Rondevous Gone Wrong

by neff trebor

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Heterosexual, Wife Watching, Humiliation, Group Sex, Black Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Cream Pie, Size, .

Desc: Fiction Sex Story: Jenny and her older husband are struggling over a sexuaally stangnant marriage going nowhere. Her husband has to spice it up inorder to increase his stimulation. Jenny reluctantly goes along with it. Their email messages get intercepted and an intruder takes the place of her husband at an encounter she thinks is with her husband.

Jennie Marie Jenkins almost seemed to have a long-distance relationship with her husband. Things had not always been that way, but they had become addicted to their cell phones. They both spent time away from each other for long times because of their work. They could communicate easily through text messaging.

She had married a man who was quite a bit older than herself. She was about twenty five and he was almost fifty at the time. Things were pretty good for a while. They had been pretty inexperienced when they married. Her husband, Joe was a bit of an introvert and geek who buried himself in his work.

Joe was a good provider. He made good money as a professor at the local college. He also made a good deal of money on the side as a motivational speaker. Jenny did not care for his time away from home, but it was a trade-off. Less time together, but more income for things they both enjoyed.

As Joe got older, it became more and more difficult for him to get aroused. Jenny didn't care for sex that much, but took it as a personal affront that he was not that interested. She felt a little guilty that it was getting difficult for him to get aroused. She tried hard to be accommodating to him. If he wanted her to dress a little sexier, she was a little reluctant, but would try to accommodate him if it wasn't too outrageous. Lately, it was getting a little more outrageous. Whatever he asked for generally got him going for several months.

He would bring home a shorter dress from Forever Twenty One for her to try on. Sometimes he would go to her with the store and suggest something outrageous from the display window on the Mannequins. Jenny would try to mask her reluctance and buy it as long as she just wore it around the house.

Lately, he was asking her to wear some of the dresses when they went out to eat. She was getting very reluctant to dress that way in public, but her daughter, Marie, thought she was being ridiculous for objecting. Jenny and her fourteen-year-old daughter could easily pass for sisters. Marie was developed beyond her years, and Jenny had been a late bloomer.

With her daughter's enthusiastic encouragement, Jenny gradually managed to mask some of her reluctance. Joe began to use his cell phone text messaging a little more. Some of his messages were getting a little more suggestive.

One day he was going to be late coming home from work. He suggested meeting her at a restaurant. He had asked her to wear the dark silk dress they had just bought, and leave off the panties and bra. Jenny was shocked and embarrassed, but felt she needed to try and humor her husband. She had promised to obey, for better or worse. This seemed to be worse than better, but hopefully it would make it better.

Jenny was reluctant, but dressed as ordered. Joe had cut off a couple of the buttons on the lower part of the dress. The long dark silk dress only hit her about mid thigh anyway, so there was not much room for modesty when she sat down.

Jenny put on the dark suede boots that zipped up the side and hit her just below the knees. The whole dress fit like a glove. It wasn't "tight" in the sense that it had horizontal stretch marks. It fit with no wrinkles and accented every curve she had. As long as they sat in a low-lit intimate corner away from traffic, they would be O.K. She put on a dark, long sleeved sweater so the dress would be less revealing.

Jenny got into "Burt," her 1970 Volkswagen beetle. She drove to the garment district to meet him at "Gabriella's. It was a small intimate restaurant they had been to once before. Jenny liked it, because they had been given an alcove near the back.

Jenny parked in front and the valet came around to take the keys. He was not too gentlemanly as he opened the door to help her out. Instead of discretely looking her in the eyes, he almost gasped as she swung her long uncovered legs out of the cramped little car. Her dress had ridden up to a ridiculous height in order to drive the car with the manual transmission.

There was no real lady-like way to modestly get out of the driver's seat.

Jenny embarrassingly tried to hold her right hand with her purse over her lap as she tried to cover herself as he chauvinistically pulled her up with her left hand. She tried to put her right hand between them as he brought her up against him. "There you go, Miss." He said grinning as he pulled her upright.

He filled out her receipt and took her keys.

Jenny texted her husband that she was there, and tried to see if he was waiting or running late. "I've got the only table they have." He said. Jenny walked in and told the hostess she was with the Joe Jenkins party. The hostess guided her over to a glass table right next to the window. The window went across the entire front of the restaurant and was up about four feet above the outside grade.

Jenny was embarrassed enough to be wearing the short dress. She was not prepared to be exhibited by sitting in front of the huge picture window. Her face turned red as she watched the occasional couple walk by in front of the restaurant. Things got worse when a couple of men came up grinning at Joe. "Honey, we had a couple of out of town guests that I have invited to have supper with us. I'd like to introduce you to Mike and Jason. Mike and Jason, this is my beautiful wife; Jenny.

Jenny did not hear much of the conversation that night. She was too pre-occupied trying to keep her dress together. No matter how good she was at keeping the sides from gapping, the people outside still got a good view up her dress from the lower angle. The fact that she was not wearing any panties made her concentration on her dinner impossible.

Mike and Jason tried to appear discrete, but there is no way that they could completely ignore the scene in front of them.

After supper, Jenny was glad to extract herself from the situation and get home. Joe was so horny by the time he got home; he couldn't seem to contain himself for several months after that. Jenny had to reluctantly admit to herself that perhaps the ordeal hadn't been that bad if it excited her husband as much as it did.

Because of his work, she had learned to adjust her schedule. She had begun taking college classes again; Photography, Watercolor Painting, Gardening and whatever else her friends suggested over the years. She had become more and more adept with her computer. She had learned to do a lot more with it now.

She had her own email account and browsed the internet with it quite a bit. She had heard one of her friends talk about being fascinated with It was a website where you could find partners to express and explore different sexual fantasies and ideas. She had begun a tentative exploring with the models on Poser 9. Poser was a 3D website.

You could get a 3D model and clothe it in different costumes. You could animate it to do different things.

She had passed on what she had found to Joe, thinking he would be outraged with the website. To her surprise, he seemed intrigued with it. He also began learning the same program. They began emailing each other with different ideas for stories and situations to put the models in. All this seemed to excite him and get him going for a few months.

She had been a stay at home mom ever since their fourteen-year-old daughter, Marie, had been born. They lived in the most exclusive area of town in a mansion that her husband had inherited. Jenny was concerned that if anybody found out what they were doing, it would be humiliating to their family. Never-the-less, her social life had been so boring, she was ready to scream. She longed for the attention she was used to in high school and college.

Jennifer was still spectacular-looking, but you couldn't tell by the way he had made her dress in the past. She was intrigued by the change in his interest. He had ordered her to wear certain things when they skyped each other. He was getting more and more aggressive the more they talked.

Un-known to Jenny, Sam, the valet who had parked her car at Gabriella's, was a computer wizard who lived in an apartment complex across the street.

Jenny and her husband were not computer literate enough to know much about internet security or passwords. When they got their computers, her husband had gone to the local Best Buy and got the stuff. The computers came with internet cards, and they fumbled their way through getting a wireless router to work so they did not have to be connected to use the internet.

She did not know that Sam had been monitoring all the communication between herself and Joe. Sam could see the suggestive outfits Joe had coerced her into wearing. Joe had gotten more and more suggestive to Jennifer.

Sam had parked her car several times when Jenny had met her husband at the restaurant when she had worn her suggestive outfits, and Sam was getting jealous. Sam was aware that Joe was going to be out of town on a business trip for a week or so. He texted Jenny on her computer (pretending to be her husband).

"The trip was cut short. I will be in town Friday night. Let's do something different." They had a rural farmhouse about an hour outside of town that they would go to on the weekends about once a month to cut grass, plant flowers and take care of the property.

He ran a 3D animation of what his next fantasy was. He set up an animation of Jenny, sitting naked in the center of a deserted barn. She was blindfolded and handcuffed. He was going to massage her with oils and perfume and use his mouth on her.

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