranged to allow both Wendy and Corrie very nice bequests but with the house itself going to Corrie. Corrie was disturbed by the uneven distribution but Wendy assured her that it was only fair, since she'd been the care giver for such a long period of time.

And now Corrie Leary was free. She took some time and money to redo the house, setting up a new bedroom suite for herself. She settled down to a quiet life, giving herself time to let the tenion go out of her and reclaiming the love and joy of living where she'd grown up. It gave her the opportunity of restoring joy to the home place.

Corrie, at 28, was a year older than her lovely sister Wendy. They were, the two of them, about as different as possible. In fact, Wendy took more after her father physically at least.She was slender and willowy. She had lovely legs and small, pointed breasts and slender hips. In contrast, Corrie took after her Momma. She was shorter than Wendy and more 'zaftig', as the Germans say, than willowy. She had a fully rounded butt and was large in the breast, the very image of her Momma. She had a much quieter disposition that did Wendy, who was the outgoing one.

Whereas Wendy always had an array of boy friends and dates, Corrie, with her shyness, wasn't the kind of popular, out on the town girl that her sister so obviously was.

Despite all of that, Corrie Leary was, as she moved into her latter 20's, a very striking woman. Her combination of largish breasts, 38b, small waist and flaring hips and butt made her a treat to look at. She didn't, however, have the flair with dressing that Wendy had but was never one to complain about their differences. She was ever a pal and confidant for Wendy, as the younger sister made her way in life and looked for the successes that would surely come her way.

But it was the phone call that started the adventure:

"Hello," Corrie said softly.

"Hey, sweetie!" Wendy said in her effervescent manner.

"Wendy!" Corrie said with obvious pleasure.

"How's it going?" Wendy asked.

"Oh, great guns!" Corrie said. "The bedroom suite is done and most of the redecorating. You need to come over here soon for dinner and see it. It's grand."

There was a short silence when Corrie continued: "Honey, I appreciate the way that you've let me do this with the house!"

"It's your house," Wendy said. "You know that we talked about this. You're willingness to help them up to and into the end was a true treat, and I have to admit that I wasn't up to that myself."

"As usual," Corrie said, "You're a love. So, come to dinner!"

"I have a favor to ask," Wendy said.

"Yes, anything!" Corrie answered.

"Wonderful, as usual,"Wendy replied. "There's a company New Year's party; it's a standard treat for the members of our company and everyone will be going. I don't have a date but there will be some junior execs there that I know will be free also. I really want to go, and can bring a guest. Will you go with me?"

Corrie laughed: "Me your date?"

"Yep!" Wendy said, "And I'll try to keep my hands off your wonderful butt!"

They both went into giggles then, their talk being almost a kind of shorthand for the secrets and whispered delights of their growing up together.

"I guess you'd better!" Corrie said. But then she said, plaintively: "But I don't have anything to wear. I only have one dress, that red cocktail thing and I think that I'm too fat to wear it now!"

"Don't you say that, Correen Leary!" Wendy said with mock exasperation. "You will scorch the world with that dress on!"

"Okay," Corrie said, "I'll try it on, and if it works, looks okay, I'll go, and I promise not to be a drag on your opportunities!"

"Good," Wendy said joyfully, "Then maybe I won't keep my hands off your butt!"

They both went into giggles again: "Stop it!" Corrie said, "You'll give me a complex!"

"What I'll give you is hand prints on your ass!" Wendy said, laughing her way through the sentence.

"Stop, I said!" Corrie went on, joining the laughter.

"And on those big tits of yours!" Wendy said but the laughter overcame the two of them at that point.

"Okay, I'll behave," Wendy said.

"I doubt it!" Corrie replied and they giggled again.

"I have time, how about if I come over today and we can see how the red dress looks?" Wendy asked, and it was set between them.

Wendy arrived about an hour later. After hugs and kisses, they settled down to cups of coffee and then went upstairs to the bedroom for Corrie to try on the dress.

"Give me a minute here," Corrie said.

"No!" Wendy answered, the previous mood still on her. "I'm going to watch Corrie the body Leary undress and dress!"

"You're incorrigible!" Corrie complained but since Wendy sat herself on the bed with a wicked grin on her face, Corrie sighed and went on with the undressing.

The dress, once it was on, was a bit tight but fashionably so.

"Wow!" Wendy said, "Look at you!"

Corrie blushed and said: "No, really! What do you think? Will it do?"

"It will get the herd all riled up, is what I think!" Wendy said. She put her hands up in the air at that point and said: "I mean it, Cor!"

"Ohhh," Corrie said.

"Then you'll go with me?" Wendy asked.

"Yes," Corrie said, giggling, "I'll be your date!"

"Goodie!" Wendy said, "Then I get to have my hands on your butt!"

"Eeeeeek!" Corrie yelled then, as Wendy went through with her threat and squeezed Corrie's ass cheeks.

"Stop that!" Corrie said, joining the laughter.

"Just practicing!" Wendy said.

"Don't you dare!" Corrie said. "Here, unzip me!"

"Better and better," Wendy giggled.

"How about lunch, sex fiend?" Corrie asked.

"Thought you'd never ask!" Wendy replied, "My treat too!"

"Good," Corrie said, "You get to pay for pummeling my butt!"

"Know what that makes you!" Wendy said, laughing again.

They ended up hugging and exchanging cheek kisses. Then they went out to lunch.


Wendy drove that night to the company party. She thought that the two of them taking her newish red Mustang was a better idea than going in Corrie's older, more sensible, though partly dilapidated car.

They arrived at the hotel where the ball room for the party was located and discovered that there were valets.

One of the rather handsome latino youths went to Wendy's door immediately, and helped her out, grinning at the expanse of stockinged legs that she had on display. She noticed, of course.

"Wait until you see the siren emerge from her side of the car!" Wendy said.

"Wendy!" Corrie complained with a slight giggle.

"You stay there and give the lovely man a show, as you get out!" Wendy said to her.

He went around to Corrie's side of the car, and opened the door for her. She slid to the side and swung her legs out, but not before watching the hem of her red dress ride up and show both her thighs and the tops of her thigh highs. (Wendy had insisted on how Corrie was going to dress, declaring that she wanted her to be 'drop dead gorgeous'!)

Corrie blushed and Wendy just stood there with her arm around the valet's shoulders and said: "See, I told you!"

"Bellissima!" he said, giving Corrie a hand to help her out of the low car seat.

They got seats at a table that had some friends of Wendy's, two couples, and Wendy got drinks for them. They settled down to enjoy the music and watch the dancing.

It wasn't long before Wendy was asked to dance by one of the 'junior execs' that she was so interested in. Corrie just sat and enjoyed being out. The two other couples got up to dance also, and then an older man, about early 40's approached the table and held out his hand.

"John Winters," he said pleasantly. "I don't think that I know you."

Corrie stood and took his extended hand and said: "Corrie Leary! I'm Wendy's sister. Her 'date' I guess for the evening. She wanted to come and didn't want to come alone."

"I see that she's not alone anymore," John said, "But now you are."

"Oh, that's fine," Corrie said, "I'm just enjoying being out." She blushed then and said: "I'm sorry, won't you sit? It was rude of me not to ask you."

He did sit and said: "Just enjoy being out?"

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