What Happens Here...

by Speakeasy

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Lesbian, Heterosexual, White Male, White Female, Hispanic Female, 2nd POV, .

Desc: Sex Story: You and a chat friend meet in Las Vegas

You can't believe that you've managed to get a weekend away to Las Vegas. Your chat room bud is waiting to see you for the first time and you're excited and a bit scared at the same time.

You arrive at the airport and there he is waiting for you. He'll take you to the hotel and from there you'll decide what to do. If you want to go on your own, the option is there, and it'll still be a good time. If you decide to spend some quality time with him, there's that option as well, although he also has the right to bail out.

He is fairly tall, very blond, and his smile is captivating. When he says, "Hello Cutie," you almost lose it right there. His voice is magic.

You stammer, "Hi!" Is it possible that you are doing this?

"Let me get that." He grabs your luggage. He doesn't know that your brand new lingerie is in there. When you think of his carrying your new teddy that you - now - fully intend to show him, you get a bit of a warming of your lower extremities. You smile.

"I have a great room," he says with a huge grin. "I sometimes work for Caesars Palace and they've given me one of the high roller suites this trip. I can't believe it! There isn't usually one available"

You are still coy. "Sounds interesting," you say.

He walks you to his car [a new jag!] and opens the door for you. As you start to get in, he says, "How 'bout a tiny hello kiss?" Without giving you time to answer, he pulls you to him and kisses you gently. Nothing overtly sexual in it, but it tingles very nicely.

The drive to Caesars is uneventful with pleasant talk about the trip from Austin. He has reserved a room for you that you can decide to use or not. You arrive at the hotel and the valet takes your luggage. He hands the valet his keys and you walk in to the reception desk through a lively casino with the clanging of slots and the yells of happy gamblers.

You check in and get your room key. David walks over to the valet and gives him a tip. "Just drop her bags in the room," he says. The valet nods.

He turns to you and says, "You gotta see MY room!"

You laugh and follow him to the elevator. "OK!"

As you go up in the elevator, he puts his arm around your waist and says, "I've wanted to meet you since the first time you wrote me about my stories." You feel your nipples rising to the occasion, and mumble something about you wanted to meet him, too.

You exit the elevator and walk down the hall to his room. He opens the door and you frankly can't believe it. It's two stories tall, with window walls. There is a small staircase up to what must be the bedroom. Beside the window is a baby grand piano. There is a bar, fully stocked with a dining table beside it. A huge sofa and several chairs face the wall of glass that overlooks the entire strip. Whoa, he wasn't kidding. He takes you up to the bedroom and it's also amazing. A king size round bed with a sheer drape around it in the center of the room. There is a huge jacuzzi tub in the room in the center of the dressing area. Closets for days. There is a make-up, dressing area by the tub. This room was made for fun. For people who can afford to have fun.

"OK, let's go have dinner, you must be starving."

Yes, you're hungry, and you say so, but what he doesn't know is that your hunger isn't necessarily for dinner.

You go to the restaurant and are greeted by two people dressed as Caesar and Cleopatra! This bodes well. You are seated at a booth and the waiter asks for your drink order, while you both laugh at the strangeness of seeing someone dressed as the real Ceo, bringing a huge display of veggies on ice. As you munch, you talk. David is sitting close to you, and you smell his clean soap fresh body mixed with what must be pheromones. Whoa. A Bloody Mary for him, and a lovely Chardonnay for you arrives just as he is finished telling how beautiful you are.

By this time, you've decided to give up all ideas of spending the night alone.

The waiter then brings out a huge platter of meats. Steak, fish, lamb, chicken and some things you've never even seen before. "What'll you have for dinner," he says. You choose the steak. A no brainer. He does the same.

You spend the meal laughing, joking, and sharing bites of any particularly delicious tidbit that comes our way. Then desert. You are both so full you can barely walk.

"I have tickets to the Cirque Du Soleile show tonight. Wanna go? You answer in the affirmative with a huge smile on your face. "Then let's go to your room and you can get cleaned up. I'll meet you in the lobby."

"Can't I get cleaned up in your room?"

"You know if you do that, we'll never get to the show." His grin is huge now.

"Maybe we can pretend to be adults and still get to the show?"

"OK" He then tells the waiter to call the front desk and have someone bring your luggage to his room. The waiter disappears. "We have time for another drink, while our luggage is being moved."

When you get to the room, the luggage is waiting upstairs in the bedroom.

"I really want to see this show, so I'll go downstairs and wait for you. I got cleaned up earlier. Don't think for a minute, though, that I won't be imagining you in here getting dressed for our evening out."

You watch him walk downstairs smiling at how much you want him, and relishing the wait. You put your clothes in the dresser and clean up. You decide to wear his favorite kind of lingerie ... thigh high stockings and your new VS teddy. You also decide that panties will not be needed tonight. That wanton thought gets you very excited. You stand in front of the full length mirror before you put on your dress. You look really hot. He's gonna flip when he sees you. (That thought stays in your mind for the rest of the evening.) As you finish putting on your face, you hear him playing the piano downstairs. Is this a dream?

You go down to meet him and he's playing a gentle jazz tune. You sit down beside him on the piano bench and put your arm around him. He keeps playing as he kisses you. Tingles spread out from your lips. He stops playing and continues the kiss. He then pulls back and says, "At this rate, we'll never get there."

You have to agree. Both of you laugh as you walk out of the room.

The show is amazing. Now you know why the Cirque has the incredible reputation it does. As the show goes on, he holds your hand and looks into your eyes from time to time. You know this is going to be one evening you'll never want to forget. You are laughing, and in awe as the show ends.

You walk lazily back to Caesars taking in the sights and sounds of a whole lot of people let loose in a huge adult playground. You enter the room and the view is almost more than you can take. All the lights of Las Vegas are in full view. You stand and look at the window and he comes up behind and puts his arms around you, cupping your breasts in his hands. You say, "beautiful, isn't it?"

He say, "Yes." Obviously meaning something else entirely. He kisses your neck. "I believe that I owe you a bunch of kisses."

"Pay up buddy, or I'll report you to the chat room police."

You both laugh as you turn around and kiss him deeply. Needfully. Wantonly. He responds in kind and leads you to the bedroom.

"Can't get reported now, can I? It wouldn't look good on my record."

He leads you into the room where he turns to take you in his arms. "I believe you can predict where these kisses will land. Let's see if you're right." He kisses your neck. Right so far. You are slowly enveloped in a sexual fog that you hope will never lift. Your dress drops to the floor. He stands back just a bit and looks at you. "God, you're lovely." He then notices your lack of panties. "You little devil," he says as he kisses his way down your body, removing unnecessary clothing as he goes and tasting and caressing every patch of exposed skin.

As he reaches your pussy, he tastes the labia gently and lovingly. You are going to explode. He then gently attacks your clitoris. Slowly, deliberately, he brings you to the edge of orgasm and then tastes the inside of your thighs and then your tummy, bringing tingles to places that normally don't tingle. Then back to your clit. You feel a huge orgasm coming on. Your cunt feels full. Your back starts to tingle. You are holding his head with a death grip because your legs are shaking too hard to hold you up. Your head rears back in anticipation. You don't know if you're breathing or not. His hands are holding your ass to give you some leverage, and then it happens. From your toes. A standing screaming orgasm that takes over your entire body. He stays with you until the very end, then lets you slide down against him.

Somehow his clothes have disappeared. He lowers you onto his cock which has been waiting for your approaching pussy, and he enters easily. You are still coming down from your orgasm and to have him inside you stretches out the amazing feelings you are experiencing. He doesn't move, but holds you close to him as you bathe in the afterglow, wrapping your legs behind his back. His mouth is covering yours as he holds you gently against him.

"Did I kiss all the right spots?"

"I think you missed right here," you say as you touch your elbow. He raises your arms and gently kisses and licks your elbow. Who knew it would be a turn-on? "And here." You indicate your breasts. Taking the initiative, you begin to rock back and forth, feeling his cock slide easily inside you. He kisses his way down your arms and then kisses and suckles your breasts. You can feel him sliding slowly in and out. His need is obviously increasing. He stands, lifting you with him and carries you to the bed.

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