Untouchable Professor

by DarkSide

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Workplace, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This is an account of a female college professor who secretly sustained a taboo lifestyle throughout her career and on into retirement.

This is an account of a reputed untouchable married woman who secretly developed and sustained a taboo lifestyle until her career in academia ended. It all began soon after a devastating personal crisis when a county fair fortune-teller claimed a man would unexpectedly enter her life. In her ensuing fantasies a tall, dark and handsome suitor swept her off her feet.

Within a week the Dean of Administrative Affairs introduced a new adjunct professor and football coach. Even though deeply tanned, the adjunct professor did not match her fantasy suitor. Informed the stunning professor was totally untouchable merely whetted the recent military retiree's appetite to woo, seduce and win her affection.

The gorgeous thirty-five year old untouchable professor felt two wrongs did not make a right and resisted caving into temptation until the Christmas vacation. She never imagined cheating on her husband could be such a thrill until experiencing forty-five minutes of amazing pelvic thrusts. Being raised in a bigoted small town, teaching in an equally biased college, but unexpectedly mesmerized by his surprisingly very dark phallus left the married blond professor overwhelmed with an uncanny sense of deja' vu.

Her struggle to suppress an unsettling sexual inclination conflicting with her inculcated racial prejudice began 15 years earlier while attending college and living with her sister's in-laws. A displaced black teenager was also living in their home and she was tasked with tutoring him. A few years later during a personal crisis the latent affect of the teenager's discreet infatuation began to exert influence on the late bloomer's sexuality.

Her first marriage to an older man was destroyed by a combination of his gambling away her paychecks and permitting his daughter to abuse her. Restarting her life in an apartment on the square of her hometown necessitated dealing with the only nearby used furniture store. Finding herself financially destitute left her with little negotiating choice but to reluctantly accept the furniture storeowner's lecherous discount terms.

As he offered to fill her furniture needs, he slowly pulled down his fly. With skin shining darker than his overall complexion and a deep purple head, like on over ripe plum, she got her first look at a black cock. Unable to close her white hand around his mammoth midnight-hued girth she could not resist nestling his awesome black cock into the cleavage of her firm 38C boobs and equally enjoy tit fucking for the first time.

She never imagined such thrilling sex could be such a good bargaining chip. Nor had she any idea the taboo nature of sexual intimacy with a black man would be so wildly erotic. All of these, coupled with his frank admiration blended into a turn on too wild to refuse.

Including oral sex in further negotiations was sufficient to acquire additional furniture. The black storeowner was a challenge, in his girth and size and she was curious to see if she could do it. She licked the silky head, twirling her tongue around it and dusting the underside with her tongue, all the while slowly stroking the big thick ebony shaft.

She sucked the head into her mouth, keeping up a good suction, while still using her tongue. It was big, but not incredibly so, and she soon got comfortable with the dimensions. She couldn't believe how much she liked her mouth full of his ebony enormity. The luscious taste left her hooked on his midnight hued meat.

She didn't know how long she had been at it when she felt his body tense, his hand twined in her hair, and with a grunt she felt the first blast of his orgasm. She clamped her lips tightly around his shaft and sucked, still using her tongue to stimulate him as her mouth filled with his seed. She swallowed his copious offering and continued until he began to get soft and his cock stopped oozing cum. Mutual respect for discretion enabled her to enjoyably wrap her lips and boobs around his big black cock a few more times.

Subsequent marriage to a bigoted local high school administrator ended her very brief taste of forbidden fruit and short-lived deviation from inculcated racial prejudice. A well-earned and deserved reputation of untouchable was based upon unwavering fidelity to her marital vows. Diagnosed with an enlarged malignant tumor in her ovaries necessitated a radical hysterectomy at age thirty-three.

No longer able to bear children apparently frustrated not only her, but also her husband. Midway through her yearlong recovery she discovered her husband's infidelity with of all people her supposed best friend and colleague. A few months later the fortuneteller at the county fair provided dim light at the end of her miserably dark tunnel.

For nearly a half year she resisted the overtures and invitations of the adjunct professor. Eventually she concluded what was good for the goose was good for the gander, especially since she no longer had to fear pregnancy. Assigned together as faculty advisors not only avoided suspicion, but also provided ample opportunity to carry out their secret extramarital affair.

Eighteen months later she was surprised to run into the black man she tutored as a teenager. Acting nonchalant, she casually stated she was so glad to see him. Normally candid with her lover she deceptively brushed off the encounter as an unexpected reunion with someone she tutored during college.

She became increasingly enamored with the idea of secretly having both black and white extramarital lovers. Invitingly plastering her hot wet pussy on her black friend's enthralling cock bulge during another casual encounter accompanied agreeing to a secret rendezvous. Her intention was not to limit sexual intimacy with this black man like she had with the used furniture storeowner between marriages. The timing was perfect for this handsome, well-hung long-time friend to be the one to initiate her into black fucking.

She attempted to defray her white extramarital lover's concern by telling him her black friend's prominent phallic bulge prompted her to flee in embarrassment. Her white extramarital lover teasing her about going black like her younger sister and sexually role-playing black men backfired on him. Not only did his teasing and role-playing solidify her decision to go black, but also ended the two-year extramarital affair.

It was a case of "out of sight, out of mind" with the former lover no longer at her college. Sitting in cars parked parallel in opposite directions in a mall's empty overflow parking lot quickly evolved into either her black paramour joining her in her car or her joining him in his ride. Each time she met her favorite black man their relationship moved closer to fulfilling her hopes for a secret interracial extramarital affair.

Although she had resisted caving into extramarital temptation with her now estranged white lover for several months, intimacy with her black love interest steadily escalated. Not only did she not want to needlessly make her favorite black man suffer, but also the majestic cock filling her buttock crease inspired her to slip off his lap onto her knees. She took a great deal of pride in giving head, and in fact, she honestly enjoyed it. She was also no stranger to provocative variations like tit fucking, sixty-nine and seventy-seven having honed her skills on husbands and each prior black and white extramarital lover.

He was humping his hips, one huge hand resting on the back of her head as she began to bob. With each down stroke she took a little more, until the head began pressing on her tonsils. He grunted in surprise when she steadied herself and slowly went down on him, letting the head push past her tonsils and into the tight confines of her throat. She fought her reflexes and pushed down, until the shaft was incased in her hot mouth. Only when her nose bumped his thigh did she come back up.

"Dreams do come true!" he lustfully exclaimed.

She smiled up at him and dramatically licked the now shiny head like an ice cream cone. She returned to bobbing on it, working the shaft with an up and down motion and adding a twisting of her hand. Not being a novice with the tri-fold pleasures of oral, breast or a combination of the two with a big thick ebony phallus, she devotedly worshipped and amorously enjoyed deep throating her newest secret lover's scrumptious black cock.

He was staring at her with the strangest expression and she suddenly became very self conscious.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No!" he exclaimed, reaching out to tenderly touch her cheek.

"You didn't so anything wrong babe. I've been with my share of women and one or two could take it all, but I've never had a girl swallow. Every guy's wet dream. You're just fucking unbelievable, that's all."

She met him pantiles after dusk two evenings later with the intention of consummating an interracial extramarital affair. Sitting on his lap with her back against his buff chest she wantonly guided his enthralling ebony enormity into her wet pussy. The moment she felt his thick head slide inside her she knew she was close to orgasm. Her teeth clenched, eyes closed tight, letting the orgasm build. Every touch, every thrust, every word seemed intensified. She could feel his heat inside; feel his hot breath on the back of her neck, see the erotic contrast of black hands on white boobs. She worked her ass back and forth in sync with his thrusts fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

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