The Spring of Everything

by mattwatt

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: It was the spring when all her wishes seemed to be coming true: Her PhD dissertation accepted and defended; tenure in the university math department as a full professor. But there was more, when Ginny Crain started dating a student.


She was going to the diner. It was what everyone around the campus called the place. It had an official name, 'Wertz' Diner" but to everyone it was just 'the Diner'. She had certainly been among the missing at 'the Diner' lately because there had been so much to do.

It was during this time period that she finished her dissertation, and defended it! She'd gotten her PhD finally, and was finished for a while with Fractals and all that, those items that had been her world, what she ate and slept with and drank and partied with and thought of for so long. It had made her, she was afraid, a rather 'dull girl' in the process but she was now official Dr Virginia Crain, PhD!

She stood in front of her mirror and spoke to herself, calling herself by her title. Dr Virginia Crain, PhD!

But tonight, now there was even more to celebrate, that made this wonderful spring time glow and shine for Ginny Crain: she'd been promoted! She'd gotten her degree and the promised promotion had come through: Full Professor! Full Professor with tenure! Whoopee!

She'd grabbed a frozen lasagna out of the fridge and poured a glass of red from her box of wine. (Ginny Crain tended to be plebeian in her taste!) And had a mini celebration with her dinner.

She wanted to call Cheryl Corley and celebrate but she knew that Cheryl was away at some kind of conference that the sociologists were putting on in San Francisco.

That information sent lurid thoughts racing across her mind. The thought of Cheryl in San Francisco played for Ginny's mind like an old fashioned blue movie, one of those that you watch in an 'art theater', which a few decades ago simply meant a dirty movie theater.

Ginny had had a brief fling with Cheryl about a year and a half ago, when she was paying attention to only two things: teaching and writing her dissertation. Cheryl had shown up one night with a bottle of some kind of rat poison and the two of them got shit faced! She giggled to remember.

She also remembered waking up naked in bed with her arms wrapped around Cheryl Corley and Cheryl's small, pointy breasts poking at her over abundant chest. It was something else to giggle about.

Ginny admitted that she liked the sensation and had been temped by Cheryl's offer of 'any time' after that but she also knew that 'girls' weren't where it was at for her, and after that, once they'd settled down into a good relationship, she simply put the sex things aside and became a mathematics automaton, teaching and the dissertation, teaching and fractals!

Now she was coming into the light at last. This latest stroke, her promotion to full professor with tenure was the cherry on top of it all for Ginny. She was dancing girl pleased! She was twirling around mentally and wondering what to do.

With the news in tow, she grabbed the phone finally and made a call.

"Hello," the soft voice said, "June Crain!"

"Momma!" Ginny almost yelled.

"Sweetheart!" the softest and most wonderful voice in the world said. "You sound happy!"

"Oh, Momma," she gushed, "It came through, I got my promotion! They've made me a full professor with tenure!"

"Good for my sweet, sweet girl!" her Momma said enthusiastically. "What are you going to do?"

"I should go out and get laid!" Ginny said with a giggle.

(Their relationship had been for years, especially since the death of her lovely Dad, more like girlfriends than mother-daughter.)

"Now don't you go off half cocked!" June warned her.

"No," Ginny said going into peals of giggles, "I don't want only a half a one!"

They both broke up at that point and ended up giggling about it for a while.

"I'm only kidding, Momma," Ginny said, "I'm fairly under control but I'm going out tonight. I'll go to the Diner. It's where all the campus people go and tonight they'll see a rare sight: Dr Ginny Crain un-caped!"

"Well it sounds like you're walking on air!" June said. "Is the word around?"

"Oh probably," Ginny said. "These things, notices and all get around like wild fire. I guess people know."

"Well, love," June said, "You have a good time and no foolishness!"

"Yes, Momma," she said, "I'll be home by 11 and no kissing on the doorstep!"

They were giggling again then but June sobered up.

"Honey," June said, "It's time now, you know; you're more settled, and you Poppa and I planned for this."

"Oh," Ginny said, "The house!"

"Yes," June answered. "I have the money set aside for the down payment. It'll make a nice big one and get you established."

"Oh, Momma," Ginny said, "I love you so much! And I miss my Poppa!"

"Ginny," June said then, "He's proud! You can bet on that much!"

"Can we get together soon?" Ginny asked.

"Yes, a trip to the University is just what I need!" June responded.

"We'll go trolling together!" Ginny said, "See what young buck wants two babes for the price of one!"

The giggle fest began again.

"Honey," June said, "You go out and enjoy yourself.

"I love you, Momma," Ginny said.

"I love you too, sweetheart!" June answered.


June's question was: "Is the word around?"

As soon as Ginny entered the door of the Diner she knew. People stood up, once they saw her and the word spread and they applauded.

Ginny was grinning from ear to ear and actually dipped a curtsey as she moved to a boot in the back, greeting people as she went and smiling at one and all.

Once Ginny sat, the waiter appeared. It was Jeremy Ward, a grad student, whom Ginny had had a few times in classes. He was working his way through school waiting on tables at the Diner and similar kinds of jobs.

"There she is!" he proclaimed to a grinning Ginny. "Professor Doctor Virginia Crain, pride of the Math Department, fully tenured and world watch out!"

Ginny sprang up from her seat and grabbed him around the neck and kissed his cheek.

"Right!" she said sitting again, "Everything you said is right!"

"Celebrating are we?" he asked.

"Finally!" was her answer with a sigh.

"Yes, Dr Crain," he said, and she interrupted him: "Ginny please!"

"Ginny it is!" he said. "What'll it be?"

"Apple pie!" she said. "I'm not going crazy, my Momma told me on the phone not to but I am going to celebrate and do something I haven't in a while, so apple pie it is!"

"Well," he said, "Momma knows best!"

"She normally does!" Ginny answered.

He went away then and came back in just a little bit with a piece of apple pie and a cup of coffee. The apple pie had a toothpick stuck in it with an emblazoned sign: "Congratulations!"

Ginny giggle! Then she thanked him.

"I'd jump up and kiss you again but don't want it to be a habit!" she said.

"There are worse habits!" he said and she giggled and did indeed jump up and kiss him on the cheek again.

In a few moments, he came around again with the coffee pot. Ginny didn't want any but asked him to sit for a few moments.

"It's quiet now," he said, sighing and sitting down.

He turned to her and asked: "So what now for you?"

She smiled an introspective smile and said: "Well, my Mom reminded me tonight that she and my Dad put money aside for a large downpayment for me on a house."

"Grand people!" he said smiling.

"Yes," she said wistfully, "He's been dead a while now, heart attack. I miss him so."

She got tears in her eyes, when she said it, and he covered her hand with his. The touch was unexpected and after a moment, he removed her hand.

"Sorry," he said.

"Oh, Jeremy," she said, "Don't say that, I appreciate how nice you're being."

The thing that she didn't say was that the shock that she'd felt was a totally pleasant one; that's what startled her out of her reverie. She just swallowed that knowledge and didn't let on.

"Anyway," he went on, "A house for Ginny?"

"Yes," she said brightly, "Out of the apartment and into my own house!"

"Sounds like a plan," he said. "Hey, I have to take a look around to see if there's any work to do. I'll be back."

She realized that she liked that idea and told him so, getting a huge smile from him.

"Maybe he's into older women!" she said to herself with a giggle, letting the idea run through her mind.

(Although Ginny did really classify as an 'older woman' in this situation, it needs to be said that she was 32 years old and Jeremy at 25 wasn't that much younger.)

But Jeremy Ward was dazzled by Ginny Cain; he had been for a long while. He certainly had been, while he had classes from her, and on those occasions it was all that he could do to make himself concentrate on what she was teaching, and keep his mind off of her butt swinging beneath the slimness of her skirts.

Then, when he saw her tonight, he almost lost it.

At 32, Ginny Cain was simply gorgeous. She was large in the breast, and rounded in the butt. Tonight she was wearing a university tee and a pair of capri style running pants that clung to her. Jeremy had almost dropped a tray of food, when he saw her come through the door.

He finally came back from making rounds in the restaurant and finding everything under control.

"So," he said pleasantly, sitting down again, "Plans?"

"Well, I think that I'm going to invite my Mom for a visit and the two of us will kind of celebrate!"

"Close?" he asked.

"Oh, yes," Ginny said, "Best buds that's the way that we are!"

"Grand," he said smiling broadly at him.

He got a twinkle in his eye and grinned at her and said: "Need entertainment, when your Mom is here?"

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