The Return Home
Chapter 1

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Water Sports, Exhibitionism,

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Part of the "Mike and Shirley" story, a semi-autobiographical account of how I ended up owning an ex-girlfriend.

In '85 I was a young man, but I had already learned that, while 18-year old girls had, ah, "higher quality assets", older women were generally warmer, more pleasant, and more skilled in the things I value, both in and out of bed.

I was seeing a lady who was significantly older than me. She was tall, attractive, graceful, very outgoing, both intelligent and educated, and -certainly just as important as any of those to this young man- well endowed (read that as "having an awe-inspiring bust"). She also had a husband and children; I hadn't yet learned my lesson about married women.

We met at a club I had recently joined, got to know each other, and it wasn't long before we were sharing a bed. And I won her loyalty completely by accident, the first time we slept together. After our first time, we were laying in the hotel bed doing the small-talk thing when I mentioned that I had trouble believing that she had actually given birth to three children, because her, uh, anatomy had done a remarkable job of recovering from that trauma. To be blunt, she had been really, really good; far better than I had expected, and once was not going to be enough. She gave me a please-fuck-me-right-now-dammit hug, and thanked me profusely for that compliment.

What I said was true, but I had only been trying to be polite. I had thought that as an older woman she might appreciate being told that her pussy was still tight, but apparently she had read something much deeper into it. I found out what a couple of minutes later when she admitted that one of her children was adopted (and, apparently, she thought that I had figured that out, simply by noticing how tight she was!). Now, I already knew that she was sensitive about her appearance, because before she had gotten undressed she had asked me to turn the lights out. Apparently, she had also been worried about her ability to please me, and my comments had convinced her that I was, in fact, very happy with both her appearance and her performance.

This was all new to me, as I'd never really looked at it from her point of view before. From then on, I made a point of complimenting her on her appearance whenever I was with her. I guess she was pretty hungry for a kind word, because she always ate it up. For her part, after that first time she never again acted shy about letting me see her, or touch her in any way I wanted, as long as we were in private. In public, of course, we still had to act like good friends who had met at a club.

I got the strong impression that she was pretty much starved for affection and sex, and I tried my best to play the part of being hopelessly in love, wanting only to make her happy. It wasn't hard. There wasn't much acting involved at all. I'm fairly self-centered, but she was an easy person to love. Have I mentioned that she was pleasant company, had a beautiful body, and was incredible in bed? I willingly gave her everything she wanted, only occasionally wondering why she wasn't getting any of it from her husband.

She had told me that she hated her husband, and only slept with him when she had to, about twice a week. It seemed to be true, because whenever I could find a place to sleep (off the ship, that is), she would come spend most of the night with me. I say "most", because she would get up around 2 or 3 every morning and leave. That kinda bothered me, but since she had a husband and children I couldn't very well object. After all, they would certainly be upset if she hadn't made it home by the time they got up the next morning.

It wasn't really as bad as it sounds, because I could have her for the whole evening every couple of days, and every so often, whenever we could find an excuse to get away, we got to spend a whole weekend together.

I had been living on my ship and in the barracks to save some money, but when she finally said she was leaving her husband soon, I bought her a house to live in. Well, it was in my name, but I really got it for her, since I was about to go to sea for half a year or so, and I certainly didn't need it while I was out of the country.

I set the place up as well as I could, gave her a set of keys to the place (and my car), gave her my checkbook so she could pay the bills, and, after a couple of weeks of making sure that the new waterbed really worked, went to sea. Before long, I was getting letters saying that she was living in my house now, waiting for me.

I called my house every so often, whenever my ship got close enough to a telephone, and she was always there, happy to hear from me. After I had been gone about five months, though, with one more to go before we came back home, I sensed something wrong. What made me worry the most was a guy's voice in the background once, and her getting evasive when I asked who was there.

One of my friends was coming back early, so I asked him to check up on things and make sure she was okay. He went by my house, then went to squadron headquarters and told them that my house was deserted; hadn't been lived in for months. They sent a message to my ship saying that she had skipped out on me, and I should do whatever I could to protect myself. Well, I really couldn't do anything from the Med, but since we were coming home in another couple of weeks anyway, the ship let me take leave and fly home early. My route was pretty roundabout and the trip took almost four whole days. Can't complain too much, though, as I got a peasant's view tour of Sardinia and the La Maddalena islands, and my two days layover between flights was in Rome so I saw all the sights I could.

It was a lousy day back at Norfolk- warm but drizzling, and it looked like it would rain for the next week. I took a cab home. My friend was right; the lawn hadn't been mowed in weeks, and the grass was green where we used to park. I let myself in. It was clear that no one had lived in the place since I had left half a year before. In fact, everything was exactly the same. The dirty clothes I had left in a pile in the bedroom (when I changed on the day I left) hadn't been touched. Not that I remembered, but I recognized the pile when I saw it. Oh, yeah, I did that.

I cleaned up some, straightened the house, took a shower, talked to my neighbors, wondered where in hell Shirley was. It took me a while to figure out what had happened. The lady next door said that Shirley had never moved in. But she had always answered when I called home! The clue was that I could call out, but my phone didn't get incoming calls. I called my neighbor and asked her to call me back.

She never did, so I walked next door again to see what was wrong. She said that she had called, and talked to some lady. I called the phone company to report a problem with my number, and then called my own number, intending to apologize to the poor lady, whoever she was, for bothering her, and to tell her that the phone company would be fixing the problem soon.

It took me a second to recognize Shirley's voice, and suddenly I knew what she had done. The phone company had recently started to offer that newfangled call forwarding, and when she had left her husband she had moved somewhere else, and had Ma Bell forward all calls from my house to her, wherever she was. As long as she always answered the phone herself, everyone would think she was at my house, waiting for me.

I changed gears and introduced myself, and asked where she was. "At home, waiting for you."

"Shirley, I'm standing in my kitchen right now, and I don't see you. As a matter of fact, it doesn't look like you have ever been here. How strange that you answer my telephone, but you're not here."

For some reason, there was an awkward silence. I don't know why.

I asked if she still had my car, and if I could have it back. She said that she still had it, it was running fine, and she'd deliver it tonight. I asked if she would need a ride back to wherever she was, and after a muffled discussion in the background, she said that she had a ride.

I asked if I knew who she was with, and she pointed out that it was none of my business. Well, that may be true. Another muffled discussion, and a man came on the phone, saying that he was glad that this was finally out in the open, and that he would bring my car, my checkbook and anything else she had, to me just as soon as I told him where I was.

"She didn't even tell you where I live?"

"No, I don't think she's been honest with either of us." I could hear her getting upset with him. He told her to shut up, the two of us were going to settle this face to face, since we certainly couldn't trust her to go between us.

"How long has she been living with you?" Ever since she left her husband, a couple of months after I went to sea. Great. I feel sick.

We talked for a little while longer, and agreed to meet at an all-night restaurant in the middle of Norfolk, since they were all the way up in Newport News and I was 'way out at the Beach. He promised that he would bring Shirley and everything she had of mine, and meet me as soon as he could get there.

It had stopped raining for the time being, and my neighbor volunteered her husband to drive me out there. The pancake place was closed; apparently it wasn't an all-nighter any more. After ten minutes or so Shirley drove up in my Datsun, followed by a strange pickup with a man in it, and I waved Tim off.

We walked across the street to another restaurant and talked while I had breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We sat at the most isolated booth we could find. I sat alone on one side, and they sat together on the other- he on the outside so she would have to stay and listen to the abuse. Shirley stayed close to him, but he seemed really mad at her. Every time she touched him, he would shrug away from her. She was really trying to be nice to him, and he just wasn't having any.

I recognized Fred (Frederick, I don't remember his last name). He was an older man who had joined the club where I met Shirley about three months before I left, and apparently she had been screwing him the whole time. In fact, she had introduced him to the club as one of her friends, and I realized now that they were already screwing when she brought him.

Now, she had been climbing into my bed two or three times a week (whenever I could find a bed!), then leaving in the middle of the night to go home to her husband so that he could screw her, for about a year before I left, but Fred hadn't known that until tonight, when he asked some questions about me after we hung up. He had thought that she was faithful to her husband until she met him, until I called that afternoon and he realized that we had been doing the affair thing before I left. She had confessed everything to him earlier in the evening, including about half a dozen other guys in the same club before she met me.

The whole sordid story came out over coffee that night, and we were both pretty disgusted. She had been literally hopping from bed to bed- her husband, me, Fred, and a couple other people too, for more than three months, until I left. She moved in with Fred after that, and claimed to have been faithful to him, but he just wasn't going to believe her. He seemed to be a nice guy, and would probably be a good husband, but he was in his fifties. He just would not believe that he was keeping her satisfied, now that he knew her appetite.

We got everything settled very easily, since Shirley was embarrassed and wanted to get it over with, and Fred apparently wanted to have a clean conscience about 'stealing' my girl. There wasn't much. Shirley had been paying my phone bill, to try to hide the statements from me so I wouldn't find out what was up, since Newport News was a long distance call from my house. Every goddam time someone dialed my number, I got billed a dollar or so while Shirley pretended to be my faithful true love. Fred insisted on paying my current phone bill, just to clean all the loose ends up. I couldn't very well refuse, since she had the bills anyway. I didn't even know how much it was.

Fred was really pissed, and when we were done he came up with a surprise. "You want to take Shirley home for the night? I used to be a sailor, and I know how lonely it gets. You need to relieve some tension, and you may as well take Shirley. You can have her all night. I'm too mad to look at her, anyway."

Of course Shirley objected, and got even more upset. I declined, as I just wanted to wash my hands of the whole affair. "Fred, I'm not in a very loving mood right now."

Fred kept offering her to me, and every time Shirley would say she wouldn't go, Fred would tell her "We didn't ask you. You fucked him before; you'll fuck him again. You don't care; you'll fuck anybody," and make the offer again.

I kept refusing, though, because I didn't wish any ill of her, and the more I looked at her the less attractive she was. A lot of that is emotional, you know. When she was my girlfriend she was beautiful, and I couldn't get enough of her. Now she was just someone else's worn-out old slut, and I didn't want her.

Still ... Fred was willing. Hell, it was his idea. Shirley wasn't willing, but she didn't have much say in the matter. She was going to do whatever he said, or else walk out of the restaurant and find another man to live with at one o'clock in the morning.

And I knew what to do; I had 'owned' a slave in high school (Beth, a girl who wasn't a genius, knew it, and was perfectly happy doing what someone she trusted told her to do. She worshipped the ground I walked on, and would literally do anything I told her to do. I tried pretty hard to find something too humiliating for her. It wasn't easy. D/s is a lot of fun).

And here I was with six months of blue balls, being handed a woman who had displeased both myself and the man who supported her, and being told I could do whatever I wanted with her. I stopped arguing with him.

"You really ought to take Shirley home for the night."

"Fred! I'm not going with him. I'm staying with you!"

I looked at Shirley. "Shut up. When you acted like a lady, we treated you like a lady. When you act like a whore, we treat you like a whore. You'll do as you're told, and right now you'll shut up. We're not talking to you."

Shirley started to answer me, but Fred pulled her face around and made her look at him, and repeated what I had said: "Shut up. We're not talking to you." After a few seconds, he let go of her. She didn't say anything.

I asked, "How much do you want for her? I can give you twenty; thirty if you pay the tab here."

Fred smiled and said "I think ten will be enough." He turned back to Shirley, gently stroked her face, and asked "Do you think you're worth ten dollars?"

She had leaned into his caress, but when she heard his question she drew back and said "I'm not going with him. That's final."

He was ready for that. "You're not going home with me. That's final. You'll go home with Mike, and you'll spread your legs for him as many times as he wants. Or you can find a new pimp. I don't want to see you tonight."

She said "I'm not going home with him" again, but it was a lot softer, and a lot less definite than before.

Fred kept pushing. I stayed out of it. "You'll go wherever he wants to take you, and you'll do whatever he wants you to do. You used to spread your legs for him whenever he wanted you to, and you can do it one more time."

"Frederick, please take me home now. I don't like the way you are talking."

"Shirley Anne, when Mike is done with you he'll take you to my house -unless you decide to stay with him. In that case, I'll bring all your stuff to his house, and what you do when his back is turned will be his problem. But, if he decides that he doesn't want you, he'll bring you to my house, and if he says that you were a good whore and gave him what he wanted, I'll take you back. For tonight though, you belong to him."

He looked at me. "Got a ten on you?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Let me have it."

I pulled my wallet out, and handed him a ten.

Fred said thanks, and took Shirley's arm and pushed it at me. "Take his hand!"

I held my hand out, and she reached across the table and took it.

"Now kiss it."


"Do it, you slut! I've taken money for you, and you're going to do it."

She slowly raised my hand and touched her lips to it. Fred wasn't satisfied, and asked me if she ever sucked my dick. "Sometimes." Was she any good? "Well, she tried hard."

He turned back to her. "Open your mouth, whore." She did it. I pushed my index finger in. "Do you remember what his dick tasted like? Would you like to taste it again?"

She shook her head, and pulled away from me. "Please, Fred. I don't want anyone but you. Don't make me do this."

He put his hand behind her head and pushed it forward, and made her suck on my finger again. "You made your bed, you lay in it."

I butted in. "Fred, I'm getting kinda excited, and it's late, anyway. I promise I'll bring her back in the morning."

"Good. You can humiliate her, but don't hurt her. You do whatever you want with her for the night, and maybe she'll learn something about being a real whore, and keep her legs closed next time."

"No problem. Humiliation is fun. How far can I go?"

"Well, you know she has too much pride for a whore. See if you can take some away."

"I'll try."

"I guess I'm saying you do whatever you want, and make her do whatever you want. As long as you have a good time, it doesn't matter if she does or not. Don't worry about hurting her feelings; she doesn't worry about anyone else's."

"Well, I'm sure that she'll learn to worry about my feelings, at least. She'll appreciate you a lot more when I give her back."

We, well, Fred paid the bill and we walked back to the cars. It wasn't really raining, but it had rained while we were talking, and was still misting a little. As soon as we got out of the lights, Fred made her stop and give me a good hug.

He made Shirley snuggle up to me, press her tits against me and rub her crotch against my leg, and kiss me and say that she would do anything I wanted her to. I know she could feel me growing and getting hard. I pulled her skirt up and fondled her ass just like I used to -although I never had right out in a parking lot- and then pushed her away and said "It's getting late, and I'm tired. Let's go home."

Fred said "Say 'I'd love to, Mike, ' and hold his hand. You're his whore, and you're in love with him for the night." Now, that's cold.

Shirley hesitated, but she knew she was trapped, and she did it. "I'd love to, Mike," and she took my hand.

When we got back to the cars, Fred made Shirley bend over and put her hands on my car. He told her to stay there, and flipped her skirt up onto her back, exposing her panties. He rubbed her butt for a few seconds, and then slapped it. "Spread your legs, dammit. You've opened them for every man in Norfolk, why get modest now?"

"Fred, please! Don't make me do this! Let me go home with you! I promise I won't cheat on you! Please!"

He spanked her again, much harder. "That's a worthless promise. Now, shut up and spread your legs." He waited a few more seconds, and then spanked her several more times, very hard.

When he was done, she opened her legs a little, and he rubbed her ass and told her that she could obey when she wanted, but a whore needed to do these things without being told. Then he reached between her legs and started rubbing her twat thru her panties. "Are you ready for a dick? Of course you are- you're always ready."

He pulled her panties down to her thighs, and ran a finger along her whole crack, from the small of her back all the way to her bush, before he pushed it into her snatch. "Are you looking forward to having Mike in your pussy tonight?" "Fred, I don't want him. All I want is you."

He pulled his finger out of her slot, and shoved it up her ass. She grunted. "Well, then, would you rather take him up your butt?"

"Fred, please. I'll do anything you want. Please don't give me to him."

"Come on. You drove all the way to his house and climbed in his bed every night for years, and you're saying you don't want his dick?" He pulled his finger out of her ass and told me to play with my whore, then stepped back and leaned against the car to watch.

I did the same thing he had done, rubbing her butt and then her bush before I started stroking her pussy. I knew what she liked, and I played with her clit until she was wet and squirming. I asked "Can you say that you love me?"

She shook her head, so I stopped playing with her and spanked her a couple of times. "I love you, Mike. Please don't hit me."

I went back to tickling her clit, and asked "I'm glad to hear that, and I'm sure Fred is too. Now, can you say that you need me, and you'll do anything for my dick?" No answer, so I stopped playing with her again and rested my hand on her butt.

"I need your dick, Mike. I'll do anything you want."

I rubbed her butt for a second, and then went back to playing with her pussy. "Where do you want my dick, Shirley? Does your pussy need it?" No answer, so I shoved my finger up her asshole the way Fred had. "Or would you rather take me up your ass? It's a lot tighter, and I'm sure I'd like it better than your worn-out old pussy."

She tried to get away from my finger, and stammered "Please use my vagina, Mike." I kept my finger in her ass, and wiggled it around some. "Your asshole sure feels tight, Shirley. Can you say 'My pussy needs you, Mike. Please fuck me!'?"

She said it. "My pussy needs you, Mike. Please fuck me!"

I pulled my finger out of her ass, and told her to turn around and face me. Of course her skirt fell back down, so I asked "What do you want me to do?" "Please fuck me, Mike."

"Where do you want me?" "Please fuck my pussy, Mike."

I looked down at her skirt. "I don't see it. Show it to me." So, she had to lift up her skirt and show me her crotch, her panties still pushed down.

I used my left hand to stroke her bush. "I paid for that pussy, and until I give it back to Fred, it's mine. You will not hide it from me again. You will keep it in my sight at all times. Do you understand?" "Yes, Mike."

"Good. That means you'll have to hold your skirt up like that until I let you take it off. You will also not close your legs. Your pussy will be available to me at all times. Do you understand me?" "Yes, Mike. I understand you."

"Good. Do you like being spanked?" "No, Mike."

"Hmm. Are you going to disobey me?" "No, Mike."

I showed her my right index finger. "Where was this last?" "In my ... rear."

"Say 'asshole, ' whore." "In my asshole."

"Do you want me to play with your pussy with it?" "No."

"Why not?" "It's dirty!"

"So? Your pussy has had half the dicks in Norfolk, and you worry about dirty? But you're right, I don't want you to get sick. We'll clean it off first." I rubbed her lips with it, saying "Lick my finger clean."

Shirley started to say something, and I shoved it in her mouth. "Lick it clean, whore." I held her head with my other hand, and made her lick it off before I pulled it out of her mouth.

I went back to playing with her pussy again. "Is it clean enough for your pussy now?" She nodded, her mouth closed.

"Did it taste good?" She shook her head no.

"Do you want more?" No.

"Do you think that you can please me with your pussy?" Yes.

"How about with your mouth? Would you like to suck my dick?" No.

I reached out and nodded her head for her. "Of course you would. You're a whore, and you know that men love blowjobs. Besides, you love me and would do anything to please me. For that matter, you can address me as 'Master' from now on, since you belong to me. Got that, slut?" "Yes, Master."

"Good girl. Now, I'm going to fuck you tonight until I can't fuck any more, and you're going to please me, one way or another. I really don't care if you enjoy it or not, but the harder you try to please me, the easier you'll have it. The more you fight, the more miserable you'll be. Understand?"

"Yes, Mike."

I turned her around and smacked the hell out of her butt, and kept doing it until she called me 'Master' and begged me to stop. I made her face me again, and made her beg to kiss my hand and thank me for the discipline lesson.

When she was done, I went on with the rules: "I'm going to use you like the slut you are, and it's your problem if you don't like it. Now, I'm going to fuck you when we get home, but I'm sure that your pussy will be too worn out to please me. That leaves your mouth and your asshole. Have you ever been buttfucked before?" "Yes, Master. John did it a couple of times." John was her husband, who she had left to live with me, err, Fred.

"Of course, whenever he got tired of your dead pussy. And you never learned, did you? Did you like having his dick up your ass?" "No, Master."

"But you never learned to please him in other ways, did you? Well, that's your problem. If you can suck my dick well enough to satisfy me, then I'll let you blow me all night, but if your pussy is too worn out to please me, and you don't want to suck my dick, then I'll buttfuck you 'til I'm happy. I expect you'll have my dick up your ass most of the night."

"And when I'm done, I'll make you lick my dick clean like you did my finger, so you'll end up sucking my dick anyway. So, slut, would you like to suck my dick now?" "Yes, Master."

"Hmmm. Let me hear you beg to suck my dick, right here in front of Fred."

So Shirley had to beg to give me a blowjob. Before I gave her permission, I told her that she couldn't kneel with her panties the way they were, and asked Fred if he wanted them. "She's your slut. Do whatever you want with her."

I pulled her panties down to her ankles and had her step out of them, leaving them there on the wet pavement. "Now you can get down on your knees and blow me." "Yes, Master."

She let go of her skirt while she was getting down, so I pulled it back up and spanked her several more times. Then I made her apologize for disobeying me, and promise to never hide her pussy from me again.

I told her that her life would be much easier if she didn't have to hold on to her skirt. Then I asked if she wanted to take it off, but she shook her head. "Okay, then you have to hold it up. Now, suck my dick."

I undid my pants and held her head on my dick. I made her try to swallow it, and then led her through how to make love to a dick with her tongue. The lesson didn't last too long, because I spunked almost immediately. I made her swallow it, suck the cum out of my dick, and lick me clean before I helped her get up, still holding her skirt up so I could see her snatch.

While I put my pants back together, I asked "Why are you holding your skirt up, slut?" "So that you can see my pussy, Master."

"Good girl. Remember to keep your legs open, too. Now, did you enjoy blowing me?" "Yes, Master."

"Would you like to do it again?" "Yes, Master."

I caressed her face- "Would you rather blow me" -and then stroked her bush some more- "or fuck me?" "Please fuck me, Master. My pussy needs you."

"Good girl. That's what I want to hear. As soon as we get home, we'll see how good your pussy is." I turned to Fred and told him that he could go on home; it looked like I had everything under control.

"But, Mike ... Master, I need my purse before he goes!"

I looked at her like she was an idiot. "Slut, is my dick in your purse?" "No, Master."

"Is anyone else's dick in your purse?" "No, Master."

I could tell that she had already figured out where this particular conversation was going. "Well, if there's no dick in your purse, you don't need your purse, because there's nothing else you really need. Fred will keep your purse safe for us, and if there ever comes a time when we find a use for anything in it, well, we will go get it." I stood there looking at her, while Fred unlocked his truck. Apparently, she didn't have anything else to say.

Later, when I started writing all this down and went back over this evening in my mind, I realized that I was already talking in terms of keeping her. It's a wonder Fred didn't pull a gun and shoot me on the spot. He must have really been pissed at her.

I unlocked my car, and helped Shirley into the passenger side. When she was in, I pulled her blouse up over her chest, exposing her bra. Then I took the front of her skirt and tucked it up under her bra between her tits. "And, voila! It stays up by itself- you don't have to hold your skirt up anymore. Now, slut, your hands are free, aren't they?" "Yes, Master."

"Good. Take your shirt off." She unbuttoned her blouse, pulled it off, and handed it to me. I offered it to Fred, but he just looked up at the clouds and started whistling. I tossed it into a puddle next to her panties, tapped her knee and reminded her to keep her legs open, told her to stay there, and closed the door.

I stopped to talk to Fred again for a minute before I got in. He asked if I had ever treated her like this before. "No, but I owned a slave a long time ago, and I know what to do. Traffic won't be a problem, since she'll be sucking my dick the whole trip home. Her skirt and her bra will go out the window somewhere on '44."

"She's going to kneel down on my front porch and kiss my feet, point out that she is nude as a slave should be, and beg me to allow her to enter my house and serve me. I doubt if I'll have to tie her up at all. Umm, will you be home tomorrow morning, or can she get into your place without a key?"

"Mike, I need to do some thinking. You just keep her until I call you. It's not like she needs her clothes or anything."

"No, she doesn't- not at my house. If she gets cold she can beg me to hold her. If I keep her for very long, though, I'm gonna have to have some friends over to help fuck her, because I can't keep her satisfied for more than a day or so."

"I don't think anyone can. I'll call you tomorrow. Feel free to tie her up if that's what you need to keep her under control."

"Okay, will do. Don't call too early; I'm gonna be sleeping pretty late." With that, he got in his pickup, and I got in my car.

I shut my door and started the engine, then turned to look at Shirley. She was still sitting the way I had left her, nude from the waist down, her legs spread wide and her skirt tucked in her bra. She looked pretty scared, and ready to cry. I reached out to stroke her face, and asked "He's pretty mad at you, isn't he?" "I love him, Mike. I want to marry him. I'll be good. I really will."

"You'll get another chance. You're going to have to really impress him though, to get him to keep you long enough to build up some trust. You can't give him any reason to suspect you might be seeing another man, or he'll boot you out on the street. That's your problem though, for you to worry about later. Right now you're mine, and you need to worry about me. I'm going to teach you how to be a proper slave." "Yes, Master."

"Good girl. Now, suck my dick while I drive home. No matter what happens, you keep your mouth on my dick, and try to make me come again. Got it?" "Yes, Master. I'll be good." I undid my pants again and let her put her face around my dick, then drove off, down Military Highway to '44.

I couldn't pay any attention to her at first, since my Datsun was manual and I hadn't driven in six months, but I had it under control by the time we were on '44. I kept my speed down to about 60, and started to caress her. I rubbed her back and shoulders, and then her butt before I moved down to her thighs.

I had to tell her to open her legs again, but she made herself open for me to play with, and I got her excited enough to start squirming, then I made her tell me again that she was my slave and would do anything I wanted, and beg me again for a fuck.

I told her that I'd try her pussy out when we got to my house, and then I started rubbing her anus. She promised to be a good fuck, and please me with her pussy.

I ran my hand all over her back, and finally unsnapped her bra. I pushed the straps off her shoulders, and she moved her arms to help me take it off. I put it aside for the moment, and reached around to cup one of her tits. I had always loved playing with her tits, so I softly asked her "Shirley, do you still like having your titties played with?" "Yes, Master."

"Roll over on your back so I can see them." "Yes, Master."

She rolled over, keeping her head in my lap. I fondled her tits some, but she was completely nude now except for her skirt bunched around her lap. I pulled it up to her waist and made her spread her legs wide for me. I told that I would stop the car, make her get out, and spank her right there beside the road the next time she closed her legs or hid her pussy, and then stroked her snatch until she started begging for my dick again. "When we get home."

I fondled her tits some more, and then made her use both hands to hold her cuntlips open for me, while I played with her clit. I made her just lay there like that, without moving, even when we stopped at the toll plaza. I had to ignore her while I fed the toll machine, but I insisted that she keep holding her cuntlips open for me. I think we surprised the toll attendant who was walking by, but she didn't scream or anything, so I guess it was nothing new. Virginia Beach was a tourist town, so she probably saw a lot of weirdos driving through.

I wondered if Fred might have followed us, so I drove over next to the emergency telephone and stopped the car, and almost immediately saw his pickup. I took off again, and once we got up to speed, I opened my window and threw Shirley's bra out. "Do you want me to play with your tits, Shirley?"

"Yes, Master."

"Then why don't you ask me to?" "Please, Master. Would you please play with my tits?"

"Sure." Her tits were lovely, a pair of full melons, with nipples that felt like warm steel. I started massaging them and gave them a workout, making her nipples grow and stick out even more. I got tired of that before long, though, and started playing with the rest of her body. Her skirt kept getting in the way, so I finally told her to sit back up and take it off.

When she had it off, she tried to hand it to me, but I made her hold it while I asked "You'll do anything I say, won't you, Shirley?" "Yes, Master."

"What do you think I want you to do with it?" "Are you going to make me throw it out the window, Master?"

I smiled. "Well, slut, that's exactly what I want you to do with it, but you should be rewarded for being good. So, for now just reach back and put it on the back shelf." Shirley has long arms, but she had to turn around and lean over the seat to reach the shelf behind the back seat.

When she did, I reached over and touched her butt. She flinched, but I started caressing it. "You have a nice, soft ass, Shirley, and spanking you was a lot of fun. Has anyone else ever spanked you?"

"No, Master. Only tonight. Please don't spank me, Master. I'll do whatever you want."

"That's a shame. I really enjoyed that, and I'd love an excuse to spank you again. Well, for now just remember another rule: Whenever I touch you, you stay still until I let go of you again. Don't move away from me. You can move closer to me, if you want. You will always submit to my touch, whatever I want to do, and you will give me access to what I reach for. Your entire body is my toy, and I will play with it whenever and however I want. Understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"Is everything put away safe, where you can't reach it?" "Yes, Master."

"Okay, then sit down. No, lock your door. Okay, lean against the door and face me. Keep your pussy open. Now, is there anything within reach that you could use to cover yourself up with?"

She looked in the back seat. "No, Master."

"Then what will you do if someone looks in the car and sees you like this, offering your pussy to me?"

She was starting to cry again. "I have to say 'whatever you tell me to do, Master.'"

"That's right. Now, I'm going to stop and get some beer, and I don't want you to move a muscle. You're going to stay in the car and wait for me, sitting just like that. If anyone comes up and looks in the car while I'm in the store, I want them to see you like this, with your legs spread as wide as you can, and your hands holding your pussy lips apart. If you want to, you can also open your mouth and lick your lips." "Yes, Master."

"Show me. Show me how you'll offer your pussy to any man who walks by."

She opened her legs some more and pulled her lips apart, showing the little nub hiding at the top of her slot. I rubbed it a little. "How much should I charge for your hole, Shirley? Two dollars? Three? Should it be free to all comers?" "Please don't give me away, Master. I'll keep you happy."

"We'll see how happy you keep me. We've a long night ahead of us still."

I left her alone for a bit, and then reached out and flopped her big tits. "Don't you worry about your titties sagging?" "Yes, Master."

"You used to be so proud of your titties. Well, until someone comes by to look at your pussy, you can hold your titties up." "Yes, Master. Thank you."

She let go of her cuntlips and held her tits. They are pretty big, and my Datsun is kinda lively. Every time we hit a bump they had flopped. I expect they were beginning to hurt without a bra to hold them up.

"No problem. Titties are meant to be played with, and if no one else will do it, you'll have to do it yourself. For that matter, I'll want to see you play with your pussy tonight, too."

Anyway, Fred was still following us, so I ran down 44 to the end, turned my lights off, and hit the switch for my brake lights (it had been years since I had worried about bad guys chasing me, but even now I still put a kill switch on the brake lights in any car I drive) before I turned right. I took the next right, too, and then a third. I pulled into an alley as quickly as I could, and waited until Fred went by. He had seen me leave '44, but his truck just wasn't quick enough to catch where I went after that.

My house is too close to the road to hide at, if he knew roughly where it was, so I wasn't going to even get near it until I knew we had lost him (Of course, I was tired as hell, because I hadn't slept in two days. Later, when I went to write this down, I realized that I was being stupid -all Fred had to do was look my name up in the phone book -or one of the phone bills which he still had, for god's sake, and he'd know where I lived). Anyway, I went up north to the all-night grocery store up on Laskin, and parked next to the swamp (also, right next to a gay bar -the one that was famous for it's 'Parking in Rear' sign- if you care. I didn't think that a gay bar would be a problem for us tonight). Shirley was still sitting with her legs open, holding her tits, so I told her to stay that way and wait for me, and walked in. I left my door unlocked, but I took the keys with me.

I got a case of cold Miller, and when I got back to the car I put it on the hood and drank one while Shirley watched me from her seat. I put the empty back in the flat and opened two more, then walked around to her side and waved for her to come out and join me. She shook her head, and I nodded my head.

She kept shaking her head, so I pantomimed spanking someone. She opened the door and came out. "Yes, Master."

"You weren't trying to disobey me there, were you?" "No, Master."

"I didn't think so. You must have simply misunderstood me. Here, have a beer." "Please, Master, I hate beer."

I held it out to her. "Did I ask if you liked it? No. I told you to drink it. Wait. Stand still." She did, and I held the cold can up against one of her tits. She gasped. I pulled it away from her for a second, and then slid it up between her legs to her snatch. She started gasping and shaking again. "What should we do with this beer, Shirley?" "Please let me drink it, Master."

"Ah, you like beer?" "Yes, Master. Please let me have some."

I gave her the can and told her to not waste any. We both stood there, enjoying a cold brew on a warm summer night. I told her that the fresh air was good for her complexion, and that she would look a lot better with a good tan. I offered to take her to the beach in the morning, to get some sun.

I also pulled her to me, and fondled her some more. She was nervous about being seen, but she still reacted to my touch. I licked my fingers and rubbed her nipples, making them stand out again, and then stroked her clit until her knees started to buckle. We talked some about her being a complete slave to her cunt, and her willingness to do anything for a dick. I had her beg for my dick again, and again told her she had to wait.

When we were done, we put the empties back in the flat and I had her put it in the back seat; I may as well use my slave for manual labor, too. While she was doing that, I asked if she wanted to go for a walk on the beach. "Please, Master, isn't it time to go home?" She was bent over with her head in the car, so I slid a hand over her back and around to her tits and fondled them, then down between her legs and started playing with her pussy again.

"Why are you so anxious to go home, slut?" She stayed where she was, and moved her legs to give me some more room. Good girl. "Because you promised you would fuck me when we get home. Master, I need your dick in my pussy."

"Do you really need your pussy filled, Shirley?" "Yes, Master."

"I saw a good-looking black stud in the store, with a big bulge in his pants. Have you ever had a big black dick?" "No, Master."

"Why not? You prejudiced? You don't like black people?" Then, softly, "Should I go get him?" "Please take me home and fuck me, Master. I'll please you. I'll keep you happy. I don't need anyone else. You're all I need."

"We'll see." Now I had a whole range of threats for her to worry about. She didn't want to be spanked, she didn't want to be shown around nude, she didn't want to be given away, and she certainly didn't want to be given to a black man. Life is good. I don't know what I would have done if she had said yes, because I hadn't seen anyone like that.

I let her get in the car again, but after she closed the door I made her sit the way she had before, leaning up against the door with her legs spread wide. I got in and started the engine, and then drove over to the dumpsters beside the grocery store. I stopped the car, but I left it in gear, ready to go, and told her to get out. "Why, Master?"

Okay. I put it in neutral and set the brake, then reached out and fondled her tits for a second. Then I squeezed her nipples and used them to pull her down onto my lap, and spanked her hard several times. After that I pushed her back up again and just sat there looking at her for a second. "Please, Master, may I get out?"

I smiled at her. "Certainly!" She got out, and stood there waiting for me. "Close your door and walk around to my side." She did, and I locked her door behind her. Then I rolled my window down, and we discussed how a woman who was proud of her body would stand.

I made her pull her shoulders back and thrust her tits out, and then suck her stomach in and push her crotch out. When she was standing right, I drove about twenty feet away, and told her to walk to me.

Shirley did, keeping her shoulders back. She lost the stomach and crotch parts, but I thought that she'd made a good start so I didn't say anything. She was trying. When she got to the car I handed her one of the empty beer cans. "Put this in the dumpster, slut, and walk back to me with your hands behind your head."

She did as she was told, and when she got back I told her that she was an obedient slave, and let her get back in the car. She sat the way I had shown her without being told, and as I drove off I told her that she was beginning to understand how to act toward her owner.

"Being attractive is largely attitude, you know, and you are beginning to get the right attitude back. As long as you are willing to be a shameless, wanton slut, you can keep your man happy, but you are getting too old and worn out for anyone to put up with disobedience. Understand me, slave?" "Yes, Master. I will obey you, and do anything you want."

"Good. See, you can still fuck twenty guys a day, if that's what you want. You just have to ask me first, so I can get paid for it. Any time you want a new dick, you just tell me, and I'll drive you down to the corner and get you one." I looked at her. "Yes, Master."

"Would you like to whore for me tonight?" "No, Master. You're all I want."

"We'll see." I drove all the way down Baltic to the Boulevard, but I didn't see anyone I could offer Shirley to. I also didn't see Fred's truck, so I turned toward my place. I finally saw some people hanging around at the 7-11, but that was too close to my house to stop and rent Shirley out, so I just pointed them out to her.

"Those guys are pretty poor, but we could probably get five dollars for a blow, or ten for a fuck. They think that there's something special about fucking a white woman, so they'd give me everything they could, but they can't pay what they don't have." I snorted. "They don't know what they're talking about. The best I ever had was a black girl I knew in high school, who appreciated me acting human to her. Most whites just shit on her and her folks. She was a nice girl, and I liked her as a person. Her being pretty just made it better."

I drove on home, and parked where my car belonged -probably the first time it had been there in six months. I asked if there was anything I could write on, and Shirley got my gas and repair log out of the glove compartment. I ripped a sheet out, and had to scribble for a second before the pen would work.

"Shirley, there's something special about a slave entering her Master's home, and I want to have a little ceremony. We'll do it every time you walk in my door, for the rest of your stay here. I'm going to go on in and take my shoes off, and I want you to stay outside until I come back to get you. I'll open the door for you, and I want you to get down and kiss my feet, and say a little speech, OK? I'll write it down for you, so that you won't have to memorize it this first time." "Thank you, Master."

"No problem. I won't give you any orders you can't follow, and I expect you're too keyed up to get it right the first time anyway." I had to think for a second before I started writing. 'Master, i am Your slave and am open to Your will. i am nude, as a slave should be. my body is Yours to use or abuse as You wish. i exist only to please You, and i will obey You in all things. Master, please let me enter Your home and serve You.'

When I was done writing, I handed the log back to her to put away, and then gave her the note. I let her read it, and then asked if she had any problems with it. Last chance, Shirley. "No, Master." Good girl. I figured we could discuss the significance of the lower-case "I" and upper-case "Y" some other time, after we established that she had accepted it without argument.

"Okay, that's it. Let's go." We got out and I locked the car, leaving her skirt on the back shelf. I made her come around and hold my arm as we walked to the front door, and then stand on my porch as I went inside. I told her to stay there, and turned on the light so that she was spotlighted. Hell, I wanted people to see her standing nude on my porch. The whole idea was to have fun while humiliating her, and if Fred gave us enough time I wanted to make her fuck some other men while I watched.

I locked the screen door, and went to the master bedroom and took my shoes and socks off. When I came back to the door, Shirley was still standing there holding her speech, naked in the light- except for her shoes. I opened the screen door and asked her what she wanted.

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