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Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Size, BBW, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: After losing my wife I began dating again. I found that heavier women were a better fit.

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Chapter 1

My name is Ed Aronhalt. I'm fifty-eight years old and lost my wife three years ago to cancer. Mary was a very overweight woman and always called herself fat; I always preferred the term chubby even though she weighed well over two hundred pounds. We had a great life together with two wonderful caring daughters who are now married with families of their own.

I'll start back when Mary and I first met. It was in the fall shortly after graduation from high school. I need to tell you why we never dated during high school. I was about as far from a good looking guy as you could get. I stood six foot four inches tall and only weighed a hundred fifty pounds.

I was lanky and no good at sports. Everyone pretty much called me the tall, skinny kid. I was somewhat of a loner except for a couple of geek friends of mine. The shower room was my enemy. I was often laughed at or made fun of. You see, my cock was different from all the other guys.

The length was rather normal at six inches hard but the girth was way out of proportion to every one else's. The guys often laughed at me and said their wasn't any girls that they knew that could take a cock that fat. I'd have to go to prostitutes if I want sex and they might even reject me.

To give you some sort of an idea, the girth was so big my hand could barely go around it when I got a hard on. I did go on a couple of dates and neither girl would have sex with me. They said it would rip them apart. To be nice, they jacked me off but it took both of their hands.

If they made a fist, my cock was about the same size except longer. One girl, Sheila, was known as the school slut and asked me out when she found out about my cock. She was curious when she heard about my cock and was surprised when she saw it.

After getting hard I pressed it against her pussy and got about half the head in when she told me to pull out. There was no way she could take it; it hurt too much. After that episode I went to a whorehouse and found a woman who could take it.

She was extremely overweight and for some reason it made her pussy plumper and more elastic which was able to take my cock. I felt so good when I was able to come inside a woman.

After that I went to a couple of prostitutes but they were always the heavy or fat ones. They seemed to be the only ones that could take me. So I guess you can say I had a fat fetish. When I saw an overweight woman I knew I'd found someone who might be able to handle me.

I worked in a auto plant on an assembly line. Thanks to my father I got the job out of high school. I was a good worker and put away most of my money. One of the guys on the line invited me to his Halloween party one year.

I put on a cowboy hat, boots and a vest along with a toy gun. I'd never been invited to a party before but was having a nice time. There was a short chubby women who was dressed as a cowgirl, only she wore jeans instead of a skirt.

Because of my preference for heavy women, I went to talk to her. I must admit we looked terrible together. Here I was a tall skinny rail and Mary wasn't even five foot two and way overweight. We were like the two people at the party that other people didn't care to hang with. Mary had come with a girlfriend from work. As soon as they had arrived at the party, her friend was out on the floor dancing.

Mary and I danced one dance together but we looked ridiculous and knew it. We sat back down and laughed about it. We talked and Mary said she was always fat and I would keep interrupting her and say 'chubby'. It made her smile.

She asked me why I was even talking to her and I told her I preferred heavier women. She looked at me kind of funny and asked me if I was a pervert. I must have stared at her for thirty seconds before answering. I told her the truth and she laughed.

"You can't be that big?" she said. She seemed interested, or at least I hoped she was.

"I'm afraid so. I've found that fatter, I mean chubbier women are the only ones that can take it. I'm not being obnoxious but trying to be honest with you. Since I told you about my sex life, do I get to hear anything about yours?"

Mary was two years older than I was so I figured she must have had sex before.

She looked hard at me before answering. "To be honest, I've only been with a few guys and didn't get much out of it. I never could figure out why my girlfriends thought it was so great. I've never had an orgasm like my friends say they get. So, it must just not be for me."

"Mary, would you like to leave this party? No one even knows we're here anyway. I have an apartment about a mile from here and we can talk or whatever."

We both knew exactly what I was asking. I think Mary was interested in seeing my appendage and I was hoping it would fit. She said "Yes" and told her girlfriend that she would see her at work on Monday.

When we got to my apartment I asked Mary if she wanted a drink and she said, "No, we both know why we're here. I want to see this thing that most women can't seem to handle." I was beginning to think that Mary didn't believe me and needed to see for herself.

We went into my bedroom and I began unbuttoning Mary's blouse. She stopped me and said she wanted to see it first before she would commit to having sex with me.

I slipped off my pants and she saw my cock starting to get hard. "My God, how big does that thing get?" she asked.

"It get's wider with a little help but not much longer."

Mary dropped to her knees and took my cock in both hands and began jacking me off. She leaned over and kissed the head of my cock. "I'm willing to try it, Ed," said Mary.

She kissed the head some more and jacked me with her hands. After standing up we both stripped off our clothing. With both of us naked, I bet we really looked like the odd couple. Mary's stomach reminded me of the Michelin man.

I could see her pussy and it was quite hairy. She lay on the bed and spread her legs wide. I took my cock in my hand and kept rubbing it back and forth across her pussy opening. Every time I pushed against her pussy it would open a little and seemed to get wetter.

I was rock hard now and Mary said, "Try to put it in me Ed, please."

I first patted her pussy and it seemed to get plumper. She was breathing hard as I pushed my cock against her pussy opening. The head slid in; it felt so hot and good. I stopped for a few seconds so Mary could get used to it. All of a sudden she started having an orgasm.

"My God, I've never felt like this before! Give me more, Ed. I want more of your cock in me!" Mary lifted her hips to emphasize her point.

I pushed another couple of inches into her and began pumping. She was still in an orgasmic state. Her pussy was getting wetter and looser and I was able to push the rest of my cock into her. This went on for a good ten minutes when I felt myself getting ready to come.

It was then I realized I wasn't wearing a condom. I asked Mary and she said she wanted me to come in her and I did with a mighty blast, then a second and a third. Mary and I were both yelling how good it felt. I held my cock in her for another five minutes before pulling out.

I rolled off her and lay next to her. She smiled at me and said she had never felt anything like that in her entire life. This was the beginning of our relationship.

Mary spent the night and most every weekend after that. When we were in public we knew people laughed at us behind our backs but we didn't care. We knew we had something very special. Besides, we were both somewhat outcasts and out of the mainstream at least in our looks. We had so much more in common like movies, we liked the same foods, art festivals and museums, among other things.

Three months had gone by and I knew I wanted Mary in my life forever. I asked her to marry me and she began to cry. She told me that they were tears of joy. You see, she was about to tell me she was pregnant and was wondering how I would take it.

Our families were happy for us. Even though we were different they also knew we had something special together.

Life was good to us. We had two daughters and they were both beautiful. Even though people never said it, we believe they thought we adopted the girls. They were just over two years apart and got along good together.

They both excelled in school and went on to college, each getting a nursing degrees and marrying men in the medical field. They all moved to the city where more jobs were available. We did see them every couple of weeks. We would go visit them or they would come see us.

We had four grandchildren over the years which we were also proud of. That was one of the reasons for going to see everyone. We missed our grandkids. Then they grew up and once they were teenagers we didn't see them quite as often.

At home we lived somewhat of a charmed life. Everything was good and we had many friends. They always called us the odd couple but they meant it in jest. We loved our life and each other. I worked and put money away so I could retire early and we could travel someday.

Mary worked her whole life till she got sick when she was in her fifties. She went on disability but only lived for six months afterwards. The day she died was the worst day of my life.

I had retired early do to a plant closing. I did it so I could be home with Mary. I could have transferred to another plant but chose not to. Being with Mary was all I cared about. Now that she was gone I wasn't sure what I would do.

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