Twist of Fate: the Life of a Slave

by Shabby Blue

Caution: This Fan Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fan Fiction, Gang Bang, Harem, .

Desc: Fan Fiction Sex Story: This story is related to my "Twist of Fate" serial and set before events in Part 1 of that story. This tale also references some of the events in my main universe story "The Slave Princess". Please read "Twist of Fate" before reading this supplemental story.

(A tale set before the events of "Twist of Fate")

Jabba the Hutt's grand sail barge, the Khetanna, slowly sailed across the western Dune Sea of Tatooine on its way to Mos Espa where the hutt and his entourage were to attend the annual "Tatooine Classic" pod racing event. It was the biggest race of the season and would attract denizens from all over the planet as well as many visiting offworlders eager to witness the exciting sport and wager on its outcome.

Along for the trip, Leia Organa, the former Princess of Alderaan and leader in the Rebel Alliance, stood on the deck of the barge at one of its iron railings, staring out across the vast desert to observe the setting of Tatooine's twin suns on the orange-hued horizon. As Jabba's newest slave, her freedom was generally limited, but on this voyage she had been allowed to venture away from her master's side while he visited with other passengers accompanying him on his trip. It was her first time outside of the hutt's palace fortress since her capture and enslavement, and Leia cherished the small taste of freedom despite being kept on a virtual leash by her master or his guards.

Watching the binary sunset finally disappear behind the distant dunes, Leia once again thought of Luke Skywalker. She recalled the tales of his youth he had shared with her during their earlier years together in the rebellion – how he had often gazed upon the twin suns of his homeworld as a young man, yearning to leave Tatooine in search of adventure up in the stars. For Leia, she merely longed to be free of her bondage and the humiliation it had brought upon her.

It had been nearly three months since Leia's enslavement to the Bloated One, and the transition to her new role as a sexual concubine had been a difficult one for the strong, proud leader of the Rebellion. Every day was a challenge for the haughty princess. When not openly resisting her role as a hutt's plaything, she would try to resist the unwanted physical pleasure she sometimes received when submitting to the will of her captors.

Sex on a regular basis had become her life now, forced to please Jabba or his many disgusting underlings day and night like any other girl kept in the hutt's private harem. For this, Leia constantly felt dirty and full of shame, no longer deserving of her once royal status – which Jabba often mocked with twisted amusement.

Leia's body and soul were gradually becoming corrupted by her experiences as a slave. She feared – as Jabba and his harem keeper Melina Carniss often suggested – that she was slowly developing an addiction to the carnal pleasures inflicted upon her as they conditioned her to a life of frequent sex. Some days were easier than others in summoning the will to resist in order to maintain her dignity, but little by little this new life was beginning to wear Leia down to the point where she was almost ready to just surrender completely and become the loyal, willing servant Jabba and his minions expected her to be.

In the first few days of her capture, Leia had been brutally raped by Jabba's brutish gamorrean guards in one of his dark dungeon cells while Melina Carniss observed with sadistic pleasure. It was part of Leia's initial "breaking" to teach the new slave the punishment for disobedience.

Still haunted by that horrific night, Leia recalled how Melina had taunted her afterward, calling the princess a worthless slut whose purpose was only to serve others. In her traumatic state, Leia had been forced to repeat such words to the harem keeper until she almost started to believe them herself. They had nearly succeeded in breaking her that night, if not for the hope and knowledge that Luke Skywalker would soon arrive to rescue her from the temporary servitude.

Only those plans had gone horribly awry, and Leia remained lost in her captivity. After three grueling months, she was now unsure how much longer she could keep up like this before they would succeed in breaking her spirit completely. With her friends dead and all hope lost, it seemed futile to continue resisting. It would only jeopardize her survival and whatever slim chance remained of one day escaping from Jabba's clutches.

At the rail of the deck, Leia stood still, sensing the slight rumble of the Ubrikkian pleasure craft's repulsorlifts a few levels below. She donned a soft maroon robe over her half-naked body – an unusually generous gift offered to her by Porcellus the chef when she had passed by his kitchen galley on the way up to the deck earlier. It was the most clothing she had worn since her capture in Jabba's trophy alcove following the release of Han from his carbonite prison.

Despite this, Leia shivered slightly, goosebumps forming on her skin beneath her robe as she felt the first cool evening breeze brush through her ornately-braided hair and across her beautiful face. Soon night would fall, and the blistering heat of the desert planet would subside and give way to a cold, moonlit eve under the cloudless, star-filled sky.

She turned away from the railing, no longer wishing to gaze across the endless sands of this awful world as her thoughts lingered on the eventful day at the Pit of Carkoon where her friends had been fed to the sarlacc creature. Luke's daring plan had almost worked if not for the unexpected interference of Arica, the mysterious dancer within Jabba's palace at the time. Her true identity still perplexed Leia, though it mattered little now that the redheaded woman was dead.

That day was the last time Leia had stood aboard Jabba's barge, and she had hoped such painful memories would not resurface when they had brought her aboard again for this trip. Looking over at the nearby pair of klatooinian guards that kept a close eye on her, Leia wondered how easy it would be to evade them if she attempted to jump over the rail of the transport. She quickly dismissed such a suicidal notion, realizing that if the fall didn't kill her, the barren wasteland of the desert surely would. The sail barge was still too far from any civilized settlement. Trekking through the desert alone and half-naked without water or supplies, she would perish within hours after the suns rose again.

Leia knew little of this world beyond the stories Luke had shared with her or the warnings given to slave girls in the harem to discourage escape. Aside from the desert's heat, all that was waiting for her out there were savage bands of tusken raiders who would rape and kill any helpless woman they'd find, or the disgusting jawa scavengers who'd ignore her pleas for help once they realized she was not a droid or any other machine they could pawn off to the local farmers. Knowing her luck, Leia would probably cross paths with one of the roaming swoop gangs and end up sold right back into captivity at Jabba's palace. That was how Camie and another slave girl had ended up locked away in the hutt's harem.

No ... escape was impossible. Especially aboard the Khetanna.

The idea became a meaningless afterthought as soon as Leia was summoned below. The buzzing pulse of her slave collar signaled Jabba's desire for her presence. Leia gave a weary sigh as she took the first few steps down the stairway that led from the top deck to the observation lounge where her master waited for his Alderaani slave.

"Ahh, Leia-sul," Jabba rumbled deeply in his native tongue, addressing his slave by her 'formal' title. "Ama wata," he beckoned as she entered the dimly lit observation lounge, gesturing with his pudgy hand for her to come closer. Leia slowly stepped toward the massive hutt as he lay on his mobile dais, leisurely puffing his hookah pipe.

One gamorrean guard stood like a statue by the entrance to the lounge, snorting and grunting softly. Across a cushioned divan Bib Fortuna sat beside the Chandrillan slave girl Jess, idly stroking her long flowing silvery-white hair as she lowered her head to his lap and prepared to offer his twi'lek manhood her oral skills in exchange for another sniff from the vial of spice Fortuna held in his hand. Jabba's majordomo leered at Leia as she entered the room, baring his pointy yellow teeth in a sinister smile. She stifled a scowl in response to him as she approached her master.

"Romo ta rooba, shag," Jabba spoke to Leia as she faced him, ordering her to remove her robe. The princess was gradually learning the Huttese language, picking up a few words here and there from Jabba or his henchmen, but sometimes found it difficult to recognize a new word spoken to her for the first time. When Jabba repeated his order more insistently, however, the young woman caught on to its meaning. Slipping the robe off her bare shoulders and dropping it to the floor, Leia stood before her master in her familiar golden slave garb, her head lowered in resignation and awaiting his next command.

Jabba's bulbous face widened with an approving smile. "Romo ta booba."

Understanding more clearly his second command, Leia removed her gold metallic brassiere, dropping it onto the rumpled robe at her feet and baring her perky breasts to the drooling hutt. She knew what he expected of her next, and without instruction she moved closer to Jabba, pressing her half-naked body against his protruding belly as he reached one flabby arm around to her bare backside.

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