A MILF for Andrew
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, True Story, Cheating, White Male, Hispanic Female, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Leg Fetish,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Hot Michigan housewife agrees to drive two hours for hot sex with Ohio nerd. Andrew gets more than he expected. Once you snap the garter of a MILF, you're never the same again.

So occupied was her mind that she nearly missed the large green sign pointing the way onto Route 131. Big Rapids to the left, Grand Rapids to the right. Braking, Jackie looked quickly into the mirror and then eased onto the freeway entry heading south toward Grand Rapids.

She shook her head and told herself to pay attention to the road instead of the turmoil in her head about whether or not she should have agreed to the meeting. In spite of her efforts, the internal argument persisted. She had lied to Jack that she would attend a seminar at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Would her husband get suspicious and look to see if there actually was one? Had she been convincing? She shook her head again, trying not to worry.

"What makes you think the man will be OK as he seemed on the Internet?" She heard her own voice and shook her head again.

"After all, how much do you really know even after a year of emails and messaging?"

"Well quite a bit, really. We have been pretty open in our talk." Jackie realized that she was talking out loud to herself.

And their talk had been explicit about sex, too. She thought back to their on-line visit last week, when both had orgasmed after nearly an hour and a half teasing about the things they imagined touching and licking and sucking.

In spite of herself, the memory affected her, sending a shiver down her spine and a warm sensation between her legs. The miles ticked away, Howard City passed on the left, then the direction sign for Sparta and she could see Grand Rapids in the distance.

"Maybe I should turn back. This is silly. And dangerous." She heard herself, but didn't respond.

East of Grand Rapids a sign announced a car pool parking lot. She took the exit; then passed the car park and turned into a Shell Station just beyond. The tank took only 6.4 gallons and she paid with a credit card, and then went inside to think. The clerk eyed her as she stood staring at the candy shelves, her high heel cocked before her and the green stockings catching his eye.

She pretended a need for the ladies room and found it in the back. She leaned against the wall and rocked her foot back and foot on the high heel of her shoe, while mock-chewing on a freshly painted fingernail. She noted that it was a modern-thinking service station, the air dryer being flanked by a Tampax vending machine, a choice of scents for $1.00 per spritz, and a Condom machine where rainbow colors and sensitivity-enhancing ribs were promised. The room was clean enough but the odor of an electronic deodorizer became annoying with time.

"Oh, what the hell." She muttered, letting the door slam metallically behind her.

She bought a candy bar and a bottle of water and strode out to her car. There she sat for several minutes before entering the highway, trying to decide if she would follow the sign toward Lansing or back toward Grand Rapids and home. Someone honked behind her and jarred her into action. She approached the intersection, glanced at about 20 cars in the car park and passed the entry back toward Grand Rapids. She had to stop for traffic before turning left onto the expressway and hurrying up to speed.

"What the heck!" she said to no one at all. "I shouldn't be doing this." She admitted. "We'll just have lunch ... that's all." She rationalized. "Yes, we'll just have a nice lunch and a nice conversation and then I will go home."

She knew the route pretty well, but there was always a hesitation when she came to the I69 intersection near Lansing. Most of the time her husband was driving and she didn't have to pay close attention.

"If I get on the wrong road here, I will give up and go back home." She told herself. She did make a wrong turn, but recovered and found her way back to I-96. The turn toward Lansing was easier so once again she didn't go back home.

"1 Mile to Jackson, 127 South." She murmured, slowing for the exit. There is a messy exit to I-94 toward Ann Arbor and she went past it and stopped for a busy stop light next to a small mall. She turned in to the parking lot and stopped near a large Walgreen's Drugstore.

She wandered inside and soon stood before the condom displays. She wasn't accustomed to buying rubbers and was amazed at the wide selection of colors, brands, even sizes. "I don't think we are in Kansas anymore, Toto!" She muttered to herself. One brand had a name suggesting great size and she shivered with the thought that went through her mind against her wishes. "No ... get serious." She selected a type lubricated and ribbed by Trojan, then switched from the package of three to the dozen pack with three extras for buying a dozen. "It will just look like I am a budget conscious single mother." She thought, better than a slut buying rubbers in case she gets lucky tonight.

She hated the fact she was blushing like a teenager and picked up a couple items she didn't need to put on the counter with her important purchase. The lady at the register put everything into a sack and smiled, "Have a nice afternoon!"

"Was she being suggestive?" No, don't be silly, she thought as she swung her long legs into the car, attracting a young man's eyes as she did it.

She picked her way through traffic to the right lane, entered the I-94 expressway in a hurry and was surrounded by a thundering herd of semi-trucks. The road must have won the award for worst in Michigan, it was pocked with deep potholes making the truck tires thump like bombs going off next to her.

"Only a half hour to go." She told herself, reading the mileage sign promising 40 miles to Ann Arbor. "Oh my god, what am I doing."

Suddenly she regretted wearing the green stockings. "God, he'll think I am easy! Wearing his favorite color screams, 'take me!' What was I thinking?" When she pulled them on this morning it had seemed so cute to wear stockings she had talked about wearing on the Internet as they stoked each other up to a fiery heat of sexual self-fulfillment.

The minutes rolled by quickly and she approached the exit, slid off the highway and found her way through a maze that doubled back and found the restaurant and motel which has been a landmark as long as anyone remembers. The parking lot surrounds the motel and she made two circuits trying to figure out the best place to park. Finally, she pulled into a space and got out of the car. She surveyed the lot and marched off on clicking high heels to a non-descript door on the lower level, then had to find her way along a dimly lighted hall to a stairwell leading up to the restaurant. She brushed and pulled at her skirt hoping to get rid of any wrinkles left by the long drive.

Jackie's heart was in her mouth as she climbed the stairs, past the sign for the bar and to a desk where a hostess stood smiling her welcome.

"I'm a few minutes early. I'm meeting a man here." She said, cursing herself for sounding a little bit lost, a little uncertain of herself.

"Would it be that gentleman?"

"Uhh, I don't know ... not sure."

Andrew looked up from the menu that had absorbed his attention and stood up, looking hopeful and as uncertain as she was. He was holding a rose.

"Oh, god, not a rose..." she thought. She was pleased even though a part of her thought it was a little corny and called attention to their illicit meeting.


"Yes ... of course ... there you are ... hello Andrew!"

Stiffly, he leaned forward to press a cheek against hers, and she nudged him with hers while the hostess burbled something she didn't catch and seated them in a booth toward the back of the mostly chrome plated restaurant.

"You are even more beautiful in person. Oh, I brought this for you." He handed her the rose, which she didn't know quite what to do with but thanked him profusely.

"Any trouble finding the place?" she asked. She had suggested it for being about half way.

"No, none, it was fine. Good choice..."

"We shouldn't be having this awkwardness given how well acquainted we are." She laughed.

"Seems so, doesn't it? How many times have I said that? Still, I guess, first time in person ... probably normal..." He smiled hopefully, trying to seem not awkward.

"Well, I'm glad to meet you at last. You really do have a mustache, for example."

"My god, Jackie. I am so thrilled that you would think to wear the green stockings for me. Thank you! Even though it has been all Internet, this is one of the best relationships I have ever had the pleasure to have!"

"Well, thank you for saying that. It has been remarkable ... hasn't it? A meeting of the minds ... And wine would be fine for me. Chablis?"

The wine came immediately in large goblets.

"Hopefully ... to a long continued friendship!" Andrew said, his eyes intensely probing.

"To us, then!" she said in reply. "I have to tell you I am very nervous. You probably noticed. Maybe this will help?" she laughed nervously.

"Me too, to tell the truth." I've never done this before ... never, you know ... met a woman, a beautiful woman, I mean not my wife..."

They fenced and tried to laugh naturally, and slowly the conversation came easier.

"Do you know where the ladies' is?"

He pointed "to the right." Then stood up, an old world, gentlemanly gesture.

"Sit." She said quietly and clutched her large purse and took it with her. "Oh, you dropped something."

She stooped to pick up the small packet, then noticed as she handed it to him that it was a small package of Trojan Magnum condoms. Jackie blushed, then pretended not to notice what it was and hurried away.

She went into a stall in the bathroom. The walls were a pale pink except for one wall of bright red tile. "Ohmigod, those are the large size condoms." She recalled seeing them on the drugstore rack and rejecting them. She giggled silently and had trouble keeping from smiling into the mirror when she came out. It was just too funny the way it happened.

She carefully redrew her lips with the Yves St. Laurent Star Red lipstick bought purposely for this meeting. Rolling the color with her lips to smooth it out, then adding another coat for good measure.

She came back to the table and sat next to him instead of taking the seat across from him. She smiled at him, trying to relieve the tension.

"Oh, god, I am so sorry." He said.

"It's OK. I guess we both know that is why we are here, don't we? I guess we should stop pretending. Look in my bag."

She opened the top and opened it for him to see the jumbo pack of Trojans. Now, that is something to be embarrassed about."

"Ohhhh," he smiled.

They rearranged the table and Jackie clinked her glass against his and took a long drink of the wine. She was blushing, but the tension had diminished.

"I am still sorry for that ... for being obvious ... I didn't mean to." He said.

"OK, I know ... it's OK. Let's put it behind us. She put her hand on his thigh and felt the warmth of his leg.

He put his hand on hers. She looked at him and transferred his hand to the top of her thigh. "Does that make you feel better?" she teased.

She could feel that his hand was perspiring slightly, and the spot on her thigh under his hand was intensely hot even through the dress, the slip and the pantyhose.

She heard him take a deep breath, and realized that he was very nervous.

They drank more of the wine and the waitress refilled their glasses while they reminisced quietly about their Internet romance.

"I can't tell you how your words thrill me. You touch me on many levels, Jackie, ... from my animal instincts to my intellect. Then, I actually get to discuss it with you and you understand what I am seeing. You are a most fascinating woman. I am glad you are a friend."

"I know, Andrew, you keep telling me that." She giggled, squeezing the hand that rested on her thigh. "Nice for me too."

"Sorry ... I keep babbling on about that! I can't help it."

"Listen, Andrew," she whispered, leaning close to his ear, then looking around them for eavesdroppers, "I don't think I can eat another bite of this, I am so nervous."

"Really? I am having trouble too."

"Do we want to..."

"Oh god ... I do ... if you mean..."

She put her lips very close to his ear and blew lightly. "Do you want to get a room? And take me there?"

Andrew felt the shudder down to his toes and took a deep breath."

"Do you mean it?"

Jackie smiled and parted her bright red lips and then nodded slowly.

He nearly tripped as he got up, but recovered and tried to look nonchalant as he walked from the restaurant to the lobby. He had to ask directions at the desk, but then saw an arrow pointing the way.

"I can't believe I just said that." She thought.

Are we really going to do this? What will he think when he undresses me" Will he be disappointed? Will I be something less than he has been thinking. Will my breasts look saggy? The picture was a couple years old, have I aged. What if he doesn't like me naked? Ohmigod, I wish I had lost five pounds. Should I have shaved more from around my pussy? Ohmigod. No man other than Jack has seen my pussy in years ... All those thoughts and questions and more spun around in her mind. Without thinking about it she cupped her left breast and lifted, testing ... for what? Too late. He will see what he sees. Will he wish I were younger? Her heart was in her throat with fears.

He came back and sat down next to her. He lifted his glass of wine.

"All set." He croaked slightly.

They looked into each other's eyes, then both looked away. Their breathing was short.

"Would you like to go up separately?"

"No." She said quickly. I might change my mind, she thought to herself.

"No. Let's go together. We are adults, doing nothing wrong. Well ... guess we are ... but we are adults, anyway. Together, let's just say that."

He nodded sipped the wine again. "This is delicious."

"Yes," she drank a little more. "We have decided, I guess."

"Yes, sure. Thank you for..."

She nudged him and laughed. "You might be sorry, you know! I'm not a teenager anymore, you know."

"You are a beautiful young woman."

"OK ... you say so."

"Ready?" he asked.

"Yes, ready."

He took another sip of wine, not trusting his knees to hold him up. He squeezed her thigh again, the thought of the two garments he could feel sliding between his hand and the warm nylon of her thigh sending a buzz through his mind.

At last he stood up and offered his hand. Again, it was an almost courtly gesture that amused her and pleased her. She "knew" that everyone in the restaurant knew what they were going to do and that they were both married to someone else. She straightened her posture and clicked out before him. The hostess smiled again and wished them a good afternoon, sounding very knowing to Jackie's ear.

"Floor three." He said, glancing at the envelope. 321."

She took his hand in the elevator. It was moist with perspiration, but not excessively. Perhaps her own felt that way to him. What hadn't she thought of. Nice fresh new panties and brassiere, a pretty full slip, perfume, Joy, dabbed strategically between her thighs, behind her knees, between her breasts where it would be warmed and made more distinct, lipstick perfect. What had she forgotten? Trimmed her hair a little, would he have liked it if she shaved it all instead of trimming? "Shut up!" she told herself.

The bell rang and the doors seemed stuck for a moment. "Good god, we are stuck in an elevator and they will report us in the newspapers. Surely won't be read back home." Panic for a moment.

Then the doors slid open.

"This way ... looks like." They went the wrong way the first time and had a long walk back.

"Oh god, I don't know how people do this!" she whispered.


"You know, have affairs. I know one of my friends is going to pop out of that door, there, that one, number 317, and say, 'Hi, Jackie, long time no see, where's Jack.'"

They laughed nervously because both had the same concern.

He slipped the card key into the slot, wrestled with the handle, tried again, the green light came on and the door swung open, letting them hurry inside. Andrew was so nervous he forgot himself and went in first, then retreated and allowed her to enter, his hand lightly on her back just above the swell of her bottom.

"Thank you."

"Oh, this is nice." He said, turning on the light.

"That's enough lights, Andrew, just that one."

"Yes, of course."

They stood a bit awkwardly. He took her coat and she put the bag down on the dresser. The hangers banged and clanged as he hung their coats, then took off his sports coat and hung it too.

He had a small bag and from it he took a bottle of champagne and another wine.

"You look beautiful in this light."

"Oh, thank you, Andrew." She pulled the drapes closed until they were only parted a yard or so, sheers were behind the drapes. The room became a warm sunny color.

She folded her hands and clenched them in front of her, just under her nice-sized breasts. She squeezed as if stretching. The tension was obvious.

The champagne cork popped and bounced against the mirror and he handed her a glass and poured some bubbly.

They toasted again and stood close, drinking the wine, his hand on her waist. She rested her hand on his wrist. They leaned close and kissed for the first time... "not bad," she thought. "Should I have offered my tongue? Not already." She decided. "Not yet."

"Andrew, I need to use the bathroom ... just a moment."

That seemed a little tacky to her and she blushed once again. She closed the door and faced mirrors in every direction.

"Oh, dear." She said and it echoed.

"Is everything all right?"

"Yes, yes!" she said.

She slipped her hands under her skirt and then stared at herself in the mirror. She shook her head. Closed her eyes a moment, opened them and then pulled down panties and pantyhose and sat on the stool. It seemed clumsy but she stood up with the panties and pantyhose half down her thighs and found a package with a wet-wipe to freshen between her legs. That reminded her why she was being so careful. She was anticipating a strange man being there between her thighs in a few minutes., and she blushed a flaming red with the thought. The wet-wipe felt soothing but she could feel that she was already lubricating between the folds of her pussy. She hoped the wet wipe didn't add any unwanted scent.

Pulling the pantyhose up and letting dress and slip slide down over her hips, she looked at herself one last time, smoothing the dress down over her hips and rejoined him.

He took his turn while she sipped more champagne while hearing his stream loud through the bathroom door. She tried to block the sound from her mind, then wondered if he was going to wash the head afterward. She shook her head violently. "Stop with the thoughts! " She told herself.

She saw the tent in his pants as he approached and smiled.

They embraced, and his hands slipped down over her bottom, fondling the silk of the dress and the slip and her panties.

"Mmm you wore a slip? How lovely."

She nodded her head and put her arms around his waist and caressed his back. "You can take my dress off if you want. I don't want to wrinkle it." She whispered close to his ear. She felt him shudder from the breath on his ear.

"Turn off the light."

"I want to see ... Please?"

"OK ... I'm a little nervous. Sorry. There is a little snap at the top."

It was a few moments, standing tense wile he unsnapped.

"Then a zipper." She prompted.


The zip ran smoothly down her back and she felt the coolness where it had been closed and his hand that slipped inside to feel her firm back through the nylon slip. His lips found hers, tasted the heavy lipstick. He sighed with pleasure. His hands roamed over the silky slip then down over her bottom.

She shrugged the dress off her shoulders to get her arms out.

"Over my head." She gasped.

He grasped the sides of the dress and pulled it up and she felt the slip coming with it.

"Ah ... there." She murmured.

"Oh, god..." he gasped, staring at her breasts thrusting against the silk and lace of the slip. The straps of her brassiere noticeably loaded, seeming to strain under their load. "Oh, god." He repeated.

Jackie kissed him again, her tongue exploring a moment.

"You make me feel very comfortable. Thank you."

He pulled her close again and their tongues played together. She felt his cock against her tummy and returned the pleasure with a little pressure.


"It feels good like we said it would on the Internet."

'Does it?"

"God, yes." She wrapped her hand around it through his pants, then unzipped him to let it free. Her hand slipped quickly inside and struggled a moment with his shorts. He gasped as his cock was touched by the first woman since his wife touched it and pulled it into freedom.

"There." She giggled and pressed the bright red lipstick to his lips.

"Do you like my lipstick? I bought it special."

He nodded and again sucked her lips against his own.

"Love it, love everything.

His hands took her breasts for the first time. "Oh, Jackie ... I've waited to do this..."

"Yes ... I know..."

"Wait, Andrew." She unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled off his t-shirt, then fondled his nipples.

"You work out." She said, her hands fondling his chest, then pinching his nipples.

"Do you like this?" She nibbled his nipple s first one then the other."

"Ohh god..." he said, his hands still fondling her breasts.

She unbuckled his belt and pushed his pants into a ring on the floor. His cock stuck out through his shorts and she took it in her hand.

"I love this. And it is crooked, like you said." Jackie giggled about his prick angling a few degrees to the left about two inches from the end.

He kicked off his shoes and socks and then took her breasts again. "And I love these, Jackie."


"Can I?" he tugged at the slip and she stood still before him as he began lifting the skirt. When it was at her waist, he slumped to the floor in front of her.

"Oh,,, my god..." He pressed his lips against her mound nuzzling the soft nylon of pantyhose and panties. He wrapped his arms around behind her bottom and pulled her against his lips and nose. He inhaled deeply.

"You smell wonderful! Just as I expected."

"Is it OK?"

"Oh, yes, perfect. Nice firm mound, lovely scent."

"Ohhhh..." she whispered.

He slipped his fingers between her legs and she parted them for him and felt a gentle touch on the folds of her vulva under the satin panties.

"Ohhhhh, yes." She moaned. "My god, oh yes, Andrew. Touch me."

Andrew cupped her mound, his fingers underneath caressing the moistness of her pussy.

Jackie felt him press his lips to her mound, felt his tongue search between her legs.

"I need to see them." He said urgently, pulling her slip up until it caught on her breasts. She helped him get it over the swell of her breasts and dropped it on the bed with her dress.

"There. is that better, Andy?". Jackie stood and watched as his eyes devoured her breasts in the very pretty lace brassiere. The entire cups were of lace and a bloom spread invitingly around her nipples, visible beneath the lace. She held her chest out to him, letting him examine them. His hands came slowly up to cup them and lift them a little as if he was weighing each one. She seemed to relax into his hands. Andy squeezed gently and caressed her cups, breathing heavily.

"Put it between my legs." She whispered. He moved forward, still holding the breasts as if they might be fragile and he might let them fall and they would break.

"Oh, yes. Oh, my, Andy. It feels so nice..." she whispered, a hoarse quality in her voice. She felt the firm roundness of his prick and placed her fingers under it, pressing it higher between her legs.

With her heels, they were almost the same height and his cock, jutting straight out from his body, found a perfect place to support it when she closed her legs on it, pressing it against soft pedals of her vulva and the nylon of her inner thighs.

His hands were gentle worshippers of her breasts. Slowly cupping the suspended globes and squeezing occasionally. Mostly caresses. Wondering at the softness beneath the showy lace. He latched a finger under one cup, feeling it captured between the full breast and the lace. He felt her gently begin revolving her pelvis. Slow little moves which let her vulva caress the top of his cock while her nylon thighs worked magic along the length of his shaft. He thought no one had ever felt so lovely or treated his dick with so much tenderness.

"Mmmmm ... you're getting me hot, Andrew. Very hot. Is that what you want?"

"Yessssss ... My god. My goddess."

Jackie pinched his nipples and pursed her lips for another kiss. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and probed.

"Ohhhhh..." he moaned.

"Mmmmm..." she moaned, her lips still occupied with his. They rocked together in that position, moaning and crying out into each other's mouths. Andy felt electricity from his nipples to his groin and the French kiss felt as exciting as his first one many years ago.

She sucked his tongue into her mouth and held it there. Moaning so it would feel like a vibrator holding his tongue. Slowly, she stopped pinching his nipples and slid her hands around to his back and held him close so that his cock stayed positioned against her soft pussy lips, while she thrust slowly ... making it slide in and out of her thighs.

"I have never had such a pleasure before." He said into her ear, his breath warm and excited. Jackie squirmed against his lips.

"Yesssss, I love your cock between my legs, Andy..." she gasped. "Play with my tits a little longer? Will you?"

Jackie stood on tiptoes and whispered into his ear, "Andrew, I am going to give you a blow-job in a minute. Would you like that, honey?"

Andy moaned his approval and continued fondling her lovely soft breasts. The brassiere cups transformed the softness into a feeling of fullness that he wanted to hang onto for a long, long time.

"Oh, that feels good, Andrew. Thank you, baby. Squeeze them. That's it. Oh, I love that..."

She opened her mouth and kissed him again, letting the tip of her tongue touch his, and then slowly pulled back and let him feel he soft flesh of pussy and thighs as the head of his dick was slowly and excruciatingly withdrawn from the moist channel.

"Is it like we thought?"

"Yes! Every soft touch is just like you described."

She smiled and slowly sank down in front of him. Andy kept her breasts cupped until finally her breasts left his hands and she was kneeling right in front of him, a beautiful vision in white brassiere, white lace panties, pantyhose and high heels. She smiled up into his eyes.

"May I?" she asked. Her hands were on the elastic of his underpants.

'He nodded, wide-eyed and open mouthed as she pulled downward and his shorts popped over his hard cock, it bounced up and down briefly The red lipstick parted and he watched as she reached for the head of his dick while still looking up with beautiful brown eyes. Then she touched it and he felt his knees weaken a little. Her tongue flicked out between white teeth and licked the slit at the head of his dick.

"It is bent a little, just like you said." She smiled, running a fingertip along the side one quarter down where it went off at an angle, looking very much like something designed to thrill a vagina by its odd shape.

She held the head in her mouth and smiled with her eyes. Opened her mouth and asked "Do you remember the marble? When we pretended I was doing this over the phone? Now you have to tell me if it feels anything like that did. Promise?"

He nodded, enthralled by the sexiness of the brown eyes, dark lashes and the sight of the head of his cock disappearing and reappearing all wet from the mouth of the beautiful girl kneeling beneath his dick and balls. He felt a little light-headed from the excitement of the sight. There he was standing in a motel room in Michigan, the whole world closed out and this vision was taking his dick between her luscious lips. It was almost surreal. Something he had not even imagined was possible.

But she was very real and he could feel the warmth of her wet mouth, He could feel the texture of her lips and the heavy coating of bright red lipstick around his shaft, feel her lips searching and finding the ridge behind his cock head and sinking into it. He felt her tongue playing around the blunt mushroom at the end of his cock, and then he swallowed hard as her hand cupped his balls. It always made him nervous, even when the hand was the familiar hand of his wife. But he soon felt comfortable that she would handle him in a way that only felt good. He pushed out toward her, eager to have her cup his balls in warm little hands and suck his cock with that sweet looking mouth. And then when their eyes met with all that going on, and the eyes smiled, he was a prisoner.

Jackie continued sucking. Looking into his eyes she explored the head of the big dick eagerly with her tongue. Then she let his cock escape her mouth and let him see that a loop of thick liquid strung from his cock head to her lips sexily keeping her connected with his member while she spoke. Her voice was slightly husky with the sexual excitement of being on her knees before a stranger, playing with his genitals.

"You can put your hands on my head ... like you are guiding me ... or ... forcing me..."

She licked the big mushroom again and then settled her lips gently around the groove of his cock and slowly ... very, very slowly, let him slide into her mouth. She rotated her head slightly, letting the cock head explore the inside of her mouth and her tongue. Languorously exploring while the brown eyes looked moist and adoringly up over his flat stomach and bulging chest. She nodded her head ... And he pulled her head toward him. His fingers looped into her hair and it was between her fingers. He pulled her head toward him as if fucking her mouth. Deeper. Deeper. Past the bend in his shaft, and she still smiled.

She gagged slightly. He stopped, afraid that he was hurting her. She recovered and shook her head at him, showing she was all right. He pushed more cock between the red lips and deeper in her mouth and felt her tongue along his length. More. She nodded. More. Still she was willing. He felt the head of his dick meet a restriction. She nodded slightly and changed her position just a little. Andy pushed it in further. It was tight around his head. He looked into her eyes and saw a little tear. But he couldn't help himself, it felt so incredibly wonderful that he pushed again, pulling her hair, lodging another inch of his cock into the girl's throat. He realized that he had pushed past her mouth and entered the narrow throat. He felt her arms surround his legs and then one hand tickle across the crack of his ass.

It scared him when she closed her eyes slowly and then gagged around his cock. Even that felt exquisitely exciting. Finally, he withdrew and watched it slide gracefully, sleek and wet out between the lips still closed around it until it popped out.

"Oh, wait. One more thing." She opened her mouth and pressed around it with her lips almost making him want to collapse as she ringed his cock with a bright red lipstick ring. She grinned mischievously and Andy dropped to his knees and pulled her into his arms, Jackie was laughing, but gasping slightly to regain her breath as he kissed her mouth and held her breasts to his chest and rubbed back and forth...

He kissed her ravenously, tasting his own pre-cum on her tongue and enjoying her lips. They were on their knees but pressed against each other, his cock, hard and hot was pressed between their stomachs, and she reached between them and held it by the mushroom end. Her tongue lunged into his mouth and he fought to keep his in her mouth. They seemed to be chewing or eating each other's lips and rubbing against each other, trying to get as much contact of skin as they could.

"Oh, god, that was incredible!!" he said between kisses.

"Your cock is so thrilling. So big!" she moaned and then went back to sucking his tongue


"I loved sucking it." She gasped.

"Ohmigod!" he said. "How can I thank you for all the things that make me feel so good?"

"You can do me and see if that makes up for it?" she teased.

"Can I eat you?"

"If you know how."

"I think I know how to make you feel good."

"Can I give you a pointer first?" she teased again.


"Ok, here goes." They sat back on their haunches and she led his hands back to cup her breasts. "I like the way you hold them."

"First, take my panties and stockings off." She stood before him and watched as he drew down her pantyhose and helped her step out of them and then, his eyes popping, reached for her panties. Slowly, staring at every detail he uncovered, he pulled her panties down her thighs and calves and she put her hand on top of his head and stepped out of the ring of white satin.

Jackie sat on the bed and pushed him to come between her open legs.

"You are going to see my pussy."

She spread her legs wide and then reached between her legs and spread the lips with her fingers, watching his eyes as he drank her pussy in for the first time.

"Now see this? The outer lips." She pulled the outer lips apart and the inside skin was a beautiful color of bright fuchsia.

"These are of no importance. so don't waste your time there. They are probably like your scrotum. You know?"

"And there is not that much of interest here." She pushed her finger with its immaculately polished nail into her vagina. "It may be something you like to put your tongue in but your tongue is not a good substitute for a prick, so don't waste much time there, either."

"But here ... my clitoris ... This is where you can make me feel good, so spend your time here, with your tongue, your mouth, anything, play with it, suck it, tease it ... All nice, but gentle is what feels good."

"Now." She giggled and lay back with her legs open and the pink slit pursed for his kisses.

He put his hands on the back of her thighs and leaned forward into a cloud of Joy perfume warmed by her thighs and her enthralling natural scent. He kissed gently and closed his eyes and just left his lips there tasting the open pink lips, his tongue lingering along the bottom of the valley formed by her inner lips. He took a long deep breath and then sighed with pleasure as he tasted her pussy.

"Oh my god, it's beautiful ... your pussy is beautiful, Jacqueline. You are a princess and I want to lick this."

"Ohhhh, yes ... OK ... yes ... more..."

She tangled her fingers into his hair and pulled him into her crotch and rolled her hips to meet his licks. He thought she might suffocate but it was so lovely there between her legs that he wouldn't have minded at that moment being suffocated. He kept licking and he remembered her pointers and wondered if her pointers would apply as well to his wife's pussy next time. Joy didn't seem always to like his eating her, but perhaps ... He had wasted time on the non-important parts. Jacqueline's clitoris region was delicious and he loved playing there with his tongue and lips. He looked up over her hairy mound, his nose pressed deep in the thatch of dark brown hair and inhaled the Joy perfume that seemed to be on every delightful bit of her body. He looked over the soft swell of her tummy just above her mound and between tits separated neatly by her lacy brassiere, past red lips and smile and into smiling brown eyes which sometimes closed in pleasure when he found just the right tune to play on the nubbly little clitoris so prominently standing up from the base of her moist slit.

His nose was in her forest and his chin was buried deep, so deep in the split of her ass, while his tongue and mouth sucked and played with the center of everything. Slowly, he brought one hand up and pushed two fingers into her vagina. She moaned sharply and moved under his fingers. He explored the soft moist walls, which were like velvet drapes and searched for her G-spot. He knew when he touched it, because she reacted, her body jumping and then she rolled her hips toward the probing finger. He rubbed the little knoll that felt like a tight bundle of rubber bands in the upper wall of her vagina. Relentlessly, he played with it.

Lovely feelings. Lovely soft skin everywhere and everywhere the scent of her body and Joy perfume. He thought he had died and gone to heaven.

Her body jerked under him. He renewed the attack on her clitoris and felt her body tremble and shiver. He loved the thought that he had for the first time given her an orgasm with his own tongue and fingers.

Abruptly, she sat up and reached for him.

"Come up here!" she said urgently. He fell into her arms and she squeezed tightly.

"Did you cum?"

She nodded against his neck and then began planting kiss after kiss on his neck and cheeks and lips until he began repaying her in kind. She was still shivering her pleasure and wrapped her arms around his neck in the tightest hug he had ever had. They were celebrating her orgasm.

"Ohmigod, you paid me back! Now I want to feel that big thing inside me."

He lurched away and tore helplessly at a little envelope holding a magnum rubber. She took it from him and quickly opened it with no difficulty and popped the condom out into his palm. She picked it up and offered to roll it down his shaft for him but he insisted on doing it himself. He got it part way on and then she helped by forming a ring of her feminine little fingers and rolled it neatly in place. She kept rolling but it wasn't quite long enough to go further.

His cock was now like an enraged bull, hard as steel, bulging at the end, ready. Jackie lay back and held her arms open as he clambered between her open legs.

"Do you want my brassiere on or off, Andy?" she asked urgently.

"On! " He said, looking wild-eyed. His cock, dangling down below him, looked like that of an animal. It touched her tuft of tangled curls and she reach for it, stroked it twice and held the head against her wet lips.

"Hurry!" she urged.

They looked between their bodies and at her hand as it opened her lips with the mushroom head of Andy's big cock.

"My god! You'll split me ... in two ... oh, my, Andy!" she said breathlessly.

"I want you!" he said hoarsely.

"Take me! I'm ready!"

She guided him and the head popped inside. She squealed a little. Not in pain, just pleasant surprise.

She thought, "Ohmigod, he's going to fuck me, this stranger I only met minutes a go is going to put a large penis inside me and I am enjoying it. My god. And my husband and his wife are both far away. But it feels so right sliding into my pussy."

He looked up to find her staring at his cock now sunk partway in her vagina, pushing the lips aside and sliding deep inside. She smiled, looking up at him and putting both hands on his shoulders. She gripped the big muscles there and encouraged him to go ahead. He pushed again and the velvet curtains, the soft resilient walls of her vagina took him inside and welcomed him.

'Ohhhhh, Andy ... You are filling me, darling. Oh yes. More, Andrew, I want all of it. OH, OH. Oh wow!"

And he was all the way in. He lay there feeling heaven once again and wanting it never to end.

"Oh, Andy..."

"OH, Andy...

"OH Andy ... Wonderful! Let me spread wider, honey. Try to get a little more for me? There, now, Andy, push it in!" She tilted her hips and raised her spread legs even wider. Her eyes widened as she felt the effect.

He strained to get another little bit deeper, digging his toes inn against the sheet and reaching with his prick.

OHHHH< Andy ... OHHHHH, my Andy ... OH< OH< OH< Yes! So deep! Ohmigodddd!"

Her legs were wider apart than she thought possible and she tried to force herself further on his big cock until she felt the base of his dick against the smooth tender skin between her legs.

"DON'T PULL IT OUT! DON'T PULL IT OUT!" she screamed. Andy tried to hold the strained position as long as he could and leaned down to take her mouth the same way he had taken her cunt. She closed her eyes, drinking in the pleasure of the cock filling her as she focused on squeezing it. Andy stuggled to stay deep in her vagina, enjoying the sucking sensation she was providing by tightening, tightening, then loosening, tightening, then loosening. She opened her eyes wide and fluttered her eyelashes.

"Oh, baby ... baby, go ahead and fuck me ... now ... now ... yes, oh yes."

He began fucking into her snug moist haven. She stopped him a moment to look between them to see the glistening saber of a cock sliding half way out of her pussy, the lips curled around it in a big kiss.

"Ohhhh, Andy ... look at it ... look at us ... look where your cock is baby. Oh, look how wet ... my juices ... my pussy. Ohhhhh, my pussy is so stretched by your big cock ... it looks like there is no rubber at all ... see-through condom ... ohhhh!"

He pulled it almost all the way out so that the big head was nuzzling her pussy lips ... and then thrust in with one manly push; all the way in.

She screamed with pleasure. For a moment he thought the neighbors would hear, then decided he didn't care and began excitedly fucking Jacqueline's willing body. In and out the ribbed rubber flashed. In her pussy, deeper even than the fully unrolled length of the rubber.

"Fuck me, fuck me, shove it in!" she urged wildly, her voice deep and sensual. Her feet were on the mattress now so she could bridge her body to meet his lunging fuck. In and out he slammed until the sound of his loins slapping Jacqueline's ass was loud in their ears.

'That's it, Andy, give it too me, honey!" each word was like a punctuation mark as his thrusts slammed into her and forced her against the mattress. The bed complained with squeaks and cracks under the relentless wild fucking of the two lovers.

"Give it to me, big guy, give it to me hard. I love that big hard cock you are filling me with." Each word was at the end of one of his thrusts into her pussy.

"Cum, Andrew, cum, baby, give me your cum!" she said, sensing the buildup in his balls.

Andrew felt it coming. His cock felt heavy, very heavy and now his balls had the same sensation heavy and full. He hugged her soft lovely body against him and thrust with everything he had left. The hot juice flowed up his prick; he felt it coming. He was beyond control but he loved the feel of his shaft being gripped by the soft wet pussy, he loved her arms around his neck and he loved fucking Jacqueline.

His sperm pumped out into the rubber, again and again, he couldn't remember how many spurts of hot cum he had ejected. And then he collapsed on her body, the cones of her breasts in the lacy cups crushed against his chest.

Jacqueline patted him on the back and felt the perspiration that told how much energy he had given her. She felt truly well fucked and a warm glow came over her as his prick subsided inside her hot pussy. She tried to keep it inside, but could not. She relaxed and waited. Slowly it slipped out and they discovered the rubber had slipped off between her legs.

"I'll take care of it." She said quietly. "Lie still. Rest. You were wonderful, Andrew. A wonderful lover!"

She kissed several times around his ears and neck then prized herself up, took the rubber between two fingers and hurried to the bathroom. She looked secretly at how full the ugly sack was, widened her eyes in surprise and then dropped it in the toilet and flushed it.

She slipped into bed beside the exhausted hulk and patted his back like a teacher giving a student an appreciative pat.

"You were sooooo good! I can't wait to have you again, Andrew."

He nodded listlessly, but she knew he would recover and began planning what they might do with each other in a half hour.

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