Twist of Fate: the Quest for Camie

by Shabby Blue

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, BDSM, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Gang Bang, Harem, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: This story is related to my "Twist of Fate" serial and serves as a 'sidequel' taking place during the events of Chapters 5-7 in "Twist of Fate". It tells of Winter Retrac's mission to track down and rescue the lost slave girl Camie. This story was co-written by Shabby Blue and Das Flute. Please read "Twist of Fate" and "Twist of Fate: The Life of a Slave" before reading this story.

By Shabby Blue and Das Flute

"Pure Pazaak!"

Jergo Oosh smiled to himself as the croupier collected the winnings from the other players at the pazaak table and pushed the credit chips over to the fat toydarian. His wings fluttered happily as he counted his winnings from this latest round. Almost two and a half Ks – not bad for a single round's haul – and on a slow night, at that.

Jergo's winning streak was beginning to attract a small crowd among the other patrons of the Casino Noble in central Talanc City, on the Huttese moon of Naj Varla. It had been several hours since he had left the Makachisa club where he served as manager, and Jergo was enjoying his night out at the casino.

The croupier dealed out the next set of pazaak cards, and within minutes Jergo won again – not as large a win as before, but enough to keep him in a comfortable lead. A smattering of applause broke out among the observing crowd, and Jergo theatrically waved and smiled to them, his pale yellow toydarian snout curling up as he did so.

As the next round progressed, he took advantage of the dealer's deck shuffling to scan the spectators gathered around the gaming table. More than a few attractive humanoid females were among them, all 'respectable' women who nevertheless tarted themselves up more than any of his exotic dancers over in the Makachisa club. Even with the large amount of female flesh on display, one woman managed to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Jergo's attention focused on her as she began to jostle and jiggle her way to the front of the cordoned-off border around the table.

She had a perfectly sculpted face – for a human female, that is – with luscious, pouty lips, prominent cheekbones, and thin, arched eyebrows that accentuated a pair of mesmerizing bright blue eyes. She wore a skintight and revealingly-cut evening dress, shimmering gold with sparkling sequins sewn in. Its thin shoulder straps and plunging neckline generously showed off the cleavage of her perky breasts, while a long slit up the side of the skirt teased plenty of leg far up to her thigh. Her silvery, shoulder-length white hair hung loose, in a frizzy style suitably matching her seductive appearance. After she made eye contact with him enough times for Jergo to realize her gaze was not just coincidental, the toydarian gestured a small, pudgy hand at his bodyguard.

The large brute was also human. Not as bulky and threatening as the more common houks or nikto guards employed throughout Talanc City, but he served as a bigger status symbol for Jergo, for it was rare to find humans working as anything other than smugglers or slaves within Hutt Space.

Noticing Jergo's signal, the bodyguard motioned to the silver-haired woman, and with a dozen other jealous females staring daggers at her bare backside, the stunning beauty approached the gaming table as the bodyguard held up the cordon for her to effortlessly pass.

"Hello there, pretty lady," Jergo said, making his gravelly toydarian voice sound as urbane as possible. "I couldn't help but notice you in the crowd. Your beauty is as radiant as Naj Varla's sun. Tell me, what is your name?"

She displayed a blushing smile, giggling vapidly at his shallow compliment. "Meesha," she answered, standing beside him now. "What's yours, handsome?"

"Jergo Oosh," he said proudly, as if his name held significantly more weight around here than his buoyant body. He tried not to get too distracted by the sensation of her touch as he once again glanced down to examine his current pazaak hand before making his next play.

"Pleased to meet you, Jergo," she responded, her bright blue eyes trailing from his gaze down to the pile of credit chips before him on the table. "Looks like you've been winning big tonight, sweety. Need a good luck charm at your side to keep that lucky streak going?" she inquired, playfully running her long manicured fingernails down his small, but portly belly.

Jergo chuckled softly at the gesture and replied, "Sure baby, why not. How could I refuse the attention of someone as good looking as you?"

Though quite lovely, this female was probably like every other woman who'd flirted with Jergo in the past whenever he was on a roll at the gaming tables, dazzled by his big winnings and hoping to hustle a few credit chips for themselves just for gracing him with their presence. He suspected Meesha was no different than any other casino hustler he had met, but she was certainly far prettier than the few he had encountered lately. He also appreciated the sleaziness Meesha exhibited in contrast to her natural beauty, especially with her eye-catching dress and overly-amorous flirtations. With her looks, she could have any being here in the casino, so her momentary interest in the stout toydarian was no doubt more of an attraction to his big pile of credits than Jergo himself.

The toydarian gambler's lucky streak continued with the next three rounds, drawing more of a crowd to the table as his pile of credits continued to build. Meesha laughed and cheered him on as much as the rest of the spectators, clinging closely to the little toydarian and whispering words of encouragement into his ear as her fingers gently massaged his neck and right shoulder.

Unfortunately, the distractions Meesha was providing for him caused Jergo's concentration to lapse and eventually broke his winning streak with the next round. Many in the crowd behind him muttered audible sounds of disappointment, with Meesha adding, "Awww, poor baby. I'm sure you'll do better in the next round."

However, Jergo decided that now would be a good time to finally take a break from the gaming tables – especially given how Meesha was still clinging to him expectantly. If he lost a few more rounds, then it might not be too long before she'd turn her attention onto some other lucky winner, and Jergo was not going to risk letting this beauty out of his sight. Not for one nanosecond.

"Nah, I've had enough pazaak for awhile. I'm in the mood for a drink," Jergo said to his new lady-friend, as the winged-being fluttered back from the table, tossing the croupier a couple of credit chips as a tip. He gestured for his bodyguard to gather up his remaining winnings and then Jergo turned toward one of the private booths off of the casino's floor. "Care to join me?"

Meesha nodded with a smile more blindingly-white than her hair, following the hovering toydarian with his bodyguard behind them both. "I'm feeling a little parched myself," she added as she walked with him over to the booth. "I could sure use something wet and tasty in my mouth." Jergo immediately turned his head to look at her as Meesha winked and licked her luscious red lips.

Jergo smiled lecherously in response to the suggestive display as he hovered down into the table booth. As his lovely companion followed suit, Winter Retrac mentally sighed. It certainly took Jergo long enough to invite her somewhere more private, but she was relieved to finally get this toydarian runt away from the casino floor so that she could proceed further with her mission.

The Rebel Alliance covert operative was posing as a hustler at the local casinos under the alias 'Meesha', mingling with the high rollers at the gaming tables of Casino Noble. While pretending to just be a casual observer, she had specifically targeted Jergo, knowing just how to play to his ego in order to seduce him.

Winter had been in Talanc City on Nal Hutta's fourth moon of Naj Varla for several days now, in search of an exotic dancer named Camie who had befriended Princess Leia during her captivity as Jabba the Hutt's slave. Her investigation had begun in the popular strip club known as 'The Makachisa', where Camie had been dancing with Leia during their time on this world. Winter had visited the club three nights in a row, never once seeing Camie there. When she had questioned some of the other dancers at the establishment, she learned that the young woman had disappeared from the club months earlier. Acquiring no further information about where Camie might have gone, Winter's only lead now was the club's manager himself, Jergo Oosh.

Upon assigning Winter to this mission, Leia had described how the toydarian also worked as a pimp and spice pusher who had quickly gained control of Camie through her addiction to the drug after she and Leia became his newest dancers, turning the helpless Tatooinian into another one of his spice whores. Winter considered it possible that Camie could still be hidden up in the club manager's private loft on the secure levels above the Makachisa, but that area was too well guarded for her to simply sneak into on her own.

Winter's reconnaissance had told her that when Jergo wasn't hiding up in his Makachisa loft, he spent most of his time down in the casinos adjacent to the club, playing pazaak or sabacc at the tables. He was constantly surrounded by security goons whenever he left his guarded loft, so Winter decided her best bet – as it often came down to when dealing with those types of paranoid but vain underworld scum – was to appeal to his perverse tastes by going undercover as a sleazy, slutty seductress. It was easier to get close to Jergo this way, and then get him upstairs where he would be alone and vulnerable. Then perhaps she could 'pressure' him to reveal the whereabouts of Camie.

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