by Speakeasy

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Swinging, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A vacation to remember

Vacation! God how long has it been? This will be wonderful ... going to a romantic place with the man you love and - for a whole week - you don't have to cut up anyone else's meat ... no bedtime stories (unless you count the Penthouse Letters.) No hurt knees or feelings to soothe. Only you and Michael and your fantasies.

You got lucky; the plane isn't crowded. You settle in - Michael by the window, you by the aisle and no one in between. The plane takes off and Michael lifts the armrests between you. You snuggle down into his lap as he runs his hands through your hair and reads the airline magazines. You're enjoying the absentminded attention when you realize it's not quite as absentminded as you thought. There is a growing lump under your head. Your hand reaches up to check for sure, and there it is. Michael's thoughts are already in vacation mode. You look up at him and smile, and begin to pet that favorite cock of yours. No objection from above.

He smiles down at you. "Wanna join the mile high club?" You respond with that "fuck me" look that he knows so well and get up and walk to the rear toilets. He follows. There's no one back there, so you enter a stall with him right behind. No time for anything fancy here, you just want him to fuck you, to feel him come inside you, and quickly. He drops his shorts and sits on the john. You drop yours and back down into his lap, his cock entering you easily. His hands move around under your blouse to your breasts, playing with your nipples and squeezing as you start to move up and down his shaft while you rub your clit.

You can see yourself in the mirror, open mouth, breathing hard. half-open eyes. You notice how sexy you look. You come almost immediately. Surprised, he needs to come right away, too, so he stands you up, bends you over, and starts to fuck you from behind. Faster and deeper than he could sitting down. You are both watching yourselves in the mirror. Then, his face begins to contort and he comes, too. You love the feeling in your cunt as he swells just before he comes and then shoots load after load of come inside you. That feeling, combined with seeing his contorted ecstatic face make you start to come. Then your hand moves to your clit and the orgasm starts in earnest - harder this time, making your knees shake as he continues to pump you from behind.

This is going to be a great vacation. You both start laughing as you try to get your clothes back into position. Then, exiting the john, you see two stews smiling knowingly your direction. You're embarrassed, but now you're a member of the mile high club and it was great, and the stews know it and you're actually proud.

Ah ... Florida ... warm water ... white beaches ... tanned and beautiful people swarming ... tempting. You check into your hotel room and start to change into your swimwear. He looks at your beautiful body as you change. Your bikini bottoms are half way up when you look over and see his cock at half-mast ... ready for more. The bikini slowly and seductively drops to the floor ... and when it does, Michael's cock continues to grow as he stares your way ... YAY!

You walk over to him and fondle his cock which continues to grow in your hands ... you drop to your knees and lick his balls ... little Michael is standing tall now ... and dripping all over your hands ... you then take him into your mouth and he starts to pump slowly and deeply down your throat. God it's erotic. You have his entire attention now and you control him ... his hands grab your hair and he's now fucking your mouth in earnest. As he starts to come, you open your mouth to let his come drip down your face ... and it does. It's copious ... and it drips down across your breasts and slowly down to your belly and cunt. It feels wonderful, tastes wonderful and makes you hornier than ever.

Michael takes the initiative now ... laying you back on the floor and covering you with his body...

"Whose come is this all over you?" as he rubs his body against yours...

"Some guy I met on the plane."

"You sucked off some guy you met on the plane?"

"He's got a beautiful cock. I loved it."

His fingers go inside your cunt now. "I suppose you fucked him, too."

"Yes," you say in your little girl's voice. "He wanted me to."

He's really fucking you with his fingers now ... three inside and his palm rubbing your clit. "You'll fuck anyone who wants you to?"

You start to come now and through clenched teeth, your head thrashing from side to side, you fuck his hand and moan, "Yeeeeesssssssssssssss!"

You both lie panting on the floor with come everywhere ... all over both your bodies. You feel like the sexiest slut that ever lived. When Michael says, "we'll see about that," You practically come at the promise in his voice.

The pool, the beach, 20 yards apart. It's hard to choose. Right now, it's the pool. A hot day and the water is cool. There's a beautiful swim up bar and a wall of rock with water cascading down to give it a tropical feel Behind the waterfall there is a little alcove, a place you can look through the water from behind. Tt's beautiful. Besides, there's food and drink service at the pool, and the beach is too hot to walk across right now. This is vacation. There will be no discomfort!

You and Michael take adjoining lounge chairs under a palm tree and get out the suntan lotion. Both of you get pretty well covered - with a little help from the other - and you almost melt to his touch when he rubs it on your back and butt. You are feeling very sensual. Everything looks, tastes, feels, and sounds in "Technicolor." Colors brighter. Tastes more intense. Touches electric. The sound of the waterfall is soothing and entrancing. You are in heaven.

There is a man lying on the lounge chair next to Michael's. In an earlier life, he could have been a lifeguard ... certainly athletic ... tan ... very good looking. He and Michael strike up a conversation. You hope he is and you hope he isn't talking about what you think he may be ... Michael's fantasy? Oh God. There is a wet spot forming on your new suit. You decide you'd better get into the water to cover it up by making everything wet. You walk/swim around a bit and the water feels extraordinary against your skin.

Michael is still talking to his new friend and laughing ... You continue to explore the pool, walking behind the waterfall. It's cool ... there's a constant wet breeze from the waterfall ... the noise is loud but not deafening ... it's just that you're unable to hear anything outside the waterfall ... and no one can see in. You watch Michael and the other guy talking and imagine fucking them both ... and you can feel your labia swelling at the thought. That special "fullness" that comes of sexual desire. Your hand crosses your breasts and the touch on your nipples is electric. You wonder. Your hand strays to your pussy and everything is at attention, so you begin to rub a bit - just a gentle, feel good tracing of your pussy lips. You can't believe you want sex so soon again. You continue to rub, lost in the wonderful sensations.

Then, Michael enters the alcove. Your hand draws back quickly as if you were a little girl getting caught with her hand in her pants. He's got a big smile, and kisses you ... not just a hello kiss, but a real "god-I-want-to-fuck-you-and-we're-on vacation-isn't this-cool" kiss. Your response is immediate (after all, you've been getting yourself ready.) You start to breathe more heavily. You want him now. Then, his new friend comes into the alcove with him. You're too sexually excited and nervous to say anything. What WERE they talking about? He says, "hi."

Michael introduces you to David. He's a salesman from North Carolina taking a couple of extra days before he heads back home. He's not only gorgeous, but his accent is compelling, a gentle southern drawl. His eyes are seeing through you. You just know that he knows how turned on you are. Michael says, "David thinks you're very sexy."

David protests, saying that it isn't fair for him to tell you - at least not in front of him - but he's not really angry. Michael's arm is around you and his hand is cupping your breast. You can feel it all the way down into your cunt. Both men have large bulges in their suits. God, is this happening? You swallow hard. Everything is feeling "full" and turned on. Ry this place. By two men both of whom apparently want you.

Your eyes close involuntarily for a second as you try to catch your breath ... Michael takes David's hand and moves it to your other breast. God. God. God. If you weren't in the water, you wouldn't be able to stand. Your right hand moves to Michael's bulge. He's really turned on. Your eyes dip in sexual excitement. There's a huge lump in your throat. Michael takes your hand and moves it to David's bulge. He's huge. You massage it gently for a minute and David's eyes close in ecstasy. Your hand moves inside his suit. His hand strays to your cunt. You almost come...

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