Capture Night: a Vanessa Story

by mattwatt

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, MaleDom, Spanking, Gang Bang, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, School, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Capture night at the university is a chance to corral members of the faculty for ransom, then used for local charities. But Dr Vanessa T didn't want to participate, since it ran to close to her long cherished fantasies. She just didn't want to give in. But she was in their sights and she did give in, and give in and give in!

(Author's Note: Previous Story: Vanessa: Beginnings, A Retrospective)


Capture Night was a school tradition. No one could vouch for how it really started but it had been fully established for a decade or more. It evolved over that time from plain student fun, shenanigans and outrages, at times, to a method of raising money for important local and school backed charities.

It was a fairly simple idea, that lurked behind Capture Night. Students, slowly at first but later in the years with great gusto, would plan to 'capture' a faculty member, holding them for 'ransom', which could be raised in any way that the faculty member could devise. The students loved it; the faculty put up with it, especially in the years after the money would be designated for special charities.

Vanessa had been teacher there, in the social science department, for a few years. She was not one of the fans of 'Capture Night'. But she had special reasons.

She gotten to her present position after hard work and sacrifices and was devoted to her teaching. Lessons, the very background of her childhood had made such an impression on Vanessa that she shied away from 'Capture Night' almost instinctively. It wasn't something that she ever wanted to be involved with.

She was, at that point in her career, 33 years old, had been an athlete in college, track and women's basketball being her sports. She wasn't involved with any men on a long term basis.

Another thing, dating, that she shied away from, like 'Capture Night', was the product of those same formative years.

Vanessa had lived with her Momma, Clarice. As a young teen Vanessa, when she began to develop a kind of interest in sex and sexual matters, had discovered, one sleepless night, sexual play between her Momma and the current boyfriend, Walt.

What followed, in the months afterwards, was Vanessa's gradual discovery of a kind of world of sex that, up to then, was shrouded in mystery and darkness for her. It hadn't been a part of her thinking or her outlook. After she made her discoveries, it would never again not be a part of those things, her thinking and outlook.

Vanessa'd been wakened by sounds from her Momma's room and got up, innocently at the time, to check if she was okay. What she found was a shock, and the path to her future.

She took advantage of a door that was opened, and, standing in the dark, saw Walt and her Momma in the bathroom, beyond the bedroom.

The scene that she discovered before her blazed an instant impression on her mind. Nor was this the only time that she made such a discovery. In the days, months ahead, Vanessa was the constant voyeur, the onlooker, the observer. She took in the scenes of her mother's full blown submission, of her mother's willingness to do what Walt wanted of her.

These scenes were not only things that Vanessa observed; they became slowly but surely a part of her, a matter of her own sexual makeup. In almost every case, Vanessa, in seeing her Mother's willingness to do what Walt wanted, translated that knowledge into a fantasy of what she herself would do, wanted to do, wanted to experience.

On that first night, and for many nights in the future, Vanessa learned about sex by watching her Mother perform for Walt, obey Walt, do what Walt wanted.

She watched as though her own very existence depended on watching.!

That night, standing in the doorway, she saw her Mother, totally naked, kneeling and giving Walt, totally clothed, a blow job. He cursed at her, called her dirty names, pulled her hair, and slapped her breasts and Clarice took it all and seemed to enjoy it all.

From the start Vanessa was mesmerized, rooted to the spot and from the start Vanessa wanted to know what it felt like, what it would be like, if it were she there kneeling, naked and subservient with that big white cock plunging in and out of her mouth.

It was so with every scene that blazed in front of Vanessa's eyes in the months to come.

She never hesitated to go out, when she heard their sounds, and see what they were doing. In the process she leaned about sex as a dedicated voyeur who wanted, above all, to be doing those things, practicing those things herself:

The the fucking, the ass fucking,, the times when Walt beat her Mother with a belt, and Clarice knelt submissive and willing and allowed it to happen.

It was the sum and substance of Vanessa's sexual education.

During all those times, when she was the observer, she retreated eventually and played with herself, in every case trying to visualize what it would be like if she were doing those things with Walt, or letting Walt do those things to her.

On one occasion her Mother told her that she and Walt were going to a house warming at a friend of his house. Vanessa knew the area and a short cut to the area and that night her education took another leap forward. She got there in time to see Walt and her Mother arrive. But, much to her surprise, when they arrived, before they went into the party, which was only a bunch of older men, Walt made Clarice take all of her clothes off, except for her heels and took her into the party naked.

Eventually, Walt began to include Vanessa, who was in her middle teen years and growing fast, in his games. She finally woke on one occasion, after having an erotic dream about giving someone a blow job, to find that Walt did indeed have his erection in her mouth.

She began then to be a part of the sex scenes that she'd witnessed for so long. She finally began to discover what it was like to be the naked one, kneeling and giving a blow job. Her education expanded by leaps and bounds.

It all came to a bad end with Walt, with her Mother finally driving him away but the foundation for Vanessa's view of sexuality had been laid, and she was never able to totally deny it, or set it aside.

When she would allow herself, and as the years went by, she made sure that she allowed this kind of stuff less and less often, she would descend into a kind of world where being the naked, kneeling slave thing/person was the center of the universe for Vanessa.She spent those times, those occasions replaying in her own experiences the scenes she'd witnessed her Mother playing out. It didn't matter if it were internet sites, internet story sites or some totally dirty reality, Vanessa developed a world, an alternative to her real world, where she was the slave and whatever white cock happened to be involved at the moment was the master.

She began her life long, love-hate relationship with that kind of thinking, that kind of sexual longing.

And this was one of the major reasons that she never wanted to allow herself to be involved in the 'Capture Night' activities at the school. She spent the years that she taught there making sure that she was away, busy or just totally unavailable when 'Capture Night' occurred, and thus far she'd been successful.

She simply wasn't sure that she'd be able to go through one of those 'Capture Night' experiences and not make a sexual fool of herself, and that would be totally inconsistent with her standing as a member of the faculty.

She recalled how surprised, turned on, she was, when she first was introduced to the 'Capture Night' tradition, as a rookie teacher at the school.

This year, as so many years in the past, Vanessa planned to simply be by herself. She lived off campus and far enough away from the campus activities that she never was bothered by any of the 'Capture Night' things. And now she had been 'head hunted' away from the school to a new position at a bigger school and this would be the last time that it ever was a problem for her. She'd successfully avoided 'Capture Night' activities and was leaving.

There was a small group of students, however, who were of a different mind set about Vanessa and capture night. She had been on their mind for all of their undergraduate years and now, as seniors, were determined to do something about it.

Their plan was certainly sophomoric but only in that it was devised, when they were sophomores. They watched the frenetic activities revolving around 'Capture Night' as freshman and talked among themselves about it. But then they planned and Vanessa became the very heart and soul of their plan. Two of them had her that freshman year for Intro to Sociology, and they reported to the others that she was 'the fox of the faculty'.

They took time to seek her out, look her over kind of, after that, and the other two were easily convinced. They planned to capture the Professor and made that their 'Capture Night' plan.

It went awry as sophomores because the plan wasn't fully ready, fleshed out enough. As juniors it went awry also because Vanessa made sure that she was gone and away from the school during that time period. Now as seniors they were ready.

But these four boys were determined to put their plan into action this year. They also had some history with this kind of thing.

When they were in high school together, they ran a kind of lawn mowing company. They all shared in the work and the arrangements of the company that they'd formed. One of their customers, Mrs Wendy Graves, proved to be the prototype for the future plan concerning Vanessa and 'Capture Night'.

When one of them, on an occasion, was doing the yard work for Mrs Graves, he noticed that a number of times she showed up at one of the windows, almost accidentally, wearing only her panties and bra.

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