A Reminder

by Jessy19

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Babysitter, Slow, .

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: A famous radio DJ receives a phone call from someone from his past.

"It's that time of the night again. Yes, it's the midnight love hour. Coming to you live I'm DJ Dakota. Call me up and let me know who you're thinking of. Let me know who is special to you. Tell me who you admire."

Larry punched one of the many buttons at his station and The Verve's "Sonnet" began to play.

He sat back and watched the lights flicker on the telephone line. Larry loved his job as one of the cities most popular DJ's. He was well known for his late night show on the radio.

He took the first call.

"Hi I'd like to send my love to Richard from Cindy." The girl had a squeaky voice.

"Ok will do," Larry jotted down the name.

He pressed second line.

"Hey DJ Dakota, I'd like to request Modern English 'I'd melt with you' to Brian Thompson from a secret admirer."

Larry laughed. "Ok you got it."

Next caller.

"I'd like to send a dedication to Annie, the love of my life from her husband Jeff."

"You got it man."

Next call. Silence. Static.

"Hello? KTYZ Radio? Caller, are you there?"


"Hello?" Larry sat up. For some reason his heart began to pound.

"Yes. Hello DJ Dakota."

"Good evening, what can I do for you? Who do you want to send some love to?" Larry asked. His heart still pounding.

"This goes out to ... you actually. Can you play The Cure's "Love Song?"

Larry smiled. "Um ... yeah sure."

"I bet it's one of your favorite's isn't it DJ Dakota?" The female voice asked in a sultry tone.

Larry closed his eyes and could hear the song playing. He remembered being in his room. He remembered watching long dark brown wavy hair swirl and the smell of soft scented perfume. Suddenly he came back to reality. It was another quick flashback. He wished he could remember everything.

"So ... can you play it? Please?" The female implored. Her voice was smooth like honey.

"Y-yeah, sure. No problem." Larry was about to hang up when he heard her say something.

"Play it and remember me."

The line went dead.

Larry stared at the phone and the blinking lights that kept flashing, urging him to answer. He was in a trance for a moment until he realized the song that was playing earlier had stopped. He went straight for commercial break.

The next evening DJ Dakota was on again in full force. The lines were bombarded with dedications and song requests.

"Hey DJ Dakota, can you play Erasures "I could fall in love" dedicate it to Georgie from his love Debbie."

"Yeah you got it," Larry answered.

He got more dedications to husbands from their wives, to boyfriends to their girlfriends to anyone from secret admirers. The phones were ringing off the hook that Wednesday night. Larry was busy answering calls more than ever hoping that maybe ... just maybe that one caller would call in again.

Her voice sounded sweet like honey. Her laugh was sultry. Something about her voice was reminding him of someone. Someone he used to know. He was trying his hardest to place that voice but he needed to hear more.

"KTYZ Radio, who are you sending some love out to?" Larry asked full of energy.


His heart pounded again. "KTYZ radio ... anyone there?"

"Hello again."

It was her!

Larry sat up straight in his leather chair and smiled. "Well, well. Hi again. Don't tell me, you want to hear the Cure's 'Love Song' is that right?"

She laughed softly. Larry closed his eyes and could hear the laughter more now. The sweet sounds of female laugh surrounding him. He was in bed looking up at someone...

He opened his eyes and the flashback was gone. Damnit!

"Hmmm ... actually no ... can you play 'Under the Milkyway' by The Church?"

Larry licked his dry lips. "Y-yeah no problem. Is that a dedication to me again?"

He could hear hard breathing. "Maybe," she said softly. "Do you want it to be?"

Larry bit his lower lip. Who was this woman? She was such a mystery but he knew he'd met her before somewhere. She did have great taste in music, he had to admit.

"I'd like it to be," he finally spoke.

"Ok then, it's to you baby. All yours."

Larry opened his mouth to speak but then heard nothing but a dial tone.

Larry got home that night around three in the morning as he usually did. Brandy, his girlfriend for over a year was fast asleep. She was still in college and didn't live with him, but often spent the night when her roommate was busy entertaining a gentleman.

Larry kicked off his shoes and crept towards the bed. Brandy stirred in her sleep. She slowly opened her eyes and saw Larry had unzipped his pants and had his hard cock sticking out. She groaned.

"Ugh Larry, not right now. I'm tired."

Larry felt his cock instantly get soft. He zipped up his pants and Brandy turned around with her back towards him. He sighed and went to take a shower. A cold shower.

The next evening Larry was busy again taking dedication calls and playing some of the best love songs he could think of. Each time he answered, he hoped that one caller would call him.

It was almost the end of his shift and she hadn't called. Disappointed, Larry began to play the last song of the night. His coworker Jay was taking off his jacket and going over some material he would talk about since he'd be taking over after Larry left.

The phone rang. Larry stared at the blinking orange light indicating a call was waiting to be answered. No one ever called at the end of the song. Not ever.

"KTYZ radio!" Larry answered.

Static. Silence.

Larry's shifted slightly in his seat. He looked over at his coworker who was busy looking through music he would play on his shift.

"Hello?" Larry whispered.

"Hi." The same sultry voice came through the line.

"Hey," Larry smiled.

"It's closing time huh?" She said and laughed softly.

Larry gulped. That laugh. He knew that laugh.

"Yeah. Sorry you didn't call earlier so I could play you another song."


"Hello?" He asked nervously hoping she hadn't hung up.

"I'm here. I'm just ... I like hearing your voice," she purred.

Larry licked his dry lips. "Oh yeah?"

"Yes, very much so. I have missed your voice for so long. I have missed you."

Larry looked over at the monitor that indicated the song playing only needed 45 seconds before it was over.

"Can you call me on my cell phone?" He asked cautiously.


"Hello?" Larry urged. The song was almost finished.

"I can. If you want me to."

"I do," Larry blurted out.

"Ok ... give me your number," she said softly.

Larry recited his number to her just in time the song finished. He quickly pressed the monitored for a commercial break. Larry took off his headphones and looked over at his friend Jay.

"I'm out of here. Have fun," Larry said as he tried to rush out.

"Alright bro, take care," Jay went over and took over the station.

Larry put on his jacket since fall had just arrived. He walked out of the building as fast as he could. He had told the caller to give him at least five minutes before calling him.

Once he was in his car, Larry sat and stared at his phone. He waited for her to call. A few minutes later his phone lit up displaying a private number. He smiled wondering why she had to block her phone number.

"Hello?" Larry answered.

"Hello again." Her voice caressing him.

"So ... you seem to know me. You sound familiar but I can't quite place you."

"Do you have children Larry?" She asked.

Larry leaned his car seat back and listened to her voice. "Um ... no kids. I'm 25 years old so I don't want children right now. Why do you ask?"

He could hear her breathing hard. "If you had children ... would you ever get a babysitter?"

Larry thought that was an odd question. "Well ... if I had to. Like maybe if I had a hot date with my wife." He laughed.

"Are you married?" She asked.

"No. I got a girlfriend though." Larry regretted saying that but it was too late to take it back.

"Oh..." she sounded disappointed.

"I don't know if I love her though," he said right away. He didn't know why he was being so open with her.

"Well why do you think that?" She inquired.

"I don't know. I guess you just know how you feel about someone. You know when there's a connection."

"Hmmm ... so you ever been in love Larry?"

Larry looked up at the ceiling of his car. "Yeah..."

"Me too," she said quietly.

"With who?" Larry asked. He was curious.

"It was a long time ago," she sounded sad. "I was so very much in love. I just couldn't be with him."

"Oh? Why not?" Larry wondered.

"He was much too young for me. I was his babysitter ... sort of."

Larry was suddenly stunned. "Babysitter?" His voice squealed as if he was going through puberty.

She laughed sweetly. "Yes, that's correct."

Larry began to pant. His cock suddenly stirred in his pants.

"You want me to tell you about it Larry?" She asked innocently.

Larry nodded and then realized she couldn't see him. "Y-yes."

"Well ... I was actually supposed to be babysitting his new born baby sister who is about ... hmmm ... she's about ten years old by now."

Larry gulped. His heart was pounding. "How old was he?" Larry dared to ask.

"He was fifteen at the time. He's probably ... about your age now Larry."

Larry knew it now! Her voice, her laugh, the way she made him feel. It was all coming back to him ... slowly...

"Are you home yet?" She asked him.

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