High School Reunion

by Ving Too

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Gang Bang, Anal Sex, Squirting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Public Sex, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Will the woman be the girl she once was?

10 years have passed in a blink of an eye, but here I am again, walking the halls of good ol' Northwest High School. Our mascot was a polar bear wearing a cowboy outfit, seriously.

I was looking forward to the reunion, actually, because there was one person in particular who I was hoping to see again. Nancy Narwood, my high school sweetheart, the girl who took my virginity, and the girl who became a cock loving slut.

Nancy and I met our sophomore year and had been dating for over a year. We had been fucking each other for about 6 months when we found ourselves in the basement rec room with two friends of ours playing video games. The two boys were engaged in a game sitting on the floor in front of the set. Nancy and I were on the couch directly behind them. They would have to turn all the way around to see us, so of course we started making out. Nancy was a great kisser and loved to be touched. I had learned how to push her buttons and found it easy to get her to cum at my will. I put one hand under her blouse and under her bra; her nipples were soon standing erect and I could hear her breathing get sharper and deeper. I placed my other hand on her bare upper thigh, just below her skirt. She parted her legs instantly, giving me a clear path to her panty covered pussy. She also gave a clear shot of said panties to Brad and Cliff, the two boys sitting in front of us. They heard Nancys low moans and turned around just in time to see Nancy spread her legs for my hand. She had her eyes closed and either forgot that the guys were in the room or didn't care, she wanted me to stroke her pussy and get her off, I could tell by the way she wriggled in my arms. I slowly worked my finger tips up her thighs; stroking her flesh, feeling it getting hotter the closer I got to her pussy. When I finally touched her panties where they covered her pussy lips Nancy shuddered and I could feel her pussy juices inundating her panties; more juice than I ever felt before. I realized she knew the boys were watching us and she got off on it; their watching her made her hornier than ever. When she came back to earth from her orgasm she grabbed my hand out from under her skirt and sat up. She said she thought it was time to go. I looked at her, her face was flushed red; either from embarrassment or from her orgasm, or, more likely, both. I replied sure, and we left Cliff and Brad with their mouths hanging open, barely able to say good bye.

Nancy never said a word about our make out session, either on the walk home that night, or the next few days; but three days later the four of us were in Cliffs rec room again. This time instead of wasting time with all of us playing videos Nancy told Brad and Cliff they should play and she and I would watch. Right away we figured something was up, and sure enough, as soon as Nancy and I sat down she was on me; grabbing my head in both her hands and planting a deep, long, french kiss on me. I put my hand up her blouse again and was pleasantly surprised to find out she wasn't wearing a bra. I quickly unbuttoned her blouse and opened it wide so Brad and Cliff could see her bare tits in all their glory. Nancy had perfect baseball sized tits, round and firm. Her nipples were very sensitive and I never had a problem getting her to respond by playing with them. I bent over and began sucking on them; first the left one and then the right. When I ducked my head Nancy could see Brad and Cliff staring at us; she moaned very loudly when my lips touched her nipple the first time. I looked up at her face and I could see her gazing at the two boys trance like; she was lost in the pleasure wracking her body, but I think she was also enjoying being watched. While still sucking and kissing her nipples I slid my hand under her skirt and up her bare thigh. She again readily spread them wide so this time when I reached her panty covered cunt, I pulled the leg band aside and began to finger fuck her. Nancy instantly responded by bucking her hips up off the couch and flooding my finger with her juices as she climaxed. Nancys eyes were closed but I looked over at my two friends and saw them staring mouths agape at Nancy and me. I moved out of the way a bit and let them get a clearer view of my finger as it pistoned in and out of Nancys pussy. The wetter she got the more fingers I would put in her; finally inserting all four with my thumb rubbing her clit. Nancy thrashed and writhed all over the couch but I wouldn't take my hand away. She just kept having one orgasm after another until she finally grabbed my hand and forced it out of her cunt. There were wet spots all over the couch where she had leaked a prodigious amount of fluid; more than she ever had before. She fell back against the couch, her blouse wide open as were her legs. Her tits rose and fell on her chest as she tried to get her breathing under control. Her spread legs revealed her pulled aside panty crotch and her blood red pussy lips still oozing her juices.We three boys feasted on the sight of the nearly nude slutty teenage girl.

She had to be a slut to do what she just willingly did, I thought. But I also thought, she is my slut; she's not gonna fuck anyone unless I'm around, I decided. It was a wise decision.

When she recovered she slowly and silently buttoned her blouse and lowered her skirt. She looked at me and said it was time to go. We said our quiet goodbyes and left. Again nothing was said on the walk home or the next couple of days.

The following Sunday found us at Cliffs again; his parents were gone for the day so it was just us kids with an empty house for the afternoon.

This time there was no pretense of a video game. We all knew what we were doing there; Nancy was going to show off her tits and panty covered pussy and I was going to make her orgasm as much as she wanted to. Cliff and Brad got to watch, only this time I changed the rules of the game; Cliff and Brad got to join in.

As Nancy and I began kissing while seated on the couch, Cliff and Brad sat near our feet so they could get a good close up look at the proceedings. I gently pushed her back until she was almost lying prone against the back rest. I then began to slowly unbutton her blouse, one button at a time. I would open the button and slip a single finger under the opening and swirl it around on Nancys exposed flesh. One by one the buttons popped open, all the while Nancy was moaning and thrashing about; her body wanting me to hurry, but my finger took its sweet time. After I had her blouse undone and completely open so Cliff and Brad could see what I was doing, I wet a finger and traced its slickness around her nipples. Nancys hips bucked off the couch and she groaned; the three of us boys saw a dark patch of liquid cover her panty crotch.

For the first time I spoke and my words cut the silence like a banshee scream

"See how Nancys nipples just grow and grow as she gets more turned on," I said. "She loves to have her nipples played with and even pinched, don't you Nancy?" I asked, trying to draw her into the conversation, and knowing she would be too embarrassed to speak, but loving the attention paid to her. As I talked to Brad and Cliff about various parts of her body, as if she wasn't there, she got more and more turned on, so when I said

"See how red and open her pussy lips get; she just loves to have a cock fucking her,"

Nancy literally exploded; her hips flew off the couch as she braced her feet on the floor. She arched her back and flung her pelvis upward while a gush of pussy juice streamed out of her cunt from around the crotch of her panties. She collapsed back on the couch, her chest heaving from exertion; she looked at us three boys with a big smile on her face.

Over the next several hours Brad, Cliff and I took turns as we individually played with Nancys body and then all three of us ganged up on her. We never fucked her that day, just played with her body and sucked her tits, nipples and pussy; one at a time, two at a time and sometimes all three of us at once. Nancy was a limp rag by the time we finished and it was a good thing we all had the time so she could rest before she went home; she never would have made it otherwise.

Before we left Cliffs house he mentioned that his parents were going to be gone all next weekend so we made plans to come over Friday night and spend the whole weekend there. We never got together during the week but nearly everyday at school Nancy would give us a peek at her panties underneath her skirt; sometimes even doing it when other kids were around. When that happened I could see her face flush and her breathing get quicker. It began to dawn on me that Nancy was an exhibitionist.

That Friday night Nancy danced and did a strip for us and we each fucked her for the first time. The first time we did it I laid her on the floor and just raised her skirt and pulled her panties out of the way. She loved it, we hadn't fucked in awhile and she just threw her hips and pelvis at me; grinding her clit as hard as she could against my pelvic bone as she struggled to fit as much of my cock into her pussy as she could. As soon as I finished cumming in her cunt and rolled out from in between her legs, Brad was there to take my place. If Nancy ever noticed it was a different cock slamming into her pussy she never said. She just continued humping and moaning as loud as she could. When Brad was done Cliff took over and fucked Nancy as long as he could, adding his cum to the two all ready deposited in her snatch. We rested for awhile and then disrobed Nancy and fucked her again; this time two at a time, one in her pussy and one in her mouth. It was almost 4 in the morning when our teenage libidos finally petered out and we all fell into an exhausted but restful sleep.

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