I'll Wake You Up!


Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Petting, Sex Toys, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Wife is going out for the evening and promises husband she will wake him up when she gets home.

"Do you mind if I spend the evening with my friends tomorrow?" my wife asked me last night.

"Humm, I don't know," I teased. I have never kept her from doing anything and she knows it. I am sure she would be very surprised and I did tell her I minded. Still, I appreciate her asking; it shows that she cares about my feelings on the subject.

"We want to have a knitting evening, I should be back around midnight," she needlessly explained. "I'll wake you up!" she finished in a sultry voice, caressing my crotch and giving me a nice kiss full of promises.

I wake up at the sound of the front door being closed and her keys locking it. She tries to be discreet but I have been expecting her for hours and I have been sleeping very lightly. I open one eye and take a look at my alarm clock; it is ten minutes past midnight. I smile and force myself to breath evenly; I am so excited that my heart is drumming a charge inside my chest; I need to calm down or be busted.

She enters the bedroom silently and makes sure I'm asleep before undressing. I can hear the rustle of her clothes as they fall to the floor.

She takes a quick shower before joining me in bed. I am lying on my belly, facing away from her; I have to concentrate to keep my heart and my breathing under control. I don't want her to know that I am actually awake; that would change the rules and spoil my pleasure, and probably hers as well.

She slips under the comforter and lies down behind me. She grabs my hip and ever so gently pulls back to entice me to turn me on my side, still thinking I am asleep and obviously trying to keep me that way. Offering just the token resistance that I believe a sleeping man would exert, I obediently move with a little groan and resume my regular breathing. She has me where she wants me now and she slowly molds her body to mine, her big soft breasts crushed against my back. I can feel her breath on my neck, warm and irregular.

Her hand comes around my middle caressing my chest and playing with my nipples. After a few seconds of that, her hand snakes down to my crotch and she moves her finger from root to tip along the length of my soft penis. Even though I am very excited, my playing the sleeper requires a lot of concentration and that made me lose my original hard-on. She delicately grabs the end of my flaccid member between her index and thumb and slowly moves them up and down repeatedly, rubbing the head through the foreskin.

I start moaning, still playing the sleeping man, wanting a lot more of the attention she would not take the time to give me if I was awake. My penis grows quickly under her ministrations, finally reaching its full seven inches in no time. She pushes the comforter out of the way before starting to jack me off slowly. I enjoy the feeling of her soft hand on me and I let her know by rocking my hips in rhythm like I'm acting a dream.

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