An Opportunity - Too Good to Ignore


Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Son, Father, Gang Bang, Orgy, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Double Penetration, Slow, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: A woman finally settled the estate with her husband and looks for a new start. She stays at a motel and hears that three men are looking for an escort. Although not short of money it was an opportunity to increase her financial security

Wendy gave a sigh as she put down the pen. The paper work was finalized and so was the marriage. She was grateful that the break-up had gone well for there was nothing worse than a murky and hostile ending to an unsuccessful marriage. The finances were halved and with what she received she decided to re-locate, not just to another town, but to another state. She bid farewell to her ex-husband and they both wished each other well as they departed from the barrister's office.

She knew that it would take awhile to settle in to where ever she decided to go so for the next couple of weeks she checked various locations, she wanted a reasonable sized town, not a city suburb; one that had job opportunities and one that was not 'off the planet' regarding buying property. She decided to aim for the North Coast of New South Wales where she spent her childhood and a couple of her teenage years; there were a number of towns to choose from. 'What was the possibility of work?' was the main question she asked herself for the town she chose had to offer financial security. 'What was the cost of real estate and what was the social atmosphere?' Other questions that she sought to examine before deciding where to settle.

The town she chose had a population of around twenty thousand, it was a town that had social facilities and employment; a town where she wasn't known and could start afresh. She allowed herself an easy drive of two days, planning to reach her destination on the third morning. She had rung up the local real estate agent and told him what she hoped to purchase and the finances she was prepared to spend and approximately her time of arrival. She was travelling light, just a couple of suitcases and two boxes. Since the property had been divided it had been a good opportunity to get rid of stuff that had been collected over the years of the marriage, items that were now of no use or had memories that she wanted to forget.

The drive North was pleasant and it was well after five in the afternoon when she pulled into a motel, just on the boundaries of a small town. She booked into the local motel and found that although she was just a single guest, she was paying the same price as that of a couple. She had found that singles were always discriminated against when it came to finances. One of her earlier friends had to cancel an overseas tour because she was travelling alone and because of that was being charged double, something she could not afford.

After collecting the key and putting into the room just the basic gear she would need for the night; she returned to the office and asked where she could get a meal. "The local RSL club puts on a good meal", she was told. "It is only minutes away by car". She thanked the receptionists and within ten minutes was walking into the club. She had always kept herself physically attractive and being alone soon caught the eye of a man sitting at the bar, however, his attention was soon distracted as two other men quickly joined him. She wasn't to know that those men had also booked into the same motel and she also didn't know that they were after a woman, most likely a prostitute who would satisfy all of their demands no matter how kinky. By the time the original man could refocus on her, she was gone.

It was just after eight when she returned to the motel, had a shower and turned on the television to find that it didn't work. "Bugger!" she snapped. "I have paid enough for the room so they can come and fix the fucking television". With that she stormed out and was just in time to see the same men who were at the club entered their room. She paid no more attention till just as she was about to enter the office she heard the receptionists say. "Those blokes in room eight have a hide. They wanted to know if we knew of any escorts. If they hadn't already paid I would have told them we were full. What do they think we are a brothel".

With her hand on the handle, her mind raced. It was ages since she had a bloke and although there were three men, this didn't concern her for one evening she and one other woman at a swingers function had serviced and satisfied over a dozen men, for they were the only women. 'If they want a whore, they are willing to pay', she thought to herself. 'My finances are fair but anything added to it would be icing on the cake and besides I fancy a decent fuck'.

Back in her room she changed her dress, putting on one that was very low cut, removed her bra, so that even a slight movement would almost drop her tits out and finally removed her panties and as she examined that great forest between her legs, she just hoped that these blokes didn't fancy a shaven cunt. Then giving herself one last bit of examination, a quick smooth of her dress she closed her door and walked towards the men's room and then knocked.

The door open immediately, the bloke was just dressed in shorts but he was muscular enough to quicken her interests. "I'm Wendy", she said. "I hear you were asking about an escort, if you are interested I'm available". The man got such a shock it was seconds before he spluttered. "Come ... come in". Only then did he recover enough to introduce her to his two friends who were watching television and inform them of her suggestion. It didn't take long before both men were sitting bolt upright and the television was silent. "You know what is involved", one of them asked. Wendy smiled and then replied. "You fuck me and I suck your cocks". There was immediately activity as all men put on the table a large amount of money. "We would require a full night; a total service and ... and that includes we fuck you up the bum".

"That is fine by me", she replied as she pushed the shoulders of her dress down and flopped out her tits.

It had always amazed her of the antics men would do to put their cocks in a woman. The activities of these blokes as they almost ripped off their clothes was comical, they were almost falling over each other. As her dress crumbled to the ground and her full womanhood was on display she wondered if in a similar position, women would behave the same; she doubted it. However, she had heard that women who were involved in 'hens parties' could let their hair down. She had never been to one but had heard a woman she had worked with say that some women sucked the cocks of the male strippers and the bride to be plus her bridesmaids were fucked by all the strippers involved. By the time her thoughts were finished, all the men were naked and their one item of interest to her was fully awake and rearing to go.

She sank to her knees in front of them and began to massage each cock, rubbing up the balls and licking each shaft; preparing the cocks for the pleasure of her mouth. As she sucked each in turn, the men gave off gasps of pleasure and thrusts their groins hard into her face. With all cocks now wet with saliva she positioned her self on the bed, legs well apart. The only hesitation was when she saw them reach for condoms. "No condoms", she said. "When I fuck, I want to be fully fucked and that means feeling your balls explode and the gush of cum in my belly". These men were all smiles when the fucking began.

"Go slow", she managed to gasp as the first bloke rammed away for her mouth suddenly found itself engaged with an erection. As she sucked she reached out for the other cock, finding it she massaged it as well as squeezing the balls, making sure it was ready and waiting for that well haired cunt. He came with a gasp and she rose off the bed to receive the essence of his balls. No sooner had he pulled out when the cock she was sucking took its place. She had found in the past that rarely would one cock satisfy her, rarely did she ever have an orgasm. However, this cock went deeper and slower, gradually bring her on heat so that as she rose to accommodate each thrust her being was throbbing and as he exploded deep inside her, her cry of relief matched his and in her case it was genuine.

The third fuck took her off the planet, now she was being fucked. Again as that cock rammed her, ravishing every fraction of her cunt, she bucked and clawed at the back of the man giving her such pleasure. As his cum gushed up inside her, her backside was inches off the bed and would remain suspended till that length of delight was slowly withdrawn. It was now time for a break, a wash-up and a coffee before giving a nod of approval to the statement. "Shall we begin again".

"Your bum this time" was the statement as she applied liquid soap to the first erection. She smiled as she positioned herself, taking into her mouth the nearest cock. No bloke was going to get such a cock suck as he was for as the bum fucking cock opened her arse on the second thrust, she shot forward and took ever inch of his prick down her throat and there it would remain. Her tits bounced so much they were but a blur as her backside was ravished. Cock after cock penetrated her till with a final thrust the last cock sent an almost bucket full of cum up that attractive bum. Exhaustion took over and they collapsed in a heap.

It was well after four in the morning when she stirred. She was positioned between two men and her mouth was level with now a limp prick. However, she woke the man whose cock was resting in the crack of her bottom. He thrust and in it slid. He pulled her on top of him by her tits and to keep balance she opened her legs, an open invitation and an invitation that wasn't going to be ignored and within minutes she was in a double dip while her mouth sought out the remaining cock and its hanging balls.

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