Frank and Stella

by Just Plain Bob

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: But she loved him or so she said.

Love is something that I have a hard time understanding. Love is only an emotion right? So how can an emotion make you stupid? How can love cause you to do things that no man in his right mind would even consider? It was a little late for me to be asking the question. The damage has already been done.

I met Stella in middle school. I started dating her in the ninth grade and we were going steady by the time we started tenth. We had an argument and broke up for a while, but were back together at the beginning of the eleventh. We broke up twice in the eleventh but we together at the start of the twelfth.

While we were apart we dated others and it was that fact that always got us back together. I'd get pissed off and jealous whenever I saw her with anyone else and that was even if I was with another girl when I saw her. It was the same with her. She would get angry if she saw me with another girl even if she was with another guy. It usually led us to running into each other somewhere and the "How could you..." would start followed by "And just what were you..." and we would make up and be back together again.

We celebrated our eighteenth birthdays a week apart and on the night of the senior prom we surrendered our virginities to each other. Following that night every time we found ourselves alone together the clothes would come off.

We separated again after we graduated, but only because she went to Michigan State and I went to Eastern Michigan. We still got together on weekends and breaks and always the clothes would come off as often as we could make it happen.

In our sophomore year I was at a party one weekend when Stella didn't come home and a couple of guys from our high school graduating class who were going to State asked me how in the world I could have been stupid enough to let a sex crazy girl like Stella go. I asked them what they meant and they told me that Stella was known as a "Three date fuck" and when I asked them what that meant they told me that if you made it to the third date with Stella you were sure to get some pussy.

That of course was news to me because I thought that Stella and I were a couple and staying true to each other. When Phil and Ralph finished telling me about Stella I just said:

"That's why I let her go. She just couldn't keep her legs together."

Of course that was a lie because I had known no such thing, but I didn't want them thinking that I was a clueless twit where Stella was concerned.

The following weekend she was home and I confronted her with my new found knowledge and she said:

"So what? I like sex and you are here and not there. Besides, you don't own me. You haven't proposed and put a ring on my finger and it is your fault anyway."

"My fault?"

"Yeah Frankie; you took my cherry and got me used to having sex. What about you? You going to tell me that after all the loving we did and that you so obviously loved that you have been keeping your peter in your pants while I'm gone?"

"Yes Stella; that is exactly what I'm going to tell you. I considered us a couple and there wasn't any way that I was going to cheat on you."

"You wouldn't be cheating Frankie because we aren't an engaged couple. We are damned good friends who make love whenever we can and if you ask me to marry you I will say yes, but not until after we finish college. Until then I'm going to sow my wild oats and you should be doing the same. I'm all yours when I'm here at home, but as long as we are separated I'm going to date and you should also. Get curiosity out of your system before we get married and then we won't have to worry about that seven year itch that people talk about. Now – do you want to make love or waste more time talking?"

I didn't know it at the time, but I made the first of several bad decisions where Stella was concerned. I decided that she was right and that I should do what she was doing and over the rest of the time we were in college I dated when Stella wasn't home and made love to Stella when she did come home.

I discovered a lot dating other girls. I found out that Helen Liss and Roberta Price both gave better head than Stella. Carol Wilder liked having sex where there was a possibility that we would be caught and while I was scared to death that we would be caught it was still one hell of an exciting turn on.

Samantha Crown introduced me to anal sex and Beverly Holbrook took me to a gangbang where I shared her with six other guys. Nancy Neubert's big thing was to be pissed on after we were done fucking and Beverly Abbeg was into having threesomes with her best friend Pauline French. All in all I had to say that I had a very full and rewarding sex life when Stella wasn't around and I even caught myself wondering if I was going to be able to stay true to Stella when we got married.

Stella never questioned me about what I did when she wasn't at home and even though I was aware that she was 'sowing her wild oats' while she was gone I never mentioned it.

I was a little peeved over a few things. Things like when she first asked me to do her ass. That told me that someone else had already been there and that she liked it. She was my girl and I felt that I should have been the first to go there. Whatever. We somehow managed to get through those years and two months after we graduated we took our vows in front of eighty-three family and friends.

The first couple of years went by and I thought that Stella and I had a good solid marriage. Our sex life was very fulfilling as we both put what we learned while sowing our wild oats to use with each other.

I talked Stella into trying sex in places where we might get caught and she loved it. She got me into trying some positions that I'd never tried before and I found that I especially liked reverse cowgirl and one that she called the rear leg lift. There was another thing that she wanted to do that I wasn't interested in. She wanted me to sit in the bath tub while she peed on me. Even though I had done it to Nancy Neubert I wasn't the least bit interested in having it done to me. No double standard here – Nancy wanted it so I obliged her, but I didn't want it so I said "No way!" In fact I said "No fucking way!" Stella didn't want to take no for an answer and she kept after me.

"It turns me on something fierce Frankie. I don't know why, but I can sometimes cum when I do it. It won't hurt you and it does so much for me. Come on baby; that's what making love making is supposed to be all about – giving your partner pleasure. Don't I give you everything that you want? Come on Frankie; do it for me."

"I notice that you aren't asking me to pee on you."

"I don't like it. It doesn't do anything for me and from the way you are taking my asking you to do it to me I'm guessing that it won't do anything for you. Of course I'll do it if you want; just say the word. Please baby, let me do it to you. I get such a charge out of it."

She was right in that making love was as much about giving your partner pleasure as it was about getting your own so eventually I gave in and let her do it. It wasn't all that bad and when she was done all I had to do was stand up and turn the shower on. She got in with me, scrubbed my back and then I took her from behind as she leaned against the wall.

After that she peed on me about once a week always followed by me taking her as she lent against the wall. I never did get the urge to pee on her although once or twice I thought about telling her I wanted to do it just to see what she would say. I almost put a stop to it the night she asked me to let her pee in my mouth.

"Absolutely not!"

"Just one time so we can see what it is like."

"You want to see what it is like then you get in the tub and I'll piss in your mouth."

"I wouldn't like it, but I thought you might."

"Why in the hell would you think that?"

"You don't mind my peeing on you."

"I only do it because you say it really turns you on, but I get nothing out of it."

"If that's the case let me pee in your mouth and let me see if it turns me on just as much."

"No Stella and I mean it. Take what you are getting and be satisfied with it."

She never brought it up again.

In our third year Stella came home from work one night and told me that she was signing up for a couple of night classes at EMU.

"They are classes that will help me get a promotion and John (her boss) says that if I have them on my resume I'll be a sure thing to get Marsha's job when she leaves at the end of the year. They are on Tuesday and Thursday at six-thirty so you will be on your own as far as dinner is concerned because I'll go to school straight from work."

"How long?"

"Just one term and the best part is that the company will pay for it."

She took the classes and got the promotion and things were fine for another year and then our life was disrupted again. One of the girls Stella had gone to school with at State moved into town and got in touch with Stella. Stella started stopping after work for drinks with Anna and she invited Anna and her husband over one Sunday for a barbecue.

Have you ever met someone you took an instant dislike to? That was me with Anna. I hadn't yet heard the first word out of her mouth and I didn't like her. She was brassy and bossy and she treated her husband like he was her personal servant. All I heard from the poor bastard while he was there was "Yes dear," "Whatever you say dear" and "Here, let me do that for you."

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