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Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Interracial, Black Male, White Female, Workplace, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Gorgeous married white administrator is no longer able to deny years of suppressed sexual desire. Afterward she manages to keep a very fulfilling lifestyle secret.

Mrs. Jade Thomas, a breathtakingly attractive married high school teacher remained at her desk after school trying to grade papers. Idly watching the dust mop sweeping down the aisles between the desks of her room was not the distraction. Whirling around within Jade's mind was a kaleidoscope of taboo temptations that until recent events had been successfully suppressed for years.

Jade had been conversely delighted and astounded when recently encountering Tyrone Johnson after ten years of not seeing him. During college Jade spent countless hours tutoring and was well aware Tyrone as the most frequently tutored had a crush on her. Being a late bloomer with her own belated interests in the opposite sex made it difficult for her to suppress the taboo desires simmering within her when in the younger black man's company. Even though she resisted reciprocating mutual hormonal urges at that time, interracial inclinations became the strongest initial, and therefore, indelible imprint in Jade's sexual psyche.

During each one of the increasingly frequent casual encounters Tyrone made it clear that his desire for her was every bit as strong as when a teenager. He unabashedly expressed appreciation of Jade's stunning five-foot eight, 38C-24-36 body. While his lecherous eyes appreciatively caressing her body made her nipples spike surreptitious glances at his crotch revealed a package that left her wet with wanton desire.

While the school's black janitor swept between the desks of her classroom Nathan Brown had no clue his mere presence sexually aroused the gorgeous teacher. For a few seconds Jade's head rose from the same paper lying in front of her since the janitor entered the room. She looked right at him with a far away look in her eyes as her tongue slowly and sensually licked her suddenly dry lips.

Seldom needing or wanting to remain after school, this afternoon was the first time the school's black janitor entered her room while she was still there. No one in the bigoted, mostly white school had any clue recently reawakened interracial sexual inclinations secretly aroused the perceived totally untouchable most gorgeous married teacher at the high school. Even after he finished cleaning her room and departed Jade couldn't seem to resist lasciviously fantasizing what extramarital sexual involvement between Nathan Brown and her might be like.

Lascivious fantasies about her finally going black, of Mr. Brown's big, strong, ebony hands groping her, squeezing her breasts flooded her brain. Like a drowning person grasping at a life ring to keep from going under her mind tried unsuccessfully to fixate on grading papers. But her erotic daydream continued with Nathan's head falling between her legs and his tongue stabbing at her freely offered pussy. Jade slipped her fingers beneath her skirt titillating her jerking and quivering wet pussy fantasizing Nathan's tongue licking and stabbing into her hot white pussy. Her chest heaved and her breath came in choked gasping sobs as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure washed over her.

Much of the time during the past few weeks Jade had been unable to quell salacious fantasies dominating her thoughts. One failed and the present unsatisfying marriage to older white men over the past dozen years were proof social standards didn't fulfill Jade's needs. Although so socially unacceptable it was considered the greatest taboo, no longer could she ignore what she secretly wanted, no needed, was to satisfy her long suppressed curiosity about the rumors surrounding white women's inability to resist black fucking!

Spasmodic shivers of pleasure racked her petite white body as she vividly imagined something bigger and harder than ever encountered running teasingly over her fluttering pussy lips. For long minutes he simply stood there with just the tip of his monstrous blackness inside the seething bubbling cauldron between her willingly spread legs relishing the moment of finally submitting to a black fucking. Then with a tightening of his buttocks and a rotating of his hips he sent another inch of his tremendous ebony hardness into her hot wet white pussy.

At last his hips jerked sending another inch of blackness into her tight cunt. To all outward appearances, he remained motionless behind her. But it was a whole different story inside her. Like a living entity his magnificent dark cock pulsed and throbbed sending spikes of unparalleled pleasure rippling through her. Her sexy body quivered and shook with each imaginary pleasurable spike. Vividly she imagined pushing back to meet him but just as his tight hold on her slim waist prevented her from doing so.

"Does Mrs. Thomas want this lowly janitor to shove his big black cock in her tight white cunt and black fuck her? Is that what you be wanting Mrs. Thomas?" With agonizing slowness he withdrew three or four inches of his dark meat until all but the cock knob remained between her widely splayed pussy lips. Then with a twisting and rotating of his pelvis he lunged forward sinking not only that which he had withdrawn but over half of his big black cock.

In her lascivious fantasy her sensual moan of pleasure filled the empty room as her body convulsed and ecstatic fireworks exploded in her brain in response to the unprecedented depth to which he had penetrated her. Then she pleaded for her first extramarital lover to fuck her, to shove his black cock into her as his hips again jerked sending yet another inch between her moist splayed lips.

She envisioned amazing pelvic thrusts set a pace that was sure to prolong her pleasure. Fleeting images of his nearly seven inches of dark cock sawing in and out of her tight cunt. If Nathan Brown had at least two more inches of big thick black cock, then Mrs. Jade Thomas, untouchable, married white teacher would secretly be the school's black janitor's mistress whenever he wanted her.

Why hadn't either one of her white husbands ever made her feel like this? Why, why, why. But as quickly as the question had come to her so too did the answer. As if to deny the filthy vision that threatened to consume her she squeezed her eyes tightly shut. But there was no blocking out the answer. No blocking out the mind altering imagery of either a big black cock jack-hammering into her or the kaleidoscope of salacious pictures flooding her brain. In her lascivious fantasy it was as if he could read her mind for no sooner had the sordid images of not only his but also Tyrone Johnson's black cock fucking her entered into her fantasy she imagined Nathan's rhetorical question, "You've always wanted a black fucking haven't you Mrs. Thomas?"

Following this most vivid ever fantasy Jade decided she would find a way to meet Tyrone out of town and far away from potential career ending gossip. Jade admitted she had always found him very desirable. Although she always claimed phallic size wasn't an issue, she was candidly impressed with the visibly impressive length and girth of Tyrone's cock bulge.

The night before flying to the Bahamas she met Tyrone in a hotel in Tyson's Corner's just outside of Washington DC. He was well dressed and quite friendly and open. Jade was looking amazing and he quickly complimented her. She'd bought a new dress especially for this momentous occasion. It was a black tube top dress with a short flowing bottom. The hem fell just below the bottom of her ass-cheeks, threatening to give everyone a delightful view if the wind blew just so. The tight tube top accentuated her tits, riding just so her nipples were at the very most upper edge of her top, leaving them ready to peek out with the merest downward slippage or sudden movement. Her tits were tightly pressed together and offered up for viewing by nearly anyone passing by. Underneath, she had on the tiniest little mesh pink thong that barely covered her smooth, sexy pussy that she'd shaved in her bath just hours ago. She was wearing a pair of chunky stripper style platform heels that elevated her to nearly six feet tall.

After talking with Tyrone while consuming some tasty adult beverages, it was evident that he and Jade were getting along very well. Jade was in full flirt mode as she kept laughing at nearly every word Tyrone spoke, lightly touching his arm and shoulder as she did so. Tyrone was apparently feeling touchy, also, as he had rested his strong right hand on Jade's lean left thigh that she'd crossed over her right leg. They kept leaning in close and to hear what they were saying over the loud music and others talking around us in the bar.

Jade incredulously asked, "Do you really think you can fit it all in?"

Tyrone's confident response was, "Don't worry, baby, I'll have you stuffed completely."

Jade just smiled and laughed.

About ten minutes later, Jade and Tyrone stood up. Undoubtedly every eye in the bar and lobby watching the gorgeous white married woman walking with the handsome black guy knew she was going black. What they couldn't and didn't know was how many years the sexy married white teacher had suppressed interracial inclinations prior to this extramarital rendezvous.

Waiting for the elevator, Tyrone told Jade he couldn't wait to see her naked. Jade's never been one to be afraid of showing some skin, so she looked around, and seeing no one else near the recessed elevator area, pulled slightly on the tight tube top and out popped her already erect pink nipples followed by the rest of her firm, ripe tits.

Tyrone's face lit-up and he exclaimed, "Damn! Those are some fine boobies!"

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