Showoff by Starlight

by jackieoh

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Wife Watching, Masturbation, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Ellen comes nearer to being her young neighbor's Mrs. Robinson figure. Her husband is unaware that his suggestive comments are more true than fiction as he pushes her toward the role of sexual tutor which she has already begun.

"Oh, hi, Mrs., Barton!"

Ellen turned to find Eric carrying three packages.

"Eric, hi, sweetie, doing your grocery shopping, I see."

"Just a couple things Mom forgot. Looks like you have a load! Can I help?"

"Thanks, yes, you can help me put these in the van, if you don't mind."

"Love to."

They walked the length of the row of cars and she clicked the door unlocked and began loading things from the cart to the car.

"How was your date with Jenny?" she asked quietly, smiling.

"Uh, not all that good." He kept loading bags of grocery and then looked up shyly into her big brown eyes.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Want to tell me about it? Or is it personal?"

"Hmm. It's a little public here. Kind of personal." He grinned and looked away.

"Ohhhh, OK ... Maybe some other time?"

"Maybe we could sit in the van a minute?" he said, now looking serious. If you have time... ?"

She looked at her watch and agreed. Eric slammed the door and they got into the car. The suburban had a front bench seat and Eric commented on the size of the vehicle.

"So, sweetie, what happened?" Ellen turned toward him and put her knee up on the seat, opening her legs and allowing the dress to glide up nyloned legs. Eric gasped quietly and stared at the golden leg from flat loafer style shoes to mid-thigh. Ellen smiled at him knowingly. She scratched her inner thigh, calling further attention to the smooth, flawless golden leg. She thought he might even see her bright yellow panties, so she watched his face intently.

The tension between them was intense as the air-conditioner strained to cool the car.

Eric took a minute to collect his thoughts and to calm his excitement. He felt his cock stir under his plaid shorts. He turned toward her and felt his knee touch smooth nylon. Her smile gathered momentum.

"I don't know. It just didn't go well. I keep doing dumb things, I guess." He stared off in front of the car, taking his eyes off her distracting thighs for a few moments.

Ellen reached out and took his hand, looking furtively around the car. "Maybe ... I should move away from ... here..." she said. She eased the car into gear and coasted further back in the large parking lot under a tree on the edge of the lot.

"Now, what happened?" she asked, concern in her voice. She looked around again and then took his hand, resting her wrist on his knee. She opened her legs again, sliding her knee against his and leaning toward him.

"Well, we were actually pretty close, I mean we were lying together studying and I put my leg against hers. It felt ... like real warm ... you know?"

Ellen nodded and smiled.

"She let me kiss her, like on the side of her lips, I sort of missed. So I moved closer and put my leg inside hers ... sort of pressed my thigh against hers, like inside thigh to inside thigh. And she was, like, lettin' me, you know? Like it was exciting..."

He stared away and shook his head sadly. He had trouble going on with his tale.

Ellen rubbed his thigh with her fingertips, feeling the bristly hair of his athletic leg and noting the strength of his muscles. "Yes?"

He shook his head again.

"Then it happened..."

He sounded like his throat was dry and he couldn't speak for a moment.

"Hey ... you're talking to me ... your friend, remember?"

"Yeah, I know Mrs. Barton."

"Call me Ellen. No one is around. We're alone."

"Yeah, I know,,, Ellen." He rasped.

He managed an embarrassed smile and nearly melted when he stared into her big brown eyes. He glanced down and realized he could tell the color of her panties, yellow, even through the nylon of her pantyhose. He felt his cock react, and could imagine the heat that would be there, far up her thighs near her panties. Not that he had really felt that heat, not yet. He hoped, one day to feel it and know what it was like up there. For now it was just a recurring fantasy every time he saw or thought about her colorful panties. He noticed the top buttons of her dress were open too and her brassiere was a matching color with lace at the top of the cups of a smooth, plain satin stretched taut over the solid looking breast. All of this he took in at a momentary glance, a quick but all-encompassing glance. He was getting good at that, he reflected.

He tried to take in everything about Ellen and file it in his active imagination. He could remember taking off several familiar pairs of panties in his fantasies since he started taking care of their pool and yard.

His reverie ended when she tilted her head down and looked squinty-eyed over the top of sunglasses, with an understanding smile. She toyed with her skirt and he heard the 'skritch' of fingernails on her nylon. He shivered just from the sexy pitched sound.

"Yes ... what happened that was so awful? It sounds like things were going nicely. Mind you I am not telling you that you should be trying to get into this little girl's panties, sweetheart, I am just coaching a little."

"Well ... just as soon as I pressed a little closer, it happened."

"IT?" It happened? What happened? Ohhhhhhhh!"


"Ohhhhh, oh, Eric ... I am so sorry. Did she..."

"Yes, she felt it. Warm, you know. Then she looked down with this horrified look and of course, I had a big wet spot on the front of my shorts. I didn't think her eyebrows would ever come down. I expected her to scream for her mother."

"She didn't?"

"Nahhh! But she might as well have, she jumped away like I had, like, leprosy."

"Would it happen again if a friend gave you a hug?" she said quietly.

They leaned forward and she pressed her forehead to his.

"No, it wouldn't, you are different. You're a woman!"

"Hmmm, is that a compliment?"

"No, no, I don't mean that! I mean ... well ... you are different. I mean, like, it wouldn't happen ... like that."

"Still not sure I am not insulted..." she pouted. I thought that I DID excite you ... sometimes."

"Oh, god, you do! I mean you are so cool..."

"OK, come get your hug then, darling."

She moved her leg out of the way, leaving her skirt in her lap and hugged him close to her breasts. "Now is that better?"

"A little." Ellen felt him moving to get more in touch with her breasts and also felt her own reaction between her legs.

"Eric, I would like a kiss ... is anyone around?"

They looked around and then pressed their lips close. She breathed in his warm breath, keeping her lips only millimeters away after the first kiss.

"Isn't it nice breathing each other's breath like this?" she murmured.

Eric nodded his head and then pressed for another kiss and felt her tongue come out and touch his. His cock reacted, hardening and lengthening down the leg of his shorts. He was suddenly afraid of the hair-trigger going off again.

She took his hand and brought it to the valley between her breasts and made him feel it with the back of his knuckles. His other hand was on the seat between her legs, knuckles down. It was so close to her panties that he could feel the warmth emanating from her center. He did not try to touch her there.

"Eric, that is not all that bad. Don't worry. We can work on that together, I think. If you get used to being close against me, perhaps you won't go off quite so prematurely. Anyway, it is not all that unusual. Men are like that, especially in the first few years. But it gets more controllable. Do you want to work on it, practice, I mean?"

He nodded firmly.

"Okay. I'll love that. But I have to get home to make supper right now." She thought a moment. "Listen, Eric dear, I love to swim at night and look at the stars, but I don't like to be alone in the pool in the dark. Would you be able to come over and keep me company? My husband doesn't share my appreciation for late night swimming."

"At nine o'clock, I will go to my bedroom and change clothes. Could you come over and sweep the pool ... just at that time? Then when my husband comes home at 9:30, I will feed him his late supper and you could ring the doorbell ... I would tell him about our late swim idea..."

"Sure, Mrs. Barton ... sure ... sure."

"So ... it's a date, then, 9 and then after 9:30"

"Yes ... yes..."

Eric got out of the car and started to jog away. Ellen rolled down the window and honked. He came back blushing, and took the three items he had been carrying. She squeezed his hand as she passed them to him.

At exactly 9 o'clock that evening, Ellen finished tucking in the girls and strode down to her bedroom, her dress already unbuttoned. She stood looking out toward her swimming pool wondering if her pool boy would be on time.

She finished unbuttoning the dress, pushed it down over her hips and stepped out of it. She held onto it with one hand and hung it in the closet, returning with her arms craned back to unsnap her brassiere. It recoiled around her and she folded the cups together and laid it on the bed. Facing the window, she rubbed vigorously all around her breasts, wiping away the marks left by the bra supporting her heavy breasts all day long.

She touched her nipples with two bright red fingernails and stared out toward the pool boy who might or might not be there. She lifted her breasts, examining them closely. She allowed them to slump comfortably and slipped her fingers into her Hanes pantyhose and felt the high quality material roll and slide down over the yellow panties until they were just below her crotch. She stretched up tall and slipped her hands into the sexy panties under the inch and a half lace waistband.

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