Whistler's Mother

by Midsummerman

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Slavery, Heterosexual, Fiction, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Spanking, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Group Sex, Interracial, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: 'Plain Janes' are not always what they seem. Some have been tutored by relatives who remain in the background, waiting to receive victims into a contrived web.

Jane Whistler's appearance was that of a well groomed, prim and clean living girl. At 30, she appeared to have been left on the shelf. She rarely socialised, other than to indulge her workmates on rare occasions – she was rarely asked to dance by the males as she was considered to be flat, a bit fat- not like the beanpole women that the 'blokes' seemed to lust after-and very plain. She was often seen wrapped in a cardigan with a tight blouse, whilst the other girls flashed their cleavages etc. The men often made jokes about her; 'the ice maiden', 'Miss Vinegar', 'The impenetrable forest' and so on. He had arrived with the others and listened to the jibes and pretended to join in with the jokes. This was one of those occasions on which Jane was out with workmates. He saw something in her that they obviously didn't but he was not sure what it was. He had always found all women attractive in their own way and, he viewed her body shape, which though might be described as 'plump' by some, was certainly not fat by any stretch of the imagination. She had dark brown hair in a pony -tail and dark brown eyes to match, which were not unattractive.

He fantasised designs on her and reasoned that if she just made a little effort she might receive attention. Maybe she didn't want it. He was looking at her at one point when she noticed his glance and their eyes met. He looked away immediately and could half see through the corner of his eye and sense a look of disdain from her.

'He's just like all the others' Jane thought. 'If only they knew! I'd like to get him amongst my REAL friends, and mother would soon show him the error of his ways'.

As the crowd filed away from the venue, some arranged to go to clubs and parties', Jane collected her dull grey coat and made for the exit alone. He downed the last bit of his beer.

'You coming to the club mate?' said a friend.

'No, I'm bushed mate-I'm away home.'

As he left the building his friends zoomed past in a cab as he followed about 20 yards behind Jane, who was walking with determination. Wolf-whistles and jeers such as 'Phwooar! You're lovely' were directed at Jane as she moved on. She stopped momentarily as the babble registered with her, and stared at the occupants of the cab with utter contempt. He fastened his pace, he wasn't sure why but he wanted to at least make some communication with this woman, whose shape and posture though in a dull grey coat was unmistakably feminine in the extreme.

'Oh ... err hi—err Jane?' he stumbled out as he reached her. She seemed to know he had been behind her, because even though her retort was a plain contemptuous 'What do you want?'she almost had half a smile on her face.

'Oh, I err just wanted to apologise for staring at you the way I did.'

'Bingo' thought Jane, with a sensation of success, 'I'll soon have this one on a hook, mother would appreciate him too, ' Jane had known many men in another life she led, and this one had the right smell and look. He may not have been fully aware of it, but she was. His manner and attraction to her was chemical and not just an urgency to be polite. She knew that given the correct stimulus he would submit completely to women.

'Yes, I saw you staring and joking at me with those other pigs, why must you?' He was anxious to make her see another way; her question would make him make the first move. She knew this.

'No, no, really I wasn't poking fun, ... just, just... '

'Just what!' she barked; this reaction from her showed an assertiveness that pleased him-why? He didn't really know, but he told her.

I just think you are an attractive woman and I wondered if you'd be interested in me'. Jane stopped dead at that point.

'So that's it; It's not just an apology then, you've obviously missed out on your usual date and are that desperate you think you can get your hands into my panties'. She knew full well from what she had seen and heard from him already that this was not the case, but she was relishing what he would now offer her. She so hoped he'd bite and not just say 'Oh well suit yourself' and walk off, as many others had done, proving they were not what she was after. She was beginning to want this man already; he smelled that right.

'No, No, no, ' His voice broke as he replied.

'I just wanted to know you; I'll see you again tomorrow or the day after, please just name the date, I really do find you attractive.' Jane's nether regions tingled with delight. She looked him full in the eyes, put her arms around his neck and pulled his face toward her'. As their lips met she put one arm down and around his buttocks and squeezed his middle up to hers. As she demonstrated a warm and succulent kiss, the nature of which he'd not had in a long time, she felt his cock swell as she squeezed. He tried to pull away his middle region, embarrassed at the reaction, but she was having none of it. She released her lips only for a moment to say.

'Don't worry I'm just as excited too'. She pursed her lips and took him in again. She was definitely the one who was in control of the situation. His cock went rock hard up against her. She had captured him. He was finding it hard to comprehend this transformation, but he was oh so glad he'd made the effort. His heart palpitated the way it did when he'd looked at childhood sweethearts. There was something intoxicating about this woman.

'You'll let me walk you home then?' He said eagerly, like a pupil trying to please a favourite teacher with the correct answer.

'Why of course' she said. 'If you're to take me out, you must first see my mother. She'll only let me go if she approves of you.' He thought this a little strange of a woman of 30 or so, and began to think that the situation may have something to do with her being the way she was. Anyway, he thought of that kiss and the way it made him feel, so he was happy to oblige and hoped that her mother approved of him. As if she had read his mind, she said.

'You needn't worry, the fact that you've looked after me in bringing me home and are willing to come in for coffee will seal her approval'. They walked slowly to a residential part of the town, not saying much to each other, just glancing and smiling now and again, stopping occasionally to repeat the kiss. His member was now permanently semi-erect, such was his pleasure with what he thought was his 'catch.'

'I live in 'The Avenue' –it's just up here.'

'Christ!' he thought, ' her family has money too.' 'The Avenue' was made up entirely of huge detached houses. Her mother would never approve of him he thought; 'he was just a working-class bum and she'd not like that. Still, he looked at Jane and imagined her in a fashionable outfit with high heels. He was really beginning to want her badly.

The houses had names, not numbers, in 'The Avenue' they reached the drive on one called 'Valhalla'; 'Here we are she said, and tugged him anxiously up the drive; she would not calm down inside until she had him in the door. He squeezed her and gave a sheepish grin as if to say 'here we go then'. And they walked on. 'Valhalla' was a nicely proportioned six bedroom residence in typical Edwardian style, with whitewashed stucco walls and a large arched entrance porch. Jane pulled the house keys from her bag and grabbed his arm tightly with one hand as she crossed the threshold. Once inside she smiled at him and he sensed she was excited about his meeting her mother. His feeling was more one of trepidation. She took his coat and coaxed him through the large, sharply decorated hallway. There were several modernistic pictures on the walls which were painted white; a long multi-coloured rug lay on the polished floorboards. She led him into a large sitting room which was furnished with dark brown leather sofas and modern state of the art fittings, large plasma television etc. Because of Jane's appearance, he had half expected to walk into a house which still had an Edwardian feel to match its exterior. Something did not compute about her appearance. It was all a bit weird. She sat him down.

'I'll put some coffee on and find mother'. She left the door ajar and he could hear conversation in the background but not make out what was being said. He expected to hear sterner tones and for her to come back and ask him to leave; this was too comfortable a situation to be true. He then heard exactly the opposite; clearly there were giggles. Jane reappeared.

'Mother's in another room smoking; I'll take you'

He was led through another room to the one in which she was. The room was much darker with heavy crimson drapes at the windows, heavy embossed wallpaper mainly red and orange, Black and russet leather furnishings. The lights were low ad there was a sweet smell of joss-sticks burning to quell that of the tobacco. There sat in the corner of a huge black leather sofa was mother. She was stunning. She sat with her legs crossed facing him, tight black lycra leggings showing her curvy hips and thighs which ran into long slender legs, thinly strapped stilettos set off her elegant feet. She wore a low cut black satin blouse from which a pale skinned cleavage was made very evident. A shiny four inch thick golden belt about her waist completed the vision. She must have been about 55 but was in excellent shape; she had deep auburn hair, a delicately sharpened nose, hazel eyes and dark crimson glossed lips. She held in one hand a cigarette holder about six inches long. Somehow the fact that she smoked made her all the sexier.

She eyed him up and down and casually remarked.

'Seen something you like?' and gave a little laugh before he could reply- she knew he would ogle her and had received just the reaction she wanted. At this point Jane entered.

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