Our Little Secret

by Richard King

Caution: This Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Brother, Sister, .

Desc: Incest Story: My little sister got married, found out he was a jerk, and together we talked to Mom and Dad.

My sister Katie's wedding was so beautiful, she was so beautiful - I keep forgetting that she's my little sister.

I didn't think much about the 'guy' she married — his name is Donald Dettinger. I've never known a Donald I liked?

But, she's very happy and that's what's really important.

Me, I'm the older brother, still a bachelor, still looking around for that 'perfect' girl — Not real sure if the girl I'm looking for is out there.

Mom and Dad ... well, they're happy that Katie's happy. After the wedding, they inevitably found me and asked when I was going to find someone to settle down with.

My name's David — I'm 30 while my little sister is 25 — It's been a lot of fun watching her grow up.

From pre-teen when she was cute with pigtails, then as a teenager she was the prettiest girl at her school, then on to college where she graduated with a degree in physical therapy.

Along the way, she entered and won a couple of beauty contests — which is how she met Donald. He was a judge, and older then her.

They hit it off and after knowing each other for only six months — they got married.

My instincts were still telling me that something was shifty about him, but my sister wouldn't hear anything - except for the sound of wedding bells.

I live only 75 miles from where I grew up — I'm not real sure where Katie and Donald ended up. When they were dating she never answered that question and after they got married, there was no moment for us to talk about it.

Like I said, Katie's 25, about 5 foot 7, probably 36C 24 35 — blue eyes ... has lovely brown hair down past her shoulders.

Donald! He's 6 foot 2, blond — I'd guess he weighed about 175 — I must admit, he's a good looking guy. He's 32.

Lastly, I'm also 6 foot 2, a bit heavier than Donald, but not much — I've brown hair and blue eyes too. Now that I think about it, the only significant difference between Donald and me is that he's a blond and I'm brown haired.

Only seven months after they were married, I got a phone call from my Katie. She's not mine — I just mean - she's my sister.

"Dave, can I come over and talk — I've got a little problem?"

"Sure," I answered and she pulled up 50 minutes later.

I opened the door, and she ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me saying, "Oh, David — I've made such a terrible mistake!"

I brought her inside, closed the door and sat her down, "Katie, what's the mistake — the problem?"

"I think he's having an affair?"


"Donald, my husband."

"Have you spoken to him about it?"

"I'm afraid to!" she said with a tear in her eye.

"Has he hit you, or ... spoken abusively to you?" I was getting worried at this point.

"He hasn't really ... hit me," she said.

"What's that mean?"

"He doesn't hit — he shakes me ... he grabs me by the shoulders and he shakes me."

"That's abuse Katie — don't take that shit from him!" I said, with my arms still around her.

"But, I — I really want to make the marriage work," she said putting her head on my chest.

"I never told you before Katie — but I never liked him," I admitted.

"Really, why?" she said now looking up at me with those liquid blue blues.

"He ... doesn't seem good enough for you — you deserve someone who loves you the way you need to be loved."

"Know anyone like that?" she asked looking deeper inside my eyes than before.

That's just not fair — dare I tell her — how I really feel about her, all of these years? We separated and I led her to the sofa, and we sat down together.

"Katie, I don't know, but there's going to be someone out there for you — someone who'll love you, care for you, make love to you..."

"Well, before I met Donald there was somebody I liked — but I never told him. I..."

"Don't you want to give your marriage another chance?" I interrupted.

"I don't think so — I think I'd rather try to find out if the guy I like ... likes me."

As my eyes filled with hope for her answer, "Well sis, who's the lucky sonofabitch?"

"You — David!"

"Oh, Katie — don't say that unless — unless you mean it!"

Pulling herself from next to me, to up on my lap, she continued. "David, I've always loved you. I just never told you because sisters aren't supposed to tell their older brothers how they feel about them."

"Well, brothers aren't supposed to tell their sisters how they feel, either," I said turning my face to hers. Her lips were so ready to be kissed. I saw her eyes close and we made contact — this was NOT a brother kissing his little sister. This felt like a man kissing the woman he cared more for then anything in the world.

After the kiss was over, "Whew, that was nice David!"

Leaning my forehead into hers, I said, "I thought so too, Katie-bird."

"You haven't called me that in years, David!" she said.

"You were my little sister, now you're a beautiful woman, sitting on my lap.

She got up, took my hand and walked towards my bedroom.

I stopped, "No Katie — not until you and Donald are at least separated." We moved towards each other to have another kiss...


I stepped away from my Katie-bird, and put the phone to my ear — it was Mom.

"David, do you know where your sister is?" she asked.

Katie waved her hands telling me she wanted me to say 'No.'

"I have her right here with me, Mom — We'll be over as soon as we can ... we need to talk to you," I said ending the call.

"David, NO — I can't tell Mom!"

Putting my hand on her cheek I said, "Yes you can, Katie — and tell her how Donald's treating you — I'm pretty sure both Mom and Dad will understand it, if it comes from you."

"You'll be there with me?" she asked, clutching my hand, tight.

"Right by your side, Sis," I said kissing her on the nose.

"What about what's happened between US?"

"What about it?" I replied.

"Do we tell Mom and Dad about that?"

"Hell No!"

"Why not?" she said putting my other hand on her face.

"Because, That's going to be — 'Our Little Secret.'"

"Okay," she said rather matter of factly.

We left for Mom and Dad's house. It took us less than an hour. Mom must've called Dad to come home so they could both hear what Katie was about to say.

We all walked into the living room, the folks sat together, Katie and I sat about a foot apart. I was holding her hand in support — if asked.

Thru new tears, Katie explained everything that's happened between her and Donald. Dad was as angry as I'd gotten.

After it all was explained, I suggested that I take Katie to Donald and ask him for a divorce. Together, my sister and I went to where Donald works, asking to speak to him.

His pretty receptionist told us to go right in.

He noticed that Katie'd been crying. He came around to ostensibly hold her, but Katie recoiled at his touch. She put her face in my shoulder and said, "Tell him David!"

"Tell me What, David?" he said looking at both of us.

I cleared my throat and started, "Your wife knows that you're cheating on her — I'd guess with that pretty receptionist you have."

All he could do was sputter, "But ... but ... but..."

"That sounds about right Donald - you're just a big butt ... Katie wants a divorce — it can be a no-fault divorce, I see them all of the time. Just let her go in and get her stuff," I stated.

He tried to pull her off my shoulder.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Donald — She could get a lawyer and go after ALL of your assets!"

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