Showoff All Day

by jackieoh

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Wife Watching, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Slow, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife becomes accustomed to husband demanding to show her off to others. She secretly enjoys showing in private to a neighborhood teen and later with a young married in a fancy restaurant

(One of a series of stories sequel to the original Showoff)

It was easy to find additional yard tasks for Eric to keep him close to my windows two or three days each week. Today he was over cleaning the pool for example, right outside my bedroom window where last week he watched me getting dressed.

I watched the handsome young man, wearing a low-slung pair of swim trunks as he used a long-handled skimmer whisking away leaves and other debris. He is lean and sleek in appearance, much like the Olympic swimmers on TV. His swimsuit was a red plaid color and drapes low on his hips with the strings hanging down in front of him. He has scant hair on his chest and then it begins again in a vertical line leading down into his shorts, pointing to what I imagine is a black mass of hair surrounding the base of his cock and balls. I shake my head to discipline my mind away from that image.

"What is wrong with you?" I murmur as the mental image of the naked young man refuses to dissolves.

I turned the lights on in my bedroom and tossed the robe onto the bed and stretched long and hard in my light blue panties and brassiere. I moved about the room tidying up briefly, hoping the movement would catch his eye. Without looking toward the pool, I unsnapped the bra and tossed it toward the hamper. I did my normal stretching exercise on the treadmill, then straddled it before hopping on and beginning a slow jog. My breasts bounced as I jogged and I caught a glimpse of Eric paused in his labors, leaning on the sweep and staring into my bedroom.

The familiar tingle of being naked for him came over me and I flushed with pleasure as the treadmill speeded up one notch. Of course, going braless while jogging isn't exactly best practice, but I knew the movement my breasts took from the motion had to attract more of his attention. He had caught on to the fact that I exercise each morning for a few minutes in my underwear.

The image of him being nude ran across my mind as I jogged. My panties were getting moist from my teasing. He continued watching me as he made a show of sweeping the surface of the pool and I smiled that most of his attention was on my breasts.

I slowed the machine and got off to do a few exercises. I faced away from him to let him see the tight panties across my bottom then glanced back on the swiveling exercises to see if he was still enjoying my body. He was. And I was enjoying it too. My nipples were very hard with the thought of him watching me so closely and I was definitely moist with excitement.

Finally, I turned and faced him through the window. Legs spread wide, I rested a moment, hands on hips. He looked away and went at his task for a minute or two and then turned back and sneaked a look to find me still looking in his direction. Slowly, he became comfortable looking at me steadily. My nipples tingled.

My heart was beating a little faster as I slowly gathered the nerve to slide my hand into my panties, still staring idly in his direction. I was shocked when Eric leaned on his sweep once again and very slowly slipped his hand into the front of his trunks, emulating my motion.

My eyes must have been like saucers as I tried to pretend not to notice. I could see that he first scratched himself and then gripped himself, his cock, his balls, or both. My breathing halted a moment at the brazen way he had done it. We stood staring at each other, our hands in our crotches. My breathing resumed, my heart rate bounced up again.

I realized that we were both silently signaling that each knew what we were doing. It was silly, but I decided to break it off by pretending that I had just noticed him. I pulled my hand out and waved to him in a self-mocking way. Eric took his hand off his cock and waved and smiled.

I picked up my white T-shirt and put it on as if it was the most natural thing in the world to be dressing in front of him. As he watched, I pulled on a white shorts and left the bedroom. In the hallway, I stopped to lean against the wall, breathing hard over what I had just done.

When I had calmed down I took two cokes from the refrigerator, scooped ice into glasses and took them outside on a tray. I called to Eric and we sat on the patio with our cokes and cookies.

"How are you this morning, Eric? No sun, so it's not so hot for you, eh?"

"Oh, not too bad. I take it slow."

"Had to do my exercises this morning. I've been skipping it too often." I said, acknowledging what we both knew, that I had just put on a show for him.

"Yeah." He said quietly. "You look good." He looked away and swigged the coke.

Was his meaning that he enjoyed me being naked? I couldn't be sure.

"Thanks. I can always count on you for a nice compliment! You're a sweetie!"

We were silent for a few minutes and it was clear that he was still a little tongue-tied around me. I tried again.

"Your mom told me you are dating Jenny Smith. That serious?"

"Mom said that? Nahhhh!"

"Just friends?"

"Yeah. We study..."

"Oh. I remember those days. Mothers are always too curious, aren't they? And always trying to push things along. I remember my first boyfriend. He took me to the theatre down the street one afternoon. He tried to kiss me and I smacked him! It's funny now."


"Yeah, but I got over that and started liking it by the next boyfriend."

"I've had that experience." He said.

"Oh, Jenny smacked you? That's hard to believe, handsome devil like you." I laughed.

"Slapped me. Hard!"

"Maybe you did something..." I stopped.


"Not that difficult ... kissing ... do you like it?"

"Not much experience." He laughed. "So far I'm not impressed.

"Do anything else? Touching, I mean, that sort of thing."

He just looked away and shook his head.

"Oh my god ... It's starting to rain! Help me take the clothes down, will you."

We ran to the clothesline and I picked up the plastic basket and began pulling things off the line. Eric soon had hands-full of my colorful collection of panties and brassieres to dump into my basket. He looked a little sheepish.

"Did you ever think you would be pulling my panties down, Eric?" I grinned at him and I saw that his face was beet red. "Oh that came out wrong ... sorry, sweetheart!" He laughed and our eyes met and made it all right. He still had two pairs in his hand.

"You wear pretty things." He gasped.

The rain began pelting down and we ran to the little dressing room next to the pool and ducked inside where we could watch the rain. I remembered that I wasn't wearing a brassiere under the white T-shirt and my nipples were now clear and prominent under the soaked shirt. I pulled it away from my body self-consciously.

"Ohmigod, I'm transparent." I laughed trying to keep it light.

Eric was trying desperately not to stare at my breasts plastered with the cotton shirt. I actually turned toward him and the tingle ran through my body as I displayed them for his eyes. It was a lovely naughty feeling. The poor guy tried looking everywhere but his eyes were on autopilot back to my nipples jutting against the fabric. You could see the dark areola too. I loved the rain. My shirt was nice and tight and my breasts looked full and round for him.

"So where did you kiss her?"

"On the lips"

I grinned. "I figured, I meant where, in your car, in the movie, you know, like that?"

"Oh, at her house. Studying in her bedroom."

"Wooooo! " I teased. He blushed even a deeper shade and his eyes went back to my breasts. I turned and posed for him, my nipples jutting impressively.

"Eric, it's difficult going through these years. If you ever want to discuss anything, or ask anything you don't want to go into with your mom ... you can always come to me. I would be glad to give straight answers. You know?"

"Oh, uh, yeah, I know ... thanks."

"I don't want to put any pressure on you ... but would you like to practice kissing? I mean, with me, for instance?"

His eyes were as big as saucers. " ... Uh ... really? That would be cool. Really?"

I smiled and nodded. "Sure ... if you want ... I mean I'm not young and fresh like Jenny ... I could pretend ... I remember being her age." I laughed and he finally laughed too.

"You mean, like, now?"

"Why not? We're stuck in the rain. Show me how you kissed her. I promise not to slap you."

Eric took a very deep breath and pried his eyes from my tits, faced me. His eyes rolled a little, seemed to be thinking back.

"Where did you have your hands?

"Oh ... yeah. Uh, like this." He put one hand on my waist and the other took my hand. He leaned forward, eyes closed. His lips were a little off to the side and I turned to help him. He pushed a little too hard and our teeth bumped.

"Kinda ... like that..."

"Nice. Maybe you could 'think 'soft' when you kiss at first. Here, hold still and let me show you." I put my fingers on his chin and held him steady and pressed my lips softly to his. He was holding his breath. So was I.

"Oh, wow..."

"Or, if your hands are on her waist, like this." I put my hand on his waist and squeezed one of his hands and leaned forward to press my lips softly against his and hold it. I felt him lean into the kiss a little.

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