Blue Moon on Halloween

by Ana Mirely

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Paranormal, Were animal, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Double Penetration, Slow, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: A ghoul-hunting witch takes on the ghoul that has tormented her family for generations. There's only one problem: the pair of wolf shifters the ghoul used as bait just happen to be her mates.

Lucinda was standing at the porch of her little house. It was almost midnight on October 30th. Halloween was just minutes away and staring at the moon she sighed. This year October 31st will have a Blue Moon. Blue Moons usually appeared every three or four years, and in those occasions many unexplained phenomena happened. It was not so much that the Blue Moon usually caused a stirring in the gifted communities of witches, wizards and warlocks, but it also brought out monsters, demons and ghouls looking for souls to posses, people to destroy and brought havoc upon the ungifted population. Chaos happened and the other gifted beings like shape-shifters, vampires and the fey tended to stay indoors while the ungifted went out Trick or Treating dressed up in different costumes to enjoy an overindulgence of candy and gifts. Well, the gifts that some people got were not exactly what they were looking for.

She was ready to face whatever it came. Eleven years ago she had lost her mother on a night like this; an earth witch who had lost her life to a ghoul trying to protect her community. Three years later, on another Blue Moon, Lucinda lost her dad and brother.

Staring at the moon, she sensed something stirring inside her. The Moon was large over the zenith and had a certain bluish tint. At twenty she knew what her life would be like: fight ghouls and become stronger in her magic. Her mom had passed on to her the knowledge of using the earth to harness the power needed to fight the monsters. Her uncle, Caleb, had taught her the techniques to fight such creatures and together with others like her, they were able to thwart some of the creatures from taking other souls. Unfortunately, both on January 31st and March 31st, neither she, nor her uncle and his friends had been able to save some of their relatives, including two cousins. This year, when the Blue Moon came, she and her relatives would be ready, especially since she now knew that her family had been a target since her mom died. The ghoul had left his calling card, and she was ready to answer this time around. It will not win again, she promised herself. Sensing something, she went inside and the phone rang.

"Aunt Clare?"

"Hi Lucy, your uncle is a little antsy, we are worried. Anything to report?"

"Not yet, Aunt Clare. All is quiet, too quiet," she answered, worried. If her Uncle Caleb and her Aunt Clare were worried, something was definitely on the air.

"It's already midnight. We have a whole day to worry, and until the clock strikes midnight we'll be on alert. Keep your senses open, Lucy. I know that thing is out there."

"I know. I'm keeping watch. Love you, Aunt Clare."

"Love you too, girl."

Lucy hung up and went to the window. It was going to be a long night, and then All Hallows Eve will be upon them. She sat by the window, watching the night. The evening mist covered the streets, and as the fog grew thicker, she sensed that something watched her.

She took a quick reading of the wards around her home, if someone needed her, they would be protected under her roof. She needed to save her energy for the following night when she would patrol the streets, protecting those that needed it. She was anxious; her world was not exactly what she would have wished for, but every time she fought the ghouls and demons, she felt satisfied that she could make a difference.

She watched her reflection on the glass window. She felt old, and looked into her hazel eyes. She had traded most of everything that a woman her age would want for the chance to fight against the monsters. She didn't think herself pretty, and thought very little about being a woman. Her life included helping out her two aunts at the coffee shop and train with the other witches to help her community, having some empathic abilities helped. After all, dealing with daemons, strange poltergeists, ghouls and zombies took up most of her time. She felt responsible for the safety of the gifted as well as the ungifted part of the population in her community.

This time she would get the nasty ghoul and send him back to where he came from. Halloween was the perfect time to exile the creature for eternity and she was ready. Even if meant giving up her life. She wouldn't trade a single moment of it.

Engrossed in her thoughts, she almost missed a reddish mist circling the house across the street. Quickly, Lucy tried to remember when had she seen such a mist before. She then remembered the night her uncle Caleb had contacted a government agency to help control the amount of ghouls and zombies that had gone berserk during an All Hallows Eve. The four inner planets had aligned and the hunger for pure energy had brought out all sorts of creatures.

She stared at the mist. What was going on? Worried she looked at the moon again. And a reddish ring surrounded the bluish halo.

Nervous, she prayed that she was seeing things. If her senses were right, an energy source from the depths of the planet made its way to the surface and with it all sorts of negative energy.

"Oh, hell, no," she exclaimed and reached for her phone. Lucy dialed her aunt and waited. No answer.

Worried and desperate, she opened the door ready to run to her uncle's house, when suddenly she was hit by a wave of heat. Her sight blurred and an overwhelming sensation of fear, excitement and anxiety made her body vibrate. She shook, and making an effort to clear her mind, she conjured a cleansing spell. She stood and recited her spell over and over, and once her vision cleared, she sensed a presence at the end of her yard. Through the dark, she could tell someone was there. She sensed two presences. Staring motionless, she finally distinguished two figures, but they were not people. Instead they looked like some kind of animal on four legs. Agitated, she took a step back, closer to her door, and just as the figures starting moving towards her she felt a rush of energy and projected a shield surrounding them.

She watched as two huge wolves sat on their haunches, waiting, encircled in her force field. She wouldn't allow two wolves to come any closer until she could find out what was going on. The wolves, one gray and one black, were enormous and seemed to be growling while making a sound like snorting. Wait, snorting? Wolves didn't snort, did they?

Lucy had her eyes fixed on the animals and carefully started to approach them. No way was she going to let them loose from her shield without knowing the cause of their visit. It was almost one in the morning and all sorts of weird happenings would start on this day, even if the moon was not completely full yet.

Reaching the force field, she studied them. They were not average wolves, for one, their size was practically doubled, and as she stared at them she could tell there was something to them that caused her fear to fade. They didn't seem ready to attack, and cautiously she tried to reach them empathically. Surprised she felt them both as something other than animals, which made her realize that they were much more. She felt no threat from either of them; her empathic abilities had kicked in.

"Shape shifters, I assume," she said holding on to the shield. Just because she knew what they were, it didn't mean she trusted them. However, dawn was coming soon enough and she needed to know if they needed her help or had been sent by that awful ghoul that had it out for her and her family. "I feel no threat from you, but you could be under spell yourselves and ready to strike me."

The grey wolf growled and looked straight at her, his eyes changing from animal to human. Dumbfounded, Lucy tried to read him and suddenly a light bolt of energy hit the force field, destroying it. The black wolf howled while the grey one fell on his stomach as if it was unconscious.

Lucy felt it before she saw it, a thick crimson mist jumping the street trying to get to her yard. She knew what it was; she had seen it before when her mom had been killed, and again when her dad and brother had lost their lives. The thing was coming for her and probably the wolves had been the bait, but she was not going to let the monster take the lives of the shape shifters, nor take hers. Not yet, anyways.

Chanting her next spell of protection, she threw a shield around the wolves and herself and summoned another spell to stop the ghoul. As if in on cue, the black wolf turned to face the threat and she saw out of the corner of her eyes three people rushing towards them. Lucy recognized her uncle Caleb and two other wizards nearing the red mist. Without hesitation she heard their chanting joining hers and their energy reached from the ground and surrounded it. Instantly, a cry of pain echoed in the night and the mist disappeared.

"Oh, crap, both wolves are down," she said running to them as her uncle and the other two men reached them.

"Are you OK, Lucy?" asked her uncle, the oldest of the three men.

Lucy nodded, keeping her eyes on the two animals.

"What happened?" She looked at her uncle and added, "I called, but no one answered."

"We were coming to warn you. Saw the mist, Clare went straight to the basement, and I left to follow it," explained Caleb and hugged her. With a sad smile he looked at the two wolves. "Sorry we didn't get here soon enough to save them."

"They are not dead, Caleb," said one of the younger wizards that had knelt next to the wolves.

Lucy joined him and carefully touched them. Tremors ran up her arm and a sense of belonging and heat flushed under her skin.

Mesmerized at their size, Caleb also checked the wolves.

"I don't understand," he said confused.

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