Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Rape, Blackmail, True Story, Incest, Brother, Sister, Interracial, Black Male, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 is the true story that serves as the basis for follow-up chapters that I have written. It has been mildly edited for sensibility and readability but remains 99% verbatim.

{begin post excerpt}

Well I promised I would follow up on this post with some more details. This story is entirely true but I will embellish a bit to make it more wankable for you sick n****r loving pervs. Incoming wall of text incoming

My sister, lets call her Aime, was 14 at the time I started watching her with the video camera. At age 13 she was pretty underdeveloped but damn she blossomed at 14 and turned downright hot. She was still pretty petite. About 5'4", and she was big into soccer and had a very athletic lean build. Her tits went from a small B to a ripe C over the summer. Also she got quite the ass. Actually it was her ass that made me fall in love with her ... but thats another story.

I had been watching her for a couple of months and her nightly ritual was to jill off. She used her normal everyday items like her hairbrush or a tube of lotion to frig herself. The camera was in a boombox on the other side of her room. It afforded me a good view of her room but not much in the way of closeups. Still, in the low light her room at night I could make out her movements. When she was not at home, I would go into her room and smell her hairbrush. Damn that smell was hot, but I digress.

One day the neighbor kid came over, he was about the same age Aime. I was supposed to be watching her but we had kind of a reciprocal relationship where I didn't ask what she was up to in her room and she didn't ask what I was up to in my room. It worked out pretty well and I had plenty of good times of my own in my bedroom while my parents were out. We never told on each other.

So Aime and this kid go into her room and I went in my room and pulled up the cam. For quite some time, nothing happened. I wasn't expecting really anything to happen. I would play some WoW and every 10 mins or so I would flip to see what they were doing. About an hour an half later I flipped back to the cam and my jaw dropped. Aime was on her knees and she was playing with this guys cock. I was OMGWTF! He wasn't hung particularly well but then again he was 14. She was giving him a really shitty hand job and taking a lot of time checking out his unit. I guess it might have been the first one she ever saw.

Now I was riveted to the screen. I watched as she stroked the guys cock. I heard them talking(through the cam had a mic, it was pretty shitty quality and was across the room) and the next thing I know she is giving his dick a lick. At first real hesitant. Just the tip to taste. I can see from my angle that she is real unsure about the whole thing but she doesn't stop. A few minutes more and she is starting to put the whole thing in her mouth and suck on it gently. I am flabbergasted, I mean I had no idea that she was this adventurous. The kid was enjoying this immensely. He laid himself back on the bed while she continued. In a few minutes he sat up straight, arched his back and shot his load. Aime took her mouth off his cock just in time and it spurted a little on her face, on the floor, on the bed, pretty much everywhere. She was surprised and a little disgusted. I think she was wanting him to give her some warning. She dug a sweatshirt out of her dirty laundry and wiped her face and then threw it at him and he cleaned himself up.

Though he came over to the house again, and I watched them like hawks, I never saw them make a repeat performance. I kept tabs on her nightly and the routine would continue of her jilling off with a hair brushes and fingers. Occasionally she would use a larger lotion bottle if she was really horny.

As I mentioned earlier, she was really into soccer. I think this is where she met Earl. Earl was about 6" tall and had kinda of a skinny muscular build. Sort of typical basketball physique. I later learned from her that he played sports particularly soccer and basketball. He had a British accent but I can't remember where he was from, he wasn't from the UK. Anyway, I saw her hanging out with him after soccer games a few times, I don't blame her, I mean the dude was pretty gracious and funny plus he had that accent. Anyway I didn't give it too much thought until he shows up at the door one day asking if Aime is there. I was kinda of taken aback since this guy was at least 3 or 4 years older than her. I was not going to let him in but before I could say anything, Aime came bolting up to the door and pulled him inside our house.

We exchanged a bit of small talk in the kitchen and then Aime asked Earl if he would like to see her room. He quickly agreed. I was left in the kitchen to ponder what was about to happen. Curiosity took over and I went to my room and pulled up the hidden cam.

Well pretty much what I expected started to happen. There was some small talk which I couldn't make out but soon they were making out. He kissed her passionately for a while and then his hands wandered. Aime was dressed in her soccer outfit which was small shorts and a tank top. He was wearing some long baller shorts and a soccer jersey. He pulled off her tank top and she helped with the sport bra and her tits popped into view. She had great proportionally sized tits with pink areolas. He bent his head down and licked them. I could tell this was turning her on but she was trying to be quiet. She cradled his head while he went back and forth between her breasts. He rubbed his cock through his soft shorts now and then but from the angle I couldn't tell what he had at this point.

He stood her up and pulled down her soccer shorts and her panties in one fell swoop. I never got tired of looking at Aime naked. Her pussy was pretty, an innie with a small tuft of hair on the top. He laid her down on the bed and went to town on her puss. He might have been fingering her but I couldn't tell from my angle. I could tell she was enjoying it. She was holding his head and rubbing it. After a few minutes, she arched her back, her legs lifted up a bit and I could tell that she was cumming hard.

They kissed some more then she made him stand up. She pulled down his shorts. I couldn't see her face but from the tone of her voice I could tell she was impressed but from my angle I could not see his junk. She started to suck him and grabbed his ass to bring him closer to her. This went on for a few minutes. Eventually they changed position and I caught a glimpse of what he was packing.

I don't know how I can describe it but the shit was BIG. I have a 6.5 inch cock which I always thought was plenty and this was substantially bigger than me both in length and in width. My brain was full of fuck. Here was my 14yo baby sister sucking a huge n****r dick. Well at least she was trying to suck it. She could barely get 2 inches in her mouth. The way her lips were stretched around it was positively obscene. I don't know if she had been practicing on some other kid but she definitely had improved her skill from the last time I saw. She was licking and sucking like a pro. He said something to her and she started licking his balls. He seemed very much in charge of the situation.

This went on for a while and then he laid her down on the bed and got on top of her in the missionary position. There was some talking for a while. I don't know if he was trying to talk her into it or what but eventually he grabbed his dick and started finding her cunt hole. My view at this point was your basic porn view of his ass and her legs spread. I could tell that he was starting to push some of it in and her body language told me that she was having trouble taking it. He continued to push slowly. Though I couldn't see for sure, I bet that he was pushing a little bit in at a time. After a few minutes of this he started pumping a bit faster and brought her legs a little higher. I was now able to see that he had about 1/2 of his cock buried in her cunt. He was sawing this in and out and I saw her start to relax a bit. She started meeting his thrusts and tilting her pelvis to accept his cock.

At this point I was pretty turned on but still this was my sister. I guess I was pretty confused about what I was seeing and feeling. Earl continued to work his cock into her. Her arms were wrapped around his head but they moved down to his ass and I swear she seemed like she was pulling him in deeper. I don't know how she could even take this much of that giant dick let alone more. I turned up the volume as loud as it would go on my computer and I could hear the unmistakable grunts that he was making and the really low pitched cries that Aime was making in return. All in all they were pretty quiet I assume to keep me from hearing.

Earl moved her legs up to his shoulders and started really pushing in deep. Aime gripped the sheets with white knuckles and he drove his cock home into her. Now that her legs were so high I had a really clear look at his cock sliding in and out of her. Her pussy looked stretched to the max. White creamy shit covered his black dick. I am sure by her sounds that she was enjoying this immensely. Still he only had a 3/4 in her. He kept fucking her for a few more minutes and she seemed to be loving it. He stopped fucking her, pulled her legs off her shoulders and pressed them back by her knees. He leaned down and kissed her and while he did, I saw him push his cock all the way in. Aime's body was racked with a orgasm as he hit bottom. Her legs got all shaky and her head went from side to side. I have to give it to this guy, he knew how to fuck. She came hard and he struggled to keep her legs under his control, he just stayed still with his cock fully impaled in her cunt until she calmed down. He slid his cock almost all the way out and slid it all the way back in with a slap.

With the slap she flailed around but still under the control of Earl. He pulled out again and with a loud slap, their two bodies met again. Her hands clawed at his back as she struggled to deal with Earls massive meat. Over and over he pulled out until the head was just teasing her slit and then pushed the whole length of his log into her. This was driving her nuts. He started to speed up his thrusts. Faster and faster until he was pounding his cock into her at a rapid rate. All you could hear was Earls balls slapping her ass and her moans which were starting to get louder. I think she was trying to stay quiet but she was rapidly losing control.

I couldn't believe that my sisters pussy could handle all of this cock. I mean his was really big and she was taking the whole length repeatedly. Not only that she was meeting his thrusts. While in this position she had several other orgasms. Each time getting louder.

Earl whispered something to her and he pulled out. As they were switching positions I got a good look at that cock that was fucking my sister. It was glistening from her cum and there was white creamy shit all over it. Earl guided Aime's head to his cock and she licked it completely clean. Earl laid on his back while she finished up. Then he motioned for her to get on top and she straddled his sizable dick. She slowly teased the cock with her pussy which at this point looked stretched out and red. Slowly and teasingly she lowered herself onto his cock. Again with amazement I watched as his huge tool disappeared into my tiny sister. At about 3/4 of the way she stopped and with a loud moan pushed herself down the rest of the way. She started moving her hips back and forth as she was impaled fully on his cock while her hands were on his chest. She did this for a few minutes enjoying his size. Then she leaned forward and kissed him for a while and started stroking up and down his shaft while kissing. In between kissing, he was talking with her. I don't know what he was saying but it was turning her on. I caught her saying "yes" and "anything you want", "this is your pussy". I couldn't believe she was submitting to him so easily. He grabbed her ass and slipped a finger in her asshole. Then he slipped another. Earl had two fingers in her ass which just seemed to make her fuck even more furiously.

Earl pushed her up vertically and he brought his knees up and soon he was fucking his full length into her again. She had another strong orgasm and this time she yelled out loudly but caught herself by putting her hand over her mouth. He motioned for her to get off. She complied and again he brought his cock to her mouth while he was kneeling on the bed. She worked his pole with both hands and slurped and licked until she cleaned his cock of all their love juices. This seem to please him. He smiled as she worked his pole and would push her head down deep on his cock trying to get it in her throat (good luck with that I thought). She choked on his size several times gagging at the pressure. With his free hand he teased her tits.

He spun her around into a doggy style. Here I wasn't able to make out what was going on so well due to the camera angle and his ass being in the way but I could hear the slapping of his body against hers. I could tell that he had ahold of her hair and he was banging her with abandon. Suddenly I heard a much louder slap and a scream. Not only was this fucker banging my sister now he was spanking her ass. Though it was hard to hear exact words, I am pretty sure I heard him say something to the effect of, "take all of it bitch" and "thats right fuck that big cock you slut". She just took all the abuse and kept right on fucking.

Soon he pushed her down onto the bed so that he was laying on top of her but still from behind. He kicked her legs apart with his own and really started to fuck her hard. Slap, slap, slap went her ass as he pounded his cock deep into her cunt. I couldn't get over the difference in size. He being 6 foot and her being petite. His skin being black, hers being pale. His huge cock stretching her tiny hole out.

He was really giving it to her now and she was taking it all deep and fast. She had lost all pretense of trying to be quiet and was now screaming fairly loud with thrust. "Fuck, oh shit, oh fuck, fucking shit" it was like a mantra she was saying over and over. I had a really good view of that cock going in and out. With his left hand he grabbed her hair and said something and then he started coming. He sank it all the way and I even think I saw his balls pulsing. This triggered yet another orgasm in Aime. Hey stayed there for what seemed forever and then he pulled his cock out and spooged dripped out of her cunt and onto the sheets. He rolled her on her back and he brought his cock to her mouth and she gladly licked it totally clean.

It was about this time that realized that this n****r had just dropped a load in my sister and he wasn't wearing a condom. I doubted she was on birth control. My mind raced. God I hope she didn't get pregnant.

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