Lucy the House Slave

by Vektor

Caution: This Historical Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Historical, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, First, Masturbation, Lactation, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Historical Sex Story: Seth's family buys a new slave to take care of his little brother in 1850. She teaches him about his body while taking care of his little brother.

After a 4 hour bumpy carriage ride, Seth waited in his room for his mother to greet him. He had not seen his mother in three months, and was now waiting for her to show him his new brother. Seth liked Charleston, but enjoyed the open space of his family's plantation. Having a house in the city and a large plantation meant he was forced to travel between the two at times. The five hour trip had taken its toll, and his eye lids were giving out.

Staying on a large plantation in 1850 had its benefits for an adolescent boy of sixteen. After his tutors left, Seth enjoyed outdoor activities such as, horseback riding and fishing. Having a schoolhouse on the plantation also kept him isolated from other boys his age and race. His only playmates were property of his family. Having a father that travelled and worked out of state put him at the head of the household nine months out of the year. His mother Abigail refused to let go any power of running the plantation, even though her activities kept her away from the plantation most of the time.

Seth watched his mother walk in the room followed by a new slave she must have bought a few months ago. Seth knew his mother bought a new house slave from her letters, but she never described her in the letters. Seth saw this new slave walk in behind her mother, with a baby in her arms. She looked young compared to the other house slaves his family owned. Her hair was covered by a pale white head wrap, and she wore a simple house dress. Her body and face seemed very slender, and was a stark contrast to Loni, the other house slave. Even though her face was looking down at the baby in her arms, Seth could see that her face was flawless and full of life.

Seth stood up to greet his mother. "Hello, mother." He knew that she did not like affection, and was told he was too old to hug his mother like a child.

"Seth, meet your new brother Ethan." As she said this, the new house slave tilted her arms and body to show Seth his new brother. He was wrapped in a blanket and only his chubby face was visible to him.

"I wish I had more time to spend with you, but your Great Uncle passed in London. I will be heading out tomorrow morning to settle his affairs. I need you to stay here in Charleston to await your father. He should be back shortly from his trip to the Capital. When he arrives, you can return to your studies."

"Yes, mother. I understand." Seth looked at his mother with great disappointment. Having just got a black stallion for his birthday, spending time waiting was punishment. In Charleston the only thing allowed, was keeping up with his studies. On the plantation there were plenty of things to do, and kids his age to play with. Even if those children were slaves.

"I am bringing Loni with me, and am leaving Ethan with Miss Lucy. She belonged to a good friend of mine and am told is very capable in the household. If there is a problem Mr. Harrington is next door."

Seth felt his mother give him a peck on his forehead, and then watched her walk out with Lucy and his baby brother.

Seth got changed and waited for Loni to call on him for dinner. This would be the last dinner with his mother for months.

The conversation at dinner was bland and respectful as always. He told his mother about his schooling and how the tutors were boring. When the conversation switched to his new horse, he was told that it was impolite to speak of animals at the table.

After dinner Seth retired to his room, and easily drifted off into sleep. After a long ride to Charleston, it only took a few moments to fall deep asleep. This deep slumber ended with the sound of a crying baby in the room next to him.

The weather started to get a little cold in November, so Seth put on a sleep robe, before investigating. Walking to the next room, Seth was greeted by the sight of the new house slave Lucy with her breasts exposed feeding his baby brother. Seth could see one of her dark nipples on her breast. Her upper body looked very slim, but her breasts seemed very large for her frame. Upon seeing Seth, Lucy casually said. "I am sorry to wake you Mista Seth."

Seth was instantly intrigued by his brother's feeding from a female breast. He could not take his eyes off Lucy's chest. He wanted to say something, but the sight of an exposed female breast held his attention. "Mista Seth, did you need something?"

Her question snapped him out of his gaze only for a short time to answer. "I was just wondering. If you are ... have ... breakfast?"

After stuttering his question out, Lucy lifted her head up to look at him for the first time. He could see her soft blue eyes, and smooth light brown skin. "I haves some porridge thats still warm if you wants it. When I finished here with the little one, I could fix some eggs and grits."

Seth gathered the last of his wits and stopped gazing at Lucy's one exposed tit. "I am sorry to intrude. I can have what you left out."

As Seth made his way to his room to get dressed, he realized that that was the first time he ever apologized to a slave, other than Loni. Being ashamed at himself for staring, he just thought an apology might make up for it. Then it came to him, that this was the first time he had seen a female breast before. The small glimpse of a tit occupied his every thought until he finished his breakfast.

When Lucy came into the kitchen to see if Seth was done, he looked in her direction but not to her face. "I did not mean to intrude upon you during my brother's feeding."

Lucy smiled a little when she responded. "No needs to say you sorry Mista Seth."

Seth did not know if he felt guilty about seeing her breasts or wanting to see them again. A strange urge and sensation came when he thought about Lucy's breasts. Thinking it was just guilt, he got up from the table in a hurry. "I am going to finish my studies now."

Seth sat in his room with a book open but had not read a word. In his mind he tried to think of her breast and how it looked, and must have felt. Having lived around slaves his whole life, they never looked as pretty as her. He also could not place where she was from. She did not have any accent he heard before. Her sweet voice was almost captivating to him, and was not from South Carolina.

Seth seemed to lose himself in thought and lost all track of time. The sound of Ethan crying in the other room snapped him out of the daze. After listening to him cry for a minute, the sound of footsteps could be heard. Lucy had come into his room to soothe him with singing. The sound of the crying seemed to fade away almost immediately after she started to sing. Curiosity got the better of him, and he put down his book to investigate.

Trying to make himself known that he was not snooping, Seth called out. "Lucy?"

"Is here Mista Seth."

Seth took this as an invitation to walk into the room. When he entered, she was casually rocking his baby brother in a rocking chair. "He a fussy one when he's hungry."

Seth's eyes lit up with fear and excitement. He did not know if he should to run from the situation or stay and see what he has been thinking about all day. "Do you require me to leave?"

Lucy looked up to Seth and nonchalantly said back."If you wants to watch you need to come closer."

Feeling his heart drop, Seth did not know what to say. He had an anxious feeling overwhelm him. He wanted to sit and stare at her, but just froze in place looking at the wall next to her. "I really should give you privacy, if you are going to feed him."

"I use to people all round me when I do this. Nothin harmful bout you watchin."

With the invitation Seth sat down on the bed. Lucy unbuttoned and pulled down the front of her dress. She pulled it down just far enough for her to pop out her left breast. Since the bed was only a few feet from the chair, he could clearly see her engorged breast. It was large, and had a small dark brown areola. The nipple pointed out almost an inch. Seth also spotted a drop of milk on the tip of her nipple, as she brought his brother to it.

Seth sat and stared at his brother feeding from a house slave's tit. A feeling in his groin gained his attention, as his penis become erect. This same feeling has been coming more frequent over the last few months. The only difference was being able to hide it. Sitting on the bed was not making it easy. It was now very visible, and moving positions was not helping. Not wanting to wait for the moment he could not control it, abruptly walking out of the room, was his only option. The only thing he said was. "Excuse me."

As soon as Seth walked into his room, he collapsed on his bed and crawled up into a ball. Now it was a wait to get his erection to go away, and forget the whole fiasco. Within a few minutes his penis returned to normal, but the shame lasted. Still upset over what happened he sat at his reading desk and pulled out one of his books to read. As he read, the only thing he could think about was how nice his house slave's breasts looked. After what seemed like an hour, there was a knock at his door.

"Don't wants to be a bother, I gots some cornbread in the kitchen for ya Mista Seth."

Seth turned around and saw that Lucy still had a smile to her face, and that the whole incident was nothing. "Sure I will be down in a moment."

Just as he put his book down, he heard her singing to his brother as she went down the stairs. Seth took a second to compose himself and then followed her down the stairs. He walked in the kitchen to see a plate of warm cornbread on the table. Lucy was holding his brother, and stirring something by the kitchen fire. "I thoughts you might likes some cornbread."

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