Be Careful What You Wish For

by StangStar06

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Mind Control, Horror, Humor, Paranormal, .

Desc: Sex Story: might just get it.

Hi folks, okay let's do the disclaimer first. Please don't take this one seriously.It's just a fun Halloween piece. Thanks to Mikothebaby for editing this while struggling with a Migraine. Some of you who've been here for a while might recognize this story. Anyway, this one is that subtle kind of scary, so grab someone to hold onto while you read it. SS06

Okay, I'm rich, but don't hold it against me. I made my money the old fashioned way; I inherited it. My company, DMI industrial, was started by my great grandfather and a few of his friends before my grandfather was born. Over the decades, the name had been changed as certain partners were bought out and others bought in. As a matter of fact, the original name of the company was Melvin, Dwapps, Bennett & Company. Later on, the Iovine family merged with us, along with several other investors who were all covered by the "& company," tag.

During the Second World War, there was a big scandal and the Bennetts were thrown out of the company. My grandfather, Robert Dwapps, shored the company up during those perilous financial times by loaning the company a part of his personal fortune to see us through some of the more difficult times. In exchange for that, he got more of the company's stock and a bigger stake in the way things were run. The company name was changed to reflect that and also to reflect the fact that we were a bigger company. We became Dwapps, Melvin, and Iovine Industrial. During the 90's my dad shortened the name to DMI Industrial because it was easier to say and to remember.

Over the past twenty years, the Iovines had been hit with a series of set-backs and ended up selling off the majority of their stock. My dad was only too happy to acquire it. As a result, the Dwapps family now controls 78% of the company's stock. The Melvins control approximately 18% and the Iovines the remaining 4%.

Except for the fact that I make a shitload of money, I'm just like you. I go to work every day and I work hard. Just like you, I have people to answer to, our customers. They want more and more from us every year and they always want a discount or lower prices. I have to keep coming up with ways to cut costs and yet, keep the quality of the products either the same for less money, or better.

At the same time, I have to answer to my employees, who each year expect more money in the form of raises and bonuses, while they want to have more time off and more benefits. The two things that are killing me right now are unions and rising health care costs. Anyway, this story isn't about business. It's about my life and my marriage and how just a little while ago both of them sucked.

My name is Wayne, I'm 27 years old. I'm reasonably good looking and in shape. As mentioned before, I'm financially well off and most would have expected me to be happily married. I wasn't.

"I'd been married to Aida, whom our friends call "Ai", for short, for about four years when the trouble began. The thing about Ai, which is pronounced "Eye," is that she is very beautiful and very charming. In fact, she's too beautiful and too charming for me. As I said, except for the fact that I'm filthy stinking rich, I'm a normal guy. I go to the bar and hang out with a lot of the guys who work for me. I don't ride around in a limo like Thurston Howell III, I drive a Mustang GT. And I don't sit around in suits eating caviar and drinking champagne. Most of my day is spent at one or another of the plants my company runs. And I'm usually on the floor making sure that things are running well and that problems are being solved. If I'm not doing that, I'm in the offices making sure that the people who make sure we get paid and pay our bills are doing their jobs.

Anyway, Ai was the prettiest girl in town all through school and college and I guess no one expected the two of us to end up together. She was always the sweetheart of some dashing young football player or something like that. I usually dated nice girls all through school until the middle of high school. My last two years of high school, I didn't know that Aida existed. She was around and she was still beautiful and built like a brick ship yard but when a man is in love, nothing else mattered. And all during the eleventh and twelfth grades, I was in love.

The subject of my affection was Maria Hess. She and Aida couldn't be less alike. Where Aida is taller and more voluptuous; Maria was shorter and waif like. Aida is blond and tan; Maria had that very pale, very creamy Irish skin and a smattering of freckles. Her fiery red hair went halfway down her back and was naturally curly, where Aida's was straight.

From the first day that Maria came into our school, I was hooked. When she walked over to me and said that the teacher had told her to ask me to show her around, I was hooked further. We had a brief rough patch when she asked me what my name was. "Wayne Dwapps," I said smiling at her. When she erupted in laughter and turned me red in the face with embarrassment, I almost walked away. She grabbed me by my hand and pulled me back. Her touch was electric and I wasn't the only one who felt it. When she looked into my eyes to apologize, something special passed between us.

It was then that I noticed that she hadn't let go of my hand. I walked her around the school and showed her where everything was. We saw the cafeteria, the ladies locker room, the science labs and every other point of interest around the school.

At the end of my tour, I walked her to her next class and explained to her teacher what was going on. Mrs. Mertz, her English teacher, thanked me and actually wrote me a pass for my next class. As I turned to leave, Maria came over to me and whispered that I should come back to that room after the class, so I could help her find the cafeteria for lunch. I was puzzled, because I'd already shown her where it was, but I agreed.

I met her back at her classroom and escorted her to the cafeteria. I usually sat with a group of my friends. We weren't the most popular kids in the school, but we weren't shunned either. From the moment we walked into the room, every eye in the place was on Maria. I sat down at the table and she just stood by the chair next to me, looking at me. Most of my friends around the table were too stunned by her to notice anything. I quickly jumped up and pulled her chair out for her.

Then she sat down and I introduced her to everyone at the table. A couple of the girls offered to show her where all of the things in the ladies facilities were and she thanked them. Louise Jefferson offered to show her where some of the places most of us hung out after school were too. Maria just smiled and said she had me for that. A couple of people looked up in shock when she said that. I guess it was because at that time, I usually just went out with girls as friends. I knew that we were only in high school and most of the relationships we were making wouldn't last beyond that. I thought it was kind of silly to get tied down to someone that you were only going to break up with when high school ended.

I went to most of the dances that the school held with one friend or another. Unlike today, there was no pressure for sex or anything like that. At the end of a good date, you got a good night kiss. At the end of a bad date, you got a friendly handshake. Louise Jefferson, Edith Bunker and Maude Findlay were some of the girls I usually took to the dances or often to movies or other events. Like me, they sometimes attended events with others in our circle, but there weren't really any permanent couples.

The jocks and the cheerleaders did settle into those little high school marriages but for the most part the rest of us didn't.

Maria's presence seemed to upset the way things had been from that very first day. Near the end of our lunch, we were all talking about a host of different things when Paul got up and came over to our table from the jock's table. He had a couple of the cheerleaders trailing behind him and he headed straight for Maria.

"Hi, I'm Paul Frehley," he said. "Everyone calls me Ace." He held out his hand to Maria and she shook it. I saw the end of her at our table then.

"Why do they call you that?" she asked. "Do you play cards or something? I always thought that gambling was kind of stupid."

"Uhm, no," he said. "What I play is football and..." I saw the whole thing in my mind. The quarterback of our team was a guy named Jack Daniels. Jack went out with Aida, of course, who was the hottest girl in our school. So Ace figured he'd claim Maria. I guess in that whole high school pecking order theory, it made sense.

"I hate football. It's boring," said Maria. "Do you do steroids?"

"Uhm, why would you ask me that?" said Ace nervously. He'd jammed his hands in his pockets and was looking for an escape strategy.

"I've heard they make your ego bigger, but they make your brain and your dick smaller," said Maria. She had the most angelic look on her face when she said it. Ace turned red in the face and was getting really pissed.

"Hey Ace," I said. "That was a great play you made last weekend. We would have lost for sure if their safety had gotten clear of you after that interception. All it took after that was for our defense to hold them back for two plays and the clock to run out. But if you hadn't tackled that guy and he'd gotten across the goal line, the game would have been over."

Ace stuck his chest back out and asked me if I was coming to the game that weekend. "Of course," I said. "We're at every game. We have to show some school spirit, right?"

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