Journey to Complete Submission

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Rape, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, Interracial, Black Female, Black Male, White Male, White Female, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Voyeurism, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A band who trade in trafficking of female slaves is brought to justice by a group of female vigilantes. Their punishment is permanent.

Susie was away again, she had spent her entire life ducking out of one care home to another as a child, now at 18 she found herself skipping out on dubious landlords who would charge her the earth for a place to stay, unless she would offer payment in kind. Not happy to do either, she would oft moonlight whilst owing, and now was such an occasion.

She headed for the more urbane part of town; the small amount of money she had would not sustain her long; she needed find work and shelter quickly once more, or perhaps sign for the meagre welfare she'd be allowed, once an appropriate address could be given. A pretty brunette, her petite figure in tight jeans caught the eye of many as she threaded herself through the urban sprawl of town, the carbon monoxide thick in her nostrils made her need for shelter and a nice shower, all the more urgent. She came across a newsagent with a large billboard outside the entrance; 'Accommodation' read the legend above it. She stood and fingered the cards which advertised places to stay.

Across the street a large male smiled as he saw the nubile bottom in the tight jeans, and pushed a similarly aged girl in Susie's direction, having whispered something in the ear of the girl, who was obviously in the charge of the male to one extent or another, the pair stationed strategically whilst waiting for a 'Susie' to appear. Susie was immediately distracted by the soft blonde girl who 'accidentally' brushed against her as she pinned her accommodation notice amongst the others, then smiled as she feigned paying the newsagent as she into the shop; she was careful to see if Susie was now viewing her card, the terms were much better than average, but not too cheap to make a petite female viewer wary of the true but unknown purpose. The girl came out smiling to find Susie most interested in her advert; Susie was immediately lulled into a false sense of security on seeing a like female actually pin the card. She was most interested.

"How would you like to go for a coffee together, before we take a look; you can tell me all about yourself- my name's Anna." The blonde tingled as Susie took the bait; she had to know her circumstances before taking her back to where they would rendezvous with the large male, to whom she gave a deft hand signal, unseen by Susie. The male smirked with anticipation and disappeared into the darkness of an alley as the two girls chatted on their way to the café. Susie's journey was about to begin.

Anna bought her a coffee and started with the rudimentary things about the work she was looking for, music preferences etc., before touching on her background. When they eventually got round to it, and Susie mentioned she had no immediate relatives to wonder just where she was, Anna's pussy buzzed; He would be so pleased and would reward her. Susie was happy to go with her when she suggested they go, Anna could barely contain her excitement as she led her away. Susie had a strange feeling as Anna casually held her hand as they walked onto the bus; she had a strange tingling herself as though she were being taken somewhere other than advertised, but did not care. She almost knew she was about to embark on a new chapter in her life.

They walked about 500 yards from where they left the bus, to a large Georgian terraced house with a basement below and four floors above; the ground floor being reached by a small and once grandiose stairway, the door sheltered by a canopy on two columns. Susie was only a little apprehensive as Anna virtually pulled her up the steps; Susie only marginally less moist than her captor. Anna fumbled with the key, opened up the glossily painted panel door and led Susie in the strange warmth of the house. She jumped a little as the door closed behind her with a thump and clatter of the brass letter box. Across the road, Marie Harper watched through the curtains of her house; she had noted girls coming, but few going. She was a freelance photographer in her early forties, attractive and between boyfriends. She was determined to find out just what was going on over there; call girls were common in the area, but there was something about the girls who visited number 22 which made her curious.

Anna smiled; she knew someone would be waiting upstairs, Susie was theirs now. The décor in the hall was somewhat sparse, but there was nothing foreboding about the place; Susie was ushered up the stairs by Anna, who watched her sweet bottom ascend before her; she could already see that bottom in other circumstances. Anna took her into a bedroom and showed her a tidy and comfortable room, then took her into a lounge; she sat in a large leather sofa and felt very comfortable as she sank in. Anna knew this was her chance.

"Would you like a drink; wine or a short maybe; I was just about to crack open a bottle." Susie relaxed and thought nothing of it.

"I'll have whatever you're drinking, thanks!" Anna went to the kitchen and opened a merlot; the rohypnol she put in Susie's glass made the man watching through the hall entrance to the kitchen smile, he winked at Anna and bided his time. Susie took the drink and soon had several more; she was used to having a few drinks and a bottle of red was breakfast to her. It came as a surprise to her when she went to the toilet and found she could hardly walk. When she came back, she could not stop giggling and felt strangely sexy; Anna came and sat next to her on the sofa and smiled as she loosened her blouse and undid her jeans. Susie was becoming glazed and very wet, as was Anna; Susie could sense something was not quite as it should be, and quivered with a strange erotic feeling of anticipation.

Anna and Susie were now openly caressing as the drug and alcohol took effect on the wayward girl, her pussy tingled as Anna helped her off with her jeans and panties. Anna had a sterner look about her; she was now in control. Susie was suddenly willing to do anything asked of her and she was also desperate for sex. Anna was now very hot between the legs and turned Susie holding her wrists behind her back; Anna enjoyed the feeling as Susie whimpered slightly and her moist sex slithered on the leather as her delicate arms were held and lifted. She produced a cord and bound her wrists tightly; Susie sighed as Anna pressed her breasts into her back and toyed with Anna's nipples as she nibbled her neck and ears. The air in the room was now sweet with the young women's arousal; Anna Gently pushed Susie forward so she lay face down on the soft leather, she stroked Susie's moist crotch and licked her fingers before pulling the sweet young girl's elegant ankles together. She smiled victoriously as she secured her ankles with a silken cord; Anna's pussy tingled and was so wet, how she wanted to come. She lay a long length of cord on the leather and had the wiling Susie lie down across it after she had woven it between and around her tied wrists; she pulled her legs back and fastened the cord behind her knees, Susie's moist and glistening pussy was now protruding invitingly, and her sweet little anus was there for the taking.

He watched ready to enter, his cock stiff and in need of the relief he knew the young girl would offer, whether willingly or not. Anna winked at him as the hapless Susie felt another cord being drawn around her neck and fastened between her knees; she was now helpless and had allowed this to happen, her pussy dripped as she felt another presence in the room and panicked just a little as another unmistakable scent touched her nostrils; a male was there. Anna pulled Susie up on her knees; her sweet bottom was pertly inviting as she now struggled with the cords for the first time, Anna slapped her face to rouse her senses slightly as she watched the cords bind tightly against Susie's soft white flesh.

"I think you know what's going to happen now, don't you? I can't believe you let me bind you so willingly; we shall have some sport with you now, then after our little assessment we'll decide what market is best for you." Susie tried to take in what was being said, but was interrupted by the entrance of the source of the masculine scent which she had detected earlier. Anna looked up with puppy-dog eyes at the male, his erect cock bobbed and pulsed at the sight of the helpless Susie; her pussy quivered as she smelt a waft of his urgent manhood. Anna looked up for some recognition from him for her achievements.

"What do you think Blair, she's very pretty?" Blair just smiled at Anna with a look of disdain and pushed her to the floor." She cowered as he lifted Susie's head as far as it would go and let her sniff his cock, which he teased her nose with. His cock stiffened as her eyes looked up at him submissively; he smiled back and rubbed his glans softly against her lips, Susie took in the tangy scent and taste of his masculinity, making her exposed pussy tingle and moisten in readiness for its inevitable invasion. Blair pushed his aching cock against her mouth; it was apparent to the helpless girl what wanted, and she strained in fear and anticipation against her bonds. She looked up at him as she slowly parted her lips, welcoming his stiff cock into the warmth of her mouth.

"Good girl, you'll do just as I say if you know what's good for you." He spoke in a broken tone as thrilling sensation of Susie's hot, tight little mouth on his glans excited him. There was the doorbell.

"Answer the door bitch!" Anna covered herself with a towel and went down to open the door; two men smiled and brushed by her in their eagerness to view the fresh new captive with Blair. They laughed as they entered the room to be confronted by the trussed nubile girl engorged on Blair's eager cock. Susie panicked a little as the two disrobed immediately, displaying erect cocks.

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