A Wager With Fat Tony

by Priapus

Copyright© 2012 by Priapus

Erotica Sex Story: Jake takes his wife for a night out on the town, but things don't go exactly as he hoped when he makes a stop to visit his bookie.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Coercion   Blackmail   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Wimp Husband   Wife Watching   Humiliation   Interracial   White Couple   Black Male   Oral Sex   Cream Pie   Voyeurism   Size   .

Jake didn't tell his wife Katie where they were going; only that she should get all dolled up for a night out. The tall, shapely beauty selected her sexiest red dress, strappy red three inch heels, a pink demi-cup bra and matching lace bikini panties. She always enjoyed their nights out together, feeling flattered by the attention that other men would give her.

She especially liked it when they would ask her to dance. She adored dancing and her husband wasn't really into it, so he allowed her to go out on the floor and have her fun.

Often, in the embrace of another man, pressed hip to hip, the sultry beat of the music drove Katie into a fantasy realm. In this world she would surrender, and be swept off her feet by a handsome stranger, taken roughly in the back of his car, or driven out into the cold night air to make love in the dunes of the beach.

At the end of this fantasy she would be returned to the club where they danced, where Jake still waited, unaware that his wife had been seduced and used by another man.

They hadn't gone out for quite some time. Jake had been having money troubles and it seemed like there was never a good time. He was always distracted by something, and wouldn't share what it was. She hoped that going out tonight meant that he was feeling better, but she also knew that she was going to be feeling the press of some man's hard dick against her thigh on the dance floor tonight, even if it wasn't Jake's. The thought of it gave her a little thrill, and she hoped that she wouldn't get so wet that she soaked through her dress.

Katie was surprised when her husband pulled into the parking lot of a seedy bar instead of the trendy clubs she was used to attending.

"You sure this is right, baby?" she asked. The neon sign said "Fat Tony's" and the windows were all covered in black paint with white hand-painted lettering that advertised "Billiards," "Beer," and "Fun."

"Yeah, we're in the right spot." Jake shut off the engine and stared straight at the dashboard. He made no attempt to open his door, and there was no way Katie was going to get out of the car until he came and opened hers, at the very least. He stared for almost another minute before his voice cracked on his next words.

"Honey, I'm in trouble ... we're in trouble." His voice was flat and he sounded like he was going to cry. His wife, at first fearful, was starting to get mad. He was presuming that whatever the hell he had done, she was going to go along with him.

"How can 'we' be in trouble, Jake. 'I' haven't done anything wrong! If you got me into something so help me..." she paused, not really sure what threat was going to come next. She wasn't really in a position to make a lot of threats right now. Call the police, maybe? But if he'd gotten her tangled up in something then she could find herself in jail too.

"Babe..." he steeled himself and reached over to touch her hand, but she moved out of the way. "Babe ... you know how I always made extra money betting, on the horses and on the games? That was the 'fun money' we used for trips and restaurants and dancing." He tried to smile, hoping the pleasant memories would thaw her icy glare, but it wasn't working.

"Well I haven't been doing so well lately. I've lost a lot of money."

"How much?" The temperature in the car seemed to have dropped thirty degrees.

"Almost $50,000," Jake's voice cracked.

Katie seethed. She wasn't sure what to say. Her mind raced. When she was really upset she got quiet, and she practically whispered, "Where are we supposed to get that sort of money? What does that have to do with us being here at this dump?"

"Katie, this guy that came to my office to collect last week, he said if I talked to Fat Tony, maybe he could work something out. He saw our wedding pictures on my desk and said if I brought you along, maybe Tony would go easy on me ... He said Fat Tony isn't as mean if there are pretty ladies around."

"Goddamit, Jake. You're using me as a distraction to get out of a gambling debt?" Katie stared straight ahead and opened her own door. "Let's get this over with," she said, getting out and stalking angrily toward the door.

Jake caught up with her before she pressed the buzzer. "Thanks, baby. I'll make this up to you, I really will." He pressed the buzzer and a little panel on the door slid open.

"Yeah?" came a deep male voice from the other side of the door.

"It's Jake, here to see Fat Tony. My wife Katie is here too."

"Yeah. I ain't blind." The panel slid shut and the door squeaked open, the man standing behind to conceal himself. The couple stepped into a dark, cramped vestibule and the door was closed and bolted behind them. The man who had answered the door stepped in front of the two.

Despite her fear about the situation, Katie had to catch her breath. He was gorgeous. Maybe six and a half feet tall, black as coal and shaved bald, he looked like he was chiseled out of stone in a black knit shirt that fitted his massive chest tightly, and black dress slacks that also showed off his powerful thighs.

Katie thought she saw the curve of his thick manhood trapped against his left thigh as well, but it couldn't be ... it was way too big to be real ... must be a trick of the light.

"You two packin'?"

"What?" Jake asked.

"Armed?" The naïve couple stood mutely. They didn't belong here. The large man smiled as he realized that he had the distinct advantage, not just in physical size, but in their fear of the unknown. "I'm going to have to search you both. Pretty lady first. You stand back, man." Jake stepped away as the man moved in close to Katie, really close.

In heels she was nearly six feet, taller than her husband by a couple of inches at least. This man dwarfed her. He didn't frisk her so much as envelop her, wrapping her in his strong arms and running his large, heavy hands down her back.

His fingers pressed hard against the taut muscles of her back. She gasped as he drew her against his hard, rippled frame. She felt his thick member against her belly and thigh.

It hadn't been an optical illusion, that beast between his legs was real. He was rubbing her against it. She felt it throb looked up into his eyes and smiled.

He pushed her a step away and ran his hands down her shoulders and arms, holding her gaze the whole time. "Excuse me, ma'am," he apologized as he moved his hands to her shoulders again and moved them slowly, deliberately down her front. The bodyguard grinned as he cupped her beautiful firm breasts in his fingers, kneading them purposefully and locating Katie's hardening nipples between his thumb and palm, pulling them gently. Her eyes closed and she leaned forward into his grasp.

Just as she began to lose herself in his forceful touch, his hands moved down her stomach, to the outside of her hips and down to her thighs, just to the hem of her sexy red dress. As his hands touched the bare skin of Katie's legs, Jake, who had been silently watching, tried to interject.

"She obviously doesn't have any weapons ... leave her alone!"

"Shut up, little bald man," the burly guardian snapped back. "Sounds like you're trying to hide something." He looked up at Jake's wife, still trembling from his touch, and apologized again, "I wasn't going to do this, ma'am, but you have to understand that your husband has raised my doubts." He put his hands on her bare skin just above her knees and gradually lifted them toward her waist, pushing the dress upward as he went.

Jake sputtered as he watched the strong black man expose his wife's panties to view. Katie's husband was stunned when the man looked up at his wife and smiled a wicked smile, pulling the waistband of her panties toward him, and sliding his other hand down inside them.

Katie gasped and stood on tiptoe as the man's thick finger parted her wet lips, sliding deep inside her and curling to press against her g-spot. She couldn't maintain her balance and fell forward, catching herself with her hands on his muscular shoulders.

"Please..." she whispered as he probed her. She wasn't quite sure what she was asking ... was she begging for him to stop, or not to stop?

Before she could figure out what she meant, she felt it happening, from deep inside she started to spasm, clenching his finger as she shuddered in a quiet, powerful orgasm.

He stood her up, shaky on her feet. "Your wife has the tightest pussy I've ever felt, little man." The guard held his wet middle finger right under Jake's nose.

The unmistakable smell of his wife's sex filled his senses, and Jake started to shudder, from anger, and also from a strange feeling of excitement unlike anything he had ever felt. The guard looked down and laughed out loud. "Is that a gun on your pocket, little man? Or are you just happy to see me finger your wife?"

The large black man guffawed and reached down, grabbing Jake's crotch with the same hand that had just penetrated Katie's pussy.

"Feels like your hubby got all hard watching me jack you off, lady!" He laughed deeply again, taunting them both. "Go on in," he said, holding the door, "Fat Tony will see you" he nodded to Jake, "and he's gonna love to see you, baby," he smiled at Katie.

The room they stepped into had a pool table, and two men studied the arrangement of the billiard balls. One, a skinny, light-skinned black man with tight cornrows looked like he might be nearly 7 feet tall. The other, shorter than Jake and twice as heavy, leaned back with one elbow on a bar stool as the tall man bent over to make a shot.

"Fat Tony?" Jake addressed the shorter man as the tall man missed his shot. The short man snorted.

"I'm Fat Tony," the tall, thin man stood up and grinned. Sitting on the edge of the table he cut right to business. "You're the Jake that owes me fifty grand?"

"Yes sir..." Jake started to sputter. "I can pay you back ... I just..."

"Need some time ... boo hoo ... heard it all before white man. Unless you got my money you got nothing I want, except..." the tall man looked Katie up and down. "You bring me this lovely lady as a peace offering?"

Jake reacted in shock. "That's my wife!"

Tony smiled a demonic smile toward Katie. "I have a way out for both of us, little lady. Jake here" he said, stubbing a finger at the quaking bald white man, "has a little accident. You collect a fat insurance check, and pay me back my 50 plus 50 for my trouble."

Jake started to get dizzy. Katie rushed forward toward Tony. "No, please," she pleaded. "There has to be another way. I'll do anything, just don't hurt him."

"You heard her, Jake. Your wife has bigger balls than you do. She'll do anything for you; let's see what you can do for her." Tony cleared the table of all but two balls, the eight and the cue. The eight he put right at the opening of the far right corner pocket, the cue near the closest left corner.

"That's a lot of green between those two balls ... just like you owe me a lot of green. I'm giving you three chances to make that shot. You miss once, your lovely bride loses her dress. Again, her bra. Third miss, I take her panties and you leave her naked ass here with me and my boys until I'm done. You make one of three, you take her clothes, go home and your debt is erased."

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