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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Oral Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: She was plagued by a panty thief, one who slowly changed her life, one pair at a time.

The start was very simple. Her panties were on the line that she'd put up on the back porch precisely for that purpose. She loved to have the smell of the fresh air in her panties. She'd hold them to her nose, once she'd taken them off the porch line, and the smell was spring and glorious all year long. It was one of the blessings of nice weather all the time.

It was only that, one morning it seemed like there was a pair missing. She wasn't really sure of that. Because, after all, doing her panties and hanging them out on the back porch line had become a ritual and something that she did so automatically that she didn't always notice. But she really thought that a pair was missing.

Jane dismissed the thought from her mind and went about her business. She'd put the panties on the line late, so, se thought that she'd leave them for the day and bring them in that evening.

Her day was a normal one for her, work lunch, work and then a little shopping after work, before coming home to make her dinner and settle in for the evening. It was only later after dinner that she remembered that she'd left her panties on the line on the porch. She went to get them, and they were gone. They simply weren't there.

She didn't notice it immediately, due to her consternation at the panties not being on the line but in a bit she saw a piece of paper that was attached to the line. She went and took the paper down to read it. It said:

"Thank for the pretty panties!"

There was no signature on the paper, only the printed note.

Jane was flummoxed. "Who would want to steal her panties? And why? Yes, they were pretty, she loved wearing pretty panties. Like all women she had cotton and utilitarian ones but her pride and joy were her pretty pastels, her bikinis with laces and see through panels, a few thongs, and a few lovely colored, nylon 'grannies'.

She got a glass of wine and sat in the dark on the porch and thought; she just thought. She was surprised to note that she wasn't particularly threatened by this. It didn't seem to her to be a case about a really dangerous criminal mind at work.

"No," she told herself, "It was a panty thief, and I can handle a panty thief."

It was due to this kind of thinking that Jane came to a decision that would be a fateful decision. She took the note and scrawled onto the note, under the printing:

"Why are you stealing my panties? Give them back!"

She nodded her head firmly and put the note back up on the line. She had a sense that this person was watching.

She also decided that she wasn't going try to sleuth around and spy to find out who it was. She simply wouldn't dignify this thief with that kind of effort. She took her wine into the house and watched a movie on tv. By the time it was over, she'd pretty much forgotten it.

The next morning she was up in the kitchen getting coffee to start her day; it was fairly early and she remembered the porch and the panties incident. She hurried out to the porch, and was disappointed to discover that her note was still hanging on the line.

Jane took the note and was again shocked to see that it actually had a message from the panty thief:

"Want to negotiate for them?"

"No way, Jose! I just want them back now, and there won't be any trouble. Keep it up and I'll call the police." She wrote, thinking: "That should settle their hash!"

This had gotten her dander up and she was almost relishing the challenge. She got ready for work and went off to work, trying to put it all out of her mind. Her last thought on the issue was:

"I'll get whoever it is! I'm not going to be bullied by someone stealing panties."

She worked a little later than she had thought that day. Her 'panty' problem was not the highest priority on her mind, when she got home. But she remembered it quickly enough, and went to the porch. Instead of the note a pair of her panties was now hanging on the line. She went over to them and realized that they had a note inside them.

"Don't threaten me!" the note said, "Look in your bedroom."

Jane dropped the note quickly and went off to her bed room. She noticed, when she walked into the room that the bottom drawer of her bureau was open. The thought flashed cross her mind that it was the drawer where she kept her panties.

Then she saw the piles on the bed. There was a pile of white cotton panties. They were simply cut up and destroyed. The note on top of the pile said:

"These are ugly! Don't buy or wear them!"

The next pile was her special panties. The note on them said: "These are as lovely as you!"

She didn't know whether to be mad or happy about the note. She was surprised by her mixed emotions about it. But had to admit that they were there.

Then there was a pile, with only two pair of panties in it, of white, cotton bikinis. The note here said:

"Barely acceptable!"

Finally, there was a pile of pastel 'grannies' that had a note: "Okay for now and then."

Jane was flummoxed. She was simply blown away by the fact that whoever this was, had the nerve to come into her house, sort through her private underwear and actually leave her notes rating the underwear! She was beside herself.

She sat, and decided that she'd better think this through a bit. First, of course, she had to deal with the piles. She took the ruined white cotton 'grannies' and put them in a plastic bag. The bag she put on the porch. Then she put the others away and realized that she'd have to go shopping for some new panties now.

That thought then hit her. She was allowing this person, or whoever it was, to dictate what she'd do. But rather quickly the notion struck her that she loved to shop for panties. That would be a treat, the silver lining to the problem, so to speak. She surprised herself by finding something good in this ridiculous situation.

Once that thought struck her, she realized that it was precisely that: it was ridiculous. The panties were now all put away, and she went downstairs to think a bit.

Jane had the capacity to be able to be frankly honest with herself, especially in situations like this. She'd just think it through a bit

She got a glass of wine, and sat on the back porch in the cool evening air to think about the situation. She wanted to be honest about this. She hated the invasion of her privacy. But was surprised to discover that this wasn't the main part of the problem. She added to this the fact that she relished the coming shopping trip for new panties. She even wondered idly, if the person would follow her on her shopping trip.

She decided on a new note. She wrote:

"You destroyed my panties! Why? What do you want? Why are you doing this? Tell me, I demand it! I will go to the police!"

She put the note into the panties that were hanging on the line, and went in the house.

She went in and settled for an evening of mindless television and another glass of wine. She watched long enough for the problem to fade in her mind, and only barely remembered to check the porch at bed time.

The note was still there. She took it out and was startled to see that there was already a return note.

"First part," it said, "I destroyed the ugly ones. You're too pretty to wear ugly panties! I bet you even are looking forward to buying new ones. Next, I want to see you in your panties, that's simple. Also, I'm doing it because I can, and it's a challenge. And, finally, I don't think you'll go to the police or you would have done it already."

She took the note and sat with it to think about it. She was surprised that this person was so much in touch with her and what she was like, especially that they knew that she was already looking forward to buying new ones. She knew that they were also right about the police; she'd have gone to the police by now, if that were her intention. She simply hadn't done that.

She knew that a part of her was even reveling in the challenge here. She thought that might be sick but she knew she was enjoying it.

"Give me back my panties!" the note said now, and it went on: "You're not going to see me in my panties! Even if you're right about a shopping trip."

She put the note out into the panties hanging on the line, and stomped off to watch more television, and have another glass of wine, to cool her frustration. She sat watching mindlessly and disturbed herself by actually giggling over the entire affair.

"Stop it, girl!" she said to herself, but this just caused her to giggle that much more. She knew it wasn't the wine that was affecting her; she was so surprised at herself that she was actually enjoying this.

In the morning, she looked even before coffee at the panties on the line on the porch. She took out the note it said:

"You're gorgeous, when you're angry!"

In a fit of heat, she scrawled on the note:

"Bring back my panties today!"

She had her coffee and then hid the key to the house in a new spot. She left for work confident about what she'd done. When she got home, she went to the back porch to check on the 'mailbox' as she now thought of the panties on the line. She was in a swaggering mood, knowing her precautions probably had done the trick. The note, however, was new, and the 'panties mailbox' was gone; Jane was shocked.

"Negotiate!" It said, and then added: "Better look around."

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