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Desc: Sex Story: it's simple math

Hi folks, those of you who don't like longer stories should probably skip this one. Mikothebaby and I have done two or three shorter little gimmick pieces for the last few and we wanted a chance to stretch out and do a story with no ghosts or goblins or tricks. We wanted a story about people relating to each other or not relating to each other and how it affects their relationship or lach thereof. There aren't really any perfect people in this story. A lot of you may not find anyone to like among all of the characters. In order for people who don't like long pieces to feel comfortable I've broken this little drama up into three acts so they can readt them separately. Of course, all three acts are here in one big giant piece for people who want to read the whole thing. You don't have to read it all in one sitting, we didn't write it that way. As usual next week's story will be completely different and probably shorter. Thanks to mikothebaby for editing all of these words and turning them into a readable story. If you hate it, it's not her fault she didn't write it, she just gussied it up. SS06

This is more of an equation than a story. It's a situation although mathematically, it's a subtraction problem, but the emotions involved make it a bit more complicated. Well ... you'll see.

Act one: Grouping

Ryan and Melanie


I stepped out of my used Mercedes C 250. I looked around the parking lot of the motel to see if anyone was looking at me. For the money I paid for the very cheapest car of the Mercedes line, I could have bought a far nicer Cadillac, Audi or BMW. But for me only a Benz would do. I enjoy asking for my keys in a loud voice and saying, "It's the Mercedes." There's something about that which let's everyone around me know that I drive the best. Therefore, by association it gives them the impression that I am a cut above the average bear.

I am all about making an appearance. Most of the people I deal with for any length of time know that I'm more about style than any actual substance. I know that in most facets of life, appearance is everything. Ninety percent of the time, if I look like I know what I'm doing, or look like I belong in a place, everyone there believes I do.

It started out in high school. I was the third string quarterback. I never played a snap in any game my entire four years there. But, I wore the uniform and worked out hard in the gym to make sure I looked good in it. For that, I got the status afforded to all of the guys on the team. I got the respect that all of the members of the team got and I even got a cheerleader girlfriend. I got all of those things, not because I was a great athlete, but because I looked like I was.

I ran into a problem in college when, at a practice, the coach decided to go for a practice game. Ha made up two teams of mixed first and second string players and had them play a game. I had never even bothered to learn the play book. When the center snapped the ball, it came so fast and so hard that it knocked me on my ass. My head hit the ground and I suffered a concussion. Luck was on my side though, because everyone assumed that I'd slipped. I milked the concussion for the whole season and simply didn't return to the team the next year.

While at college, I dated a number of women. I got a lot of first dates and a respectable amount of sex, but very few second and no third or fourth dates.

That all changed when I met Melanie Parks. I made Melanie my reason for living. I put all of my attention on Melanie. I pursued her, I wooed her, I screwed her and in the end I imbued her with the title of wife. She would be the woman I'd have for the rest of my life; or so the story was supposed to go.

Melanie Parks was a moderately pretty girl. She was moderately smart as well. She had medium length brown hair and blue eyes. She had extremely nice, although not giant breasts. Her ass and legs were world class though from running track for most of her life. She was extremely average or perhaps just a shade above. Melanie was one of the sweetest, but also most romantic women I knew. What attracted me to Melanie wasn't her pretty face. I also wasn't attracted to her nice body, her caring attitude or her sweet disposition.

Melanie didn't look like a million bucks in clothes any more than any other woman did. Melanie didn't fuck like a minx and she couldn't suck a golf ball through a garden hose. What attracted me to Melanie so desperately was behind her and it wasn't her muscular ass. I was attracted to Melanie's ... father.

Herb Parks was CEO and largest stockholder in Parks International. He had built the company from the ground up into one of the few domestic chip manufacturing plants that could compete with the Asian market vendors. Parks International was worth its weight in gold. The only thing Herb Parks loved more than his company was his family. He gave his wife and daughter anything they wanted.

He gave us a huge wedding and even gave us a house to live in. The most important thing was that he also gave me a job at a very good salary that I would probably never lose. The opportunities for advancement were unparalleled. The best thing about it is that I really don't have to be good at anything. As long as I look busy and keep looking like I'm doing something, I'm safe. And with Melanie talking to her daddy and telling him that I need a better job every so often, I'll keep rising in the company. Eventually, one of two things will happen.

Either Herb will decide to retire and leave me in charge or he'll die and leave the company to Melanie, which would still leave ME in charge. Another thing that I've learned from the football fiasco is to always have someone to blame in case of catastrophe. And to also stay friendly with a few people who actually know what's going on. That way if I need to make a good showing, I can get them to coach me and make sure I come out looking good.

As I said before, Melanie is a really nice girl. She's sweet and pretty and all of that, but she's a little bit boring for my tastes and I have to really work at it to stay awake with her during sex. I actually started cheating on her before we got married and I've continued to do so ever since. It took about three years for her to catch me the first time. She was distraught and upset and I told her that I'd been drunk. That works really well for women, but for guys being drunk actually cuts down on your ability to perform. But Melanie believed me and took me back. I promised her that I'd never drink unless she was with me anymore.

It hurt me a lot. I had to fire my secretary. She was a really hot blonde with incredible boobs. But somebody had to take the fall for me being caught and she was as good as anyone. Since then, I've been much more careful. I can't afford to have Melanie get angry at me. As boring as she is, my future is tied to her. Lately I've been considering getting her knocked up. That would, after all, make it a lot harder for her to dump me if I get caught again. The problem is that I'm still too young at thirty five for that "Daddy" tag. But we'll see.

As I look around the parking lot, I spot her and she waves at me. She's young, blond and happy. Almost the opposite of my wife's middle aged, dark haired, dour faced appearance. She starts walking towards me and then slows down. She already knows the game. We can't be seen going into a room together. I got the keys earlier and she watches as I go into the room. She looks around herself and then when the coast is clear slowly walks up to the door. Anyone who is only casually watching us won't assume that we're here together. All they'll remember is that a guy went into a room and then a few minutes later, a woman went into a room. Most won't even take note of the fact that we went into the same room since they won't have seen us together.

As soon as the door closed, she was on me. That was one of the things I loved most about Tabitha. She was aggressive when it came to sex. She didn't play any of those stupid fucking games that women play. She didn't spend hundreds of dollars on lingerie that would only end up on the floor and forgotten anyway. She didn't try to set a romantic mood with candles or incense and all of that other retarded bullshit. She didn't need to pretend to be demure or innocent. We both knew what we came here for. She wanted it just as much as I did and there was nothing to gain by playing stupid games the way my wife still did, even after being married for all of these years.

"Suck my titties," she proclaimed as her greeting. She quickly opened her blouse and had obviously either taken off her bra earlier or simply hadn't worn one. My wife could never have gotten away with that. Even though her breasts weren't huge, she couldn't go around without a bra without attracting a lot of attention. Tabitha's barely more than a mouthful sized pert breasts stood up without any support and her nipples were tiny enough that they didn't stand up much even when hard. But all I had to do was to touch them and she was screaming.

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