Witches' Party

by icehead

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Mind Control, Magic, Heterosexual, Horror, Paranormal, Group Sex, Orgy, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: It's Halloween night, and college girl Sondra and her boyfriend Barry are headed for the big party hosted by the infamous Tri Omega sorority. Little does anyone suspect the sinister motive at the heart of the gathering.

Whether it was the corset or her own excitement that was making Sondra's breath come short, she didn't know. She was just finishing adding her eyeliner, the final touch to the makeup she was applying for that alluring and mysterious look, anticipating the night ahead of her.

Tonight was Halloween, and the girls of Tri Omega were celebrating in classic college fashion: by partying the night away. The sorority house would be filled all night with wild and rambunctious college kids drowning themselves in beer and pot smoke and apple water, all in whatever costumes they chose to adorn themselves in, with many excusing themselves to private rooms to strip each other out of them.

Which was exactly what Sondra and her boyfriend Barry were planning to do tonight.

They had agreed to come dressed tonight in the sexiest costumes they could think of, but neither of them would see the other's costume until they met for party, which was now in only a few short hours. Sondra had opted to go as a slutty vampiress. Her top consisted solely of a black lace corset, specifically designed to show off her already impressive cleavage. Actually it was designed to show off quite a bit, being partially see-through nearly all over. Below that she had on a short black miniskirt with a batwing-rippled rim, thigh-high stockings whose edges the miniskirt did not hide at all, and pointed black high heels. Completing the outfit was a long black cape, also ending in a batwing-rippled edge, and topped with a wicked high collar. Then there was her makeup, with her ghostly pale look and her devilishly streaked eyes, and she was just putting in her custom-fit fangs when someone knocked on the door.

Sondra looked to the door, her forehead creasing in wonder. Wasn't she supposed to meet Barry at the sorority house, so they could surprise each other with their costumes? And wasn't it still a little early anyway? Maybe he decided he couldn't wait. Okay, I'll bite, she thought. ... No pun intended.

But it wasn't Barry she found standing at her door. Instead she saw a gothic and yet beautiful girl with dark, waving hair styled with a turquoise streak, and mystical smoky eyes looking at her with a strange passion, wearing a dark, flowing witch's robe that seemed to shimmer as it moved. "Hi, Sondra," she purred.

"Zsofia, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the sorority house getting ready?"

"Things at the house have been ready for hours. I came by to see how you were doing," Zsofia said, gliding in through the door, looking Sondra over. "And I see you're doing fabulous." She flashed Sondra that mysterious smile that you just could never look away from, always wondering what kind of wonderful things lay behind it.

Sondra smiled at the compliment, thrusting her chest out to show off her cleavage. "You think Barry will like?"

"I think he'll just eat you up."

Zsofia continued circling around the room, constantly staring at Sondra, sizing her up like a new car. It was just like how Zsofia had been eyeing her ever since they met in class. Zsofia had been that odd girl in the back of Psych 101 who somehow had felt the need to bond with Sondra. And for whatever reason, Sondra had decided to let her. Not that she regretted that decision; she considered Zsofia a friend, even if she was at times a bit strange. But that was more or less expected of a Tri Omega; being strange was kind of their thing.

"I think you're scrumptious," Zsofia said, "but I've got something to add to it."

"You do?"

Zsofia smiled, that strange, tempting smile, and guided Sondra over to her mirror. With both of them watching Sondra's reflection, Zsofia stood behind her, her hands waving slowly over the shape of Sondra's body like a stage magician trying to be overly theatrical, except in Zsofia's case it was actually working. And then Zsofia produced a silk choker, sporting a large red stone in the center. She deftly slipped the thing around Sondra's neck, and pressed their cheeks together as they examined her with it on.

"Now you are just a gem," Zsofia purred. "You want my advice? Whatever fun you and Barry have tonight, don't take this thing off."

Sondra didn't respond, still simply mesmerized by her own image, as Zsofia began gliding away. "I'll see you tonight, gorgeous," she said.

It took a while for Sondra to come out of her daze, but she felt sexier than ever when she did. The creature looking back at her in the mirror was one that she couldn't imagine Barry not wanting to fuck the brains out of. Once she was ready, she headed out the door, striding across campus under the darkening evening sky, towards the now bustling Tri Omega house.

There were all kinds of rumors about the Tri Omegas, and most of them were not particularly flattering. Many in fact were downright scary. It was a known fact that they were by far the most difficult if not impossible sorority to get into for any girl whose mother wasn't a Tri Omega before her, and according to rumor, some of the few outsiders who had been accepted as new pledges had shortly thereafter killed themselves or been committed to a mental institution. There were some who claimed to have seen matching tattoos on the backs or breasts of certain Tri Omega sisters. The description of what the tattoos looked like varied depending on who was telling it. Some said they looked like pagan symbols; others described them as satanic. The one thing everyone who claimed to have seen then agreed on was that they seemed to have an ominous vibe to them. And there were a lot of people who suspected there was more going on in their sorority house than just pedicures and pillow fights. People speculated that they regularly performed séances to commune with the dead, or that they performed rituals to summon the devil. Some said that they sacrificed animals. Some even suspected there was human sacrifice going on in their house.

The Tri Omega house itself had plenty of myths and legends around it too. There were the old clichés, like that it was built on an ancient burial ground, that the chopped up remains of some old murder victim were concealed in the walls, that the mortar to set the bricks had been mixed with blood and so on and so forth. It was at least reportedly the oldest unchanged building on campus; that much the school records could confirm. What no one could say for sure was exactly why looking at the house sent such a chill up someone's spine. Maybe it was the way it was positioned all the way on the farthest corner of campus, isolated as far from anyone else as a sorority house could get. Maybe it was the crows that always seemed to flock around it like bees to honey. Maybe it was the rumors of screaming coming from the house at night sometimes. Maybe it was the rumors that sometimes the screams didn't even sound human. Stories had circulated about boyfriends who had spent the night in that house and were never seen again.

But tonight, none of that mattered. Tonight was party night, and college students were going to be college students.

Besides, most people didn't really believe the rumors about the Tri Omegas anyways.

Sondra found Barry standing out front, dressed as, of all things, Frank Langella's Dracula: Victorian shirt, opened to show off his rippling chest, with wireframe cape, while his natural curly hair, chiseled jaw and piercing eyes perfectly completed the look. He basically came off like a vampire off the cover of a trashy romance novel. "Wow, look at you," he grinned.

"I guess we think alike, my count," she said, before greeting him with a passionate, tongue-filled kiss.

A number of the partygoers they found inside the house had come in matching costumes too. There was a pouty-lipped Red Riding Hood accompanied by a brave huntsman in a one-shoulder cape and a wide-brimmed hat. There was a guy dressed as a doctor with a goofy oversized reflector on his forehead, accompanied by a nurse in a too-tight uniform that was barely containing her bulging breasts. And a similarly impractically uniformed lady cop had a stripe-suited prisoner in her chains. There were two girls together, one an angel, the other a devil, both dressed in a way that tempted sin.

And then of course, there were the hostesses, the Tri Omegas; Zsofia and her sorority sisters: elfin Wanda, smoky-eyed Luna, cheeky Crystal, notoriously promiscuous Selene, badass Jasmine, bookworm Phoebe, leggy Isabelle, cute little Megan, vicious Lucia, exceptionally stacked Paige, platinum blonde Joelle, and fashionable Bethany. All of them were dressed tonight in mesmerizing witch robes similar to the one Zsofia had showed up at Sondra's dorm in. And all of them seemed unusually happy to see Sondra tonight, especially with the choker Zsofia had given her. And a few of them seemed a little overeager to know too intimate details of what she and Barry planned to be doing tonight.

And Sondra was surprised at how tempted she felt to actually tell them. Maybe she was a little overeager for it herself.

The party reveled on, and the beer started flowing, loosening up the crowd even more than they already were. Sondra and Barry enjoyed the party for a while, talking with friends, guzzling down booze, though Sondra opted not to bob for apples for fear of losing her makeup. All the while, Barry's hand kept finding its way up the back of her skirt, while her fingers seemed to have trouble staying off his exposed musculature. It was when they were on the couch and Sondra found herself in his lap dry humping him while nibbling his ear that she realized she was done trying to hold herself back.

"Let's go upstairs," she husked in his ear.

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