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Desc: Sex Story: Young man learns about brassieres and the joys of an older lady

I suppose my interest in bra's began in my late teens, as I remember getting ready to go to bed and washing up. Mom just left the shower and I saw her white bra hanging out of the red wicker hamper and I picked it up. I don't know why her white silky and lacey bra turned me on but it did and that bra found its way into the back pocket of my jeans and the bulge covered by a flannel shirt ... When I thought of the times I saw a bit of moms boobs, well that only made romancing her bra a lot nicer. When I finished having my way with her bra it was balled up and stuffed as far back into my drawer as possible. Had I remembered mom distributes clean laundry on the Saturday of every week I would have stashed the bra in my closet.

Two weeks later on a Saturday morning I was working on a five horse power go-kart engine when I hear, JERREEEEEE!. That was moms voice all right and I had a sneaking idea someone's ass was going to be mowed. I got to my bedroom and sitting on my bed was mom with her white silky lacey bra across her lap.

"Any idea how my bra got into your drawer and why it is damp ... Jerry?"

"Yeah mom I do." So I stood there not saying a word.

"Well?" I realized she also wanted me to explain why her bra was in my drawer.

"Why is it so damp Jerry?"

"I was holding it ... Mom."

"I believe that Jerry, that you were holding it, as it would be so easy to wipe up the mess after you came into it ... Right?"

Bob Dylan's song, "My back pages." comes to mind as he speaks of crimson flames and I am telling you said flames were licking at my pride and my face was red.

"Yes mom, you are right."

"It did not come to your mind that that was my bra, and you had no right to do what you did? how would you like it if I stole the magneto out of that go-kart engine?" would you like it if I stole the magneto out of that go-kart engine?"

Damn, she knows about magneto's, I was really surprised, I had no idea mom knew what a magneto was. Only one thing to do, say I am sorry and throw my self upon the mercy of the court.

"Mom, I know you are really mad and that I am in serious trouble but I have to ask, "What do you know about magneto's?"

"You are right, you are in serious trouble, and I do know about magneto's as your uncle Bill or my brother works on outboard engines. A magneto is a magnet that works with a coil of wire to make the spark for the sparkplug.

Mom was partly right but left out some details and I felt it was up to me to let her know I was really learning about the "Gas engines" course I'm in.

"Mom, what you say is true but actually the magneto has two coils of wire, a primary and secondary winding,"

I guess I was so into letting her know I knew how a magneto worked, I did not see or understand why she sat there with her eyes shooting sparks and her mouth wide open.

The primary winding which is made up of a few hundred turns of 22 gage wire and the secondary coil has like four thousand turns or a twenty to one ratio. And the primary winding is opened and closed through a cam switch called the points and as the flywheel magnets pass over the coil frame and the.

"Shut up Jerry! I am not here to learn how a magneto works! Damn I don't believe this!

"I mean you go and have your way with my bra and when I chew you out for it, you give me a lesson on magneto's?"

"So what was it like Jerry, playing with my bra?"

I guess mom realized her son found out a cock could give a guy some pleasures, and used with a silky lacey smooth white bra was a great thing to do. So I figured if I could go and visit uncle Bill I could learn even more.


Yes Jerry?" she asked with a good amount of vinegar added to a very little bit of honey.

"Any chance I could go and visit uncle Bill, so I could learn more about engines?"

I think the question removed any anger and she seemed to think I knew exactly what I did, She probably figured, don't make a big deal out of this, he likes woman's things and he had a nice girlfriend.

"Just leave my bra's alone, o.k.?"

"Sure mom."

I was getting very good marks in high school and it looked like I would graduate with honors. I had been dating Sarah, a nice girl two years older then me and we really got along quite nicely. Her Mom is a large woman as is my mom, plenty of boob for sure. Well one day her mom had me over for Sunday dinner and when I went to wash up I saw what had to be her moms bra hanging over the shower curtain bar. Oh man, I saw a big bra, mauve in color; smooth and lacey. When I thought of the times I had with my moms bra, I snagged it. Right into my back pocket and my leather motorcycle vest covered the bulge.

After dinner we were on the sofa listening to Connie Frances and her mom walked into the living room. "Sarah, have you seen my bra? it was in the bathroom?"

"I saw it there this morning."

When I left Sarah's home that evening I had a great time with that bra and her mom never got it back. I guess they figured where it went and considered me a pervert. I did not see Sarah again until graduation day and of course her mom was there also.

"Hello Jerry, I see you made top honors too!"

"Yes Mrs. Hingham, I did, thank you."

"Mom, I'll be back in a few minutes." Said Sarah.

"O.K. dear, So Jerry, have you been enjoying that smooth lacy mauve brassiere of mine?"

I guess she thought she would embarrass me by asking that but truth be known, I figured there was a good chance of that question coming up and I was ready for it.

"Yes Mrs. Hingham I have and it just so happens I found out its worth over at Dillard's and can pay you for it right now." So I pulled out two twenties and was surprised when she asked,

"Why did you grab it, Jerry?" thought it was Sarah's?"

"I did not know much about these but I knew it could not be hers, I guess when it comes right down to it, I found myself liking you a lot Mrs. H."

I guess I said it with real meaning as she believed it.

"Jerry, what exactly were you thinking when you were uh, well, hmmm, having a nice time with my brassier?"

"To be very honest Mrs. H I was thinking and wondering what happened to your husband and yes I was wondering how good a time a guy could have with your boobs."

"My husband drove a gas tanker truck which due to something wrong with a bonding wire, a spark was made and that was the end of the truck, my husband and part of a neighborhood."

"So you think my boobs could give a guy a good time, do you?"

"Yes Mrs. H but what would really make the whole thing nice is to be in love with the woman whose boobs they are."

"Love is a beautiful emotion, Jerry and I am not angry about you taking the bra although I looked in vain for it. But I do have a few ideas. As I understand you are quite the guy when it comes to small engines, like lawnmower engines?"

"Yes Mrs. H I am.

"Well, I want to keep my place looking good and I tried to mow the lawn but could not get the mower running, think you could check it out? And if so, I will consider that bra as payment, if you get it running.

"Sure Mrs. H. I will come over tomorrow.

I was there the next day and the mower was by the garage, so I would not have to bother Mrs. H. I found the magneto was no good and went to the public landfill to scrounge one from another mower. I did find one and grabbed the points as well and in a few hours I had that mower running. I did her front lawn as well as trimming the grass around the front steps and small flower garden.

Mrs. H. Was grateful, gave me a hug, even, pulling my head into those awesome forty four D's

"Well Jerry, you are a great guy, what was wrong with the mower?"

The magneto was no good, no spark. So I went to the dump and got one from another engine, no cost at all.

"Well that is good and you mowed the lawn as well as trimmed. I think you are entitled to a course in Boobs and bra's 101. Follow me.

I willingly followed her to her bedroom and watched in amazement as she removed her housedress and bra keeping on her slip panties and heels. When she took off that bra her two red hot nipples were erect and I looked at them with passion.

Mrs. H was up on the bed and patted a spot on the sheet motioning me to come on up, which I did.

"Jerry, I know you know what nipples look like but did you know there is a way to make them extra sensitive?"

"No I did not know that."

"Well grab my boob with two hands and squeeze hard."

I did so.

"See it getting redder and plumper?" Mrs. H. asked.

"Oh yes, very nice."

"Lick my boob, Jerry."

So I grabbed her boob like Tarzan grabbing a vine and started to lick her boob and this was very nice. I licked long and slow or short and fast and Mrs. H. is starting to breathe a bit heavier as well as some little noises here and there which I knew were expressions of contentment.

"Oh Jerry, that is so nice, how'd you know about the long slow, short fast licking thing?"

"Gosh, I don't know, I mean it's not like I get to do this often."

"That could change, Jerry."

She then gave me a feather and told me to tickle her other boob, which I did and I was pretty hard by now and Mrs. H. saw it and said,

"Too bad you don't have my bra with you, I could jerk you off into it." Said Mrs. H. with a smile.

I guess she just assumed I did not have it, but I did.

"You would really do that for me?" I asked, my voice filled with wonder.

"Sure Jerry, you got my mower going and even mowed my front yard."

I pulled out her brassier from my rear pocket. I had it in a plastic food bag.

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