Best Man

by T.S.Severe

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Reluctant, TransGender, DomSub, Humiliation, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: When Mark accepts the responsibility of being the Best Man at his best friend's wedding, he has no idea the blushing bride will be asking for more than a clever toast and kiss on the cheek.

I knew my best friend Rob was out there, but I had no idea until I was the Best Man at his wedding. His wife-to-be was a gorgeous blonde and I was more than a little envious. Her name was Becky and she looked like the girl next door ... All grown up, of course. And if the girl next door happened to be a Victoria's Secret model.

Becky was very tall and blessed with a lovely, captivating face. She had alluring blue eyes and high cheeks with a clear, creamy complexion, and a sexy, pouting mouth. Becky was always smiling, like she was about to whisper a secret in my ear. Her body was awesome as well, as much as I'd seen of it. She was a modest sort of girl and that's probably what Rob liked most about her, or so I thought at the time. We'd had our share of sluts and one night stands, Rob and I both. We'd even shared a few of them at the same time, but we weren't going to marry any of those girls. Becky, on the other hand, was anything but a slut and her conservative dress and friendly, but somewhat restrained demeanor only made the woman that much more appealing. When Rob confided to me that she refused to have sex with him until they were married, I knew he was goner. Just like I would have been.

So you can imagine my surprise when shortly before the actual wedding was to take place Becky burst into the upstairs bathroom. The wedding was happening at Rob's parents' house, the one in Palm Springs, and I knew Becky had been using the master bedroom to prepare herself. It had its own bath, so why did she need this one? That was a fleeting thought however. At least I was decent, just using the bathroom mirror and sink to comb my hair and double check my appearance before I went to find Rob and make sure he was ready to go. My friend was still a little bleary from his bachelor's party the night before, but his father and a few uncles were babysitting him anyway.

Becky was decent too. More than just decent, she was beautiful the way only a gorgeous bride on her wedding day can be. It wasn't merely surprise that was causing my pulse to quicken, just being close to her was enough to get me aroused. My cock was growing hard as we blinked at each other and then Becky was closing the door behind her, definitely locking it with a loud snick, and yeah, I thought that was kind of strange.

"Are you okay, Becky?" I asked her, because my first conclusion was that she needed the toilet, but she'd locked us both in, so...

"I'm scared out of my mind," Becky confessed, giving me a pouting, nervous smile of the knee buckling variety and the bathroom was suddenly ten degrees warmer and much too small for comfort.

"Oh, um ... Well, it's almost over." I offered what I hoped was a reassuring smile. "Half an hour from now and..."

"I need you," she said and that was all. I mean, just that quick the woman had her hands on my shoulders, pulling me towards her with surprising strength and unmistakable urgency.

Now I'm a man, yeah, and men are dogs, but this was my best friend's fiancé on their wedding day. I wasn't sure what was flipping the girl's switch or why, but I wasn't going to have anything to do with fucking around on Rob, you know? Becky was amazingly attractive in every sense of the word. She defined beauty and seeing her in that white wedding gown, I thought she was damn near perfection come to life, but Rob was like the brother I never had. I'd known him my whole life and there wasn't anything I wouldn't do for him, including turning down the most beautiful girl I'd ever laid eyes on. Especially that, although it wasn't a sacrifice I'd ever imagined myself having to make, obviously.

"Becky ... No, hey! Becky ... Stop..." I found her soft round hips beneath the satin of her gown and held Becky tight, keeping the woman at a distance, or trying to anyway. Seeing her eyes glazed with lust and her skin flushed pink with desire was turning my resolve to butter, and now I was holding her? This wasn't fair at all.

"I need it, Mark!" she whispered with that soft, husky voice of hers. "I'm so tense. I just need to relax, please?"

"Becky ... No. You're getting married and..." I shook my head and tried to ignore the smell of the girl. Sweet and light, baby powder and perfume and something else, something entirely Becky that made my head spin. I was in love with her, I knew it then. I'd always known it.

"Please, Mark? Help me relax, okay? I need you." Her breathless voice was intoxicating as well, the words caressing my ears. Becky's hands were on my shoulders, one of them finding the back of my neck and I shivered beneath the tantalizing touch of her long red fingernails upon my skin.

"But ... I'm the Best Man," I said, feeling the woman pressing her firm, swollen tits against my chest. She'd stepped closer somehow and I'd done nothing to stop her. Becky's moist red lips found my throat, the tip of her tongue teasing upward beneath my chin as I tried to remain resolute.

"That's why I was looking for you," she said. "It's bad luck for Rob to see me until the wedding, so you have to do it!"

"Do what? No!" I felt her rubbing against me, sliding her body up and down and side to side. "No ... Becky! You're getting married. You're going on your honeymoon tonight. You don't want to cheat on Rob today."

"It's not cheating," she lied, her breathless words tugging at my tortured soul. "I'm not married yet. Kiss me..."

"Oh, God..." I closed my eyes and her hand was still at the back of my neck, pulling my mouth to hers. I knew Rob wasn't going to understand Becky's logic any more than I did. If he found out that I'd fucked his fiancé half an hour before they stood at the altar, I'd be a dead man, and deservedly so. What was I doing?

I wondered if Becky wasn't insane, like crazy or something. Cracking up under the pressure of getting married. I mean, she was there all alone. She didn't have any family, just a few guests, some people she worked with in LA and they weren't close friends, as I understood it. She really didn't have anyone else to turn to and I imagined that Rob had told her, just as I had over their short engagement, that if Becky ever needed anything, she could always come to me.

Or what if someone had drugged her? That thought crossed my mind too because this was nothing like the Becky I'd come to know and admire and yes, even love. If Rob hadn't married her first, I would have tried, believe me. Would someone do that to a girl on her wedding day? A joke like that would be pure evil, putting some sort of date-rape drug in her drink or slipping her a couple hits of ecstasy or something. I wasn't sure; drugs had never been my thing at all. But it seemed plausible, sorta. Well, not really. Nothing was making sense.

"I need you, Mark," Becky sighed just before our lips met. "The Best Man ... Ohhh ... Show me..."

And then we were doing it. Even as I told myself how wrong this was and tried to stop myself, Becky's soft lips were on mine, parting as her long pink tongue slipped into my mouth. It was like dying and going to heaven, kissing that woman, and I'd had my fair share of kisses. I wasn't a bad looking man, I knew that, and I'd been kissing girls ever since I'd hit puberty it seemed like, but Becky ... She was tender and playful and somehow patient despite her urgent desires. Her tongue was light and soft and filling my mouth while I tickled it with my own. I played the tip of my tongue along the underside of hers and swallowed our mixed saliva.

We kissed for several long minutes, making out like frantic teenagers. My cock throbbed in my trousers, aching as I held her ass through the many layers of satin and lace. Her perfect form was unmistakable. Becky's ass was round and firm, neither too large nor small, but perfectly suited to be held in my strong hands. I'm a serious ass man and I'd admired Becky's before, but only from a distance and through the modesty of her conservative wardrobe. Now I was holding her, pawing at her wedding gown and digging through the seemingly endless material in the hopes of feeling her bare skin beneath my fingers.

Becky had other ideas however, and after our long kiss the woman was sliding gracefully to her knees on the bathroom floor. Her hands ran across my chest, stroking my flushed body through my tuxedo and that outfit had become almost unbearable by then. I was taking off the jacket, quickly and carelessly while I watched the blonde bride-to-be get on her knees for my swollen cock. There was no doubt about what she wanted to do and Becky's nimble fingers were already working to free my manhood from its unwelcome confines.

"Ohhh..." Becky sighed as she pulled my cock into the cool air and I shivered beneath her firm grasp. "You are the Best Man!"

"Becky, maybe we shouldn't..." I started saying half-heartedly and that was just for show and we both knew it. My cock was hard as steel, about seven inches long and thick with prominent veins and precum leaking from the tip. I could barely think straight as Becky stroked it slowly with her left hand, reaching into my trousers to pull my balls free with the other.

"Shhh ... Let me do this for you now," the woman whispered and I had to close my eyes for fear of cumming as soon as I felt her lips touching the smooth glans. I felt like a virgin again, I swear. The woman was incredible and I was going to explode all over her face in a second.

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