Still Standing Jim

by Mimi38dd

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, Drunk/Drugged, Incest, Mother, Son, Sister, Father, Daughter, Aunt, Nephew, Group Sex, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Jim and Cheryl's life changes forever after a chance meet with Bill and Judy. Go Cubbies


Bill miller
Judy Miller
Lauren Miller
Brian Miller
Linda Michaels

Cheryl looked into the mirror, not bad she thought for a 34 year old mom of 5. She worked hard after the twins were born to get her figure back. For the first time in over 6 months her and Jim have an evening alone. Her sister Dana and brother Andy had agreed to take the kids off their hands for a few hours and CHeryl wasn't going to waste the time. Cheryl checked herself in the mirror one last time. Perfect she though, Jim's old Cubs jersey loosely clung to all the right places hanging down just below her ass. Cheryl unbutton the top two button then walked down the back stair to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle of wine she had chilling in the refrigerator. Entering the kitchen her attention was attracted to something out of place on the floor. Damn she thought to herself as she saw blinky bear sitting in the middle of the floor. It must have fallen out of the diaper bag when Dana picked up the twins. Hopefully the twins would be so warn out that maybe they wouldn't notice it was missing. Cheryl picked the bear up and placed it on the table, grabbed two wine glasses, unbuttoned a third button, then picked up the wine and the glasses and entered the living room where Jim was laying on the couch watching a ball game.

"Damn you ANdy" yelled Dana, While paying attention to a lady across the room had spilled the kids food and drinks on the table and allowing it to drip into the diaper bag. Every thing in the bag was sticky from the drinks and the diapers were ruined. "Andy can you please try to pay attention to what you're doing. Yu've ruined the diapers and my shirt."

"Sorry sis" replied Andy.

Dana tells Andy that she needs to wash out the stain before it sets and get more diapers. "I'll sneak in the back way at Cheryl's and get the extra diaper bag and change into one of Cherly's shirts and let this one soak. They load the kids into the car and drive back to the house, parking down the street so not to disturb Cherly and Jim. Dana thinks to herself "They'll be upstairs do i can get in get the spare bag and change shirts without them knowing."

Cheryl entered the living room carrying the glasses and wine, her C cup breast straining agaist the fabric of the jersey. Placing the glasses on the coffee table he leaned over to pour herself and Jim a glass while giving him a clear view of her breast. Taking the glass from the table she leans over offering it to jim who is captiavted by the sight of his wife's full breast as they battle the confines of her top. It was all the last cou[le of buttons could do to keep her breast from bursting out in full view. Jim eyes were fixed squarely on Cheryls breast he couldn't help but notice how they moved with every breath Cheryl took. Taking the wine he took a sip and then placed it on the floor beside the couch. He pulled Cherly to him kissing her hard as he felt his cock swell inside his shorts. His hands reached down cupping Cherly's tits and he felt her nipples grow harder through the fabric. He could not stand it any longer as he grabbed the jersey with both hands ripping it open as the final couple of button went flying. Jim burried his face into Cherly's tits sucking her nipple deep into his mouth stopping only to change breast. Cherly arched his back as she offered her sensitive swollen breat to Jim. She could feel the heat begin to build up between her legs. Pushing Jim back onto the counch Cheryl planted her cunt onto Jim's face. The first touch of Jim's tongue on her hot cunt produced a low deepening moan from her lips. She has needed this for sometime and her body control abandoned her. She was in heaven as shivers of pleasure began to build up and the frustration of the day began to melt away. Each time his tongue swept across her swollen clit her body shuttered uncontrollably.

Dana let herself in the back door and went to the laundry room and found a clear top in the dryer. Removing her wet top and dropping it in the hamper she went to the kitchen to get a wet nap to remove the sticky drink residue before putting on the clean top. She walked across the room toward the shelf where Cheryl kept the spare diaper bag, She placed it on the table and opened it removing a wet nap and was whiping off the sticky residue when she heard a noise from the living room. There was a small crack between the louvered doors of the window between the kitchen and living room that Jim installed so he could watch TV while at the table. Dana's curiousity about the noise she heard led to her peek through the crack where she saw Cheryl grinding her face deep into jim face, head thrown back and her face filled with pleasure. Cheryl shuuterd as her eyes rolled back into her eyes, her breath heavy. She crawled off him face and quickly moved to the large bulge in Jims shorts ... She pulled down the waist and Jim's cock sprung free. It was then that Dana realized what it was that attracted Chewryl to Jim all those years ago. Dana's eyes bugged out as she watch from her hiding place as Cheryl began licking the entire length of Jom fat cock. A good eight inches long and as big around as Dana wrist. Watching as Cheryl began to take inch by inch down her throat Dana couldm't help but be effected. Her nipples harded as her thin bra did very little to cover the protuding nipples. Dana had to bite her lip to prevent herself from letting out a sigh. She almost lost it completely as Cheryl deep throated jim's entire length and lost her balance just enough to slightly bump a chair. Afraid that she might have been caught she stayed perfectly still hoping that Cheryl or Jim didn't not hear and come to the kitchen to investigate. Soon she could hear Jim telling Cheryl to suck it baby suck it hard, that's the way daddy loves it. She knew it was time to leave. Grabbing her clean top, the spare diaper bag and Blinky she headed to the back door. She had just finished putting on the top as she rounded the side of the house and headed to the car parked down the street.

Cheryl sucked Jim's fat cock deep into her mouth, remembering how it was was when they first started dating that she could barely get the head into her mouth much less the entire 8 inches. It took many hours of practice along with a wide assortment of cucumbers till she taught herself how to take the entire length. But it was worth the time as now she could not only take the entire length but the techniques he learn allowed her to bring Jim close to the brink over and over as many times as she wished only to bring him back before he crossed the finish line. With her knowledge she knew that Jim would never need to stray and that he was hers forever. As good as Jim's cock tasted she knew it there was somewhere else that it was better suited. She slowly kissed her way up Jims chest until his fat head of his cock rested at the entrance of her wet cunt. Without hesitation she drove herself the full length down until ever inch of his massive piece of meat filled her. Her legs became tighten as she adjusted her weight, then she slowly began riding Jim increasing her rythym slowly. Jim reached behind her grabbing her ass returning her thrust in kind. The sweat began to flow down her errect tits glisening as it flowed over her sensitive nipples. They both work together meeting each other thrust in a way which can only be acheived with years of experience together. Jim could feel his loins begin to tighten but tried hard to make it last. Soon he felt Cheryl's cunt tighten hard agains this cock and her body began to shiver uncontrollably. Jim unloaded at least 5 large sqirts into Cheryl's hot cunt as her eyes began to roll back and her entired body stiffened above him. Cheryl collapsed on top of Jim both exhausted and breathing heavily. Holding her in his arms as they both fell asleep.

Cheryl was sleeping peacefully in her lovers arms when she was awakend by the backfire of a car down the street. Watching Jim sleeping quietly like a large teddy bear she decided to let him sleep and take the glasses and wine back into the kitchen. Modesty over came her and she threw the remains of the jersey back on and headed to the kitchen. She placed the glasses in the sink, and turned to put the wine back into the refridgerator when she noticed something. Blinky was gone, she looked over to the shelf and noticed the spare diaper bag was missing. So she did hear someone earlier. Instinctively walking over to the shelf where the spare bag was out of the side of her eye she caught a view of jim through the crack in the doors. OMG could they have seen us? Trying to think back to when she thought she heard the noise it struck her. She hadn't thought she heard something just once but a couple times. First time when Jim was licking her pussy and the other while she was riding Jim's cock. Not only had someone seen her and jim they were watching them almost the entire time. Suddenly Cheryl began to feel something strange, she thought that she would be embarrassed but in fact it began to excite her. The taboo thought of being watched excited her. Soon the fire inside her began to smolder again. Cheryl walked into the living room and leaned over and wisperd Jim dear jim wake up baby. She then took jim by the nad and led him upstairs to the bedroom for round two.

Judy Miller meets her husband Bill as he gets home from work:

"Bill i think something is wrong with Brian. I tried to talk to him and see what is wrong but he won't talk to me. Maybe you can find out what the problem is."

"OK dear i will go to his room and talk to him now"

Judy follows Bill upstairs and waits outside as Bill knocks on the door. "Brian can i come in?"

"Yea come on in"

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