Rob and Amanda Lundsford

by Matt Moreau

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including BiSexual, Wimp Husband, Cuckold, Humiliation, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: She sorta loves him but he is most definitely not in her league.

I'm Robert Lundsford, age thirty-eight; stock broker for Hilling's Investments, husband, and as I now know an unknowing cuckold. My wife of ten years is Amanda Lundsford age thirty-six; works for Hammond Industries, wholesalers of kitchenware; she's a receptionist—oh—and a lover of men. We'd moved to Des Moines almost immediately after marrying. I had a friend, Bret Hilling's. He and I had attended state college together; his offer of employment was an opportunity too good to pass up.

Amanda is tall, at five-ten, and slender; I sometimes call her Willow. Me? Five four, also slender and still with all my hair—thank God. Yeah, yeah, I know she's way too tall for me; but fact is she'd assured me she liked short guys. Well, hell, there had to be at least one woman in the world who did—right? Seemed fair to me, I mean since I like 'em tall and slinky; which pretty much describers my Amanda, so shoot me.

Oh, and no kids.

Things have been mostly good for us. Sex good, incomes "really" good, and we get along socially pretty well. Well, that is until the last few months. Lately, I have been the object of what I consider some fairly obvious neglect by my wife. And, things are fast coming to a head.

"I am not the wimp you think I am, Amanda, no matter what your friends say or you believe. You have disrespected me for the last time," I said. She tendered me an indulgent smile.

"Robbie, I never said you were a wimp. And, neither has anybody else," she said, laughing. "Just calm down. Okay?"


"Amanda, can I have this dance," said Chester Warfield, coming up to us for the tenth time this evening, or so it seemed to me.

"Sure, Chester. It's okay with you isn't it honey?" she said, as he pulled her away from me before I could even answer her.

The smiles from the cluster of little two person bar tables surrounding ours were telling. The tables were peopled all, or mostly all, by her friends on this night. I was humiliated and feeling real low. I wanted my woman, but it was beginning to look like I didn't even have a woman of my own. Fuck, maybe I was the wimp she obviously thought me.

I seethed and waited for her return. I looked up at the clock 10:30. I was almost surprised as she was back right after her dance with Chester. But, just as I was about to ask her to dance myself, Chester, rather than walking off, plopped down on the seat next to her: I was on one side of her and he was on the other.

"Honey would you get us a couple of drinks please," said Amanda. I decided to make a stand.

"No," I said. She proffered me a sidelong glance.

"Chester, would you be a dear," she said.

"Certainly," he said.

"Look, Amanda, You made me come to this thing tonight. You danced with me exactly once. Who the heck are you married to if you don't mind my asking?" I said. She gave me a look. There ensued a few minutes of pregnant silence.

Apparently concerned by my attitude, and my tapping foot, she opened up. "Now, honey, don't be like that. You'll get your chance to dance with me." Just then Chester arrived back at the table with two drinks—my glass had been empty too. Clearly he'd gotten one for each of them. I decided to make my stand now. I took the one he'd set in front of himself and downed it.

"Thanks," I said. "I needed that."

"What the fuck!"

"Robbie, what are you doing?" said Amanda.

"Standing up for myself," I said. Suddenly there was a flurry of subdued chatter from the tables around us.


"You know—fuck it!" I said. I rose and headed for the door. I was home twenty minutes later and waiting on her. We were going to have it out. She had to know I wasn't going to be putting up with anymore of her shit; or, if she didn't she soon would.

Well, as it turned out, I guess she wasn't especially worried about my stand; she arrived two hours after me.

I was sitting at the dinette, tapping my fingers on the table. She came in through the front door.

"Thanks a lot Chester. I don't know what I would've done without you," I heard her say.

She saw me. "So you're still up," she said. "We'll talk tomorrow. I'm tired. And, I need to cool off after you humiliated me like that."

"Humiliated you? That's a laugh. And, we'll either talk it out now, or I'm going to be going now, and I mean permanently," I said.

"What! Are you out of your mind! What's gotten into you," she said.

"Frankly I've wondering who might be getting into you. And, in case it matters to you my answer is not me for one," I said. "No sex for the past six weeks, not even any kisses of the 'I love you' variety. One dance in three hours tonight. Ordered to caddy drinks for you and your soon to be new boyfriend, I'm sure. Put another way, you've neglected me badly, and I'm done with it. Things do a one-eighty starting now, or we're through," I said. She eyed me.

"Robbie, I haven't been neglecting you; well, not consciously. Has it really been that long since we've done it together? I didn't realize..."

"You didn't realize it because you didn't care," I said. "Like I said, a one-eighty or nothing. Make up your mind now"

"Honey, yes we'll, I'll, do better by you starting now. But, just calm down. And, tonight was—well—whatever it was. An accident, nothing intentional, really," she said.

"Come on, let's go to bed. We can talk some more tomorrow. Okay?" she said. "I'm bushed." I was tired too so I nodded my okay.

Once upstairs I had a thought. "Amanda, don't bother wearing anything to bed. You won't need them," I said. Her look was one of frustration—no—exasperation.

"Honey, could we wait till tomorrow. I really am bushed," she said.

"No," I said. She shook her head slowly.

"Okay, but don't expect a lot of energy on my part. But, I guess I do owe you a little something tonight if it's really been six weeks," she said.

She stripped. I stripped. She lay beside me staring at the ceiling. She was clearly waiting for me to take the initiative.

She let me kiss her, but she didn't actively return it. She just lay there—what—enduring me.

"What nothing at all from you. You just gonna be like some blowup doll for me to get my rocks off?" I said. She wrinkled her brow and looked over at me.

"I'm tired okay!" There was that exasperated attitude again.

"And what about tomorrow morning or tomorrow night. Gonna be the same shit?" I said.

"No. No. That would be much better. Tomorrow," she said. I nodded and rolled over. I wasn't happy, but truth told I really was very tired too.

It didn't happen in the morning, and she was gone most of the day with her partner in crime Missy Dunlap. Where, I had no idea. I had yard work to do, it being Saturday, so her absence actually worked for me. She returned at around 6:00PM.

She made dinner, we ate, and we cleaned up.

"How about going to bed early," I said, testing the waters. There was that exasperated look again.

"Yeah, okay, if you can't wait," she said. All of a sudden I knew what I had to do.

"Never mind. I've lost interest. Just forget it." I headed up the stairs; she didn't. I began packing. The marriage was over.

It was maybe fifteen minutes later that she came up. She was startled to see me packing.

"What are you doing Robbie?" she said.

"Leaving you." I continued to pack.

"What the fuck! I said we could go to bed early if you wanted," she said.

"Yeah with all of the enthusiasm of someone awaiting execution," I said.

"Robbie, that's not true!" she said.

"Yes it is," I said. "Goddamn it, yes it is!"

"No, Goddamn it; no it's not!" Well, at least I was getting some reaction out of her, some show of emotion.

"I want an enthusiastic lover," I said," not just toleration. I'm not into mercy fucks as you might well imagine."

"What? What! You're nuts," she said.

I continued to pack, but then something happened that put me back on my heels—literally. I turned to say something as I snapped shut the second suitcase, and I was met with a left hook and a right cross to the jawline that put me down and out. I'd never seen it coming.

I don't know how long I was out, but when I awoke, I was tied hand and foot and spread eagled to the bed posts.

She stood over me, next to the bed. I tested my bonds; there was no give. She was dressed in a very sexy teddy. One I'd never seen before. She smiled.

"Decided to rejoin the world of the living?" she said.

"What the fuck! Let me out of this! Untie me now, Amanda. I mean it," I said.

"Not until I've made my case that you are not just some gofer for me and my friends. Rather that you are loved and appreciated for what you can do for me, and I do mean in bed. And, that you have completely misread my actions and attitudes of last night and tonight. I may not succeed, but I sure as hell plan to give it my best shot," she said.

"You may have the upper hand now, but you can't keep me tied up like this forever. I will get loose and you will pay," I said.

"Hmm, maybe, but I'm betting that you may want to rethink your attitude when I'm done with you," she said.

"Not hardly," I said.

"Hmm, your johnson seems to be on my side. Would you mind if I join you there on the bed and lick and suck it for a while?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She just climbed up and knelt between my legs.

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