Shady and Restful

by Mimi38dd

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Celebrity, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Lots of curves you bet and much more at the Junction

The gray skies were fitting for the occasion. Light mist sprayed the people as they walked from the graveyard. The entire town had turned out for Joe's funeral. Sam Drucker, Fred Ziffle and Arnold, Oliver and Lisa Douglas, Floyd Smoot and the volunteer fire department. The Bradley girls walked away from the grave site toward the little train which would carry them back home to the shady rest. Anyone from outside the community would consider Joe as a lazy bum constantly trying one get rich scheme after another. Little did they know of the secret of the shady rest.

Joe moved back to town soon after Kate's husband died in Korea. Kate was a young widow with three young girls trying to run a hotel on her own. Bill left her a small life insurance policy but not really enough to hire help. At the time Joe was a man in his early 40s. He had been wounded in north Africa during WW2 and was limited in his mobility at times. But male help was scarce and any help was appreciated. Joe did what he could around the hotel as Kate focused on trying to help the girls adjust to the loss of their dad. It was hard as she also missed Bill. Very tough for her to handle the emptiness she felt inside, the loneliness and most importantly the loss of her intimacy she and Bill shared. He knew how to turn her body into melted butter. She couldn't resist him any time and any place. So it was no wonder that Kate found herself with three daughters with in their first 5 years of marriage. Only complications that required a hysterotomy stopped the cycle. Now Bill was gone but Kate's desires still boiled with in. What could she do in such a small town? Surely if she gave into her desires with one of the locals the entire town would know without hours. Everyone knows who is dating who in a small town. Not that she didn't have any offers. Kate and Sam were friends from their days at Hooterville high and she knew that she would have no trouble seducing him. But the fear of everyone knowing was too much. Little did she know that she was the reason Sam never married. He has secretly been in love with her and when she married Bill, Sam's heart was broken to the point where he gave up on love. Kate needed someone but she knew no way of explaining a man visiting the hotel late at night and leaving early the next morning. Not in a small town. She had had an occasional affair with a couple of the guest but that too was dangerous and there was no guarantee that a guest would be available. Little did she know that her answer was about to enter the front door. The train had pulled in bringing uncle Joe back from his lodge meeting. Someone had opened a jug of homemade shine and by the time Floyd and Charlie carried Joe up to the hotel he was feeling no pain. Kate came down to see what was going on as Floyd and Charlie brought Joe through the door. Joe usually didn't drink but tonight was a special night. Joe had just been promoted in the lodge to assistant vice wizard. The first step in becoming the grand wizard of the lodge.

"Kate Kate my favorite niece how are you tonight." Joe bellows as Kate helped to escourt him upstairs.

"Be quiet Joe you will wake the rest of the Hotel" shushed Kate as she helped him up to his room.

Kate walked Joe over to his bed and sat him down and helped him prepare for bed. She removed his shirt and unbuckled and lower his pants. As she bent over to take off his shoes in order to remove his pants, she failed to notice her nightshirt top had fallen loose and was giving Joe full view of her ample breast. Joe while feeling no pain was still aware of his surroundings. The site of Kate firm young breast began to having an effect, giving him a raging hard on. Not anything new, he had constantly gotten a woody watching Kate around the Hotel but hid it. Now with the alcohol flowing in him over whelmed his inibitions. His desires began to overrule his better judgment. Niece or not he though Kate had a fantastic body and he wanted her. Kate had just finished with Joe's shoes and was beginning to pull his pants off she looked up and saw Joe's hard on straining against his shorts. Her breathing got heavy as she examined it. Her eyes quickly looked up to Joe's face and she couldn't help but notice where his eyes were focused. My God she thought what am I doing. I am giving my own uncle a hard on. Her mind was still wondering as Joe reach down and took her by the hand and pulled her up to him beside on the bed. Kissing her deeply. She wasn't certain what to think as she felt his hand reach inside her night shirt and begin caressing her breast. All her up bringing said to get up and leave the room right then, but her loneliness and desires won out as she returned his kiss with passion. It may be wrong but it has been over a year since she last made love to a man. Tomorrow she may feel guilty but tonight she was going to filled the hunger in her. Joe reached down and pulled Kate's night shirt over her head leaving her beautiful body fully exposed. He could not resist her breast and took first one nipple then the other into his mouth sucking and biting as would a new born infant searching for a meal. Kate's body responded in kind as her nipples harden to Joe's touch and her juices began flowing down her leg. Joe stood up and moved his shorts, then laid Kate down on his bed. Kate laid back and spread he legs inviting her uncle to partake of her forbidden fruit. Joe accepted the invitation and crawled between his nieces legs and once again attacked her breast as he plunged his cock deep inside her. Kate had forgotten how it felt to have a man inside her and the taboo factor if it being her own uncle just enhanced the pleasure. Her pleasure built with each thrust of her uncles stiff cock. Every inch of her womanhood craving for more as Joe rammed into her time and time again. Her legs and arms wrapped around him to prevent his from pulling out as if he would ever consider it. Joe was in heaven, Here he was plunging his rock hard cock into his same little niece he used to baby sit year ago. Her smooth breast bouncing wildly as she returned each and every thrust. Her nails cutting into his back as she tried to pull him deeper and deeper. Both breathing heavily and covered with sweat. It was then that Joe felt the familiar signs building up deep inside his groin. He knew he was about to fill his lovely niece with his cum. When the first spurt came flooding out Kate felt as if her eyes were about to roll back into her head. She felt Joe deposit load after load into her as she responded with her own climax. Milking his cock for every last drop of cum. Joe's cock soften and he pulled out and rolled off of Kate onto the bed. With the exhaustion of making love to his niece along with the amount of alcohol in his body it was not long before Joe had fallen asleep. Kate rose from the bed and took her nightshirt with her to the bathroom to clean up before returning to her room to enjoy the best night of sleep she has had for many months.

The next day Kate woke with a big smile on her face and a song in her heart. She got the girls dressed and off to school as she waited for Joe to come down to breakfast.

Meanwhile Joe had awaken early and left the hotel before Kate had arisen. Not sure what to say when he faced Kate. He knew he was drunk at the time but how cold he face her after what he did. How could he had done that to his favorite niece? Joe had to do some fishing and try to clear his mind.

When Joe never came down for breakfast Kate got concerned and went to check on him only to find that he was not there and his fishing rod was also gone. Still Joe would usually be home in time to see the girls off to school when he went fishing. So Kate decided to go looking for Joe. She walked down to his favorite secluded fishing spot and saw Joe sitting under a tree.

"uncle Joe i was worried when you didn't come down for breakfast"

"Kate i just needed to do some fishing and clear my mind. Kate i am so sorry about what i did, Being drunk is no excuse. I have decided that it would be best if i left"

"Uncle Joe don't talk crazy, there is no reason for you to leave. I too was a little woried aboout last night and if things would be awkward afterwards. But there was no reason for anyone to leave. Things happened that neither of us planned but not sometimes things happen that way. I was worried about it also, but not for the same reason"

"Why is that Kate."

"Uncle Joe last night was very important to me. I have missed being with a man. I have been needing a man's touch but was afraid that if i took up with someone that everyone and their brother would know about it. Last night made me feel special and needed and fulfilled. It was almost as if Bill was with me again. What has me worried is that how it will effect our relationship. If it would drive a wedge between us. I do not know how i would make it if you left me and the girls a lone to run the hotel. And if we are going to be completely honest if something happened and you left i do not know how i will make it if i didn't have you to help me feel like a woman again. Uncle Joe what happened may not be right in the eyes of some, but last night it was right and i do not want last night to be the last time either. Why not come on back to the hotel now and i will fix you a big breakfast and we can see if we can improve on last night while the girls are at school"

"You know Kate right now i am not that hungry. Let's say we skip the breakfast part?

Kate smiled as Joe place his arm across her should and they walked back to the empty hotel.

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