A Week With Friends
Chapter 1

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual, Heterosexual, True Story, White Couple, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Water Sports, Public Sex, Nudism,

Desc: True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Two couples spend a week away and inhibitions are shedded.

Let me introduce ourselves. I'm Mandy I'm in my early forties still having a figure I'm proud off and still turn the occasional head or two. I am a professional working within legal industry. Sean, my husband, is a similar age working within the music industry. We are lucky to be in a position where we don't have to worry to much about money, though certainly not on the millionaires list. We both have a healthy sexual appetite with which we like to feed to each other. Always happy to try new things and nothing a taboo until we had tried it. I am bisexual and would describe Sean as bisexual within the right atmosphere. We are not ardent swingers but do sometimes enjoy being with other couples sexually.

This story is true, how we thought we knew are best friends extremely well, though it turned out we all held little secrets. When the secrets were out we got to know each other even better.

I have changed names and places to protect the innocent, or not so innocent.

It all started Easter 2011, as normal we were preparing for a weeks holiday which we always take at this time, sometimes as a couple, sometimes with a group of friends and family. This year we were to spend the holiday with two of our best friends. Sean had known Simon since childhood and was his best man at our wedding; it is also where we first got to meet Penny, his future wife for the first time.

With Sean and Simon being best friends it wasn't long after our wedding that Penny became a firm friend to us both. Often the four of us would entertain together whether it be dinner, cinema or concert, we all got on extremely well. Although Sean would take admiring looks at Penny and the thought of spending a naughty night with her myself was certainly a dream, nothing ever happened between us. Penny and I would talk about sexual issues but I always got the impression that a bit of lesbian fun was not on her list.

This years destination was the South Devon coast, being Easter in England this meant taking the warm clothes, certainly not a time to get a sun tan more of a time for lovely walks, dinners in country pubs with warm fires and snuggling up under the duvet to keep warm at night also with the nice thought that winter had done it's worst and summer would be with us soon.

We had rented a cottage just outside of town with a beautiful view of the coast with the town of Croyde just in the distance. We had chosen this cottage for it's views, it's lovely large open fire and of course the hot tub out on the patio. The feeling is magical to lie in the bubbles on a cold clear night with a glass of something nice and not alone.

We arrived to find Simon & Penny had arrived before us and were greeted with warm hugs and a glass of something fizzy, the cottage was all I was expecting and more, I felt I was really going to enjoy this holiday.

I awoke the following morning my head feeling a little heavy, the results of more than a few glasses drunk the night before. We had cooked a simple but nice meal and ended up sitting on the floor of the lounge playing one of the board games in the house. Penny had been wearing a loose low cut jumper which was showing more than a little cleavage every time she bent forward, it didn't take Sean long to notice this & he certainly enjoyed his free views as did I. Feeling a little ignored and thinking it wasn't fair on Simon I made an excuse that I was to hot & changed into a low cut top myself. I would give Simon a better view than Sean so I also removed the bra, being a bit of an exhibitionist and slightly drunk the thought of Simon seeing my 38D's wobbling under my top certainly turned me on. We eventually found the bed late at night, but not to late for me to demand a hard fucking from Sean, nothing fancy, no foreplay just in and hard.

Sean was still asleep, I ran my hand up his leg to find he was semi hard, not unusual for him. I gently played with his cock until he was hard, then not wanting to wake pushed off the duvet and started to suck him slowly whilst playing with his balls. I could taste the combination of my juices and his cum from the night before. Sucking harder and swallowing his cock deeper he started to arch his back in delight his hand grabbing the back of my head trying to get his cock deeper in my mouth, I carried on swallowing as far back as I could handle. Very soon he started to slightly tremble, this was the sign he was about to cum. I grabbed his balls as tight as I could; he let out a moan and unloaded his cum straight into my mouth. I lifted my head, his eyes still closed but a large smile on his face, gently I stroked him as I moved up the bed. "Good morning my darling" I said and kissed him on the lips giving him some of the cocktail of his cum and my saliva on to his lips. With one last kiss I jumped up, headed for the shower with my head feeling so much clearer.

Twenty minutes later wearing my robe I walked into the kitchen to find the other three already there, coffee was waiting and breakfast was on the go. Much to my surprise the weather outside was clear and sunny, not what I was expecting. Penny commented on how happy Sean was this morning, perhaps I would tell her my secret of having a happy hubby in the morning later. Over breakfast the day's itinerary was planned, a walk along the beach to the town, nice pub lunch and find out what there was to do in the area. The guys wanted to check out the tide times, both being keen, though not excellent surfers.

I was feeling more alive with every step taken along the beach, the stress of work and home life falling away. Recently we hadn't seen much of Penny and Simon, every plan made seemed to be hijacked by work or family, even the car and the weather had colluded against us one time. Now, nothing was in our way, chatting laughing and even a spot of signing eventually bought us to the pub.

Penny had slipped earlier; so after a long lunch, saying her ankle was sore she and Simon took a taxi back to the cottage. We decided to walk back.

The weather was getting unusually warm, slowly we were peeling off the layers of clothing as we walked, I couldn't believe I was walking along the beach in early April, the warm sun heating my back, Sean had taken off his shirt, me only in t shirt and jeans. I thought of maybe doing a little skinny-dipping, the beach was empty and privacy was assured, however one toe in the water and my mind was changed.

Stopping to admire the beauty we ended up sitting on the rocks watching the waves coming in. Time to do a little sunbathing in the now hot afternoon? Quick check, we were alone, I stripped down to bra and knickers, not having a bikini with me. Having feeling slightly horny when dressing I had put on a matching black semi see through bra and thong with red trim and a little red bow, this certainly increased the view for Sean, the evidence being the bulge in his shorts.

This was not my plan, I only wanted to feel the warmth on my whole body. Within a minute Sean had started to caress my leg gently with one finger each stroke finishing slightly higher up my leg from the last, soon his finger fingers reached my thighs, without thinking I spread my legs allowing him access to my inner thigh, gently he carried on stroking me but just avoiding the small area of my knickers. Without realising it I started to stroke my tits, slowly and gently pinching my nipples through my bra, I was getting turned on by his attention. I sat up removing my bra, giving me full access to my tits and now hard nipples. Feeling the wetness I opened my legs wider giving Sean full access to my pussy, he changed position and soon his tongue was stroking my pussy through my now wet thong. The thong was pulled aside my pussy open to his tongue and aching for his attention. I was not disappointed his tongue playing with my pussy and gentle nibbling my clit, my fingers now abusing both my nipples pinching and pulling them as hard as I could. I moved around slightly, Sean new what this was for and with his finger covered in my juices found my arse, slowly pushing his finger deep in the arse.

By now my control was lost moaning more another finger entered, with two fingers in my arse, his tongue on my pussy, my nipples clamped within my fingers I new I would cum soon. Sean whispered he had had a few beers over lunch, I just said yes, I knew what he meant. He removed his fingers and knelt on his knees, if only I had brought a toy to replace his fingers, my arse begging for attention. My eyes were closed one hand going to my pussy to take over from his tongue. Then what I wanted, I felt the hot stream of his pee first on my stomach then moving up soaking my tits, I longed to taste it but he moved further down my body controlling his aim perfectly. As his jet hit my pussy I could feel myself cumming. Starting in my stomach then moving to my whole body, one hand pulling my clit, the other still on my nipple fuck it felt so good. His stream stopped, before my orgasm had finished I felt his cock brushing my pussy, without anymore warning his cock pushed deep into my pussy. Pumping me hard my orgasm intensified again, his balls slapping me his cock feeling though it was going right through me.

I wanted this to go on forever. He pulled out of me told me to turn around, using the rocks as support I was excited knowing what was coming. The tip of his cock touched the arse then slowly I felt him entering my arse, fuck it felt so good. Gently he started to fuck my arse getting harder and further each time a thought then came in to my head, what if Simon was fucking my pussy at the same time & my tongue on Penny's pussy, the thought left my head and I concentrated on what Sean was giving me now. He started his slight tremble; yes I want you to come in my arse, my body is yours to do what you want with, fuck me in any hole you desire, I am your slut to use. I love to think like this when he is fucking me. I knew it was coming, his cock seemed to get harder, then I felt his cum filling my arse, with my hand still on my clit I felt myself cumming again or was this a continuation from the last one, I didn't care I was in ecstasy. He pulled out of me, we both slid to the sand, I was suddenly aware of where we were, had we just given them a free show, at the time I didn't care but now looked around, we were safe. Maybe one day I can be used and fucked in front of an audience.

We lay a few minutes, both getting our energy back and clearing our heads, I was in a mess covered in piss and cum, we cleaned up as best we could using the bottle of water we had. My knickers were beyond help, I gave them to Sean, his trophy for the afternoon.

Slowly we started the walk back to the cottage, I could feel the crotch of my jeans rubbing on my naked pussy a feeling of delight and dread, my body needed to recover for a few hours. A thought came in to my head, we had been here for less than a day, already Sean had used all my holes, I smiled I knew I would be having a good holiday, maybe a bit sore when we returned but hell it's worth it.

We arrived to the cottage to find Simon playing with the hot tub, the thermostat had been turned right down, the water seemed not much warmer than the sea had earlier, oh well my thoughts of relaxing in there for a few hours would have to wait until tomorrow. Not to worry first thing required would be a shower. Walking inside I found Penny reading a magazine. How's your ankle feeling? I asked, fine now thank you, Simon gave it a massage it feels much better. Looking around the room the rug was a little dishevelled and a small table moved, I was pretty sure it wasn't just her ankle Simon had been massaging.

You guys took a long time to get back did you get held up? Penny asked.

"We stopped to admire the view, hope you don't mind" I replied with a big smile.

"No not at all, we managed to keep each other entertained" The smile on Penny's face seemed to be bigger than mine. Without saying anymore we both new what the other one had been up to.

I turned to leave the room "I'm off for a quick shower"

"Good idea" replied Penny "We don't want sand getting into the delicate bits do we"

I blushed, for a second I wanted to tell Penny everything that had happened on the beach. I held back, maybe sometime but not now. Although not ashamed of our love for watersports, I knew it was not everybody's idea of fun; we still had a few secrets kept just to ourselves.

Under the shower I gentle washed my body clean, washing my tits, being careful with my sore nipples I wished it was Penny's hands not my own. Stop, I must stop thinking these thoughts, these fantasies. Penny was one of my best friends, not my lover. I had had similar thoughts about other friends and had managed to keep those thoughts in check, but with Penny it felt different, stronger than ever before.

The rest of the day was uneventful, showered and dressed I joined the others sitting out on the patio. G&T's in hand, we could not believe the weather, it felt like summer, warmer than any Easter I had known. The guys had the tide time book open and with the aid on the Internet pronounced tomorrow morning would be time to wax the planks and find the tubes. No I don't know what this meant either, however it transpired they would go surfing in the morning.

With dinner finished I looked at the clock, still quite early but I was exhausted, as the others seemed to be so an early night beckoned us all. By the time I had finished in the bathroom Sean was already asleep, I slipped under the duvet, as I did Sean turned and snuggled in to me, his arm holding me just tight enough, I felt warm, content and most importantly safe and loved with my lover, my best friend, my rock, my Sean.

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