Chronicles of Mrs. Olsen

by HardFelt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Blackmail, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Mother, Humiliation, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A Clubhouse and surgically implanted device series of stories. There will be chronicles of this woman's and her family adventures as well.

Note: There were other women at the Clubhouse who were older married moms. Judy Ann Olsen was only one. Sara Ann Bergman a personal friend of Judy's was another. Both women were married, had children and practicing their salaried professions. Both women cuckolded their unwilling husbands and both women had a surgically implanted device which though perverted could externally give the women extreme discomfort. The much larger breasted Mrs. Judy Olsen will have other adventures recounted in the future.

Clubhouse Ordeal

It was just after her forty second birthday that circumstances started to go south for Mrs. Judy Olsen. She had two children both boys and both in school. She had been happily married for the past twenty four years to her husband Jim, but she wasn't sure she was going to be able to make it to the twenty fifth anniversary.

It wasn't because she and Jim were having any problems, it was because of the ugly situation she found herself it which had doubled up somehow into a really messy series of events. It had been six years ago that she had the surgically implanted device placed inside her to quell her back and neck pain. The Device had work well too, perhaps too well, because if the Device ever got out of tune she suffered extreme pain. As a result, more because of the design of the Device than anything else, every five or six years the Device had to be tuned in again to her specific Device. It wasn't until she found out that the device inside her could never be removed that she became concerned and she became downright upset when she discovered that a remote controller could allow her to experience both pain or pleasure. If the device was set on the pleasure setting the only way to relieve herself was through a sexual climax which almost always had to be through actual penetration. The pleasure side had a less than five percent failure rate and in the first few months after the device had been implanted she thought it had been in failure mode almost all the time because she was horny all the time in those first few months; much to the pleasure of Jim who didn't mind the aroused female he was married to. What she never had told her husband was what had happened shortly after their first son was born. She had experienced a kind of mental breakdown which had resulted in some rather unusual events. Judy had experienced sex with an underage boy but the worst of it was that in the recording of that terrible sex it looked as if she had raped him; not the other way around. What was worse, even though the police knew about it, they didn't know her name and they had no real documentation so she was safe. She was safe until Ernie Fryman found out and then things went from bad to worse. Judy did some checking and found out that Fryman was every bit the devilish punk he came across as. What was more her oldest son knew him from school. Matt, her son, had told her that it would not be in anybody's interest to mess with Fryman. There were all kind of bad things rumored about him. When she asked what sort of'bad things' her son told her some of what he knew and it didn't take a whole lot of effort to verify that what he said was true. Her son claimed that Fryman had some kind of wicked hold on several of the female teachers at school which he sometimes exploited and sometimes he didn't. But when he did it almost always revolved around some kind of sexual preference, usually in a change of clothing style the teachers wore and how much they exposed themselves in front of the male students in the classrooms. At first Judy thought this was teenage male hormone over reaction but on doing some checking she wasn't so sure. This only added to the stress she was experiencing.

To take off some the built up stress she was experiencing she started walking after she got home from work. She was a part time nurse at a local hospital. The walks began to get longer and longer as she tried to walk off some of the extra weight that she'd put on. She needed to lose another twenty pounds, she figured, so she could get back down to what she weighed when she first got married at one hundred and eighteen pounds. As she walked off some of the extra flab it had the effect of emphasizing her already large boobs. She felt like the Dolly Parton of the neighborhood and from some of the young catcalls she received from those eagle eyed Peterson boys at the end of the street her loss of weight was being noticed. Judy often resented her overly large breasts and there many times she had considered having some surgery to have the excess removed. But her husband, Jim, was opposed to this from the start. He had stated she had the boobs when he first married her and he wanted her to keep her boobs even if those boobies were large. The primary reason, now, for her concern, was the virtual ultimatum she had received in the mail. It arrived not by regular mail but by special delivery. She cried as she went through the material because that material could send her to prison. Fryman had sent it with his cell phone number and a demand she call within twelve hours of getting the package. She had called and talked with the evil minded youth and felt while on the cell phone with him his capability with controller. Judy suspected he used it somehow through the cell phone but it didn't make a difference how he did it the thing that mattered was the severe jolt of pain she had received along with the ultimatum that she would surrender herself at his clubhouse for an initial meeting at the end of the month, only two weeks from when she called. But before she arrived she was to pose for at least thirty nude photographs and those photographs had to be in his hands before she arrived at her clubhouse. When she asked him how she was to obtain those nude photographs he told her to ask her husband, or perhaps another friend. The idea of asking even another friend, male or female, was something she abhorred. After several long walks, several painful agonizing days of self doubt and self depreciation, she went to her husband Jim and explained everything. She left nothing to his imagination, describing in altogether very graphic explicit details all that Fryman held over her and what she had been fretting over.

Judy had told him if he wanted a divorce, she would understand. Instead he said he would stand by her no matter what the cost, to him personally. He would be there. He would take the photographs and he would have them sent back to Fryman and he would also go with her to the first meeting. Jim took the digital photos of his wife laying and sitting on their bed when she completely nude and sent them to the address specified under registered mail. He got an acknowledgment that the photos had been delivered. Two days later the Olsen's received communications from Fryman that when she arrived at the end of the month she was to wear a skirt or dress with a two inch above the knee hem line. She also was to wear four inch spiked high heels along with garter belt supported thigh high nude tinted hose. She would wear double the amount of make up and mascara she normally wore and she was to be freshly groomed with a good deal of perfume. If she was not in these garments she would not even be received for her initial meeting and all material would be appropriately distributed to the proper authorities and family members. Almost as a side note Fryman stated that her pubic area must also be complete shaved, bald and smooth. He included the address and specifically stated that first contact would be established in the garage off of the main building which was the clubhouse at ten in the morning of the day specified.

Judy made it clear to her husband the one thing she wanted avoid at all costs was to irritate Fryman in this first meeting. She had been told he had a temper and she had been told that the first meetings were the most important to Fryman because it established how he dealt with the situations. Through her contacts Judy had learned that it was absolutely mandatory to make a concerted effort to go out of her way to please the punk the first time around and if her husband came along he was to follow the same guidelines. If these guidelines were not followed bad things happened immediately and later down the line. Judy made every effort to tell her husband the situation and to make sure he understood the importance of being able to swallow some pride, even be humiliated, just to get through the first meeting. Judy knew she looked short, because she was, she only stood five feet. Any weight she had made her look frumpy and even sometimes a little sloppy. She chose a tight fitting beige colored half sleeved button up the front top which clung to her big boobs and helped detract from some of her love hands at her hips. She wore a specially modified pencil style skirt that was navy blue with white pin stripes through it. The skirt had been modified to raise the hem line to Fryman's specifications. She also wore a two hundred and twenty dollar set of four inch spiked fuck me high heels which were brand new and bought for this meeting. She wore a blazer jacket over the tight fitting top. She also purchased a new white garter belt and nude tint hose which were so thigh high that the edges of the hose rubbed the thong style panty that she wore beneath the skirt.

Judy was a skittish as Jim was calm when he drove their car to the address and the location where the garage was outside what looked like a duplex style home but which Jim and Judy Olsen had agreed was probably the clubhouse Ernie Fryman had talked about and which she had heard about through some of her friends; although all of the female friends had not entered they had all heard stories which only added to Judy's discomfort.

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