My Angel Ariel

by JetBoy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Lesbian, .

Desc: Sex Story: College student Chandra meets a young girl at a nude beach and, overwhelmed by desire, makes a risky decision that has serious consequences.

One of my favorite places to go in Miami is the nude section of South Beach, which just so happens to be within walking distance of my apartment. I'll bring an umbrella for shade, a bottle of water and some fruit, plus my laptop and schoolbooks. I like that particular beach because I enjoy being naked in the outdoors, but also because I won't be harassed by unwanted company. You see, among those who hang out there are some very beautiful, very gay Brazilian body builders who know me, and if some jerky guy won't take "no, thank you," for an answer, one of my friends will be happy to give him a quick lesson in manners.

It was Saturday afternoon on Memorial Day weekend, an unusually gorgeous day for Miami for this time of year. I was sitting on the beach and reading when I noticed a young girl of maybe fourteen walking alone on the beach, dressed in shorts, t-shirt and a hat. She was looking around nervously and seemed to be unsure of herself.

I put my book down and walked over to where she stood, giving her a friendly smile. "Hi there. Is everything okay?"

Startled, she flinched, her hand flying to her mouth. "Oh my gosh, you're naked!" she blurted. "A-and you have hair down there."

I couldn't help but giggle. "Well, yeah, this is a nude beach, y'know ... and I don't shave my pubes. What brings you here, sweetie?"

She got embarrassed all of a sudden, looking away from me. "Oh ... I heard that this was where, um, people could take their clothes off if they wanted to ... and I kinda thought I'd come down and, y'know, see what it was like!" Giving me a shy glance, she continued. "I'm sorry if I was rude when I saw you just now. I don't know why I acted like that ... guess you sort of, um, caught me by surprise."

"It's okay," I replied, placing a reassuring hand on her arm. "And you weren't being rude – unless you jumped like that 'cause you thought I looked ugly with my clothes off." I did a slow, casual stretch, flexing my body in a way that always drives guys nuts. "You don't think I'm ugly ... do you?" Damn, was I actually flirting with this underage girl?

"Gosh, no!" she quickly replied. "You – you're b-beautiful!"

She had a wonderfully healthy, girl-next-door quality to her that reminded me of nothing so much as a younger, much more innocent version of myself: long, dirty blond hair that she wore in a ponytail, blue eyes, small breasts and slim hips.

She stirred something inside me that I didn't understand at first. Something deep.

My attraction to her was so sudden and intense that it alarmed me. I'd been sexually intimate with females before, usually with other guys involved, but never before had I experienced desire for a girl as young as this.

It was totally crazy for me to be acting all sexy around her, but somehow, I found myself unable to resist – especially when I noticed the way she was checking me out.

I didn't say anything, just waited for her eyes to drift back up to mine. When they did, she blushed again, embarrassed that I'd caught her staring at my body.

"So," I purred, arching an eyebrow, "did you just come down to see the sights, or what?"

Nibbling at her lower lip, she hesitated, then leaned close to whisper, "The thing is ... I've never been naked in public before but I, um, kinda wanted to try it. I mean, I think I'd enjoy it but I'm like, you know, totally nervous. Um, do guys get all up in your face?"

"They stare some," I shrugged. "It's no big deal, though. You get used to it."

"I guess that's okay. I just don't want them, y'know, hitting on me." She glanced nervously at my Brazilian friends, who were casually kicking a soccer ball around.

"You're safe from that if you hang out here," I told her. "Those guys are all gay, and they're totally cool. If anyone hassles me, or even tries to, they chase 'em off." I gave the girl a big, friendly smile. "Tell you what – why don't you hang with me today? Been studying all morning ... I could use some company."

Her face lit up like a neon sign. "Wow, thanks! That's so nice of you!"

I grinned. "Hey, us naked girls gotta stick together. You can get undressed and sit with me, right over there." I stuck my hand out. "My name's Chandra. What's yours?"

And just like that, her nervousness was completely gone, the most angelic smile spreading across her face. "I'm Ariel. Nice to meet you, Chandra."

She extended her hand and when I took it, I didn't want to let go. So I didn't – and hand in hand, we walked the few feet back to where I was set up.

I gave her a curious glance. "So, tell me, Ariel ... why are you here all by yourself?"

"Oh, I couldn't get any of my friends to come along, so it's just me." She spied my textbooks, piled next to my towel. "Looks like you're doing homework. Are you a student?"

"Set your towel down next to mine... there you go. Yeah, I'm in summer school right now, and I'll be a junior this fall at UM."

"Oh cool. What are you studying?"

I gave her a knowing smile, folding my arms. "Ariel... ?"


"It's time." I smiled and nodded in her direction.

"Time for... ? Oh, right. My clothes. Um." She glanced around, her nervousness returned.

I shook my head. "Don't be afraid, girl. Go for it – you'll be fine, I promise. Here. I'll help you."

Gazing warmly into those flawless blue eyes, I gently grasped her t-shirt from the bottom and pulled it over her head. Ariel wasn't wearing a bra, although she hardly needed one. She had small, perfectly round, perfectly beautiful breasts, and I felt a warmth that didn't come from the sun when I thought about how nice it would be to touch them. Then I began undoing her shorts, but quickly realized that maybe I shouldn't be undressing her. With a shaky smile, I stepped back and let her finish.

Stepping out of her shorts, Ariel took hold of the waistband of her pink bikini panties, then gave me a hesitant look. I nodded my approval, and Ariel took a deep breath before tugging her panties down and daintily stepping from them.

She was lithe and elegant, with the figure of a dancer. I thought her mound was bare at first, but then I saw that she had a blond triangle of golden down so light that it was almost invisible. Now completely nude, she put her things at one end of my towel, then looked around. When she saw that no one was ogling her, she relaxed with a contented sigh.

Ariel had forgotten to bring sunblock, so I took out mine. Watching her apply the cool, creamy lotion to that exquisite body made me ache to assist. I settled for offering to put some on her bare back, which I loved doing – my coated fingers traveling down to the top of her pert little bottom.

I was utterly smitten by her.

I put away my book and my laptop, and we talked for a long while, taking a break at one point to splash naked in the sea, giggling and cavorting like the schoolgirls we were. At one point a couple of pale-skinned guys who must have been tourists made as if to come over to where we sat, but a couple of my Brazilian friends put a stop to that in a hurry. Thanks, fellas.

I got Ariel to tell me all about herself. She was fourteen and in ninth grade, totally loved science and wanted to be a biologist one day. She had pretty cool parents and lived with them in a nice house in the suburbs.

We talked about being naked, about school, music, movies, boys, sex, parents and anything else that took our fancy. At one point I asked Ariel why she'd been so surprised by my pubic hair when she first saw me.

She blushed so adorably, replying, "Well, all the girls I know shave down there, and so does my mom ... I've never even seen hair on a woman's, um, pussy before. I think yours looks totally sexy, though – maybe I won't shave mine, either!" Spreading her thighs, she peered down at her own vulva. "What do you think, Chandra? Should I let it grow?"

It was all I could do to keep the arousal I felt right then from coloring my voice. "Oh, you'll look hot either way, sweetie ... but I do think that a woman's pubic hair is sexy as hell."

She giggled when I said that, and that made her look so adorable that I ached to take her in my arms and kiss that laughing mouth.

I'd never believed in love at first sight, but Ariel had me thinking differently. In fact, the hunger I felt for her affected me so much that I must have stopped thinking clearly. Why else would I have given in to temptation by saying what I did?

"Say, Ariel ... Y'know, I live near here, in a high rise just a few blocks away. Like to see my apartment?"

She was delighted. "You have your own place? Cool. Sure!"

We got dressed, gathered up our things and set off. As we left the beach, Ariel and I waved goodbye to my body-builder chums. Just before we turned away, Jorge give me a wink that told me he knew exactly what I was up to, and I felt my face get really hot. Luckily, Ariel didn't notice.

She and I chatted freely all the way to my place, and I found myself more enchanted with her by the minute. Not only was Ariel lovely, she was also incredibly sweet and smart as a whip.

Once in my apartment, I got us both glasses of orange juice, then gave Ariel the grand tour of the place. It's not very big or luxurious, but she seemed impressed.

I had one regret about leaving the beach: now, we both had our clothes on. Thinking about it, I suddenly had an awesome idea!

"You know, Ariel," I casually said, "I'm lots more comfortable naked, and I bet you are too. Why don't we get undressed again ... you know, before we hang out?"

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