Monsters Among Us
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mult, NonConsensual, Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Mother, Daughter, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - There are monsters among us. The most frightening thing about them is that they don't look like monsters and don't act like monsters until... well, until they do. Richard Pauling was one. Maybe the only one of his kind. Or was he? This is a love story, or the closest thing to love that monsters can feel.

Make no mistake, there are monsters among us. Richard Pauling was one. He certainly didn't look like a monster. He was actually quite physically attractive. He was well-aware of his appearance and quite vain. He was also incredibly self-centred and had absolutely no regard for other people's feelings. Or their physical well-being, for that matter. And he absolutely didn't care what anyone else thought of him. If using and hurting other people made him an asshole, then so be it.

In Richard's universe, he was the sole inhabitant. The only reason that other people existed was to fulfil his needs and desires. If they didn't like that, fuck 'em. Literally. You see, Richard was also a sex addict. He craved sex as a junky craves drugs. He never thought of sex as part of a relationship.

Indeed, he never really understood relationships, never having been able to experience interpersonal bonding. He had observed relationships. He knew they were valued highly. And he knew enough about them to mimic one should it be necessary. Indeed he'd done so more than once, leaving the women in question destitute.

But he had no need or desire for a relationship with another person. He wanted sex, and other people could supply it. Men, women, children, he'd fucked them all. Generally speaking, he preferred women, but if a woman wasn't available and a man or child was, he wouldn't turn either of them down.

Because of his inability to empathize with or indeed even to view others as persons like himself, a mental health professional would view him as having antisocial personality disorder. He was what is commonly called a psychopath. The worst kind of predatory psychopath. He was an intra species predator, preying exclusively on other humans.

Unfortunately for society, he was bright and cunning enough to victimize other people and get away with it. His combination of intelligence and total lack of empathy would, had they been aware of him, have made any law enforcement officer cringe. Early childhood experiences had taught him that other people were different than he was. If he were to be stupid enough not to be constantly aware of this, he could be punished and perhaps institutionalized.

In spite of his character flaws, Richard had killed only one person: a playmate when he was five. He'd wanted to see what would happen if he held someone under water for a long time. Although it had seemed to everyone an accidental drowning, the resulting attention had caused him to make a rule against killing. Not because he'd have felt any remorse. It was unnecessary, messy and dangerous. Dangerous for him. Murders tended to cause exhaustive investigation no matter what the motive.

Very early in his career he'd realized that there was a better way. If he made the victim feel both complicit in his or her victimization and disgusted enough by and ashamed of the acts he or she had performed, there was little likelihood that his deeds would ever be reported to the authorities. Thus, there was no need for him to become a serial killer.

When he was a child, his method consisted of convincing other children that they had initiated the sex play. As he grew older and more expert, he found that this strategy worked with adults, but the preliminary steps necessary for that approach were extremely time consuming. It was more efficient to capture a subject, force him or her into his preferred acts, and have photographic or video evidence showing the victim performing said disgusting acts.

It was easy to make it appear that his subject was enjoying herself or himself. Richard took pride in his skill as a photographer and videographer. He made recordings of excellent quality. In addition to their value as intimidation, these recordings provided him with an additional source of income.

For instance, there was the time that he'd kidnapped a mother and her teenaged daughter. It had been pure serendipity. He was passing through a small town, more like a village, in cottage country. In the general store, he overheard the mother and daughter talking to the proprietor. His ears perked up when they mentioned that the husband and father of the family was unable to come with them for their two-week holiday. The mother explained that they'd decided to simply lie low and enjoy the quiet of the country. Therefore, they were buying supplies enough for the whole two weeks.

Richard's heart nearly burst with gladness. No one in the village would expect to see the mother and daughter again until they were on their way home. He followed them to their cottage, which was at the end of a long dirt road. The mother was surprised when someone knocked on her door, and she was even more surprised to discover that her unexpected visitor was carrying a gun.

It was easy for Richard to subdue the pair. Over the next two weeks, he fucked them in every way he could think of, and Richard had a very good imagination. He also forced them into sexual acts with each other, including digital penetration, cunnilingus, anilingus and the use of sexual aids such as vibrators and strap-ons.

He'd captured everything in photographs and videos. He showed the well-crafted pictures and cinemas to his horrified captives and told them that, should they report him to the police, he would release everything on the internet. He was not surprised when there was no mention of the kidnapping and rape in the news. The pictures and videos he sold discretely to his usual customers. What they did with them was not his concern.

There was another cottage episode. Richard had found it necessary to lie low for a while, so he rented a cottage for a week. It was on a lake with a lot of boat traffic. Many of the boaters were scantily-clad young women. Predictably, Richard soon found himself getting horny. On his second evening at the cottage, an unexpected opportunity appeared.

Richard was sitting on his dock drinking a beer and enjoying the sunset when a young man appeared. It seemed that he was one of Richard's neighbours out for a stroll. They chatted for a little while. The visitor was disheartened because he'd just broken up with his girlfriend, and she'd gone back to the city. Richard listened sympathetically and invited him in for a beer. The guy accepted. Of course, the beer was drugged. When Richard's guest awoke from his stupor, he found himself naked and securely bound.

Over the next few days, Richard tutored his unwilling guest in the fine arts of fellatio, anilingus and anal intercourse. Richard was a martial arts expert, and he quickly proved to his captive that he could kick the guy's ass. The fact that the gent was a strapping young jock in his twenties made the acts even more enjoyable. Richard loved the physical domination of this proudly masculine individual. He was especially turned on by the young man's revulsion to the homosexual acts Richard forced him to perform.

By the end of the week, the captive had become quite docile. Richard took videos and photos of his captive sucking cock, being sodomized and performing anilingus. One of Richard's favourite videos was the one in which he masturbated the captive to climax while fucking him in the ass. Predictably, that was the one his guest found most humiliating. It looked as though he were enjoying the act, which indeed he did, in spite of himself. Once again, the attack went unreported and the pictures and videos were secretly sold.

One of his favourite attacks involved only domination. In this case, he'd not had sex with any of his victims: four young teenagers.

Richard spotted the quartet while he was cruising near a high school. There were two girls and two boys. The boys seemed to be average teenagers, but the girls took his fancy. One of them was small with a dark complexion. She was dressed provocatively in very short shorts and a halter top. She was absolutely gorgeous, and she obviously knew it. The other one was dressed more conservatively, in boyfriend shorts and a T-shirt. She had very pale skin, almost pure white, and dirty-blonde hair. Although she was not as beautiful as her companion, she was quite attractive.

Richard had "borrowed" a big new Mercedes from a parking garage. The idiot owner had left the valet key in the unlocked glove box. He parked the car just ahead of the four and waited for them to notice the big fancy vehicle.

And notice they did, especially the boys. They fawned over the car, nearly drooling. Richard lowered his window and said, "Do you like it?"

"Like it," said one of the boys, "I love it. Have you had it long?"

"Not long at all," Richard said truthfully. "Would you like to take a spin?"

"I don't think we should," the blonde girl said.

"I'm glad that you feel that way," Richard said. "Ordinarily, I'd agree. But there are four of you and only one of me. And I'll just give you a short ride. Where are you going?"

"Home," the girl said. "We live near each other. It's only a few blocks."

"Cool," Richard said. "I'll take you there." The kids got in, one of the boys in front, the girls and the other boy in the back. "How about some gum?" He opened the console and took out an unopened package of gum. The boy in front opened it, took a couple of sticks and passed it to his companions.

When the kids woke up, they were lying on mattresses on the floor of a featureless room. Richard sat in front of them in the only chair. He was holding a large, menacing-looking gun in one hand and an equally menacing-looking knife in the other. "Well," he said, "I see you're back."

The dark haired girl started to cry. She said, "What are you going to do to us?"

"Not a thing," Richard said. "You're going to do things to each other. Nice things." He turned on the lights and took a reading from the video camera on the tripod. "Okay, everything looks perfect. So get undressed."

The other girl said, "What? No way."

"Way," Richard said. "I'll give you two alternatives. You can either take off your own clothes, all of them, or I'll cut them off. If you want anything to wear when you leave here, I'd suggest the former. You have ten seconds to make up your minds." He looked at his watch.

One of the boys was the first to start undressing, followed by the other boy. The blonde girl hesitantly pulled off her shirt. Her smaller companion reluctantly followed her example. Soon, all four were naked and trying to conceal some part of themselves with their hands.

Richard smiled. Their shyness amused him. "Now, the fun begins," he said. "I think we should start by playing with each other. For starters, let's have the boys play with each other's dicks and the girls play with each others' pussies."

The kids looked stunned. The blonde girl said, "There's no way you can make us do that."

Richard sighed. "I'm getting a little tired of hearing you say 'no way, '" he said. "There is a way. In fact, there are a number of ways. One that I like is to cut a few pieces off of you -- just little bits at first -- until you understand that I'm serious. Now, either you use your fingers on each other, or you'll lose some of them. Or maybe a toe. Or an ear, perhaps. Understand? And if you really piss me off, I can make sure that you never enjoy sex again. A guy without a dick isn't much of a guy, and a girl without a clitoris can't feel anything. So let's go. Lie down side by side and grab each others' junk."

The kids lay down on the mattresses. They tentatively reached over and began touching each other's privates. Richard checked the focus and zoom on the camera. "Good," he said. "Now guys, start jacking each other. Okay. Girls, let's get a finger inside and run it around. That's the way." The play continued for a while. Richard could tell that the kids were getting turned on in spite of themselves. He didn't want them to come yet, so it was time for a change.

"Now for some real fun," he said. "You guys are about to get lucky." He pointed to one of the boys. "You get to go first. Pick out which girl you'd like to fuck." The boy hesitated. "Hurry up. We don't have all day. Pick one, go over and take her by the hand." The kid got up and walked to the girls. He reached down and took the blonde's hand. Richard raised his eyebrows in surprise. "Why did you pick her?"

The kid said defiantly, "Why not? Besides, she," he pointed to the brunette, "is my sister."

Richard smiled. This was indeed his lucky day. "Okay, sweetie," he said to the blonde, "lie down there." He pointed to a spot.

"No please," she said. I've never done it, and I don't want my first time to be like this. Please don't make me."

Richard sighed. "I'm really getting tired of this shit from you. Get your ass down on the mattress." She slowly laid down. "Now you," he said to the boy, "kneel between her legs. Right. Now lie on top of her. Support yourself on your elbows. That's right. Now kiss her. No, not like you kiss your sister. Let's see a real kiss with some tongue. Much better. Now you," he said to the other girl, "come over here and make sure your brother's dick is in the right place. Now, son, push forward. Gently. You don't want to hurt her." He could see the boy's penis entering the girl's vagina. She gasped as she felt him inside her. "Keep going. All the way in. Okay, now you know what to do. In and out, that's right."

It was time to get the others involved. "Okay, you two. Come over here. Lie down beside these lovebirds and do what they're doing. Come on, don't take all day. Right down there. Now honey, line up lover boy's dick and let's get fucking."

Richard happily watched the children fuck. In spite of themselves, they began to really get into it. The boys were bouncing away energetically, and soon the girls were meeting them stroke for stroke. The kid fucking the blonde was the first to come. From his motions, it looked as though he were shooting a huge load into her. She gasped as she felt the warmth of his ejaculate, and she came. The other two weren't far behind.

The boys lay quietly on top of the girls. It made a delightful picture, but it was time to move on. "Okay," he said, "it's time to change partners for the next dance." The kids stared at him, varying degrees of horror on their faces. The most horrified were, of course, the brother and sister.

The girl said, "But he's my brother. You can't mean that you want us to have sex with each other. That's incest. It's immoral and illegal."

"I can, and I do mean it," Richard said. "And I'm not concerned about either the morality or legality. So let's get to it. Boys, move over to the other chickie." They reluctantly complied. "Looks like we've got a couple of limp peters here. Ladies, give the lads a helping hand. Come on, take their dicks in your hand. They don't bite." The girls started stroking the boys' dicks. The blonde's manipulations were having an obvious effect. The kid who'd just fucked the brunette was getting hard rapidly. The blonde stared at the penis, fascinated by the changes in it.

The other boy, however, wasn't reacting nearly as quickly. "Okay, sweetie," Richard said to the sister, "it looks like your brother's having trouble getting hard again so soon. You're going to have to take him in your mouth."

"You can't mean that. First of all, he's my brother, and second, he's just been inside Jeanette. His thing is all gooey and nasty."

Richard laughed. "Yeah, it sure is," he said. "And it may be even gooier and nastier after it's been inside you. Start sucking." She still hesitated. "Okay," he said, "I'll give you a choice. Suck your brother's dick, or I'll cut it off. It's your call."

She reluctantly opened her mouth and took her brother's penis inside. She gagged a few times, but managed not to vomit.

"That's a good girl. Now use your tongue. Run it around the cock. Then run it in and out just as though he was fucking you. That's good. Now suck gently while you move it in and out."

The boy's penis began to respond. Within a couple of minutes it was as hard as the one in the blonde's hand.

"Okay," Richard said, "girls on your backs again. Boys, you know what to do."

After the boys came, the girls were once again given the task of getting them hard. This time, both had to suck to make that possible. The girls were placed on their knees and fucked doggie style.

The kids were tired and sweaty after all their exertions. Richard kindly offered them a soda. As they gratefully drank the soda, he allowed them to get dressed. The sodas were, of course, drugged. Soon, all four were sleeping peacefully. Richard took the opportunity to load the video into his laptop, edit it and burn four copies.

He took the kids to a secluded area not far from their school and gently laid them on the ground. On each chest he placed a DVD with a little note attached. The note said, "Before you tell anyone about what happened, watch this." He'd edited the video so that there was no indication that the sex portrayed was anything but consensual. There was no trace of his voice or his presence at all.

He never heard or read anything about the incident. He often thought about it fondly. Of course, he had no idea what, if anything, was the lasting effect on the kids. And he simply didn't care. It was even possible that one or both of the girls had become pregnant. He chortled at the thought that a DNA test might well show that the little brunette was bearing her brother's child.

Oddly enough, though Richard kept digital copies of his photos and videos, he got no thrill from looking at them. Being reminded of his past conquests only made him lust for more. Rather than a source of pleasure in themselves, he saw them as a form of intimidation and a very lucrative source of income. They were in a safety-deposit box, just in case a victim became brave enough to report him.

As I said before, Richard operated outside the mores of society and entirely on his own. Companionship was not a priority. Perhaps because it had never been an option. He had never met anyone like himself and had no idea if anyone else like him existed. He'd wondered if there might be another such as he. He didn't dwell on the subject, because any such person, if he or she were able to survive in society, would be as difficult to find as Richard himself was.

As Richard became better at his chosen avocation, his sense of security grew, and he became bolder. His heart soared as he prepared to carry out his crowning achievement: the abduction of a young woman on a crowded city street in broad daylight.

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