I Lied

by Linda Jean

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, Interracial, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Cream Pie, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: This a story about a clean cut young housewife married less than 9 months that discovers the joys of good old fashion nasty sex with multiple men. she is left alone at home and gets tricked into becoming a subject of a new "women's aphrodisiac." She gets hooked on sex and has to decide if she should tell her husband or not. should she lie to him so it would not hurt his feelings?

One thing that I have been proud of in my short married life is, in the time that we have been married; I had never lied to my husband. Well until now that is. Where do I begin this catastrophe? It all began about two months ago.

My husband Peter left the house to go pick up a load for one of the companies that he hauls for (drives truck for.) He had to go to Los Angeles someplace and then take it to New York where he was to pick up another load for Dallas then one back to LA. (He drives one of those big trucks; he calls it "his rig")

Anyway he left on a Thursday night, he said it would take him a whole week because of his Dallas layover to get loaded. On Friday night I thought about treating myself to a dinner and movie. I do that from time to time when Peter was out on the road "hauling freight" as he calls it.

I always plan my week of everything I plan to do ahead of time, sewing and working my garden, going to my church meetings. I always keep busy; it helps me pass the time. However I do get lonely at night when Peter is out on the road. Yes, many times I wished do Peter was home to make love to me. We haven't been married that long so making love to my husband was the best part of my life and I loved being married in order to do just that.

I went out and had a nice dinner, and then went out to see a movie and on the way home I decided to stop into a new nightclub that had opened a few months earlier. It was one that Peter and I had talked about going to one night when he home, however we had not been there yet. I figured I would stop in and check the place out to give Peter an idea about the club. I thought I would have a glass of wine and then head home.

I was really impressed when I walked in the place I saw that it was huge with four different bars (or sections.) It felt real classy in some sections and in others just a little bit. The decorations were lovely and it was really appointed nicely. After I walked around looking, (going in and out of the different rooms and the bars.) I saw one with a sign on it that said "members only." and it also said, "Ladies welcome, your first three drinks are on the house."

I went in and looked around, the place was maybe one quarter full. Music was playing and the little dance floor was empty. I had seen that only one of the bars had a live band playing, and from the sound of it, that music was coming through the room speakers to all the rooms and bars in the place. I went over up to the bar and sat down on one of the empty stools. I asked for some "Sutter home White Zin." (That is all I ever drink.)

The bartender said '"Sorry lady we don't carry that, however we have a brand new wine that we are almost ready to put on the market right now we are in the testing phase. Now in this phase we are paying people to try it and give their recorded honest opinions on. If you would like to be part of our little study, we will pay you $50.00 for your opinion on the new house drink. If you agree to try it you get two glasses. You sign a bunch of legal stuff and you get paid the $50.00 care to give us your honest opinion?"

I said, "Sure I'll try it, where do I sign up?"

He brought a bunch of papers over and had me initial it on all pages then sign it several times. (Talk about a tight legal consent form!) He went on and on pointing things out as I initialed.

He also said, "If you do like it and we end up shooting a commercial video of it, the consent contract says you have given your authorization to video tape you and use it as we want to promote the wine. If that does happens you will get 2% every time the video will be used."

I laughed and said, "Great, pour away."

He poured it and we began talking. While it was not what I wanted or what I was use to drinking, it was not all that bad either.

He came back and asked me how the house wine tasted, I told him "It was wonderful that really I liked it."

He started talking with me at great length, he asked all about myself, he saw my wedding ring and asked how long I had been married and I told him. He asked about Peter and I told him that he drove a big truck and would be gone a whole week. We seemed to talk a lot and I remembered him pouring me another glass of wine.

Now here is where I get real fuzzy about things. I remember that one glass and I remember the second glass. Halfway through the drink I began to feel like I was getting turned on. Someone asked me to dance and I remembered that I accepted. I also realized that I was feeling different and getting extremely turned on sexually and the more I dance the worse it all became.

I remember hearing a voice say to me, "Your hot as a fucking fire cracker, you are sexy as hell, I would love to get you naked and fuck your little brains right out of you."

I don't actually remember exactly what I said back to him, but I think I told him that I thought that was a great idea, (but I don't remember for sure.)

You see all of a sudden all I could think about was my desire to have sex, and in the worse way. I knew it was Friday night, which meant I had a whole week to wait for Peter to get home. I was craving sex and my pussy and clit were throbbing, I remembered how bad I wanted to cum. I recall how I thought about going to the ladies room and masturbate or better yet, look for anything I could find and use to fuck myself with.

I also remember disconnected bits and pieces after that second drink. I remember looking down at an erect cock as I opened my mouth and took it in and down my throat. I remember several bright flashes of light. I remember the searing pain of something being pushed into my ass and I remember hearing my own voice crying out, "Oh God, oh God, oh God, Fuck me, Fuck me." Mostly I remember lots and lots of sex then nothing else.

The very next thing I did remember was having one of my lovely nasty sex dreams that I have when Peter is out of town for more than a few days.

I remember the dream because in it I was having one climax after another. You know how in some dreams you are enjoying it so much you just do not want to wake up from it? Well it was one of those kind of dreams. Now before I tell you anything more let me say this. When I married Peter I was a virgin, (in every sense, ) I had never seen any man's penis ever. Not in life or pictures ever. In school we did have drawings and renderings but they were always flaccid. So my only real source of knowledge when it came to men was from my husband Peter.

The first two months that we were married, Peter drove locally and he was home every night, we had sex all the time (and I do mean all the time, I loved it.) I loved it just as much as Peter did. (Maybe a little more now that I look back.)

Then he had a chance to get a much better paying job driving long distance. The down side was, it was just two days a week that he was home. But when he was home we made love all day both days. One time I mentioned to my husband how much I missed him sexually when he was out on the road. When he got back home on that trip, he gave me a present. It was a big plastic vibrator. (That I just loved!) After that I was always buying tubes of KY at Target. (And I would go through a tube every time Peter was on the road.)

So almost every night when Peter was not home, I used it and to be honest I really loved the way it felt as I laid there legs up and opened as I rammed it in and out of my hole as I would rubbed my clit like a mad women. I was so embarrassed that first night when Peter asked me to do it in front of him so he could watch me use it to fuck myself to a climax. But once I got over that embarrassment, I felt so wicked screwing myself in front of him. It was also a huge turn on for me watching him masturbate as he watched me get off fucking myself like that. It was so dirty and nasty and I fucking loved it. For me it was mind blowing.

Anyway it had not been unusual for me to get so worked up that I would once and a while fall asleep with my vibrator inside of me buzzing away. I would leave it on and pull it all the way up inside of myself, close my legs and lock my ankles. I loved falling asleep like that every now and then. The only problem doing that was, I used up a lot of KY and batteries, because they always went dead by morning and it was always out of me when I woke up. (I had even begun thinking of ways and things that I could do and use to keep the vibrator in me through out the night.)

I mentioned to Peter that while I loved the plastic vibrator, at times it was just too stiff. (Like the nights I wanted it up inside of me all night, but I didn't tell him that.) On his next trip he brought me another lovely toy and it was a flexible rubber dick only it was a little bigger and fatter than my firs vibrator.

Anyway back to what happened. I was having the wildest nastiest sex dream. I always have sex dreams when I fell asleep with my fat dildo inside me. I had found a nice pair of tight shorts that worked good to keep it inside of me all night.

Anyway in my dream I was being fucked in my asshole (which Peter has always tried to get me to do, but I always refused.) In my dream I was sucking cock, which Peter had taught me how to take him down my throat and we both get off doing that as well. Over the past few months many nights we would use one of my toys and while Peter would fuck my face (his words)

In my dream Peter was eating my pussy, (something I would never ever let him do either but he never stopped trying.) That is why I knew this was a dream, you see in my dream it is Ok for my husband to put his mouth on my pussy, (just not in real life.) Oh it was wonderful with him eating me and making me come with his mouth in my dream.

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