Kimmy, Beth and the Lingerie Store
Chapter 1

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Ma/ft, ft/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, True Story, Incest, Father, Daughter, Oral Sex,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I'm Kimmy, and this is my first try! This story is about me and my dad, but I have to talk about my friend Beth too, because none of this would have happened if she hadn't started working at a big lingerie store. My dad LOVED seeing her wear sexy underwear, which she started wearing around our house. Then at first it freaked him out when I went to work there. But he got over it...LOL!

This is mostly gonna be about me and my Dad (I'm Kimmy). But since it started with my best friend Beth, I'll start with her and get around to Dad and me.

When my dad heard that Beth was gonna work at the big lingerie store (the one everybody knows is the place to buy lingerie) at the mall, he had a really hard time hiding how thrilled he was. He had never been able to hide the fact that he would have given anything to get into her pants since ... Well, since she started to 'blossom'. And Beth blossomed early, and in a big way. In other words, Beth has seriously big tits, and a serious round ass to match.

The minute he heard she would be working at the store, I think he had an instant hard-on. I figured that the first chance he got, he was in the bathroom rubbing Mom's hand lotion on himself, picturing Beth in corsets and baby doll nighties and lacy bras and panties. And of course, picturing her taking them off, just for him.

But when my dad heard that Beth got me a job at the lingerie store, I could tell he had absolutely no idea how to react. I think that as hard as he tried to picture Beth in the hottest possible underwear, he was trying just as hard not to think about his little girl wearing the same sexy things. Later that afternoon I overheard him and Mom talking about it. They think that when they're in their room with the door closed, that I can't hear them. Ha! I can hear every damn thing. Everything! But this time it was just talking.

"Did you know about this?" Dad asked. "About Kimmy applying for this job?"

"No," she answered. "But I'm not shocked. Are you?"

"I don't know. I guess I shouldn't be. They've been best friends forever and they do everything together."

"Well Tom, what's the problem, anyway? You wanted Kimmy to get a job anyway. And you were nothing but thrilled when your little sex object started working there."

"What are you talking about?"

My Dad's a terrible liar.

"Tom ... are you serious? You've wanted to fuck Beth since ... well, since she was way too young for you to think about her that way."

Apparently my Dad couldn't hide his wood from my Mom either. He didn't have much to say about that subject.

"Yeah well ... But Kimmy's our daughter. How did she even get hired? She's not sixteen."

"You know she'll be sixteen in a couple of months. I'm sure they made an exception because she's Beth's friend."

"I still don't think it's right, Anne."

"It's just a job, Tom. And it's a lingerie store at the mall. It's not a damn strip club. All the girls shop there. They all buy their thongs and their bras there. And don't act like you haven't spent plenty of time alone with their catalog. Just relax about it, OK?"

I actually couldn't hear the last thing my dad said. It just sounded like he was grumbling a little about something. After that I closed my bedroom door, so it wasn't obvious that I was listening. For some reason, it's never bothered me that my dad was so horny for my best friend. It didn't sound like Mom was too upset about it either. Not that I really blame my Dad for being hot for Beth, by the way.

Every guy who's ever seen her, and most girls for that matter, want to get in her pants. Hell, I've been in her pants plenty, so I get it big-time. She's smokin' hot, she's short but she has those big fucking tits, she does funky things with her blonde hair like streak it with red and pink. And nobody can wear tight jeans and low-cut tops like my girl Beth. Those boobs just jump out at you. It's no wonder my dad can't keep his eyes off her.

And to top it off, she's flirty, even with him! She's totally aware that he's always trying to look down her shirt. So most of the time when she's around him, she wears the most revealing tops she can find. And she has her act down too. When she comes to our house she runs right over to whatever chair he's sitting in, and leans down to hug him, so he gets a full view of whatever bra she's busting out of that day, and of those big tits too.

All the girls are jealous of Beth (except me), even if they secretly want her to sit on their faces. And of course, all the guys, no matter what age they are, want to fuck her silly.

Anyway, this is supposed to be about me and my dad. But really, nothing would have happened if it weren't for Beth. But even that didn't start out with my dad. A few weeks after she started working at the lingerie store, Beth came to my house for a sleepover, which she does like, all the time. And usually we stay up talking ... and doing other things sometimes ... lol ... after everybody else goes to sleep.

"I have something to tell you!" Beth said after we were talking for a long while.

"I could tell something was up," I told her. "What is it?"

"Something happened, with me and Andy. I like, so can't believe it! But something happened and I have to tell you."

"Andy? Andy ... your brother?" She giggled and nodded her head. "What do you mean, something happened with you and him?"

"You know how whenever we're at my house, how he's always ... looking at us, and hanging around and stuff?"

"Yeah ... duh. Of course. I know everybody thinks he's like, geeky. But he's so sweet. He's just awkward."

"I know, right? Well, I've been like, bringing things home from the store... 'cuz I get a big discount, but also because they want the girls to take new things home and try them on so they can tell customers about 'em."

"That's totally cool."

"Yeah. And so, a couple of times now Andy has come into my room when I had some really sexy things on."

"Oh my gosh, Beth! You are such a huge tease! So, go ahead."

"OK. So, he started coming in my room more and more, like ... hoping he would see me in something from the store. Then he started making up excuses like, he wanted to help me with my homework."

Beth's not dumb, but she doesn't really try hard in school. And, she doesn't do much homework. So she needs a lot of help sometimes. I think she just flashes her teachers ... or maybe more ... and they go easy on her ... ha!

"Yeah, OK. So? Go on..."

"Well, I figured, maybe I could use his ogling me to have some fun. So, I told him that if he wanted to help, he could look at a paper I was writing for History. Of course, I knew the paper sucked. But I thought maybe if I asked for his help, he might actually do it for me."

"So, what happened?"

"The very next day ... he came to me with the whole report done over. It was even in one of those plastic cover things!"

"Wow. So he did do it for you."

"Yep! It was actually really sweet. So, I was like, 'Thank you! Thank you!' And he was like, 'No problem.' Then he just kinda' stood there."

"I asked him if he wanted anything else, and he got super nervous. And I was like, 'Andy, what's the matter?'"

"And what did he say?"

"He just kept standing there trying not to look me in the eyes until finally I was like, 'Andy! What?' And he finally told me that he really liked the way I looked in the things he had seen me wearing lately ... like I didn't know that! And he asked if I would try a few of them on for him!"

"No way!"

"He did! It was just so awkward, but really sweet, you know? You know what a dork he can be sometimes."

"I know, Beth. But I think he's so cute. I just love Andy."

"Totally. It's just funny how nervous he is. But I've never seen him like ... this nervous."

I've known Andy forever. He is a geek, but in the way I love. Nerdy glasses and all that, which I think is adorable. I would fuck him in a second, but he's as much a spaz around me as he is around any other girl.

"So? What did you say, Beth?"

"I said yes, of course. I mean, I felt sorry for him. And he had just written that paper which I so did not want to finish."

"So, did you do it?"

"Totally. You've seen the things I've been bringing home. They're totally hot. So I did a little fashion show for big bro."

"You're too much. What did he think?"

"I thought his eyes were gonna pop out of his head. I put on this one see-through nightie, and you could totally see my nipples through it. And most of the things had thong bottoms, so he could see my ass the whole time."

"Slut," I said, but with a big smile. "Was he horny?"

"Hell yes. He was squirming all over the place. But you won't believe what else I did, Kimmy."

"What did you do, Beth?"

"I still can't believe I did this. You're gonna freak. But all of a sudden I thought, 'If Andy wrote that paper for me and it was so easy for him, what if he did like, most or all of my homework? What would that be worth?'"

"Yeah. So? What did you think it was worth?"

"OK, like I said ... you're gonna freak out. But I asked him if he had ever ... If a girl had ever ... given him a blowjob."

"Get out! You did not ask him that! Your brother? Beth! What were you thinking?"

"I know! Can you believe it?"

"Shit, Beth! What the hell did he say?"

"Ha! Talk about nervous and freaking out! I thought he was gonna swallow his own tongue! He about choked before he could answer."

"No wonder! What do you expect, asking your brother a question like that!"

"I know. I'm terrible."

"So? What happened?"

"When Andy finally caught his breath, he told me that he had never had one. I wasn't too surprised."

"And? What the hell did you do?"

"I told him that if he would do my homework for a month, then I would suck his cock ... once every week."

"Beth! You fucking did not!"

"I did. I told you you'd freak!"

"Do you blame me? So? Did you? Did you blow Andy?"

Beth just gave me this weird, twisted little smile and nodded her head.

"Yep. I did it. Can you believe it!"

"I could believe anything coming from you. So ... well ... um..."

"What? Like, how did I do it?"

"Well, yeah! Tell me!"

"I swear, he couldn't even answer me. But he kinda nodded his head and sort of whispered, 'OK'. By then I could tell he was super horny. So, I stuck my head in the hallway and heard Mom and Dad downstairs in the kitchen. I didn't think they'd bother us for a while. So, I shut my door and locked it, just in case."

"And Andy was just, frozen. But I could tell he soooo wanted it. So I stood in front of him, and I took off the black and red bra I had been modeling for him. He just stared at my tits of course. And I got down on my knees. And I ... I unzipped him ... and I took it out."

"Oh, shit. No ... fucking ... way, Beth!"

"Way, Kimmy. I took Andy's cock out of his pants. And I just ... did it. I kissed it, and it got harder than it already was. And I licked it. That made it rock hard. I got it all wet, and I wrapped my boobs around it for a minute. And I ... I sucked him off. I blew my brother."

"I do not believe this. What was it like, Beth? Fuck!"

"It was weird, of course. But he was sooooo into it. And he was soooooo grateful! I swear, he just couldn't believe it was happening. It didn't take him long. But ... I liked it. I don't know what else to say. I really liked doing it to him."

"This is just too much, Beth. All this from him seeing you wearing the lingerie you got at work?"

"Well, I'm sure he was a horny boy before that, and he looked at me all the time ... like your dad does, you know?" I nodded. "I mean, I'm sure Andy has been jerking off thinking about me for a long fucking time. The outfits just pushed him over the edge."

"Maybe you should start wearing those things around my house, and see how my dad reacts!"

"Oh, Kimmy! I totally forgot! Do you want to work there with me?"

"Get out. At the store? Are you serious? I'm not even sixteen."

"Close enough. You can start working at fifteen and a half anyway. And you'll be sixteen in a couple months, right?"

"Yeah. Are you sure?"

"Totally. They love me, Kimmy. I told them about you and they said they'd almost surely give you the job. What do you think?"

"Let me think about it, OK?"

"Yeah. I don't think they need to know right away, anyway. Probably closer to Christmas. Hey, do you really think I should wear some stuff for your dad to see?"

"I was kinda kidding. But that would sure drive him crazy."

"I love your dad. I love that he likes to try and look at my tits and all."

"I know you do, Beth. I would like to see his eyes pop out of his head. Does that mean you would end up blowing him too?"

I said that totally as a joke, because of what happened with her and Andy. But she didn't realize that.

"Do you like, want me to, Kimmy? I would so do your dad!"

"Beth! I was just kidding! But ... you would? Really? My dad?"

"Hell yes. I love your dad and I think he's so adorable. He's hot, in a dad kind of way."

"Really? You really think so?"

"Hell yes. I'm ready to start showing off plenty more for him. What's your mom gonna think?"

"Well, since she goes out of town for work a day or two every week, maybe try it out next time your over and she's not here."

"I can't believe it! I can't wait, Kimmy!"

"And I still can't believe you sucked your brother's dick."

Beth is a wild girl, but I never expected that from her. I didn't judge her or anything. It was just a surprise that it actually happened. Of course, if it weren't for Beth, and her job at the lingerie store, and her blowing her brother, then nothing probably would have happened with me and my dad. But I'll get to that. Keep your shirt on! No, don't ... LOL!

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